Informações sobre todos os jobs


* os números indicam a qual(is) FF(s) o job pertence


Since the very first game, different jobs have been central to the gameplay in the series. The roles of these jobs have changed and gotten more sophistocated as the series progressed, but the characters of 7 and 8 don't have any specific jobs, although some, like Strago and Quistis, fit into regular jobs. The characters of 7 and 8 actually only differ by their weapons and Limit Breaks. Because of this, I've included a special section at the end which gives their specs and a suggested Job name (almost all of them sound horrible - any suggestions?). Note: All classes in Tactics which end in Knight or Swordsman can equip swords, armor etc. with the exception of Heaven and Hell Knights.

FF9 and 10 have blurred the distinctions between job classes in several occasions. Where a character fits nicely into a category, s/he's placed there; otherwise, s/he is in the special FF9/10 section after the FF7/8 section.




Archer (Tactics)

See Hunter.


Arc Knight (Tactics)

Believe it or not, there are two completely different Jobs called this. The first one is the Job of Marquis Elmdor. It's basically a powered-up Samurai; he can use the Draw Out ability for Samurai Swords. He can also use Blood Suck, which begins an infection of Vampire status. Finally, he has a Teleport which works all the time. The Arc Knight of Zalbag is similar to a Knight, but his Break techniques can hit even from a distance. Zalbag also knows several other abilities like Counter which are not included in normal Knight or Squire classes. In the second fight with Zalbag, he's also picked up the Blood Suck ability.


Assassin (Tactics)

This is the Job of Celia and Lede. Assassins have many skills which cause Death, Stop, Charm, and similar status ailments, with a 100% hit rate; they can also cast Ultima. They can equip Samurai Swords.


Astrologist (Tactics)

This is Olan's Job. His amazing Galaxy Stop basically paralyzes all enemies, letting you do whatever you want with them.


Bard (3, 4, 5, Tactics)

Their songs affect entire parties over time, with the exception of Gilbert/Edward of 4, whose only 2 songs affect one enemy with Sleep or Confusion. They equip harps as weapons. In 3, the Sing command was the same as Fight; the only two songs that could be used were Scare and Cheer. In Tactics, Bards only affected the allies and could only be male; their female counterparts were Dancers who could only affect enemies. Tactics Bards kept singing until told to stop. Any Bard needs a Harp to sing.


Berserker (5, 6, 7)

They have great strength but cannot be controlled in battle. In 5 they wore animal skins and equipped axes; in 6, Umaro was the Berserker and only wore a Snow Muffler and Bone Club. Sephiroth, for the short time he joins the party, also cannot be controlled and falls into this category, but he also uses magic. He equips the Masamune katana.


Black Belt (1)

See Monk.


Black Mage (1, 3, 5, 9, 10), Black Wizard (1), Warlock (3), Wizard (Tactics)

Can cast hurtful magic (and sometimes status changes like Poison and Toad). In 1 they're upgradable to Black Wizard (and in 3 to Warlock), who can learn more spells. Black Mages are wrapped in a bluish-black one-piece robe which comes together in the front, topped with a yellow, wide-brimmed cone hat (with a crescent on it, in 5) and white spots for eyes. In 1 the Black Wizard just sort of grew out of his robes, revealing brown hair and his forearms; in 3, the Warlock has a crescent on his hat. 4's Palom was a Black Mage as well, and Rydia the Summoner could cast Black Magic. 9's Vivi was also a Black Mage (in every sense of the word) but had an extra command, Focus, which raised his magic power during battle. FF10's Lulu had the same ability (but she attacked using Moogle/Cactuar/Cait Sith dolls). Black Mages can generally equip knives and rods. In 6, 7, and 8, any character could cast magic so this job became obsolete.


Blue Mage (5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

The gist is that Blue Mages can use certain enemy attacks. The original Blue Mages, which only appeared in 5, wore blue masks and could equip swords and armor like Red Mages; they could also see enemies' weak points. In 6, Strago was a Blue Mage but could only equip rods or staffs. Also from 6 was Gau, whose Wild Boy Job is akin to Blue Mage. 7's Enemy Skill materia did this skill; 8's Quistis's Limit Break was Blue Magic, but she equipped whips. 9's Quina equipped forks (yep) and also used Blue Magic. In 5 and 7, Blue Magic can only be learned if the magic is cast on the Blue Mage (although in 5 it actually has to work for you to learn it); in 6, it's learned if it's cast at all in battle (even if Strago's not the target); in 8, it can only be learned by using items in the menu screen; and in 9, Quina has to weaken the enemy to 1/8 of its HP and then "eat" it.


