Cidades e dungeons


Here we go! A complete list of every town and important locale from the entire series! Have fun! (A note about 5 and 6: There are three worlds in 5; the last world consists of the first two worlds, merged. If you see "First" or "Second" world, that means that the location still exists in the third world; if you see "First World Only" or "Second World Only", that means it disappears after the worlds merge. For 6, WOB refers to ONLY World of Balance, WOR to ONLY World of Ruin, and if it's left blank it exists in both.) Midgar and Gold Saucer from 7 have their own sections! Como sempre, o número representa o FF referente.

Agalt (4), Agart (4a)

A town on an island, Agalt was descended from dwarves, hence all their shops sell Iron items. The reason they live on the upper world? The entrance to the lower world, which was sealed, is on a nearby mountain top.


Airship (10)

This is where the Al Bhed temporarily settle in after their Home is destroyed. The Al Bhed Psyches blitzball team hangs out in a storage room. Once Tidus reaches here, he can instantly go to any other spot on the world map.


Albrook (6)

The port town on the western continent, Albrook is the place where Terra and Locke meet up with Leo, Shadow, and Celes to travel to Thamasa in the later stages of WOB.


Alexandria (9)

A sprawling city crowned with a huge white palace. Queen Brahne rules over here. Previously a gentle woman, Kuja's presence began to slowly turn her will and transform Alexandria into a warmongering, conquering nation. Her thirst for power encompasses even using the powerful eidolons to crush anyone she meets. Besides for the castle, Alexandria has a huge theater, some slums and shops, and a lot of interesting people to meet.


Alive Forest (MQ)

The forest is overrun with monsters; Kaeli is the only one who can speak to the Giant Tree who lives here.


Altar Cave (3, Floating Continent)

The four Heroes fall into this place as OnionKids; they have their first battles here, and find the Wind Crystal which gives them their first Jobs.


Altea (2)

The population of Phin, after the city was taken over by the Paramekia Empire, relocated to this small village to the south, where they plot their comeuppance. Princess Hilda and her new boyfriend Gordon, as well as Paul the ninja, live here for a while.


Amur (3)

The Heroes find themselves washed up here after the Water Crystal revives. However, a nasty guy named Goldor has put a golden chain on their airship, forcing them to be grounded. But they can't cross the swamp to Goldor's Mansion! So Jiru lends them his key to the Sewer, where Delilah has the Floating Shoes to cross the swamp. But four old men, who think they're the Heroes, get in their way. Confused yet? 8-)


Ancient Castle (6, WOR)

Figaro Castle will come up against a barrier when traveling underground. This barrier is the ancient castle, the home of a Esper named Odin who died a thousand years ago in a battle against a sorceror.


Ancient Forest (7)

Utilizing the caprices of bugs and frogs, Cloud has to travel through this place to pick up one of his best weapons, the Apocalypse.


Ancient Library (5, First World)

Mid is first found here; Ifrit also lives here in a book, along with some other monsters like Byblos. After the merging of the worlds, Guido makes this his home. The Sealed Book is first put together here.


Ancient Ruins (3)

Unne blasts a path into this very old place (if you hadn't gathered). After a long trek, you'll find the Airship Invincible!


Ancients' Labyrinth (3)

Guarded by the Statues Of The Quest, this place holds the Earth Crystal all the way at the entrance. By making your way past the Labyrinth, you enter Sylx Tower, Forbidden Land Eureka, and the final (reeeeally tough) challenge.


Ancients' Village (3, Floating Continent)

The citizens of this western village are descended from... well, ancient people. There's some good shopping to be done here, and a Chocobo Forest to the east.


Antlion Cave (4)

The Antlion guards the Desert Light, the only thing which can heal Rosa's heat stroke.


Aquaria (MQ)

Phoebe's and Spencer's home is frozen over when the Water Crystal is taken. Spencer lives in Spencer's Place, a tunnel under Phoebe's house.


Araguay Woods (Tactics)

A forest near Dorter. Ramza saves Boco the Chocobo from a horde of Goblins here.


Arena (2)

Emperor Paramekia offers an interesting prize for whoever can defeat the Behemoth: Princess Hilda of Phin! However, the Emperor naturally isn't as good a sport as he claims...


Argass Castle (3, Floating Continent)

The chancellor to the king of Argass, Hyne, caught megalomania. He captured the king and his subjects and imprisoned them in his flying tower. The king of Argass is the only one who has the Time Gear, the secret device which creates airships. Cid works for him.


Baaj Temple (10)

An ancient underwater temple. Tidus is thrust here from Zanarkand; it's where Rikku picks him up. He later returns and finds that the temple does indeed contain a fayth - Seymour's mother, who holds the power of the Dark Aeon, Anima. She'll only open the door if Tidus has collected treasure from every other temple in Spira.


Babil Giant (4), Bab-il Giant (4a)

An enormous war machine created by the eight crystals; Cecil must enter it and destroy the main CPU. The four emperors return for a final battle here.


Balamb (8)

A port town on a tiny continent whose main attraction is Balamb Garden (see next entry). The town contains a hotel, a rental place, and a train station to Timber. Zell also lives in this town. It was briefly occupied by Galbadian forces during Edea's search for Ellone.


Balamb Garden (8)

The building was originally a shelter built by the Centra people; it has the ability to completely lift up and travel independently by way of an energy barrier acting like a hovercraft. The Garden was started by Cid and Edea Kramer as a military academy to train people from the ages of 5 to 20; their purpose is to destroy the Sorceress. The main funding was provided by NORG, who suggested that to pay off the debt the SeeDs who graduated from Garden should be hired out as mercenaries to any faction who required it. The Garden is a self-contained city; places to visit include the Library, Infirmary, Training Center, Dormitory, Cafeteria, Quad, and Parking Lot. The Headmaster's Office is on the third floor and the classrooms are on the second floor. The flight mechanisms are on the MD Level and the Master's Room, where NORG lives, is in the first basement. This is basically the headquarters for Squall and Quistis, and later Zell and Selphie as well.


Bal Castle (5, Second World), Val Castle (5a)

The home of Galuf and Cara hides a dark secret underground - Odin lives there. Cara has a pet Moogle and a pet Hiryuu here.


Bariaus Hill (Tactics)

The hill where Bariaus, the first disciple of St. Ajora, was executed by the Empire. Ramza and Mustadio come upon some mercenaries hired by Bart Trading Company here. Later, this is the hunting grounds of some of the nastiest monsters in the game.


Bariaus Valley (Tactics)

Bariaus, St. Ajora's disciple, hid out here many centuries ago. Ramza finds Agrias here and rescues her from Hokuten Knights; she joins up.


Baren Falls (6, WOB)

After making it through the Phantom Train, Cyan and Sabin have to fall through this piranha-infested water to make it to the Veldt.


Baron Town/Castle (4)

The starting point for the game is the headquarters of the pseudo-evil empire of Baron, whose king is intent on capturing all of the Crystals for his own dark purposes, which proves to be the release of Zemus. The king of Baron is really Caignozzio, one of the four Emperors under Golbeze. The true king is actually Odin, who was killed by Caignozzio a while before the game's storyline began. Baron's elite air force is called the Red Wings (Biggs and Wedge anyone?), the head of which is Cecil... at least until he's booted for having a conscience. Beigan, the Captain of the Guards, snitches on him and his longtime friend Cain. Cid and his daughter, and Rosa and her mother, live in the town surrounding the castle. The town and castle are connected by an underground waterway. There's also a teleportational device called the Devil's Road leading to Mysidia.


Barrier Tower (5, Second World Only)

A tower which holds up Exdeath Castle's energy shield. Zeza and Galuf lead an offensive here and knock the tower and the shield down, but at the sorry expense of Zeza's life.


Bed Desert (Tactics)

An ancient royal palace is buried here. Balk waits for Ramza here on his way to Bethla Garrison.


Bervenia Free City (Tactics)

The city where St. Ajora was born; controlled by the Glabados Church. Meliadoul waits here for Ramza on his way to Zeltennia Castle.


Bervenia Volcano (Tactics)

The top of this lava-maker hides a Materia Blade.


Besaid Island (10)

Originally a machina city like Zanarkand, long ago destroyed by Sin. Now home to a colony of Jamaican-style islanders, and the home field of the Besaid Aurochs. Wakka and Lulu are both from here, and Kimahri brought Yuna here at Braska's request (via Auron). Besaid Temple is where the fayth of Valefor resides. It's also the center for Gatta and Luzzu's cadre of the Crusaders.


Bethla Garrison (Tactics)

This fort is surrounded by cliffs on three sides and was used as a front line base during the Fifty Year War. The Hokuten tried to take Ovelia here but was stopped by Delita at Zirekile Falls; Goltana captured Queen Ruvelia and took her here, starting the Lion War in the process. Orlandu was taken here after being framed by Delita for murdering Goltana. Ramza must open the floodgates to stop the Nanten and Hokuten Knights from fighting each other; afterwards, Orlandu will join.


Bevelle (10)

The center of the Yevonite church. Maester Mika rules over here. Tidus only gets a short glimpse at the castle and the temple below, where Bahamut's fayth dwells, not counting the Via Purifico where he's cast after a mock trial. The Bevelle Highbridge is where several key scenes play out.


Big Bridge (5, Second World Only)

A giant bridge connecting two continents and leading to the Gilgame Cave and Bal Castle, Gilgamesh launches a surprise attack on Galuf's forces here.


Bikanel Island (10)

A desert island, consisting of the Sanubia Desert and the Al Bhed Home.


Black Chocobo Forest (5, First World Only)

The flying Black Chocobo can be found and caught here. As it turns out, it's right above part of the Catapult.


Black Mage Village (9)

Situated deep in the Dead Forest in the Outer Continent, the village is home to renegade Black Mages who have begun to think for themselves, and have become peaceful people. Later, the Genomes make their home here as well.


BMask Cave (2)

Called this for lack of a better term. The Black Mask is hidden deep underground here.


Bofsk (2)

A town near Poft; the entire population of the town is enslaved by Emperor Paramekia to finish his engine of destruction, the Warship. The work is first overseen by Borgan and later by the Dark Knight. A passage leads from the Bofsk sewers into the Warship.


Bone Dungeon (MQ)

The Earth Crystal rests here. Watch out for shifting sand dunes! Benjamin and Tristam come here; it's where Benjamin learns to use Bombs. At the heart of the dungeon is a treasure called the Dragon Claw.


Bone Town (7)

An undending expedition for buried treasure goes on here. You can find the Lunar Harp, as well as (later) the key to Midgar's Sector 5. The path north leads to the Sleeping Forest.


Bran Bal (9)

A city of Genomes within Terra. The Genomes go about their so-called lives, learning for clinical and health reasons only, waiting to "be filled".


Burmecia (9)

A rainy town populated by rat-people. Not much is known about it; it's in ruins when Zidane gets there, due to Alexandria's attack.


Calm Lands (10)

So called because this huge plain is an ideal spot for battling Sin, which many Summoners have done here. The Chocobo races are located here. South is Macalania Woods. Hidden in the side (only accessible via Chocobo) is Remiem Temple, off to the northeast is the Monster Arena, and the far north leads to Mount Gagazet. The team meets Father Zuke here for the first and only time.


Canaan (3, Floating Continent)

The home of Cid as well as Sarina, Desh's heartsick lover.


Cardia Islands (1)

The home of the Dragons and Bahamut.


Cargo Ship (7)

This ship heads from Junon to Costa del Sol. Cloud and party stow away here, wearing sailors' costumes, but Sephiroth makes a surprise appearance.


Carwen (5, First World)

A town near the North Mountain which doesn't serve much purpose in the game.


Catapult (5, First World)

A small part of the Lonka Ruins built underwater near Crescent Town. The Airship was built here, and the Steamship falls here as well. There's a place to rest if you're tired.


Cave Of Bahamut (3, Floating Continent)

Guess who lives at the top of this place?


