Magias e habilidades


This is NOT a complete ability list, but a list of crossover magic and abilities. Most of the spells and many abilities throughout the series are recycled. Although the original names given here are constant, the translated names can differ wildly. Usually, 8 and above used the correct name.

Here are the notations I'll be using throughout the page: WM = White Magic, BM = Black Magic; BL = Blue Magic; TM = Time Magic; DM = Dimensional Magic; YY = Yin Yang Magic; MG = generic Magic; AB = ability, SA = Support Ability. O número, como sempre, representa o FF em que a magia está presente.


???? (5, 7 BL)

Effect: HP and max HP-related damage.


1000 Needles (8 in Cactrot summon; 9 BL; 10 non-usable)

AKA: Blow Fish (5/6 BL)
Effect: Exactly 1000 HP worth of damage regardless of enemy defenses.


Aero (2 MG; 3 WM; 5/6 BL; 8 MG; 9 non-usable; MQ BM)

Effect: Air-elemental attack


Alert (8/9 SA)

Caution (5 SA), Pre-emptive (7 SA), Initiative (10 SA)
Effect: Prevents back attacks or increases Preemptive Strike chances.


Aqua Breath (8/9/10 BL)

AKA: Aqua Rake (5/6 BL), Aqualung (7 BL)
Effect: Water-elemental attack on all enemies.


Arise (4 WM)

AKA: Life2 (1/3/5/6 WM; 7 MG), Full-life (8 MG, 10 WM), Life (MQ WM), Raise 2 (Tactics WM)
Effect: Revive ally with full HP


Armor Break (9 Steiner, 10 Auron, Tactics Knight)

Effect: Breaks armor or lowers defense.


Aspir (2 MG; 4 BM)

AKA: Psych (4a/5 BM), Osmose (6 DM; 9/10 BM), Spell Absorb (Tactics YY), Aspel (Tactics Beowulf)
Effect: Drains MP from target to caster


Auto-Haste (8/9/10 SA)

Effect: Haste status is always in effect during battle.


Auto-Potion (8/9/10/Tactics SA)

Effect: Character uses potion when hit.


Auto-Reflect (8/9/10 SA)

Effect: Reflect status is always in effect during battle.


Bad Breath (7/8/9/10 BL)

AKA: Sour Mouth (6 BL)
Effect: Adds many status ailments to entire enemy party.


Berserk (2 MG; 4/5 WM; 6 DM; 7/8 MG; 9 WM; Tactics Beowulf)

AKA: Blind Rage (Tactics YY)
Effect: Causes Berserk status


Bio (3/4/5/6/9 BM; 8 MG; Tactics Apanda)

AKA: Virus (4a BM), Bio2/Bio3 (7 MG)
Effect: Strong attack, adds Poison status


Black Shock

AKA: Dark Shock (5 BL), Dischord (6 BL)
Effect: Lowers enemy's level by half.


Blind (1 BM; 2 MG; 3 BM; 8 MG; 9 WM; Tactics YY; Tactics Beowulf)

Effect: Causes Blind status


Blink (2 MG; 4 WM)

AKA: Invis (1 WM), Image (5 WM)
Effect: Raise evade % of target, or cause attacks to completely miss.


Blizzaga (8 MG; 9/10 BM)

AKA: Ice3 (1/3/5/6 BM; 7 MG; Tactics BM), Blizzard3 (4 BM)
Effect: Strong ice-elemental attack


Blizzara (8 MG; 9/10 BM)

AKA: Ice2 (1/3/5/6 BM; 7 MG; Tactics BM), Blizzard2 (4 BM)
Effect: Medium ice-elemental attack


Blizzard (4 BM; 8 MG; 9/10/MQ BM)

AKA: Ice (1 BM; 2 MG; 3/5/6 BM; 7 MG; Tactics BM)
Effect: Weak ice-elemental attack


Break (1 BM; 2 MG; 3/4/5/6 BM; 7/8 MG; 9 BM; Tactics Beowulf)

AKA: Stone (4a BM), Petrify (Tactics YY)

Effect: Causes Petrify or Stone status. In 7 this also deals Earth damage.