Calculator (Tactics)

A really weird Job, the Calculator was VERY slow in battle and had to learn 3 skills before he could do anything at all. He used math magic to hit enemies for specific damage. He equipped books for weapons and sported a whacked-out mohawk.


Caller (4a)

See Summoner.


Chemist (5, Tactics)

In 5, this guy could mix up potions for special effects; in Tactics, it's the only way to use items in battle. 5's Chemists wore yellow, out-of-date clothing; Tactics' out-of-date clothing was white. 8-) In 5 they could equip knives; in Tactics, rods and guns.

Cleric (Tactics)

This is Alma's Job. She has some really awesome healing spells and some good equipment.


Conjurer (3)

See Summoner.


Dancer (5, Tactics), Mogli (6)

In 5 anyone could be a Dancer; in Tactics, only females. In 5, Dances were selected randomly from a list of 4: a confusion dance, a physical attack, an MP drain, and an HP drain. In Tactics the dances were selected manually, but lasted until you told them to stop; they only affected the enemy and did things like dropping physical power and causing status problems. Dancers in 5 can equip knives and in Tactics equip rugs (!). In 6, Mog the Moogle was the dancer (his official title was "Mogli" (Moogle), but his dances lasted the entire battle. They were a mix of 5 and Tactics; you choose the category, but the actual effects are random. Mog equipped spears.


Dark Knight (4)

See Magic Knight.


Dark Knight (Tactics)

This is Gafgarion's Job. His skills use Drain and MP Drain attacks, which are more useful than they sound, except against Undead.


Divine Knight (Tactics)

This is Meliadoul's Job. Her skills are like the Knight's Break techniques, but they inflict damage as well and have a 100% hit rate. Rofel and Vormav are also Divine Knights.


Dragoner (Tactics)

This is Reis's Job. Her skills (besides for her Breath attacks) can only be used on Dragons and Hydras, but they're very effective. (Anyone say Deep Dungeon?) She can also attack twice in one round. She can't equip any armor at all (even some accessories like gauntlets and mantles) or weapons (besides handbags); she uses brute strength.


Dragoon (2, 3, 4a, 5, 6, 9), Dragon Knight (4), Lancer (5a, Tactics)

These guys equip spears and can Jump on enemies. They effectively leave the playing field at this time and any attacks directed to them will fail. They wear special armor that looks like they're being eaten by a metallic dragon; Tactics' female Lancers just have helmets with large visors which are up. Cain from 4 is the resident Dragoon/Dragon Knight; Richard from 2 is a Dragoon, but has no special skills. Freya from 9 is also a Dragoon, and has extra Dragon spells to use in battle. See also: Blue Beast (FF10).


Elementalist (3j, 5j)

See Geomancer.


Engineer (4)

See Scholar.


Engineer (Tactics)

This is Mustadio's Job. He can use Guns, which is useful, and his Snipe skill renders enemies unable to move or act - when they work. Balk is also an Engineer.


Fighter (1, 2, 3), Squire (Tactics)

Basically a toned-down version of the Knight, this class was actually upgradable into Knight in 1 and 3. They just can't equip as much stuff and lack the Cover command. Tactics' Squire had some new moves like rock throwing and Dashing. Ramza's Squire job contained even more goodies, including the all-powerful Ultima spell, which had been stricken from the magic users' lists. Fighters in 1 and 3 have red hair; that's all you can really make out. Frionel from 2 looks exactly like a Fighter, but he has no special skills.


Gambler (6)

This is Setzer's Job. He uses strange weapons like cards, darts, and dice to attack; his ability is a slot machine which dispenses random effects.


General (6, 9)

This is Leo's class; he uses Shock, which hits all enemies for some nice damage. Beatrix from 9 is also a General, and has inherited (among other things) Leo's Shock as well as strong White Magic.


Geomancer (3, 5, Tactics)

In 3 and 5, these guys look hilarious, wearing North Pole outfits and fighting with bells. Yes, bells. They have the ability to use the terrain they're fighting on to attack. In 5 they also have the ability to see pitfalls and walk past damage squares without getting hurt. In Tactics, they aren't wearing much, look vaguely Egyptian, and can now equip axes.