Cave Of Darkness (3)

This place is infested with monsters who clone themselves if hit with any weapon other than a Dark Sword (which requires a Magic Knight). At the end lies a Magic Knight boss and the Earth Fang, needed to destroy the Statues Of The Quest.


Cave Of Phantom God (4)

The Phantom God is Bahamut, who lives here on the Moon and challenges only the best of the best.


Cave Of Power (4)

This is where the Dark Elf, who stole the Earth Crystal from Toroia, lives. He put a damping force on the cave so that any metal equipment would freeze its wearer, rendering swords and armor useless. Gilbert luckily saves the day using his Echoer harp.


Cave Of The Seal (3, Floating Continent)

This is Jinn's home, and it can only be reached via Cid's airship. The Heroes find Princess Sara here, and discover that she's the only one who can end Jinn's curse.


Cave To Phantom World (4)

The name says it all, really. The floor tiles here have some lava someone illegally parked, so it will harm you unless you're in Float mode.


Cavern of the Stolen Fayth (10)

A cave stuffed with Tonberries, Ghosts, and Magic Urns. At the far end is a fight with Lulu's previous summoner ward, and her Aeon, Yojimbo. In the room of the fayth, Yojimbo's fayth will agree to offer his powers, but only for the right price.


Centra Excavation Site (8)

The name for the Lunatic Pandora when Laguna is exploring it.


Centra Ruins (8)

The ancient home of the semi-benign king Odin is also teeming with Tonberries. The gargoyle statues play an important part in unlocking this dungeon's secret.


Chocobo Air Garden (9)

Exists as a floating shadow; using the flying gold Chocobo and a Dead Pepper shoots you up into it. Besides for playing the Chocobo Hot and Cold game here, you can also fight the toughest boss in the game, Ozma, who hides in the eidolon wall.


Chocobo Dream World (9)

Your chocobo is transported here when he finds certain chests using Chocographs; he gets his abilities upgraded here.


Chocobo Farm (7)

Choco Bill, his son Choco Billy, and granddaughter Chole, take care of this spot. You can have four Chocobos in the pen and one in every stall you own. Bill will take care of selling the stalls, Billy sells Chocobo Lure materia and Greens, and Chole will tell you your Chocobos' stats and repeat the Chocobo Sage's obscure comments.


Chocobo Forest (9)

A small forest on the Mist Continent, where you can play the Chocobo Hot and Cold game and find Chocographs. The red Chocobo can reach the mountains on either side.


Chocobo Forests (8)

All different, these puzzles are sometimes kind of tough to beat. When you win, you'll get a Chocobo. A Chicobo will follow its mom around the world map.


Chocobo Lagoon (9)

A cave in the water near the Forgotten Continent. Light and dark blue Chocobos can play the Hot and Cold game here.


Chocobo Paradise (9)

Located on a hidden isle in the top left of the map, here's where Fat Chocobo rules over all the rest of the Chocobos, and here's where your Chocobo wants to be... supposedly.


Chocobo Sage's House (7)

The purple Chocobo Sage lives here and dispenses obscure advice, when he can remember it.


Chocobo Sanctuary (8)

A place where all chocobos are always welcome. A cute little Chicobo will give you his card if you've become a chocobo master.


Cleft Of Dimension (5), N-Zone (5a)

The place where dimensions collide was the hiding place of Enuo and now it's Exdeath's lair. This is the place where the Void ("Mu") starts and ends. It's a really massive dungeon, populated by tons of bosses, including the horribly difficult Omega and Shinryuu! At the end is the final battle with Exdeath and Neo Exdeath. You'll meet Gilgamesh twice here, but the last time he'll be on your side!


Cleyra (9)

An oasis in a desert, surrounded by an eternal sandstorm. A peaceful, religious place populated by Burmecians (rat-people) who, despising Burmecia's martial ways, fled here and started their own settlement. Its only entrance is a giant, hollow tree trunk. This is where the Burmecians flee when their city is attacked by Alexandria. Cleyra's sandstorm is laid waste by Brahne's eidolons and Kuja's Black Mages.


Colosseum (6, WOR)

Shadow has come here looking for the Striker blade. You'll also find Ultros has been employed as a receptionist, and Siegfried has his own room inside. You can bet items and fight an automatic battle against an enemy based on the item you bet. Chupon will Sneeze at low items.


Conde Petie (9)

This town of Scottish-accented dwarves blocks the path to the Conde Petie Mountain Path on the Outer Continent. Only married couples can get through, which leads to a hilarious scene.


Conde Petie Mountain Path (9)

This has three ends; the first leads to Conde Petie, and the two far ends lead to Madain Sari and the Iifa Tree.


Coneria (1)

The large town where you start also has a large castle whose princess has been captured by an evil knight.


Coral Valley (7)

Between the Sleeping Forest and the Forgotten City.


Corel Prison (7)

Cloud ends up here after being framed by Dyne. This is a desert prison, seething with enemies, below the Gold Saucer. Dyne is the Boss of this place, and only with his OK can you win your freedom in a Chocobo race. Mr. Coates will grudgingly oblige you here, and Ester will help you through the race.


Cosmo Canyon (7)

The original home of Red XIII. Bugenhagen lives in his observatory at the top of this native village. There's a secret door leading into the age-old Gi Cavern. The Gi tribe tried to invade Cosmo Canyon long ago, but Seto stopped them from getting anywhere. The Huge Materia you collect will be displayed in Bugenhagen's observatory later in the game.


Costa del Sol (7)

A seaside paradise, Hojo takes some time off here basking in the sun. The only clue he can give you is to travel north to Mount Corel. You can buy a villa here if you've got tons of money to spare.


Crescent Island (6, WOB)

See Floating Island.


Crescent Lake (1)

The home of Lukahn and the Circle of Sages.


Crescent Mountain (6, WOB)

The cave here leads into the Serpent Trench; Gau buried his diving helmet here.


Crescent Town (5, First World)

This town is nearby Catapult. Cid and Mid spend some time here.


Crystal World (9)

The origin of life. Kuja finds this place with the intention of destroying the original Crystal, and with it the universe. Zidane chases after him fervently, and eventually encounters the original destroyer of life, Necro.


Daguerreo (9)

A hidden research town inside a cave on an island. All the best items and synth shops can be found here, as well as the Excalibur sword, a man inspired by FF4's Namingway, and... Gilgamesh, in hiding!


Dali (9)

A small town near Lindblum. This also holds the covert factory where Kuja's Black Mages are created; the factory is powered by Chocobos. There's a machine in the inn which determines Zidane's lucky color. Dagger learns much about the lower classes here.


Damcyan Castle (4)

Ruled by Prince Gilbert, and home to the Fire Crystal, the castle is unfortunately strafed by the Red Wings under Golbeze's control, killing Gilbert's lover Anna. Cecil and company meet inside and try to cheer him up. The castle features its own private hovercraft.


Dark World (3)

The ultimate evil, the Cloud of Darkness, dwells here. The four Dark Warriors, who fought it before, are imprisoned by her minions; releasing them gives you extra help during the final battle.


Darill's Tomb / Daryl's Tomb (6, WOR)

Setzer's long-time friend Daryl (/Darill) is buried here, along with her airship, the Falcon. Both are guarded by a headless horseman named Dullahan. You can also find the Experience Egg here.


Dastar (3)

A town populated by Bards and Geomancers.


D-District Prison (8)

The place made by Deling to punish rebels was transformed into Edea's playpen when she took over. Seifer captured Squall and friends and tried to do some really nasty things to them here. Ward worked here as a janitor several months after the accident which impaired his voice box. The cells are removable and can be carried directly to the torture chamber by means of a giant crane-like device.


Deep Dungeon (Tactics)

A lighthouse built to protect ships in the Bugross Sea; it was partially damaged in the Fifty Year War. It now has ten levels underground, each of which is completely dark and the entrance to the next level must be found tediously. At the tenth level waits Elidibs, holder of the Zodiac Summon spell and the Serpentarius Holy Stone.


Deep Sea Research Center (8)

A mysterious abandoned underwater site; evidence of something very strange was found fathoms deep and this edifice was built to find out what it is. No one survived. It turns out to be infested with monsters and the home of the dreaded Ultima Weapon.


Deling City (8)

Named after Galbadia's dictator, it's the capital of his empire. A large, sprawling city which houses a Presidential Residence for Deling, Caraway's Mansion, a Shopping Arcade, and the Galbadia Hotel. As well, trains head to all over from Deling Station. This was the site of Edea's coronation and a botched attempt at assassinating her.


Desert Palace (9)

Kuja's secret fort in the eastern desert on the Outer Continent. Fiendish puzzles await the prisoners of Kuja, including Regent Cid, recently turned into a frog.


Dist Castle (2)

The former home of the people called Dragoons who had special connections with the Hiryuu. However, all the Dragoons have been wiped out, and only the wife and son of the last remaining Dragoon, Richard, remains. But Richard disappeared looking for the magic spell Ultima...


Dist Cave (2)

A cave north of Dist Castle has a pendant belonging to a Dragoon; this allows for speech with the Hiryuu. Deep within lies a Spring of Life. Placing a Hiryuu egg in the spring allows for incubation and a new Hiryuu can be hatched.


Djose Temple (10)

Protected by a huge rock that only splits apart for summoners. This is the home of the fayth connected to Ixion. It can be reached via the Mushroom Rock Road.


Doguola Pass (Tactics)

Near Mt. Rudoria, a holy place for priests. Ramza will fight Nanten guards here on his way to Bethla Garrison.


Dolbodar Swamp (Tactics)

A random battlefield between Limberry Castle and Bethla Garrison.


Dollet (8)

A port city on the western continent, Dollet was attacked by Galbadian soldiers in an attempt to restart its communication tower. The pub owner is an avid card player; the Card Queen's son and father live in a small apartment near the southern side. It also has the requisite shops, inn, and vehicle rentals. This was the site of Squall's field test.


Doma Castle (6)

Cyan's home, as faithful retainer to his king, for many years. His wife and son lived here as well until Kefka savagely poisoned the entire castle. In WOR, the castle is decrepit and abandoned; when you try to sleep there, spirits will enter Cyan's dream and you must save him.


Doom Castle (MQ)

Home of what is most definitely the coolest dungeon music ever made. The Dark King and rehashes of his four cronies reside here.


Dorga's House (3)

Deep in the Dalug Continent, buffeted by harsh winds, lies Dorga's House. He lives here with his Moogle bodyguards. There's a secret Magic Circle Cave inside the house.


Dorga's Village (3)

This enclosed town can only be reached via a secret underwater passage. It's populated by Black Wizards, who sell every type of magic in the game.


Dorter Trade City (Tactics)

Ramza is led here to find out where Marquis Elmdor was taken, but is suprised by the Death Corps. (Wiegraf himself makes an appearance, but escapes.) Later, Vormav hires some mercenaries to attack Ramza, Agrias, and Gafgarion here, and even later Ramza will meet Malak here for the first time.


Duncan's House (6, WOR)

Duncan is still training in a small clearing north of Narshe. He's weak, but still strong enough to teach Sabin the Bum Rush.


Dwarf Castle (4)

Jiott rules here with his daughter Luka at hand. The dwarves are cheerful and brave compatriots who have an excellent artillery at hand to battle Golbeze. Golbeze himself shows up here to steal the dwarves' crystal; he is rebuffed by the appearance of Rydia.


Dwarf Cave (1)

Home of the dwarfs, who build canals and make swords.


Dwarf Cave (3)

The horn of the Dwarves was stolen by the thief Guzco and taken to the nearby Underground Lake. They want it back at all costs! (Hint, hint...)


Earth Cave (1)

Lair of the Vampire and Lich, the Earth Fiend.


Earth Shrine (9)

One of the four places which unlock the Shimmering Island. It's on a shaking piece of land on the Outer Continent, and is guarded by Lich.


East Academy (8)

A train station near Galbadia Garden.