Chakra (9 Amarant; Tactics Monk)

AKA: Mantra (5 Monk; 6 Sabin)
Effect: Recovers HP and MP for a character.


Cherry Blossom (9 Freya; Tactics Cloud)

Effect: Strong physical attack on all enemies.


Climhazzard (7 Cloud; 9 Steiner; Tactics Cloud)

Effect: Physical damage against one enemy.


Comet (5 DM; 7 MG; 9 BM)

Effect: Non-elemental attack. See "Meteor".


Confuse (1 BM; 3/4 WM; 7/8 MG; 9 WM; Tactics Beowulf)

AKA:Charm (2 MG; 4a/5 WM), Muddle (6 DM), Confusion Song (Tactics YY)
Effect: Cause Confusion status


Counter (5 Monk; 8/9/Tactics SA)

AKA: Counter Attack (7 SA), Counterattack (10 SA)
Effect: Character physically attacks whenever damaged.


Cover (4 Cecil; 5 Knight; 7/8/9 SA)

AKA: Sentinel (10 Auron)
Effect: Character takes damage instead of an ally.


Cure (1 WM; 2 MG; 3/5/6 WM; 7/8 MG; 9/10/MQ/Tactics WM)

AKA: Cure1 (4a WM), Keal (4 WM)
Effect: Small HP gain


Cura (8 MG; 9/10 WM)

AKA: Cure2 (1/3/5/6 WM; 7 MG; Tactics WM), Keal2 (4 WM)
Effect: Medium HP gain


Curaga (8 MG; 9/10 WM)

AKA: Cure3 (1/3/5/6 WM; 7 MG, Tactics WM), Keal3 (4 WM)
Effect: Large HP gain


Cure 4 (3/4/Tactics WM), Full-Cure (7 MG; Selphie's Limit Break in 8)

Effect: Cures all HP for one target or a very large amount of HP for multiple targets


Darkside (8 AB; 9 Steiner)

Dark Wave (4 Cecil)

Effect: Damages enemy at HP cost to self.


Death (2 MG; 3/4 BM; 7/8 MG; 9/Tactics BM)

AKA: XXXX (1 BM), Fatal (4a BM), Doom (5/6 BM)
Effect: Instantly kills enemy, heals undead fully


Death Sentence (7 BL; Tactics Mediator)

AKA: Condemn (5/6 BL), Doom (8/9/10 BL), Countdown (9 Amarant)
Effect: Counter appears above target's head; when counter is at 0, target dies.


Dispel (4/5 WM; 6 DM; 8 MG; 9/10 WM)

AKA: DeSpell (7 MG), Dispel Magic (Tactics YY), Despair (Tactics Beowulf)
Effect: Erases all magical effects from target


Drain (2 MG; 3/4/5/6 BM; 8 MG; 9/10 BM; Tactics Beowulf)

AKA: Life Drain (Tactics YY)
Effect: Drain HP from target to caster


Esuna (4 WM; 7/8 MG; 9/10/Tactics WM)

AKA: Heal (2 MG; 3/4a/5/MQ WM), Remedy (6 WM)
Effect: Cure all status ailments


Fira (8 MG; 9/10 BM)

AKA: Fire2 (1/3/4/5/6 BM; 7 MG; Tactics BM)
Effect: Medium fire-elemental attack


Firaga (8 MG; 9/10 BM)

AKA: Fire3 (1/3/4/5/6 BM; 7 MG; Tactics BM)

Effect: Strong fire-elemental attack


Fire (1 BM; 2 MG; 3/4/5/6 BM; 7/8 MG; 9/10/MQ/Tactics BM)

AKA: Fire1 (4a BM)
Effect: Weak fire-elemental attack


Fire Breath (8/10 BL)

AKA: Emission (5 BL), Flame Thrower (7 BL)
Effect: Fire attack on one enemy.