Heaven Knight/Hell Knight (Tactics)

Rafa's Job is Heaven Knight; Malak's is Hell Knight. They're identical for all purposes. Their skills are fairly useless: they cause a certain elemental attack, but not only are the times random, so is the position! So it may completely miss, or hit allies as well! Their equip abilities aren't that great either.


Holy Knight (Tactics)

This is the Job of Agrias and (later) Delita. Their sword skills can hit a large area for some nice damage.


Holy Priest (Tactics)

This is Zalmo's Job; it's basically a Priest but with a few extra goodies like the "Don't Act" spell.


Holy Swordsman (Tactics)

This is Orlandu's Job. He uses all of the skills of Holy, Divine, and Dark Knights, which means a lot of variety!


Hunter (3, 4, 5), Archer (Tactics)

In 5 and Tactics, these are the only ones who can equip bows; in 3, they're just more accurate. In 4, everyone could equip Bows but only Rosa the White Mage could Aim them. They're usually dressed in green with a jaunty feathered cap. See also: Blitzer (9/10).


Karateka (3, 4a)

See Monk.


Knight (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Tactics), Paladin (4)

This character exists in some form in every game. Knights can equip any armor and swords and have the "Cover" ability which lets them take damage if one of the other characters is low on HP. In 4, Cecil's Paladin is a Knight. In 5, the Knights had the ability to hold a weapon with two hands; they also had the a command to Guard any character for one round, causing physical damage to fall to zero. In 6, the relic "True Knight" had the "Cover" effect. (Although Cyan's called a Knight in 6a, he's really a Samurai.) In 7, the Cover materia did this. In 8, the "Cover" ability is learned by Alexander. In 9, Steiner was a knight but had "sword skills" like Cyan, and the "sword magic" skill like the Mystic Knight. In Tactics, 9 (Steiner) and 10 (Auron), Knights instead concentrate on breaking opponents' equipment, power/magic/speed/defense, etc.


Karateka (3, 4a)

See Monk.


Knight (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Tactics), Paladin (4)

This character exists in some form in every game. Knights can equip any armor and swords and have the "Cover" ability which lets them take damage if one of the other characters is low on HP. In 4, Cecil's Paladin is a Knight. In 5, the Knights had the ability to hold a weapon with two hands; they also had the a command to Guard any character for one round, causing physical damage to fall to zero. In 6, the relic "True Knight" had the "Cover" effect. (Although Cyan's called a Knight in 6a, he's really a Samurai.) In 7, the Cover materia did this. In 8, the "Cover" ability is learned by Alexander. In 9, Steiner was a knight but had "sword skills" like Cyan, and the "sword magic" skill like the Mystic Knight. In Tactics, Knights lack the Cover ability and instead concentrate on breaking opponent helmets, weapons etc.


Knight Blade (Tactics)

This is Izlude's Job; it's basically the same as Knight.


Lunarian (4)

See Red Mage.


Lune Knight (Tactics)

This is Dycedarg's Job; it's generally agreed that the name is a mistransliteration of "Rune Knight". It's basically the same as Holy Swordsman, but without the Dark Knight skills. (Dycedarg also knows Sorceror skills, by the way.)


Magic Knight (3), Dark Knight (4)

Not a very interesting character. Magic or Dark Knights can equip Dark Swords. In 3 they had the power to stop enemies from multiplying in battle; in 4 the swords were just stronger. In 4, Cecil's Dark Knight had an added skill, Dark Wave, which attacked all enemies but drained 1/10 of his HP. Dark Knights are covered in black armor.


Magic Warrior (6)

Terra's class. She can use swords and equip armor; her skill is Morphing into a Summon for a small time, when all damage she deals is doubled.


Master (1)

See Monk.


Mechanic (6)

This is Edgar's class. He uses spears like a Dragoon, and Tools is his skill; they achieve various effects.


Mediator (5, Tactics)

In 5, this guy had earmuffs and a whip; he could capture an enemy and release it later, or control it. In Tactics, where enemies could actually join your party, he talked it into doing so, as well as maybe handing over some money, charming it, etc. He also ditched the earmuffs for a wide hat and only equipped rods.


Mime (Tactics), Mimic (5, 6)

They can mimic any action done by any other party member. Gogo of 6, who appeared in 5 to teach the Mimic job, is also a Mimic. In 5 and 6, Mimics could equip rods, staffs, and knives; in 5 they could equip any armor as well. In Tactics, Mimics had no abilities and could not use equipment; the female ones had some kind of animal face. See also: Machinist (9/10).