Easterly (5a)

See Istory.


Eblana Castle (4), Eblan Castle (4a)

The ruins of the royal castle of Eblana is home to quite a nice treasure trove, if you can get past the monsters.


Eblana Cave (4), Eblan Cave (4a)

The royal family of Eblana, who for some reason are all ninjas, relocated to the cave south of the upper-world Tower of Babil after their castle was destroyed. The cave leads directly into the Tower, and Edge tries to get into it by himself, without luck. Cecil and company help him out and he does them a good deed in turn by getting them all into the Tower.


Ebot's Rock (6, WOR)

This is the hideout of Hidon, a giant creature whom Strago fought and lost to many years ago. Thanks to the goading of Gungho, he returns here to slay the beast. A hungry treasure chest, who needs Coral, bars the way to Hidon; what's more, you can't see a thing in there!


Edea's House (8)

The former Kramer Orphanage is now rundown and abandoned. Edea and Cid return there when she regains her memory and personality. It's a central location in the minds and souls of its former residents.


Elder Tree (5, Third World)

See Great Forest of Mua.


Elfland (1)

Home of the elves. Duh.


Esper Gathering Place (6, WOB)

A cave with great magical power near Thamasa; the power comes from three golden statues commemorating the three stone Goddesses in Crescent Mountain. Ultros tries to steal them, but Relm surprises him by painting his picture. Yura can be found here; taking him back to Thamasa yields... more treachery by Kefka and the sad death of Leo.


Esper World (6)

This is the home of Maduin. Madonna falls into here by mistake, but stays here with Maduin; they have a daughter, Terra. Gestahl finds his way here and goes haywire collecting Espers, but the Esper Elder seals the Gate and banishes the human invaders.


Esthar City (8)

The futuristic city of Esthar is by far the largest one ever in an RPG. The crisscrossing skyroads are home to a wealth of peaceful people, as well as Dr. Odine's Lab, the Presidential Residence, an airstation (where the Ragnarok can dock) and a shopping mall, while special floaters take travelers through tubes to get everywhere with the minimum of trouble. The entire continent is hidden from view by means of a giant force field. This city was strafed by a Galbadian-manned Lunatic Pandora later in the game.


Esto Gaza (9)

A snowy city on the Lost Continent. It overlooks the Shimmering Island, and is the conduit towards Mount Gulug.


Exdeath Castle (5, Second World Only)

Seems like the last castle, but it's not. Exdeath and Gilgamesh live here. (Ugh!) Galuf saves Butz and friends from Exdeath early on; Butz, Cara, Faris, and Lenna return later to (apparently) finish off Exdeath. Carbuncle can also be found here.


Eureka (3)

See Forbidden Land Eureka.


Evil Forest (9)

Between Alexandria and Lindblum, the Prima Vista crash-lands here. The forest itself is alive, and malicious. After Zidane defeats its brain, the forest petrifies itself and takes Blank with it.


Fabul Castle (4)

A society of Monks, where Yang is the head Monk. It holds the Wind Crystal, which is taken by an aggressive coup by Golbeze and Baron's forces. It has a sea port nearby.


Fabul's crest.


Falls Basin (MQ)

This small dungeon, which consists of quite a few blocks you must manoeuvre into place, is the prerequisite for entering the Ice Pyramid.


Fanatics' Tower (6, WOR)

The headquarters of the Cult of Kefka, who guard his treasures zealously and mindlessly. Physical attacks cannot be used inside the tower; you must rely on magic. At the top lies the Gem Box, guarded by the MagiMaster. The White Dragon and Edgar's Air Anchor lie in other rooms. Strago has been inducted against his will to the cult, but Relm can snap him out of his trance.


Fargabaad (3)

A town enclosed by mountains can only be reached by the Invincible's mountain-jumping capability. It's populated by Magic Knights and has a secret cave with Magic Knight equipment.


Farplane (10)

Located near Guadosalam, this eerie place is where the souls of the dead end up once they are Sent. Only those close to the dead can see them here.


Figaro Castle (6)

A technological wonder, Figaro Castle in the desert has all the latest innovations. Edgar is the king of this rich facility, which has the unique ability to tunnel underground. Sabin, Edgar's brother, is originally from here as well. The basement, which holds various minor treasures, is off limits until the WOR, where Gerad and his band try to destroy the tentacled monster which took over the diving engine. Kefka comes here looking for Terra but is foiled by the castle's tunneling ability.


Figaro Cave (6)

A cave leading from Figaro Castle to South Figaro, it's revisited no less than three times throughout the journey. The first time is when Terra, Edgar, Locke and Sabin head to North Figaro and the Returner HQ; the second time is Locke and Celes' daring escape to Narshe, where they meet up with the Tunnel Armor; and the third time is when Celes chases Gerad into the Figaro Castle basement.


Finath River (Tactics)

The swollen river runs from Mt. Zeara and is populated by wild Chocobos. Ramza must pass through here to reach Zeltennia Castle.


Fireburg (MQ)

The home of Reuben and Arion; volcano fires are all over the place here. There's also a happenin' band playing at the hotel.


Fire Cavern (8)

The home of GF Ifrit and other fire creatures, this is the place where most SeeD candidates go before their field test to try out their skills.


Fire Shrine (9)

One of the four places which unlock the Shimmering Island. It's in a volcano on the Lost Continent and is guarded by Maliris.


First World (5)

This is the world Butz, Faris, and Lenna were born in. It broke off from the Third World many years ago. Exdeath was sealed here and the four Crystals were sent to guard his seal. Places here include Tycoon Castle, Worus, Karnak, Lix, Catapult, and Crescent.


Fishermans Horizon (8)

A village on the water, located halfway between Balamb and Esthar. All of the citizens used to work for Esthar before Sorceress Adel came and wreaked havoc; they escaped to FH, as they call it. The name was made up by the Master Fisherman who lives there, but supposedly it doesn't mean anything. Mayor Dobe is an avid pacifist; he used to be a nuclear specialist in Esthar. The Grease Monkey knows the Artisan from Shumi Village. Martine retires here as well after the Galbadian takeover.


Flame Cave (3, Floating Continent)

Guzco runs here when he acquires both Dwarves' Horns; here he can transform into the Salamander and guard the Fire Crystal from the Heroes. He loses, of course. 8-)


Floating Continent (3)

A scientfic/magical experiment by Owen proved to be very successful - an entire continent floating in the sky!


Floating Island (6)

This is Crescent Island, floating in the sky. Lots of nasty creatures inhabit it, but you have to make your way past the entire Imperial Air Force (IAF), Ultros and his friend Chupon, and another giant boss, before even reaching the place! Shadow can be found here, shoved off after the Empire finished with him. The Atma Weapon guards the three Goddesses. This is where Gestahl meets his death at the hands of Kefka and Kefka takes the power of the Goddesses for his own, rearranging the face of the world into the World of Ruin.


Focus Tower (MQ)

The central edifice in MQ connects all four regions; it's also the base of Doom Castle.


Forbidden Land Eureka (3)

The entrance to this place lies on the first floor of the Sylx Tower. Dorga has the key to it, but will only be able to create it if you kill him first. You can only reach Eureka by using a mirror in the Sylx Tower. The Ultimate Weapons are kept here, as are the Level 8 Magic spells and the final two Jobs, Sage and Ninja.


Foresta (MQ)

Kaeli's home town was once green, but a monster who stole the Earth Crystal turned it brown and many of its inhabitants grew withered like the trees.


Forest Of Healing (3)

There's only a single midget here, and three healing springs.


Forgotten City/Capital (7)

A strange-looking place where the Ancients used to live, Aeris comes here alone to pray for Holy. The Forgotten Capital, underground, holds the water altar where she prays. However, coming here to look for her, Cloud is shocked when first he almost kills Aeris himself (the force of Sephiroth's will overpowering him) and then Sephiroth himself finishes the job. After her burial at sea, he continues the journey north to the Snow Fields to follow Sephiroth.


Forgotten Continent (9)

A large continent where it's always dusk. Contains strange places such as Oeilvert, Ipsen's Heritage, and the Wind Shrine.


Fork Tower (5, Third World)

The barrier protecting this tower (which sprung up over Catapult, trapping Cid) will be removed once you finish the Solitary Island Temple. The left tower does not allow physical attacks, while the right tower will not allow magical attacks. Each tower holds an ultimate spell: Flare and Holy. You must grab them both simultaneously, because the tower explodes!


Fort Condor (7)

Shinra's after the Huge Materia stored in this tower, but rebels fight them every step of the way to save the almost-extinct giant condors in the tower. You can fight a nice mini-game here from time to time, and you have to in order to get one of the Huge Materia later in the game.


Fort Zeakden (Tactics)

Built during the Fifty Year War as a stalwart against the Romandan invasion, across the Larner Channel. Golagros has taken Teta here. Algus and Zalbag arrive to rescue her, but Algus kills Teta as well as Golagros. Ramza and Delita then fight Algus. However, Golagros blows up the place with his last breath. Delita and Ramza miraculously escape.


Fossil Roo (9)

A gargant passage; the entrance to it is underneath the Qu's Marsh near Lindblum. Zidane and friends are chased by Lani through the first part of it, and must manipulate switches to ride gargants towards the end, out to the Outer Continent.


Fovoham Plains (Tactics)

Fovoham is one of the 7 provinces of Ivalice, although it's mostly empty now. Ramza's party will fight Wiegraf here, on his way to Fort Zeakden.


Gagazet, Mount. (10)

Home of the Ronso tribe (and their blitzball team, the Ronso Fangs). The mountain itself is a cruel foe, as shown by the various graves of summoners whose pilgrimages ended here. Seymour makes his best effort to have Yuna's pilgrimage end here as well. South is the Calm Lands, and north leads to the wall of the fayth, dreaming of Zanarkand, and the ruins of Zanarkand.


Gaia (1)

A town in the north houses a fairy's spring.


Gaia (9)

The name of the world in which FF9 takes place.


Galbadia Garden (8)

Another movable shelter like Balamb Garden and started by Cid as well. The headmaster is Martine, who was ignominiously dumped when Edea took over and the Garden was made into her own headquarters. The Garden's very into sports, with a mean ice rink and tennis court. The SeeDs there use giant flying machines (very mech-like) for battle. Irvine was sent here for starters, but wasn't there long before he was commissioned to Squall. The Garden was sent to attack Balamb Garden in an epic battle which tested Squall's leadership skills to the max.


Gallione (Tactics)

One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice. Igros Castle is the headquarters of Gallione; the Beoulve Family rule it.


Gargan Roo (9)

The entrance to this underground passage is located below Dr. Tot's tower in Treno. There, a gargant (giant bug) can carry passengers all the way to Pinnacle Rocks, near Lindblum.


Gariland (Tactics)

See Magic City Gariland.


Gatea (2)

A small town between Phin and Altea.


Gelnika (7)

Shinra's secret helicopter-airship crashed and burned in the ocean. There are some ridiculously powerful monsters around, as well as some super items and materia.


Germinas Peak (Tactics)

The oldest mountain in Ivalice. Ramza and Orlandu will run into some bandits here on their way to Limberry Castle.


Giant Tree (MQ)

The inside of a... well, a giant tree. With a moustache. Kaeli helps Benjamin get through this with the aid of the Dragon Claw and Giant's Axe.


Gilgame Cave (5, Second World Only)

This short cave holds many treasures, starting at 10 Gil and moving up to over 40,000 Gil, but you must fight the Gil Turtle every step of the way, who has as much HP as a normal boss.


Gisahl (3, Floating Continent)

The famous Gisahl is instantly assosciated with Chocobos. Their famous Vegetables/Carrots are shipped far and wide, and reach nearly every Final Fantasy. In 3, however, they're more known for making Magic Keys.


Gizamaluke's Grotto (9)

A passage between Lindblum and Burmecia. Watched over by Gizamaluke (a giant sea creature), who's driven insane by Kuja.