Flare (2 MG; 3/4/5/6 BM; 7/8 MG; 9/10 BM; MQ Wizard; Tactics BM)

AKA: Nuke (1/4a BM)
Effect: Ultimate fire-elemental attack (in 8, it's fire/ice/bolt-elemental and in 10 it's non-elemental).


Frog Song (5, 7 BL)

Effect: Turns target into a sleeping Frog.


Gil Toss (5 Samurai)

AKA: Coin Toss (6 Setzer), Coin (7 AB), Spare Change (9 Amarant; 10 Rikku)
Effect: Cause damage to the enemy by throwing money.


Goblin Punch (5/7/9 BL; Tactics enemy spell)

Effect: Physical attack which costs no MP; if enemy is on same level as caster, effect is greater.


Graviga/Gravija (8/10 non-usable)

AKA: Demi3 (7 MG), Demi2 (Tactics TM), Quarter (5 DM; 6 BM)
Effect: Target(s) lose(s) a high % of HP



AKA: Demi (5 DM; 6 BM; 7/8 MG; 9/10 BM; Tactics TM)
Effect: Target loses a certain % of HP


Haste (2 MG; 3/4 WM; 5/6 DM; 7/8 MG; 9/10 WM; Tactics TM)

AKA: Fast (1 BM; 4a WM)
Effect: Raise target's speed


Hastega (10 WM)

AKA: Haste2 (5, 6 DM; Tactics TM)
Effect: Raises targets' speed


Holy (2 MG; 3/4/5 WM; 8 MG; 9/10/Tactics WM)

AKA: Pearl (6 BM), White (4a WM; MQ Wizard)
Effect: Strong Holy-elemental attack. Part of the storyline in 7.


Level 3 Flare (5 BL)

AKA: Level 4 Flare (6 BL)
Effect: All enemies at a level divisible by 3 (or 4) are hit with a Flare spell.


Level 5 Death (5/6/7/9 BL)

AKA: Level?Death (8 BL)
Effect: All enemies at a level divisible by 5 are instantly killed.


Levitate (4 WM)

AKA: Float (4a WM; 5/6 DM; 8 MG; 9 WM; Tactics TM)
Effect: Causes target to Float


Libra (3/5 WM)

AKA: Rabur (4 WM), Peep (4a WM), Scan (5 Blue Mage ability; 6 DM; 7/8 MG; 9/10 WM)
Effect: Sees enemy HP/MP, sometimes also weaknesses and other info


Magic Break (9 Steiner, 10 Auron, Tactics Knight)

Effect: Lowers enemy's magic power.


Magic Hammer (5/7/9 BL)

Effect: Spell lowers target MP (in 7 the caster gains MP as well).


Manipulate (7 AB)

AKA: Control (5 Mediator, 6 Relm)

Effect: Controls an enemy's actions.


Meteor (3/4 BM; 5 DM; 6 BM; 8 MG; 9 BM; 10 non-usable; MQ Wizard; Tactics TM)

AKA: Comet2 (7 MG)

Effect: Multi-hit non-elemental attack on all enemies. See "Comet".


Mighty Guard (8/9/10 BL)

AKA: Big Guard (5/6/7 BL)
Effect: Casts Protect, Shell, and sometimes Haste on the entire party.


Mime (5 Mime; 6 Gogo; 7 AB; Tactics Mime)

AKA: Copycat (10 Rikku)
Effect: Mimics the last action done by an ally.


Mini (2 MG; 3/4 WM; 7 MG; 9 WM)

AKA: Size (4a/5 WM)

Effect: Turn target to/from Midget status


Missile (5 BL)

AKA: Laser (7 BL)
Effect: Halves target HP.


Mug (7/8/9 SA; 10 Rikku)

AKA: Capture (5 Thief; 6 Locke)
Effect: Steal and attack simultaneously.


Poison (4/6 BM; 8 MG; 9/Tactics BM)

AKA: Venom (3/4a/5 BM), Bio (7 MG; 10 BM)
Effect: Poisons enemy plus (usually) loss of HP


Poisona (7 MG)

AKA: Pure (1/3 WM), Antidote (5/6 WM), Panacea (9 WM)
Effect: Cures Poison (and Venom).