Mogli (6)

See Dancer.


Monk (3, 4, 5, 6, Tactics), Black Belt (1), Master (1), Karateka (3)

One of the more confusing set of Jobs. Monks overall can equip no weapons but have great physical strength; they can also counterattack, use a Kick to hit all enemies, or Build Up their strength for a powerful attack. 1's Black Belt and 3's Monk could equip Nunchuks, but they were more powerful with bare hands. 1's Master and 3's Karateka could also equip Claws, which just upped physical strength and didn't act like weapons (a good thing). 4's Yang (a Monk in 4 and a Karateka in 4a) could equip claws from the beginning and had the BuildUp and Kick attacks. 5's Monk couldn't equip any weapons and had all the skills mentioned. Sabin from 6 used Claws and his skill lay in martial arts attacks. In Tactics, Monks couldn't equip helmets but had an array of cool martial arts moves. The monks we're dealing with are not Christian, but a type of Japanese or Chinese monk. They live in temples and hone their skills until they've mastered their version of the martial arts. See also: Monk Warrior, Machinist (9/10).


Mystic Knight (2, 5, 9), Sorceror (5a)

Special to 5 was this guy wrapped in a turban; he used Mystic magic, which imbued his sword with an attribute like Fire or Poison for the duration of the battle. He equipped swords and armor like regular Knights. Minh from 2 is also a Mystic Knight although he has no special abilities. Steiner from 9 used "Magic Sword" as well, but only if Vivi the Black Mage was in his party.


Ninja (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Tactics)

A very fluid character. In 1 he could equip most things and know some magic, too; he was the Thief's upgrade. In 3 he had the highest offensive rating of any other character. In 5 and Tactics Ninjas could equip two swords and Throw items like Shurikens and even swords, etc. The Throw materia in 7 inherited this ability. In 4, Edge was the Ninja and could not only equip two katanas and Throw, but also steal items and cast special Ninja magic. Shadow of 6 was the resident ninja who could throw items. (He was technically called an Assassin, maybe because he can't equip two weapons.) Most Ninjas wear red... well, ninja suits. See also: Monk Warrior and Machinist (9/10).


OnionKid (3)

Now here's an anomaly: a Job which is completely useless. It's basically a joke; the only thing these guys can do is equip the best armor and weapons in the game (but only the best, nothing in between); they have no abilities, can only use knives, and all their stats suck. They look like kids with little visors. Incidentally, FF10's Lulu's best weapon was an Onion Knight doll. 8-)


Oracle (Tactics)

They can use Yin Yang magic, which affects status. They wear trapezium-shaped hats. See also: Blitzer class.


Paladin (3j)

See Magic Knight.


Paladin (4)

See Knight.


Pictomancer (6)

This is Relm's Class. She equips brushes and her skill is drawing the enemy and having it attack itself. She can also Control it like 5's Mediator.


Priest (6)

This is Banon's class. He uses rods and his skill is "Health", which heals the whole party for free.


Priest (Tactics)

See White Mage.


Princess (Tactics)

This is Ovelia's Job. It's basically identical to Cleric.


Red Mage (1, 3, 5), Red Wizard (1), Lunarian (4), Sage (3, 4)

This guy can cast elementary Black and White magic. In 1 the only difference was the ultimate spells (which really didn't do much more than the normal one), but in 3 and 5 they couldn't go above level 3 spells. FuSoYa the Lunarian and Tella the Sage, both from 4, were like glorified Red Mage who could use any Black or White magic, but their defense was horrible and they could only equip staffs or rods. The Sage from 3 was similar. Normal Red Mages can equip swords and armor like a Fighter, and in 3 they had their own special swords. In 1 they were upgradable to Red Wizards. Red Mages wear red, wide-brimmed hats with a feather in it, and red clothing; they have white hair. (They appeared in 9, but you couldn't play as them.)


Rune Knight (6)

This is Celes' class. She uses swords and equips armor. Her skill is Runic, which absorbs any magic cast in the next round.


Sage (3, 4)

See Red Mage.