Goland Coal City (Tactics)

Ramza meets Olan here; he's under attack by some thieves he stumbled upon. Later, Ramza and Beowulf will head into the Goland Colliery to rescue Reis.


Goldor's Mansion (3)

Goldor's fake Crystal, made by Dorga, which creates gold, rests here; he guards it with all his powers. They aren't enough to stop the four Heroes, obviously!


Gold Saucer (7)

Dio's masterpiece of entertainment. The currency here is GP instead of Gil, which can only be won in special ways. Here's the rundown:


Golgorand Execution Site (Tactics)

This is where St. Ajora was executed 1200 years ago. Ovelia is supposedly being executed here by the Hokuten, but it's really a trap by Gafgarion.


Gongaga (7)

A large reactor has melted down here, leading Scarlet and Tseng to check it out for Huge Materia (which it doesn't have). This is where Zack used to live.


Goug Machine City (Tactics)

The home of Mustadio, Besrodio, and Balk has tons of ancient machinery. Besrodio spends all his time trying to make new machines out of the old ones. Rudvich captures Besrodio here and forces Ramza to hand over the Holy Stone in exchange for the old man. This is the jumping-off point for the Cloud subquest, spurred on by mysterious machines which react to Zodiac Stones.


Graveyard Of Airships (Tactics)

The final battle takes place in a desolate world where ancient airships lie. Altima awaits Ramza and his band...


Great Forest of Mua (5, Second World), Elder Tree (Third World)

This is where Exdeath was originally created. The Elder Tree, which protects the Crystals, falls prey to Exdeath's trickery and Exdeath kills Galuf and seizes the four Crystals, then burns the forest up. When the worlds merge, only the Elder Tree is left of the forest.


Great Glacier (7)

Cloud must use a map to navigate this huge wintry maze. Some nice items and the Alexander materia can be gained here. At the northernmost point, Holzoff gives some rest and advice for climbing up Mount Gaea.


Great Pyramid (5, Third World)

The hiding place of the First Stone Tablet. Bahamut shows up briefly here.


Great Salt Lake (8)

A frozen wasteland in western Esthar holds the only entry into the force field surrounding the continent.


Great Trench (5, Third World)

An underwater trench leads to a lava-filled dungeon which holds the Third Stone Tablet as well as the Meteor spell. You'll find a small dwarf population here as well.


Grociana (5, Second World Only), Groceana (5a)

A large eastern continent infested with monsters. This is where the Sealed Castle of Kuzar first lies.


Grog Hill (Tactics)

The largest granary in Lesalia; most crops grown here are sent to the Lesalia Capital. On his way to Riovanes Castle, Ramza stumbles on a group of Nanten deserters who want his head; Olan then shows up.


Guadosalam (10)

The home of the Guado (and their blitzball team, the Guado Glories) is very... alive-looking, growing all over the place, much like the Guado themselves. It's connected to the Moonflow to the south and the Thunder Plains to the north, and their main attraction is the entrance to the Farplane nearby. Seymour lives in a mansion here.


Guido's Lair (5, Second World Only)

Originally on the mainland, it falls underground thanks to Exdeath. Guido is still alive and well, though.


Gurgan Valley (3, Floating Continent)

The one-eyed Gurgans have the power to see the future. They cryptically foretell of Desh's sort-of-death. One of them down the stairs gives you the Toad spell.


Gurgu Volcano (1)

Home of Kary, the Fire Fiend.


Hidden Road (3, Floating Continent)

This path, infested with monsters, runs from Tozas to the Viking Base... but you can only fit in it if you're a midget.


Hill Of Destiny (MQ)

The place where you start your quest and save an old man (who's really the Crystal of Light in disguise) from a Behemoth. The hill collapses when you're done.


Hiryuu Valley (5, Second World)

This is the only place in the Second World where Hiryuu Plant can be found.


Home (10)

The nomad Al Bhed uncomplicatedly call their home, er, Home. Currently it's located in the desert sands of Bikanel Island, but after an attack by the Guado Cid ends up destroying Home using the airship. For the remainder of the game, Rin sets up shop dedicated to restoring Home.


Home of the Lunarians (4)

FuSoYa lives here and holds the eight Crystals of the Moon. The passage to the Moon's Core opens up after the Babil Giant has been defeated.


Horizon Bridge (8)

The bridge connecting Fishermans Horizon and Esthar.


House On The Veldt (6)

Gau's old, crazy father lives here; Shadow will join Sabin when he gets separated from his friends.


Humingway Cave (4)

An entire population of Namingways (the guy who changes your name) lives in a small cave on the Moon. Most will just say nothing of value, but one will sell some awesome stuff and one is a real Namingway.


Hyne Castle (3, Floating Continent)

The evil wizard Hyne has taken the Elder Tree from the Living Forest and fashioned it into a floating palace! He then captured the king of Argass (who he used to work for) and his entire court. He then made the mistake of capturing the Heroes, who naturally escaped and did him in, and restored the Elder Tree to its rightful place. 8-)


Ice Cave (1)

The sleeping place of the Floater stone.


Ice Cavern (9)

A passage between the Evil Forest and the village of Dali, this is a frozen, crystalline dungeon. The first Black Waltz ambushes Zidane here.


Ice Pyramid (MQ)

The Water Crystal is guarded by an angry ice golem. You'll make full use of your sword to flip switches and the Cat Claw to climb around. The monsters here are invisible until you get the Magic Mirror.


Icicle Inn (7)

This snowy town was the home of Dr. Gast and Ifalna before Hojo of Shinra invaded and stole Ifalna and her infant daughter, Aeris; and killed Gast. Cloud comes here looking for Sephiroth, but is detained by Elena and Shinra. He ends up snowboarding down to the Great Glacier!


Igros Castle (Tactics)

The headquarters of the Beoulve family and capital of Gallione. Delita and Teta also live here; the Aristocratic School where Alma and Teta attend is here also. Late in the game, Ramza must fight Dycedarg to save Zalbag's life here.


Iifa Tree (9)

A giant tree in the Outer Continent. This tree is the source of all Mist in the Mist Continent, and was placed there by Garland, to hasten the decay of the soul cycle on Gaia. Brahne makes her final attack on Kuja here.


Imperial Base (6, WOB)

A small fortress guarding the entrance to the Sealed Gate Cave in Crescent Island. Kefka and Gestahl let the Returners enter here and release the Espers, but their plan backfires.


Imperial Camp (6, WOB)

Sabin and Shadow first meet Leo and Cyan in this desert encampment, in different capacities. Kefka takes over the assault on Doma Castle from Leo and poisons the river, killing the king and Cyan's family. Sabin, Cyan, and Shadow manage to escape to the Phantom Forest.


Imperial Palace (6, WOB)

Gestahl finally invites the Returners to dinner after the Espers practically destroy Vector. The Returners talk to as many soldiers as they can and act as diplomatically as possible at the meal. Kefka is locked up here, but acts even stranger than usual... unless you know the reason behind it, of course.


Ipsen's Castle (9)

A dizzying structure on the Forgotten Continent, made mostly upside-down! Not only the architecture is topsy-turvy, though - strength translates into weakness in here and vice versa. The four Mirrors which unlock the Shimmering Island are hidden here.


Istory (5, First World Only), Easterly (5a)

A secluded village, Istory doesn't have anything of note. Ramuh prowls the forests to the east.


Istory Falls (5, Third World), Easterly Falls (5a)

The place of the Fourth (and last) Stone Tablet also is the home of Leviathan, who'll join you if you beat him. If you ride a Chocobo to the top part of the falls, you'll get a Magic Lamp!


Ivalice (Tactics)

The country where Tactics takes place. It was engaged in a Fifty Year War with Ordalia and Romanda and surrendered; the Lion War is a civil war taking place now.


Jacole (5, First World)

A town with some nice armor and weapons for sale. There's a nearby cave which has already been looted of treasure, and some strange enemies attack there. Climbing a wall there once the worlds have merged will land you in the basement of Bal Castle where Odin waits.


Jade Portal (2)

An innocuous-looking circle of power is the only way to enter the newly-created Pandemonium, which springs up from the ruins of Paramekia Castle. Inside the portal is a secret shop behind a waterfall which sells awesome magic.


Jidoor (6)

A very artistic town, it's the home of Owzer, who entertains the Opera Impresario from time to time. The Auction House has some rare Magicite for sale! In WOR, Relm has come here to paint for Owzer, but both Relm and Owzer are trapped when the paintings come to life!


Junon (7)

A large port city, it has an upper and lower part. The lower part has only a few poor inhabitants (including Priscilla); the upper part, which can be reached via elevator, has many stores, bars, etc. There's also an Inner Junon which is manned by Shinra and operates the giant cannon mounted on the futuristic seaside section of Junon. Cloud travels here several times; to pose as a Shinra soldier and stow away on a cargo ship; to be sentenced to death by Shinra after Sephiroth calls Meteo; and to chase after the Huge Materia shipment in the Gelnika helicopter.


Kaidge Temple (MQ)

Basically empty besides for some potions.


Kaipo (4)

An oasis town in the Damcyan Desert, Rosa ends up here when she looks for Cecil after the Mist incident. This is also where Rydia officially joins Cecil.


Kalm Town (7)

This is where Cloud stops to tell everyone his history. The Mythril Mines and Chocobo Farm are nearby. Also, Elmyra takes Marlene here later, to escape Midgar.


Karnak Meteor (5, First World Only)

A werewolf from Kelb arrives here to save the Fire Crystal, which he fails to do. There's a warp point from here to the Worus Meteor.


Karnak Town (First World), Karnak Castle (First World Only)

The town of fire has some weapons and armor that are too cheap to be true... and they are. Butz is promptly thrown in the slammer for coming out of the Karnak Meteor. Cid saves them, however, and they go to the Steamship to save the Fire Crystal... which doesn't happen. The queen of Karnak is possessed by Exdeath and destroys the Fire Crystal. The Castle self-destructs.


Kashuon (2)

The place wherein resides Prince Gordon and his elder brother Scott. It's been overtaken by enemies and abandoned, thanks to Emperor Paramekia. The Sun Flame, which powers airships and the Warship, can only be obtained here.


Kazus (3, Floating Continent)

South of Ur is a city placed under a curse by Jinn - it causes all its targets to become two-dimensional ghosts! Cid is also struck by it and can't help you until he's free of the curse, but he gives you his airship, hidden in the western desert. Taca the blacksmith also lives here.


Kefka's Tower (6, WOR)

The final palace is huge; you need three parties to complete all the routes. Each party must fight a Statue on the way; when all are done, they must teleport up to confront the Goddesses in their true glory... and the anger of a madman gone power-hungry, the insanely strong Kefka.


Kelb (5, Second World)

A town of werewolves, Kelgar lives here. He opens the gates once he finds out Butz is Dorgan's son.


Kilika (10)

This town is built right on top of a bay of water; unfortunately, it makes them a prime target for Sin, who batters it quite badly near the start of the game. It also hosts Kilika Temple (separated from the town by a large forest) wherein lies the fayth of Ifrit. The Kilika Beasts are the blitzball team for this town.


Kohlingen (6)

Figaro Castle can travel under the mountains and deposit you near this town. Locke's lost love, Rachel, nearly died here and lies in a coma in one of the houses. Setzer can be found here in WOR.


Kokkuro's House (4)

The dwarf smith is back and he can again make the Excalibur sword from the Adamant ore.


Kramer Orphanage (8)

See Edea's House.


Kuzar (5), Kuza (5a)

See Sealed Castle Kuzar.


Lake Dol (3, Floating Continent)

The home of Leviathan can only be reached by using the Airship Invincible.


Lava Dome (MQ)

The Dualheaded Hydra guards the Fire Crystal in this hellhole.


Lefein (1)

This town is populated with ancient warriors who don't speak English.


Lenalia Plateau (Tactics)

Ramza will fight Miluda here on his way to Fort Zeakden; Miluda perishes.


Leprit (3)

A town of Conjurers with some interesting advice.


Lesalia (Tactics)

One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice, this is where the Imperial Capital lies. Ramza must fight Zalmo here. Later, he returns to get rid of some Nanten Knights on the way to Zeltennia Castle. This is also where Beowulf joins up, at the bar.


Lethe River (6, WOB)

Terra, Edgar, Sabin, and Banon escape the Returners' HQ through this back exit on a raft. However, they meet up with Ultros, and Sabin is separated from them after the fight. The original "Lethe River" is a fabled water which supposedly causes forgetfulness.


Level Forest (MQ)

Home of the evil Minotaur. It's brown at the beginning of the game, but green once the Earth Crystal has been revived.


Leviathan (2)

The future Summon now works as the guardian of Mysidia Tower and the Ultima spell. He swallows anyone who gets near it with the Crystal Rod. His gastric juices aren't anywhere near as bad as the enemies guarding the exit from his giant maw! Richard the last Dragoon has been swallowed by the beast as well while looking for the spell, and joins you in attempting to leave its body.


Libra Temple (MQ)

This is where you meet Phoebe. There's a Libra Crest on the floor which leads to the Life Temple.


Life Temple (MQ)

This temple is unreachable by normal means; you can only get there from the Libra tile in the Libra Temple. The Wakewater, which can supposedly revive Aquaria, is stored here.


Limberry (Tactics)

One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice; Marquis Elmdor rules here. Limberry Castle is also known as "Chalk Castle" because of its white color. Elmdor and his cohorts, Celia and Lede, will fight Ramza and Meliadoul here; after Elmdor (and his alterego, Zarela) is defeated, Meliadoul will join.


Lindblum (9)

The airship capital of the world. Ruled by Regent Cid and his sidekick, Minister Artania. Lindblum is split into three sections: The Theater District (home of the Tantalus hideout), the Business District (all the shops are here) and the Industrial District. Lindblum Grand Castle boasts the airship dock, Cid's throne room, the guest room, conference room, and a balcony with a telescope. The Serpent's Gate leads to the ocean, and the Dragon's Gate leads out towards Gizamaluke's Grotto.


Lionel (Tactics)

One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice. Cardinal Draclau rules here. Ovelia and Agrias are offered sanctuary here from Larg, but Draclau has other plans for them. Ramza eventually has to return here to deal with Gafgarian and Draclau, who turns into Queklain.


Lix (5, First World Only), Rikks (5a)

This is Butz's hometown. Stella and Dorgan are buried here.


Living Forest (3, Floating Continent)

The faeries living here are in a tizzy because the wizard Hyne has stolen their Elder Tree to make a floating castle!


Lonka Ruins (5, First World Only)

The Ruined City becomes a flying fortress. The Airship must defeat the five large guns before being able to enter it and attempt to save the Earth Crystal.


Lost Continent (9)

A small, snow-covered continent containing Esto Gaza, Mount Gulug, and the Fire Shrine.


Luca (10)

The "big city" of FFX, Luca hosts the huge Blitzball tournament every year. It's also got the much-touted Sphere Theater, where Tidus can listen to music or watch movies from throughout the game. The Luca Goers are a bunch of stuck-up bastards - and unfortunately, very, very good at blitzball.


Lugor (5a)

See Rugor.


Lunar Base (8)

A pathway to the stars, which uses cryogenics to shuttle people to a settlement on the moon, where scientists monitor the dormant form of Sorceress Adel. Piet is the leader on the moon; Ellone is taken here for her own safety.


Lunar Underground (4)

The final castle winds deep into the moon until it reaches the Moon's Core. The ultimate weapons are guarded here by very powerful monsters.


Lunar Underground Pass (4)

A winding passage, both overground and underground, which leads to the Home of the Lunarians. Some nice treasure and nasty monsters inside.


Lunatic Pandora (8)

A giant stone, excavated years ago for traces of its power. It helps draw the monsters to earth in a Lunar Cry. The secret to piloting it was devised by Dr. Odine and Laguna, but Galbadians stole it and drove it to Tears' Point, causing a Lunar Cry. Laguna explored this during his prime as a Galbadian soldier; a confrontation with Esthar troops ended in tragedy for his men.


Mac's Ship (MQ)

The ferry between the Ship Dock and the last stage of Focus Tower (Doom Castle) is infested with monsters. Captain Mac resides, but quickly steps down to let you handle things.


Macalania Lake/Temple (10)

Between the woods and the temple lies a frozen tundra. The Al Bhed make their second attempt to capture Yuna here. Inside the temple (once Yuna has gained the friendship of Shiva), Seymour dies for the first time at the hands of our heroes. The Guado chase them down the lake, but the lake cracks and they find themselves under it!


Macalania Woods (10)

A frozen forest stuffed to the brim with fiends and an extremely annoying mini-game involving chasing butterflies. It's also the spot where Auron shows Tidus his first Sphere dropped during Braska's pilgrimage. Finally, it's the home of the huge plant eye who powers up the Ultimate Weapons. South of the woods is the Thunder Plains; northwest leads to Macalania Lake, and to the east lies the Calm Lands.


Madain Sari (9)

A town of summoners. This place was completely wiped out by Garland's Invincible airship ten years ago. The only two survivors were Dagger (who reached Alexandria in a boat) and Eiko, who ended up living in the ruins by herself and her faithful moogle friends. The Eidolon Wall here pays homage to the summoners and their spirits. This is also the spot where Lani and Amarant catch up with Zidane.


Magic Circle Cave (3)

A secret passage inside Dorga's House leads to this place; only Midgets can fit inside. At the end lies a secret circle which bestows the ability to change an airship into a submarine.


Magic City Gariland (Tactics)

Home of the Gariland Military Academy, where Ramza and Delita train. A band of thieves poses the first real fight of the game here.

Flag of Gariland.

Magitek Factory / Magitek Research Facility (6, WOB)

The sprawling facility inside Maranda creates Magitek armor and drains Espers of their powers. Celes and Locke find Ifrit and Shiva being drained by Kefka here. Cid joins their cause in the Research Facility when he realizes what Kefka's real intentions are. However, that doesn't stop Kefka from unleashing his diabolical Cranes against the intrepid dudes!


Mandalia Plains (Tactics)

Also known as the "Beast Plains". Ramza and Delita rescue Algus from the Death Corps here. Later, when they're chasing Golagros and Teta, the two youths reminisce about Balbanes, Ramza's father, and remember how he taught them to play a reed flute.


Maranda (6)

This is Laura's home; first her soldier boyfriend, and later Cyan in his stead, send their letters here.


Marsh Cave (1)

The hiding place of the Crown.


Materia Cave (7)

There are four of these around the world, which require higher-level Chocobos to reach. They hold the HP<-%gtMP, Mime, Quadra Magic, and Knights Of Round matera.


Matoya's Cave (1)

Self-explanatory, I think.


Melmond (1)

A town whose earth and people are rotting away. Dr. Unne lives here.


Memoria (9)

A very strange place, reached from within a purple ball formed above the Iifa Tree by the crazed Kuja. All of the memories of Zidane's friends are brought to fruition here. It leads to the Crystal World.


Meteor At The Ruins (5, First World Only)

Cara arrives in this meteor just in time to save King Tycoon from Exdeath's power. Cara and Galuf eventually return to the Second World in this meteor.


Mideel (7)

A town with some nice shops, Cloud is washed up here with amnesia from the Lifestream and is taken care of in a clinic. However, the Ultima Weapon causes a rift in the Lifestream and Cloud and Tifa fall in! They wash up without harm, and with Cloud's memory intact.


Midgar (7)

A giant, sprawling night-encased city where you start off. Midgar is basically run by the Shinra corp. There are eight Mako generators spaced around the perimeter; the city is divided into eight sectors, and the Shinra headquarters is at the top of a giant "pizza" as Barret calls it - a huge steel disc covering the slums of the city. Here are the places you'll find in Midgar:


Mi'ihen Road (10)

A long, winding road leading from Luca to the Mushroom Rock Road. It's named after Mi'ihen, the original creator of the Crimson Knights, later renamed the Crusaders. The Chocobo Knights patrol it. This is the first place Tidus encounters Rin's Travel Agency. It's also where he meets Maechen and Belgemine for the first time, and fights a large Chocobo Eater monster here as well.


Mine (MQ)

Arion gets trapped here; Benjamin and Reuben must use a Mega Grenade to free him. The boss is Jinn, whose palette swap monster pal is Iflyte... makes you think, huh? (See Ifrit in the Summons section.)


Mirage (5, Third World)

This town lies in the Cleft of Dimension, but by traveling in a small forest southwest of Crescent Town, you can reach it. All of the best magic, armor and weapons can be found here, as well as the Black Chocobo and the last piano in the game. There's a locked door which can only be opened from inside the Cleft of Dimension.


Mirage Tower (1)

Getting to the top of this lets you reach the Sky Castle.


Missile Base (8)

Galbadia's development facility has the capacity to decimate a city - as it demonstrates by torching Trabia Garden. Selphie does her best to try to stop the missiles, but sometimes your best just isn't enough...


Mist Cave (4)

The cave to Mist Town from Baron is home of a Phantom Beast called the Mist Dragon, who turns out to be very closely - too closely - connected with Rydia's mother.


Mist Continent (9)

The largest continent on the world is pervaded by Mist from the Iifa Tree. This continent has Alexandria, Lindblum, Burmecia, Cleyra, Treno, the Chocobo Forest, the Ice Cavern, Gizamaluke's Grotto, and the main Qu's Marsh.


Mist Town (4)

Rydia's home is a haven for Summoners. They have very close connections with their Phantom Beasts. Unfortunately, Cecil and Cain come there with a bomb device (hidden even from them) which torches the city, leaving them gaping in horror.


Mithril Town (4), Silvera (4a)

This town is populated by status freaks: Mini people, Frogs, and Piggies. All the stores sell Mithril equipment. There's a cave nearby (past some coral reefs) with another Mini person who mines Adamant.


Mobliz (6)

A dying soldier lies here in WOB, pining away for his love, Laura, who lives in Maranda. You can buy Dried Meat here to get Gau on your side. In WOR, the ruins of Mobliz are home to only children, and Terra, who takes care of them. A giant beast, Phunbaba, terrorizes the town from time to time.


Moogle Forest/Moogle Canal (5, Second World Only)

As the name implies, you can find moogles here! The canal leads to the forest and is infested with moogle-eating monsters.


Moon's Core (4)

Zemus has been sleeping here for eons, growing like a cancer. All of the enemies here are super-powerful. At the end of it lies Zemus and his alterego Zeromus... and the end of the game.


Moonflow (10)

Connected to the Mushroom Rock Road to the south and Guadosalam to the north, this lovely river is surrounded by pyreflies (those little glowing thingies). The Hypello run a Shoopuf line between the north and south banks of the Moonflow. Jecht attacked one of these once and swore drinking off for good after the embarrassment. 8p An attempt to capture Yuna by the Al Bhed (read: Rikku) is foiled here by Tidus.


Mount Corel (7)

A mountain which leads to North Corel has a Mako Reactor at the center of it. This is the place where Barret and Dyne witnessed North Corel's burning, and Dyne lost his arm.


Mount Gaea (7)

A huge mountain leading to the Whirlwind Maze. You must keep warm on the way up!


Mount Gale (MQ)

The source of the winds plaguing Windia. Dullahan is the mastermind behind it all.


Mount Gulug (9)

A volcano near Esto Gaza on the Lost Continent. This is where Kuja imprisoned Lady Hilda, Cid's wife, and where he attempts to remove the eidolons from Eiko. (This should really have been called Gurgu Volcano - it's spelled the same in Japanese - and the music is a remix of the Gurgu Volcano theme from FF1.)


Mount Hobs (4)

The pathway to this mountain is covered with ice, but Rydia can burn it down. Cecil and company meet Yang fighting a bunch of Bombs at the peak. Passing through the pathway leads to Fabul Castle.