Samurai (5, 6, Tactics)

They have the unique ability of Blade Catch, which renders physical attacks useless. They can also equip Katanas. Cyan of 6 is technically a Samurai because he uses katanas, but his skill lies in sword techniques. In Tactics, Samurais had the ability to Draw Out special effects from the katanas, at risk of breaking them. They wear traditional samurai costume, sometimes with a crescent moon on their foreheads. See also: the Rogue, Monk Warrior, and Machinist classes (9/10).


Scholar (3), Engineer (4)

A mostly useless Job which could equip Books as weapons; they had the ability to see enemy weaknesses. They look like judges, actually. Cid from 4 has only one ability, Peep, which mirrors this; however, he equips mallets. I guess this Job is kind of a precursor to Blue Mage.


Shaman (3)

See White Mage.


Sorceror (5a)

See Mystic Knight.


Sorceror (Tactics)

This is Kletian's Job. He can use basically all of the best spells from all categories, including those of Archaic Demons etc.


Squire (Tactics)

See Fighter.


Summoner (3, 4, 5, Tactics), Conjurer (3), Caller (4a)

These are the people who call Summons into battle. In 3, the Conjurers were lower-level Summoners whose summons had different effects. In 4, Rydia was the Summoner (or, in 4a, the Caller). Summoners can equip rods; Rydia could use whips. Summoners usually have two-colored robes and a small point jutting forward from their hoods. See also: the White Summoner class (9/10).


Taoist (3j)

See Geomancer.


Temple Knight (Tactics)

This is Beowulf's Job. He can use magic (mostly status-changing magic) but requires no charge time.


Thief (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Tactics)

The main thrust of this character is the ability to steal items from enemies. When coupled with an attack, this is called Capture or Mug. In 1, this skill wasn't implemented and he was just very fast, which didn't do much because he had lousy attack and magic skills. 4's Edge, although not a Thief, could Sneak items from enemies. 6's Locke had the same ability, and could Capture when equipped with the Thief Glove. 7's Steal materia could Steal and Mug; 8's Diablos and Bahamut taught Mug. Zidane, Blank, Marcus, and Cinna could all steal in 9. In Tactics, the Thief could not only steal items, but also equipment, experience, and Gil. Until 5, enemies had infinite items; afterwards, they had only one, but you could steal from bosses as well. Thieves can only equip knives. Thieves usually wear green and matching green bandannas. See also: the Rogue and Machinist classes (9/10).


Time Mage (5, Tactics)

In 5, these could use Dimensional Magic, which included any status changing spell. In Tactics, they could only use Time Magic (not other status changing magic). They can equip rods. They wear robes and pointy princess caps. See also: the Rogue class (9/10).


Viking (3)

An alternative physical fighter, slow but strong, who could equip axes and hammers. They're big and bearded; look a lot like Dwarves, actually.


Warlock (3)

See Black Mage.


White Knight (Tactics)

This is Wiegraf's Job; it's identical to Holy Knight.


White Mage (1, 3, 4, 5), White Wizard (1), Shaman (3), Priest (Tactics)

This character casts healing (and sometimes status changing) magic. In 1 they're upgradable to White Wizard (and in 3 to Shaman), who can learn more spells. White Mages wear white robes and hoods, tinged with red. In 1 the White Wizard just sort of grew out of his robes, revealing red hair and his forearms; in 3, the Shaman had cat's ears on his robe. 8-) There's an interesting reason behind that, as sent in by PsychicPsycho6: there's a type of character in Norse mythology called Volva, or seeresses. "An in-depth description of a Volva is found in Eirik the Red. The woman in the saga wore a cloak with a catskin lined hood and catskin gloves. She had a belt with a pouch on it, in which she carried her magical items. She also carried a staff." I thougt that was neat. 8-) Anyway, back to White Mages:
4's Rosa and Porom were White Mages as well. White Mages can equip staffs and flails (Rosa was best with a bow and arrow, and 9's mages could use rackets). In 6, 7, and 8, any character could cast magic so this job became obsolete. See also: the White Summoner class (9/10).


Wild Boy (6)

This is Gau's Job from 6. In a specialized area (the Veldt) he can travel with monsters and learn their skills (basically becoming that monster for the duration of a battle; he's uncontrollable during this time). The learning process is called Leap and using the skill is called Rage. Gau cannot equip a weapon (weapons like spears appear automatically during Rage) and can only equip light armor.


Wizard (Tactics)

See Black Mage.