Mount Kolts (6, WOB)

A large and fairly dangerous mountain. Terra, Edgar and Locke are dogged by Vargas as they climb; at the end is a climactic battle with Vargas and Sabin.


Mount Ordeals (4)

At the top of this mountain is a secret chamber in which dwells the spirit of KluYa, the Lunarian. He allows Cecil to become a Paladin by fighting his own dark side, and teaches Tella the spell of Meteor. Cecil is ambushed by Scarmiglione here on his way with Palom and Porom. Compare with Ordeal Castle.


Mount Zozo (6, WOR)

Cyan's made his home at the top of this mountain, where he sends letters to an unknowingly bereaved woman. The Storm Dragon hides in a chest to attack the party.


Mua (5, Second World)

This is the town near the Great Forest of Mua. Once the worlds merge, you can get the Brave Blade or Chicken Knife here.


Murond (Tactics)

One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice, the Murond Glabados base, which is controlled by the Church and is autonomous of any government. Vormav and his minions hide out here before they weasel the location of Murond Death City out of Funeral.


Murond Death City (Tactics)

The holy place of the Murond Glabados Church is the place where St. Ajora can be brought back to life. Kletian and Balk guard the final battlefield.


Mushrom Rock Road (10)

This organic-looking pathway runs between the Mi'ihen Highway and the Crusaders' Command Center. Water geysers propel platforms vertically to join pathways at different heights.


Mysidia (2)

A town of wizards which has some of the best equipment and magic in the game. The Goddess Statue in this town has a strong connection with Mysidia Tower.


Mysidia (4)

A town of wizards, it holds the Water Crystal. Cecil and the Red Wings took it by force, killing many innocents, by the order of the king of Baron. The Elder of Mysidia is willing to give Cecil a second chance, however, so he orders Palom and Porom to accompany (read: spy on) him as he enters Mount Ordeals to become a Paladin. There's a magical passage here called the Devil Road which leads to Baron Town. In 5 and 6, one of the random animals which can be called in battle (using the Animals [5] or Slot [6] command) is the Mysidian Rabbit, which does nothing in 5 and heals a small amount of HP in 6. (In 6a this was translated to Lagomorph.)

Mysidia's flag.


Mysidia Cave (2)

A cave east of Mysidia holds the Crystal Rod; however, you can't enter the cave unless you can get past a doppelganger of Frionel (it can be dispatched by using the BMask on it). The Crystal Rod is used to open Mysidia Tower.


Mysidia Tower (2)

The strongest magic spell, Ultima, is hidden here, but there are several obstacles: Three items (hidden in Phin Basement, BMask Cave, and Mysidia Cave) are needed to open the gate, and even when you have them, the tower's guardian Leviathan makes a meal of anyone trying to enter...


Mythril Mine (7)

The Midgar Zolom's swamp bars the way to this mine, which separates Midgar and Kalm Town from Junon. Only a Chocobo can cross the swamp fast enough to elude the Midgar Zolom. Sephiroth's left his calling card here - a giant Midgar Zolom impaled on one of his Masamune swords.


Narshe (6)

The first town we see in 6 is a mining town where a frozen Esper, Tritoch, has been found. The town is neutral and does not wish to fight the Empire, but Kefka's battallion of troops charging their way changes their minds! The Narshe Caves, behind the town, are large and sprawling, home to a good-sized Moogle population and a Sasquatch cave. The thief Lone Wolf pilfers some treasure here and causes a nice chase scene. This is where Terra meets Locke.


Nelveska Temple (Tactics)

Ruins of an ancient sanctuary (actually a research center from long ago) was used as a guerilla base during the Fifty Year War. This is the only place where Reis can regain her true form, but it's guarded by Worker 7-new.


Nepto Shrine (3, Floating Continent)

The sea dragon Nepto has part of his soul in his statue here. When a greedy rat steals one of the eyes and hoards it away, it's up to the Heroes to shrink, enter the statue, and regain the Eye - otherwise, Nepto's mindless rage will destroy the waters!


Nibelheim (7)

The birthplace of Cloud and Tifa. Almost all of Cloud's memories are concentrated here, and Tifa must sift through them to find the real Cloud. There's an abandoned Shinra Mansion which also figures heavily here (Sephiroth went nuts in the library five years ago, and Vincent can be found there now.) The path leads north to the Nibelheim Mountains.


Nibelheim Mountains (7)

These craggy cliffs invented the word "foreboding". There's a Mako reactor nearby in which Hojo placed his experiments with Jenova breeding. Jenova herself is stored here, but Shinra extricates her to the Shinra HQ; Jenova was subsequently "rescued" from there by Sephiroth.


Nikeah (6)

A port town, the Serpent Trench leads directly here. Ships go from here to South Figaro. This is where Celes meets Gerad in WOR.


North Corel (7)

Now a poor coal mining town, North Corel was brutally torched by Shinra several years ago. The only thing of note it has is a Ropeway Station to the Gold Saucer.


Northern Crater (7)

The final dungeon leads straight into the world's core, where Holy is trying to escape, impeded by Sephiroth. The party must split into three to reach the inside of the Planet and the final showdown with Sephiroth.


North Mountain (5, First World)

Hiryuu Plant, which is poisonous to humans but heals Hiryuu wounds, grows plentifully here. As well, Bahamut will meet you here after the worlds merge.


Northwest Castle (1)

The home of Astos.


N-Zone (5a)

See Cleft of Dimension.


Observatory Mountain (9)

A small outpost near Dali; cargo ships use it as a beacon. Old man Morrid, a coffee connoiseur, lives here.


Oeilvert (9)

An ancient ruin on the Forgotten Continent. Words from Terra are ingrained here, as is the Gulug Stone, which Kuja greatly desires and sends Zidane to fetch for him.


Omega Ruins (10)

Home to the hardest monsters in the game as well as the Ultima and Omega Weapons. The chests here bite back and contain random items in a most annoying fashion. Only reachable via the airship.


Onrac (1)

This town has a submarine leading to the Sea Shrine.


Opera House (6)

The most well-known scene in 6 happens in the Opera House, where Locke and Celes stage an elaborate diversion to capture Setzer's trust, while Ultros tries to gum up the works from above. Maria the opera star, who's a dead ringer for Celes, sings here often. The Opera Impresario is a very excitable fellow. In WOR, the Dirt Dragon will attack here.


Orbonne Monastery (Tactics)

Simon heads this peaceful, 1200-year-old sanctuary, but its giant underground library hides more than most think. The Germonik Scriptures are hidden here, as is the entrance to Murond Death City...


Ordalia (Tactics)

A country near Ivalice. Ivalice declared war on Ordalia because of the complaints of the province of Zelamonia, which runs along the Ordalian border. Ordalia agreed to a peace treaty but it was really Ivalice which surrendered.


Ordeal Castle (1)

Complete this to get the Rat's Tail. Compare with Mount Ordeals.


Outer Continent (9)

A brownish continent in the northeast. Contains the town of Conde Petie, Madain Sari, the Black Mage Village, Kuja's Desert Palace, and the Earth Shrine.


Palm (2)

A seaside town east of Altea; a ship here goes to Poft, its sister town. The heroes meet Layla here later in the game.


Pandemonium (2)

After the Dark Knight recovers his memory as Lionheart, the Emperor changes Paramekia Castle into Pandemonium, which is a gateway to Hell. The only way to enter this place is through the Jade Portal; at the end lies the newly-resurrected Emperor, stronger than ever.


Pandemonium (9)

Garland's dangerous castle within Terra, from where he rules and plans. It's also his epitaph.


Paramekia Castle (2)

After the Emperor moves his home from here to the Whirlwind, and subsequently is killed by Frionel and co., the Dark Knight takes up residence in Paramekia Castle and declares himself Emperor. But the real Emperor seems to like life so much, he comes back for a second go...


Pazuzu's Tower (MQ)

The giant bird-man lives here and guards the Wind Crystal. An escape elevator makes him that much tougher to get ahold of.


Phantom Forest/Phantom Train (6, WOB)

The forest is filled with ghosts, but nothing prepares Sabin, Cyan, and Shadow for the train in the middle of the forest. The train takes people to "the other side" - somewhere they really don't want to be. Wandering around will get you to meet Siegfried and several friendly ghosts, but most will attack you. A strange car has a full meal ready for you which heals all HP/MP and status. At the end, you must fight the Phantom Train itself! Cyan then watches in horror as Elayne and Owain get on the train themselves...


Phantom World (4)

Not a very big world, actually. Chocobos and goblins run amok here, but they're all nice. Leviathan and Ashura rule from a smoky, dimension-twisted room which can be reached from the library; they'll join you if you defeat them.


Phin Castle/Town (2)

The headquarters of Princess/Queen Hilda was overtaken by the Paramekia Empire. The town is filled with Imperial soldiers, until the Emperor is killed once. Then, Hilda, her fiancee Gordon, and Paul the ninja return to their home. Phin Castle is locked until Altea's force is strong enough to retake it. Scott, Gordon's brother and Hilda's former love, dies in a back room in the Phin bar early in the game. The W.Mask, which is needed to open Mysidia Tower, is hidden in the basement of Phin Castle.


Phoenix Caves (6, WOR)

The party must split into two to navigate the maze of spikes and lava here. The Red Dragon guards the Phoenix Magicite, which Locke has come here to find. Phoenix revives Locke's love, Rachel, but only for a very short time.


Phoenix Tower (5, Third World)

A desert-surrounded tower is all of 30 floors high! To go up a floor, you must check for either a left or right passage. One way always hides a strong enemy, the other hides the entrance. You'll meet Magic Pots on the way up. Once at the top, Lenna's Hiryuu will sacrifice itself to become the Phoenix Summon.


Pinnacle Rocks (9)

A pond near Lindblum is the home of the eidolon Ramuh, who gives Dagger a test before he allows her to summon him.


Pirate Cave (5, First World)

This is the home of Faris's gang. This is where she keeps her ship; Boco and Coco come here later; and Syldra's spirit returns here when the worlds merge.


Poeskas Lake (Tactics)

A dried-up lake known as "Death Lake", on the way to Limberry Castle. Here, Ramza will be accosted by ghosts who want his Holy Stones to rise to a "higher plane".


Poft (2)

A seaside town in the northeast. A ship runs from here to its sister town, Palm; Cid's airship business has its base here.


Pravoka (1)

A port town which has been overrun by pirates.


Quan's Dwelling

Vivi's "grandpa" lived here, near Treno, and it's the only home he can remember.


Quicksand Desert (5, First World Only)

The Great Pyramid lies in the center of this roiling desert, but the changing sands prevent people from reaching it. When the worlds merge, the sands stop moving. The only way to cross the sand before then is to call a Sand Worm, defeat it, and cross its body!


Qu's Marsh (9)

Four of these are situated around the world, but the main one is near Lindblum. Master Quale lives here, with his protegee Quina, who spends time catching frogs (he can do this in any of the marshes).


Rainbow Bridge (MQ)

An energy bridge leading from Windia to Pazuzu's Tower and Spencer's Place; created by Otto.


Remiem Temple (10)

Three things are in this hidden temple: a Chocobo race which leads to the Cloudy Mirror (a key ingredient in getting ultimate weapons); Belgemine's home and eventually her final resting place; and the fayth for the Magus Sisters Aeon.


Returners' HQ (6, WOB)

A hideout which has a back exit to the Lethe River and a front door near Mt. Kolts. Banon is the leader of the small band of rebels fighting the Empire. Terra agrees to join the Returners here.


Rikks (5a)

See Lix.


Riovanes Castle (Tactics)

Barinten's castle holds a fight with the Death Corps, Wiegraf and his alterego Velius, and Elmdor and his assassin friends. Malak joins up here after being mistakenly killed by Barinten and ressurected by Rafa and a Holy Stone.