Character Jobs Of 7 and 8


Aeris (7)

She used a staff to attack and her Limit Breaks healed or otherwise helped the allies. I call her a "Healer".


Cait Sith (7)

He uses megaphones to attack and his Limit is a Slot machine very similar to Setzer's in 6. I'd call him a "Gambler" like Setzer.


Cid (7)

He used a spear and his Limit Breaks varied enormously from calling dragons to an airship to attack, and using spear attacks. I'd call him a "Pilot", for lack of a better term.


Cloud (7, Tactics)

His Limits lie in sword techniques. In Tactics, his job is "Soldier" and his skill is... guess what? "Limit"! He can only use them if equipped with a Materia Blade, though.


Edea (8)

She uses her own magic power to attack and her Limit Break is an ice attack. I'd call her a "Sorceress".


Kiros (8)

He uses special hand-blades called Katal to attack and his Limit Break also uses them. I'd call him a "Slasher".


Laguna (8)

He uses a machine gun and his Limit is an all-out artillery strike. I call him a "Gunner".


Red XIII (7)

He's a wolflike guy who basically bites or uses other physical attacks; I'd call him a "Wolf".


Rinoa (8)

She uses a Pinwheel/Shuriken to attack, and her Limit Breaks are either attacks with her dog Angelo, or Angel Wing, which uses random spells. I'd call her a "Mystic Berserker". Or possibly, "Sorceress".


Seifer (8)

His Limit is a sword technique; I'd call him a "Soldier" like Cloud.


Selphie (8)

She uses nunchuks to attack and her Limit Break is a random spell, cast one to three times. I'd call her a "Caster".


Squall (8)

His Limit is a sword technique similar to Cloud's Omnislash; I'd call him a "Soldier" like Cloud.


Tifa (7)

She uses her fists to attack and her Limit is a slot machine which (if timed right) gives more powerful attacks. I call her a "Brawler".


Vincent (7)

He uses a handgun and his Limit Break is to change into a monster... I'd call him a "Morpher".


Ward (8)

He uses an anchor-like spear to attack and his Limit Break is a spear jump. I'd call him a "Sailor".


Yuffie (7)

She equipped pinwheel/Shurikens and her attacks were various ninja magics. I'd call her a "Semi-Ninja".


Zell (8)

He uses his fists to attack and his Limit is a button-pushing sequence which gives more powerful attacks. Kind of a cross between Sabin and Tifa. I call him a "Brawler" like Tifa.



Character Jobs Of 9 and 10


Blitzer (Wakka[10])

Wakka is FF10's equivalent of an Archer: his pinpoint-accuracy Blitzball throws can hit those pesky flying enemies. He also has elements of an Oracle, being the primary status-causing attacker.


Blue Beast (Kimahri[10])

While primarily a Blue Mage, Kimahri exhibits Dragoon abilities as well. He uses his Lancet ability (which also steals HP/MP from enemies) to learn enemy skills, then lets loose with them during his Overdrive. One of his enemy skills is rather odd, though - it's the Dragoon's Jump command! He also equips a spear like a Dragoon. As for other abilities, the only one that actually lies within his Sphere Grid is Ultima. O_o


Machinist (Rikku[10])

Rikku again combines several classes into one. She can Steal like a Thief, her Overdrive mixes items like a Chemist, she can use/throw special items like a Ninja, equip claws like a Monk, use Spare Change like a Samurai, and has special prowess against robotic enemies. Phew!


Monk Ninja (Amarant[9])

Amarant combines several jobs: he equips claws like a Monk (and has several abilities copied from Tactics' Monk), throws items like a Ninja, and has the Samurai's Gil Toss ability. I guess he learns something from everybody. 8p


Rogue (Zidane[9], Tidus[10])

A class of character that concentrates on speed more than power, the main characters of both 9 and 10 fall into it. Zidane was closer to a thief, being able to steal, but he could also equip Ninja swords and use the Samurai's "draw out" ability. Tidus, on the other hand, used the Time Mage's "haste" and "slow" spells as well as raising defense stats for the party.


White Summoner (Dagger[9], Eiko[9], Yuna[10])

FF9 and 10 introduced a class of characters who acted both as summoners and white mages. Dagger had the traditional white mage robe at the start of the game, but actually ended up having stronger summons. Eiko had the traditional summoner's horn (which, as we learn, was used to communicate with eidolons) but was the stronger white mage. Yuna in 10 also acted as the sole summoner and white mage.