Road To The Summit (3, Floating Continent)

The mountain next to Canaan is the hunting ground of Bahamut. Desh is stuck at the top here, in Bahamut's nest.


Rocket Town (7)

Cid lives here with Shera, his dismally abject servant, who is forever trying to make amends for a fault which cost Cid his dream. A large rocket, Shinra No.26, which went through a failed takeoff thanks to Shera, figures prominently in the background of the town. Palmer and Rufus make a scene here when trying to steal Cid's Tiny Bronco; he makes a daring getaway but the Bronco is grounded for good. Shinra No.26 is later revived for a desperate plan to destroy Meteor, and Cloud and company head up in it.


Romanda (Tactics)

A country separated from Ivalice by the Larner Channel. Their invasion of Ivalice caused a two-year stalemate in the Fifty Year War. However, a bout of bubonic plague silenced Romanda after three years.


Rope Bridge (MQ)

Just a connector to the main Wind region; Reuben falls here and hurts himself seriously.


Rugor (5, Second World), Lugor (5a)

An oasis in the monster-filled Grociana continent.


Ruined City (5, First World Only)

An ancient Lonka city lies south of the Quicksand Desert. Falling into a hole here leads to a warp device, which in turn leads to the Catapult. The warp device explodes after one use, but we soon find out that the Ruined City hides a much larger underground fortress, which begins flying!


Salmando (2)

A snowbound town in the north. Josef and his daughter Nellie live here; Josef will join you to reach the Snow Cave.


Salonia Catacombs (3)

A secret underwater entrance south of Salonia leads to this cave filled with nasty monsters. Getting through it means you end up back in the castle, in an enclosed room whose only occupant is the now-angry Odin.


Salonia Town/Castle(3)

The biggest city in 3 is divided into four sections and a castle. Gigames controls King Gorn in the castle. Southwestern Salonia has a pub, where Prince Allus, who's been banished by Gorn through Gigames, drowns his woe. A tower in Southeastern Salonia belonged to a family of Dragoons and their legacy is hidden there. Northwestern Salonia holds a large library, and Northeastern Salonia has all the shops. Odin lives in a blocked-off room in the castle, which can only be reached via the Salonia Catacombs.


Sand Temple (MQ)

The Elixir to heal Kaeli is supposed to grow here, but Tristam took it and only gives it to you if you complete the Bone Dungeon.


Sanubia Desert (10)

Located on Bikanel Island, this sprawling desert is home to Cactuars and Sandworms - in fact, there's an entire mini-game involving a village of Cactuars hidden by a sandstorm. It leads to the Al Bhed's Home.


Sarda's Cave (1)

The home of Sarda the Sage, who'll give you a Rod.


Sassoon Castle (3, Floating Continent)

The home of Princess Sara. It has a holy spring in the basement which plays an instrumental part in sealing Jinn.


Sealed Castle Kuzar (5, Second World), Kuza (5a)

The twelve Legendary Weapons, which were used to fight Enuo, are sealed here. Only by finding the four Tablets can the seals be broken. Ridiculously strong monsters roam around here.


Sealed Cave (4)

The Darkness Crystal is in the deepest room here, but it's guarded by a Demon Wall. However, once Cecil tries to leave, Cain loses his wits and steals the Crystal from him! Every door in this cave is actually a rather tough monster.


Sealed Gate Cave (6, WOB)

Terra enters here to open the sealed gate to the Esper World and gain their help against the Empire. However, Kefka shows up to ruin the day, as usual. The Espers go nuts and Vector gets smashed.


Sealed Temple (MQ)

Nothing much here besides a warp stone to the Wintry Temple in the Water region.


Sea Shrine (1)

This is the home of the mermaids and of Kraken, the Water Fiend.


Second World (5)

This is the world of Galuf, Cara, and the Warriors of Dawn. This is where Exdeath originated. It split from the Third World years ago. Places here include Bal Castle, Surgate Castle, Exdeath Castle, the Great Forest of Mua, Kelb, and Sealed Castle Kuzar.


Semite Falls (2)

A cave near the waterfall hides a vast deposit of the valuable material, Mithril. The Emperor has captured many citizens to work in the mines, including Paul and Nellie, Josef's daughter. Josef has hidden an Ice Sled here.


Serpent Trench (6, WOB)

This underwater channel leads from the Veldt to Nikeah, but you can only swim it with a diving helmet buried in the Crescent Mountain. In WOR, this has been shoved overground and the Fanatics' Tower has been built here.


Sewer (3)

Delilah, the eccentric old woman who owns the Floating Shoes, lives here in the Amur Sewer. The four old men who claim to be the Heroes get stuck by a bunch of Goblins here, however, and after rescuing them they do the real Heroes a good turn by grabbing the Floating Shoes from Delilah.


Shimmering Island (9)

The entryway into Terra.


Ship Dock (MQ)

The only way to get here and from here to Mac's Ship is by using the Mobius tile from a house in Windia.


Ship Graveyard (5, First World Only)

Home to countless ghouls, ghosts, and wrecked ships. This is where Faris's ships end up after an attack by a sea monster on route to Tule.


Shipwreck (3)

This beached ship on the Solitary Island is where Elia is recovering from a violent storm.


Shumi Village (8)

An underground village in the northern continent is populated by the peaceful Shumi people. The Shumis evolve as they grow older and their appearance changes to suit their hearts; most become Elders or Moombas. The current Elder is very wise but sometimes way too down-to-earth - at least for his poor Assistant. The Shumis refer to themselves in third person, and only by their occupations. It's home to the Artisan, Specialist, and Sculptor as well. Laguna's statue is being built here.


Silvera (4a)

See Mithril.


Sky Castle (1)

The home of Tiamat, the Air Fiend.


Sleeping Forest (7)

North of Bone Town, the forest sleeps and doesn't let any traveler pass - until you can wake it with the Lunar Harp, which is buried in Bone Town. The Forest leads through the Coral Valley to the Forgotten City.


Snow Cave (2)

A cave lies in the middle of a giant ice field and can only be reached by an Ice Sled, which was hidden by Josef in Semite Falls. The deepest level of the cave hides the Goddess Bell, which unlocks Kashuon Castle. Both Borgan and Josef meet their demise here.


Snow Fields (7)

North of the Forgotten City, it leads to Icicle Inn.


Solitary Island (3)

When the Heroes first enter the real world, it's all underwater! Only this small island shows sign of life - Elia has shipwrecked here. Only she can talk to the Water Crystal and make the water level lower itself again.


Solitary Island (5, Second World Only)

So named because Butz and company land there all alone. There's nothing to do but use a Tent and be captured by Exdeath.


Solitary Island (6, WOR)

The only person living here when Celes awakes is Cid, who's been caring for her for an entire year. Celes has to take the initiative now to heal her newly-found "Grandfather". She takes his raft to Albrook when he's either healed or has passed away. Returning here with the Falcon reveals the Palidor Magicite.


Solitary Island Temple (5, Third World)

When the worlds merge, the temple from the First World ends up on the Solitary Island. This is where the Second Stone Tablet is hidden; the entrance to the Fork Tower will open up when you get it.


Sorceress Memorial (8)

A large edifice, standing in southern Esthar; its purpose isn't clear, but that's where they want to seal Rinoa's powers.


South Gate (9)

The entrance into Lindblum. Only airships can pass through here.


South Figaro (6)

This town is occupied by the Empire early into the game, but if you're nice enough to Gestahl at his banquet, you can get the soldiers to leave. This is where you first meet Shadow. Locke helps Celes escape from a basement here, after several clothing changes. In WOR, Celes will follow Gerad from here to the Figaro Cave.


Spencer's Place (MQ)

The canals and bridges lead to Phoebe's grandfather, a strange one if there ever was.


Spira (10)

The world where FF10 takes place; however, frequently we find the world apparently divided into two entities, Spira and Zanarkand, even though Zanarkand is just one city. *shrug*


Statues Of The Quest (3)

These four sets of statues (reminiscent of the guardians from The Neverending Story) can only be destroyed if you have the four elemental Fangs. Otherwise, trying to pass them means you DIE. They guard the way to the Labyrinth of the Ancients and Sylx Tower.


Steamship (5, First World)

The ship runs by the power of the Fire Crystal. However, the Crystal can only take so much abuse, and it breaks. Cid and Mid manage to find an alternative solution, though. The Steamship sinks as it nears Crescent Town; it lands in the Catapult.

Surgate Castle (5, Second World)

Zeza's fortress has quite a few interesting secrets to hide.


Sweegy Woods (Tactics)

The now-extinct Moogles used to live here. This is just on the way to Dorter Trade City.


Sylph Cave (4)

The Sylphs (fairy-type creatures) are nursing Yang to health at the bottom of this cave. The tiles are piled with liquid nitrogen or something like it which will really hurt if you walk on it.


Sylx Tower (3)

Unne holds the key to the tower beyond the Labyrinth of Ancients, but she can only create it if you kill her first. On the first floor of the tower lies the entrance to Forbidden Land Eureka. Climbing the tower will yield a final battle with Zande, followed by an unexpected voyage into the Dark World and a fight with the ultimate evil, the Cloud of Darkness.


Tear's Point (8)

A place of great magical (or something like it) significance, it's the spot on earth where all the monsters gravitate to during a Lunar Cry. The Solomon Ring can be found here, and the Lunatic Pandora is guided there by Galbadian forces.


Temple Of Fiends (1)

The home of Garland the errant knight who kidnapped Sara is also the gateway to 2000 years ago by way of a black Orb. At the end of it resides Garland/Chaos.


Temple Of The Ancients (7)

This mysterious place is the resting spot of the Black Materia, which can call Meteor and is needed by Sephiroth. Aeris can speak to the spirits of the Cetra in here. Cait Sith heroically sacrifices his toy body to destroy the Temple and gain the Black Materia, but Sephiroth - or rather, one of the Sephiroth-clones - steals it anyway.


Temple Of Time (3)

An underwater temple holds Noah's Lute, the only thing which can wake Unne from her ages-long slumber.


Terra (9)

A smaller, parasitic world which sleeps inside Gaia. The souls of those there wait to come out and take over Gaia, by using Genomes as their golem bodies. Garland watches over Terra and schemes for its revival. Bran Bal, city of Genomes, and Pandemonium, Garland's castle, are in here.


Thamasa (6)

The home of Strago and Relm, this is the place where Clyde entered to father Relm; he left to become Shadow. A fire here traps Relm but finally makes Strago trust the Returners. The Esper Gathering Place is nearby. In WOR, Gungho will show up here.


Thieves' Fort (Tactics)

A floating fortress, formerly a fishermans' shelter. Dycedarg sends Ramza here to defeat a cadre of the Death Corps (kind of to get Ramza out of his hair). Ramza meets with Miluda for the first time, as leader of the cadre.


Third World (5)

This is the original world, which existed many years ago; an amalgamation of the First and Second Worlds. The Cleft of Dimension is caused by the separation and re-combination of the two worlds.


Thunder Plains (10)

Connecting Guadosalam and Macalania Woods, these rocky plains are inundated with lightning bolts (and a mini-game involving them). Long ago, a man named Bilghen built towers to protect passerby from the bolts. They don't work all that well. ^^; Kimahri can get his best weapon here by praying to the Qactuar Stones nearby.


Timber (8)

A city desperately trying to rebel against Galbadia's iron rule. Timber houses tons of rebel factions who just don't seem to be able to make a dent in the dictatorship. It's also the home of Timber Maniacs, the worldwide publishing firm where Laguna made his mark. It's a train center, with trains heading to several spots on the continent and off it. Rinoa's known Mrs. DiMarco, the inn owner, for years.


Titan's Tunnel (1)

Titan guards this passage to Sarda the Sage.


Tokkle (3, Floating Continent)

This tiny town has been ravaged by the wizard Hyne. There isn't much here, but returning here later will get the Heroes themselves captured by Hyne!


Tomb of the Unknown King (8)

As the name implies, a dead king is buried here. It's supposedly bad luck to name them, so it hasn't. This maze is also the home of the Minotaur (in his own element, I guess) and his brother, Sacred. It's used as the test to see if Squall and his friends are worthy to meet Caraway.


Tomera (4)

The town of dwarves lies on its own continent underground. The dwarves don't have much to add to the story, but they have the best equipment money can buy.


Torna Canal (5, First World)

The canal leading to Tycoon Castle is infested with sea monsters. It's locked by a key in the keeping of Zott, who lives in Tule.


Toroia Town/Castle (4)

The town of Toroia has a huge acclaim with a dancer's show. The castle is ironically ruled by eight woman Clerics (the politically correct version of the Circle of Sages from 1), and all of its guards are female. Toroia has the Earth Crystal, which Cecil must collect to save Rosa from Cain and Golbeze. However, it was stolen by the Dark Elf...

Tower Of Babil (4), Tower of Bab-il (4a)

The giant home of Rubicante, Emperor of Fire, stretches from the bottom of the earth to the sky. The lower section is the roaming grounds of Lugeie the mad scientist, who did some really nasty things to Edge's parents, the king and queen of Eblana. The upper section holds all eight Crystals from both the upper and lower worlds. Yang risks his life by blowing up the lower Tower.

Tower Of Owen (3, Floating Continent)

This tower was built by the great sage Owen many years ago; it's the thing which keeps the Floating Continent up in the air! Owen appointed his son Desh as caretaker of the tower, but Desh got amnesia and left. To calm the fires, Desh jumps into the furnace himself. But since no one good really dies in this game, he's not really dead. 8-).


Tower Of Zott (4)

This is where Golbeze hides Rosa from Cecil; it's a tower floating in the air. Valvalicia, Emperor of Wind under Golbeze, rules here with her cohorts the Magus Sisters: Dog, Mag, and Rag.


Tozas (3, Floating Continent)

Only midgets can enter this town of mini-people. The Hidden Road runs from here to the Viking Base.


Trabia Garden (8)

Selphie hails from the third Garden. Not much is known about it, since the first time we see it is when it's already in ruins from Galbadia's missiles. There's a gargoyle statue at the entrance, and a basketball court.


Treno (9)

The city that never sleeps is situated near Alexandria. There's a lot to see and do here, including: a card tournament, monsters to battle in an item shops, an auction house, Queen Stella's house (bring your Stellazio here!), and Dr. Tot's tower (and the entrance to Gargan Roo).


Triangle Island (6, WOR)

The only two enemies here are Intangir (an invisible enemy) and the Zone Eater, who'll swallow you to meet Gogo.


Tule (5)

The first town Butz comes to has a bar, which is all the pirates traveling with him need! Zokk also lives here.

Tycoon Castle (5, First World)
The home of King Tycoon, Lenna and (we later find out) Faris, the castle has its own private Hiryuu!
Tycoon Meteor (5, First World Only)

This is the first meteor in the game, the one Galuf arrived in.


Tzen (6)

In WOR, Celes witnesses a "Light of Judgment" from Kefka's Tower blast the town. A large mansion almost collapses, but Sabin holds it up while she rescues a child from inside.


Ultimecia Castle (8)

The most enormous final castle ever constructed, this is a true castle - complete with dining rooms, dungeons, art galleries, stables, and of course the throne room. There are more tricks up this place's sleeve than there are in many RPGs put together.


Underground Channel (4)

A cave leading from Kaipo to Damcyan Castle. It winds through a cave, a short outdoor trek, and a waterfall with an octopus in it.


Underground Lake (3, Floating Continent)

Guzco has stolen the Dwarves' Horn and taken it here. After defeating him, however, he stays in your shadow and grabs both horns when you reach the cave, then sprinting to the Flame Cave to become the Salamander.


Underwater Cave (3)

A secret treasure cave south of a triangle-shaped island.


Underwater Reactor (7)

The Huge Materia is being transported to the Shinra Sub in this subterranean Mako Reactor in Inner Junon. Cloud has to hijack his own sub and track it down!


Unne's Shrine (3)

The sleeping Unne lives here with her parrot. Only Noah's Lute can wake this kooky lady from her dreams.


Ur (3, Floating Continent)

The Heroes' hometown, where they were brought up by Nina and Topapa the Elder.


Val Castle (5a)

See Bal Castle.


Vector (6, WOB)

The capital city of the Empire is not a very nice place. The Imperial Palace, Magitek Factory, and Magitek Research Facility dominate the spot. There are a few sympathizers around, though. After releasing the Espers from their world, they torch the place, causing Gestahl to change his tactics.


Veldt (6)

A continent full of monsters, this is Gau's hunting ground. This is the only place he can learn his Rages. In WOB, the Serpent Trench begins here at Crescent Mountain; in WOR, the Veldt Cave appears here. Mobliz lies in the northeast in both worlds.


Veldt Cave (6, WOR)

This cave in the Veldt leads to a clash with the Sr. Behemoth and a downed ally: Shadow (if you waited for him at the Floating Island) or Relm (if you didn't). Either way, you'll end up in Thamasa.


Via Purifico (10)

A two-part maze, one of stone and one of water. After a sham trial by the maesters, Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka (surprise) are cast into the water while the rest of the party must navigate the stone. At the end of it is the Highbridge in Bevelle.


Viking Base (3, Floating Continent)

These pirates/sailors can't sail any more because of the rage of the sea dragon Nepto, whose shrine has been ravaged. Once you placate Nepto, they're so grateful they give you their ship. (?!?!?)


Volcano (MQ)

A fiery monster haven. Some monsters are invisible until you get the Gas Mask.


Walz (5a)

See Worus.


Warjilis Trade City (Tactics)

Lionel's only trade city and the central trade port on the Burgross Sea. Delita will meet Ramza here on his first trip here. Later, the rumor which opens up the Deep Dungeon is here.


Warship (2)

The Paramekia Empire's coup de force has been built by the enslaved villagers of Bofsk. The Warship has the power to decimate any town which stands in its way. However, it can be destroyed by throwing the Sun Flame into its engine...


Water Cave (3)

The Water Crystal is broken; only Elia can take the shards from the Water Temple and restore it to the Crystal, thereby making the rest of the world rise from its watery grave. However, a servant of Zande hits her with an arrow as soon as she finishes the job.


Waterfall (1)

A robot here will give you a Cube.


Water Shrine (9)

One of the four places which unlock the Shimmering Island. It's in a whirlpool near the Forgotten Continent, and is guarded by Kraken.


Water Temple (3)

Shards of the broken Water Crystal reside here.


Weapon Maker's Hut (7)

He'll tell you about Dio and the Keystone. If you give him some Mythril, he'll give you Aeris's Great Gospel Limit Break.


Whirlwind (2)

A giant tornado summoned by Emperor Paramekia leaves a wake of destruction wherever it goes. The only way to enter it is by using the legendary Hiryuu. At the top of its whirling chaos waits Emperor Paramekia...


Whirlwind Maze (7)

The wound made by Jenova's falling is forever being healed by the Planet here, above the Northern Crater and the center of the Planet. Sephiroth finally gets a hold of the Black Materia here - thanks to Cloud! He calls Meteor and the world goes nuts.


White SeeD Ship (8)

Edea's orphanage was relocated here for a while, until the orphans began to pilot it themselves and Edea was lost from history. Ellone was rescued by them to evade Galbadian guards, but she left with the Esthar ships during a bloody battle.


Windhole Temple (MQ)

Another basically empty temple.


Windia (MQ)

No relation to the one from Breath Of Fire. This is the home of Otto and Norma; people like putting Chocobos on their rooftops. The Rainbow Road runs from here to Pazuzu's Tower. The place is plagued with strong winds from Mt. Gale.


Wind Shrine (5, First World)

An isolated temple near Tycoon Castle holds the Wind Crystal. However, the Crystal breaks into pieces as soon as Butz nears it.


Wind Shrine (9)

One of the four places which unlock the Shimmering Island. It's in a windy tunnel on the Forgotten Continent, and is guarded by Tiamat.

Winhill (8)

Laguna spent some time here fighting monsters after his stint in the Galbadian army. This is where he met Raine and Ellone. Kiros came to visit him not long after he moved in and convinced him to try out Timber Maniacs for a living. Laguna spent many years afterwards searching for Ellone, who was captured by Esthar soldiers. A millionaire lives in this otherwise bucolic town; a Chocobo patch has also grown up over the years.


Wintry Cave (MQ)

The Libra Crest is guarded here by a snowy crab. You learn to use the Cat Claw here.


Wintry Temple (MQ)

Nothing much here besides a warp tile to the Sealed Temple in the Fire region.


Worus Castle/Town (5, First World)

Shiva lives in the basement of this water castle. The nearby Worus Tower leeches the energy out of the Water Crystal. Garuda lives in the town.


Worus Meteor (5, First World Only)

A soldier from Bal Castle travels in this to protect the Water Crystal. There's a warp point from here to the Karnak Meteor.


Worus Tower (5, First World)

Originally the resting place of the Water Crystal, the tower sinks underground after the Crystal breaks. Once the worlds merge, Gogo can be found in the underwater tower.


Wutai (7)

Yuffie lived in this very Japanese-looking (and sounding) town with her father Godo until his attitude drove her nuts and she left. Godo's mansion is still around here, and Yuffie knows the city like the back of her hand. You can visit the Pagoda Of Five Mighty Gods (where Yuffie can get the Leviathan materia if she defeats her father in battle) and Da-Chao Statue, where Don Corneo will later have a showdown with the Turks.


Yardow Fort City (Tactics)

Malak, trying to recover his sister Rafa, will attack Ramza and Rafa here. Malak transforms into a frog and escapes, however.


Yuguo Woods (Tactics)

Ramza must pass through here on his way to Riovanes; the ghosts of warriors from the Fifty Year War haunt him here.


Zaland Fort City (Tactics)

This city serves as the entrance to Lionel Castle. Ramza meets Mustadio for the first time here and saves him from Bart Trading Company.


Zanarkand (10)

A huge machina city a thousand years ago, now it's just rubble. Yu Yevon lived here originally. The old Zanarkand still lives on in the dream of the fayth, however, and both Jecht and Tidus escaped the dream because of Sin. Yunalesca lives here and performs the rite of the Final Summoning for any Summoner that manages to complete their pilgrimage and reach Zanarkand Dome.


Zarghidas Trade City (Tactics)

The central trade port with Sea Gull. Aeris (known here as the "Flower Girl" lives here; after Cloud rescues her from some thugs, he'll join the party.


Zeklaus Desert (Tactics)

Also known as the "Death Desert". The Sand Rat Cellar here is where Gustav hid Marquis Elmdor.


Zeltennia (Tactics)

One of the 7 provinces of Ivalice; Goltana rules here. Ramza will meet Delita at Zeltennia Castle and will have to fight Zalmo. This is where Ovelia is kept and Olan is imprisoned by Delita. Later, a rumor here opens the way to Nelveska Temple.


Zigolis Swamp (Tactics)

Formerly a bloody battlefield in the Fifty Year War, now a poisonous swamp. A random battle with undead and Morbols, on the way to Goug Machine City.


Zirekile Falls (Tactics)

This magnificent waterfall rushes from Mt. Algost to the river below. Ramza finds Delita and Ovelia being attacked by Hokuten Knights. Gafgarion joins the enemy for this fight. Afterwards, Delita leaves Ovelia in Ramza's hands and disappears.


Zone Eater (6, WOR)

This creature Engulfs you; when you awake, you're inside a quite dry area with some nasty monsters and cool items in treasure chests. At the end you can find Gogo the mimic, who'll join your party.


Zozo (6)

This town is full of thieves and cut-throats, like Dadaluma the martial artist. Terra landed here after her transformation at Narshe. Ramuh appears to speak to the party about her and the Espers. Edgar can also find his chainsaw here. Returning here in WOR and buying the Rust-Rid from a man opens up a passage to Mt. Zozo.