Power Break (9 Steiner, 10 Auron, Tactics Knight)

Effect: Lowers enemy's attack power.


Protect (4 WM; 8 MG; 9/10/Tactics WM)

AKA: Safe (2 MG; 3 WM; 6 DM), Armor (5 WM), Barrier (7 MG)
Effect: Raises physical defense


Quake (1/3/4/6 BM; 7/8 MG; MQ BM; Tactics ?)

AKA: Earth Shake (9 BL), Earthquake (10 non-usable)

Effect: Strong earth-elemental attack on all enemies


Quick (5/6 DM; Tactics TM)

Effect: Allow for multiple actions for a short amount of time. Tidus's Quick Hit in 10 has a similar ability.


Raise (4/Tactics WM)

AKA: Life (1 WM; 2 MG; 3/5/6 WM; 7/8 MG; 9/10 WM), Life1 (4a WM)
Effect: Revive ally with minimal HP


Reflect (4 WM; 6 DM; 7/8 MG; 9/10 WM; Tactics TM)

AKA: Wall (1/3/4a/5 WM)
Effect: Causes spells to bounce back from target


Regen (5 DM; 6 WM; 7/8 MG; 9/10/Tactics WM)

Effect: Causes HP to slowly regenerate


Reraise (Tactics WM)

AKA: Life 3 (6 WM), Auto-Life (9 BL; 10 WM)
Effect: Character comes back to life when killed


Return Magic (9/10/Tactics SA)

Effect: When hit with magic, character casts same magic on opponent.


Revive (5 Chemist ability; 8 AB; 9 Amarant; Tactics Monk)

Effect: Revive from KO with about half (or more) HP.


Roulette (5/6/7/9 BL)

Effect: Randomly kills one fighter from either side


Sacrifice (9 Zidane)

AKA: Fusion (5 BL), Pep Up (6 BL)
Effect: Completely removes caster from battle and completely heals one ally.


Shell (2 MG; 4/5 WM; 6 DM; 8 MG; 9/10/Tactics WM)

AKA: MBarrier (7 MG)
Effect: Raises magic defense


Shock (6 Leo; 9 Steiner; Tactics Beowulf)

Effect: Strong physical attack against all enemies.


Sight (3/4 WM)

Effect: See more of the world map


Silence (4 WM; 7/8 MG; 9 BM; Tactics Beowulf)

AKA: Mute (1 WM; 2 MG; 3/4a/5 WM; 6 DM), Silence Song (Tactics YY)
Effect: Stops target from casting spells


Sleep (1 BM; 2 MG; 3/4/5 BM; 6 DM; 8 MG; 9 BM; Tactics YY; Tactics Beowulf)

AKA: Sleepel (7 MG)
Effect: Puts target to sleep


Slot (6 Setzer, 7 Cait Sith, 8 Selphie)

Effect: Random effects, including heavy damage, curing the party, and ending battle immediately. Wakka's Overdrive (in 10) also uses slots.


Slow (2 MG; 4 WM; 5/6 DM; 7/8 MG; 9 BM; 10 WM; Tactics TM)

Effect: Lowers enemy's speed


Slowga (10 WM)

AKA: Slow2 (5/6 DM; Tactics TM)
Effect: Lowers enemies' speed


Soft (1/3 WM)

AKA: Stona (9 WM)

Effect: Heals Stone status


Stop (2 MG; 4 BM; 5/6 DM; 7/8 MG; 9 BM; Tactics TM)

Effect: Paralyzes target


Suicide (used by Bomb throughout the series)

AKA: Exploder (5, 6 BL), Self-Destruct (10 BL)
Effect: Kills caster in exchange for a strong fire attack on one enemy



AKA: Exit (1 WM; 2 MG; 3/4a WM; 5 DM), Telep (4 WM), Warp (6 DM)
Effect: Warps party out of a dungeon


Throw (5/Tactics Ninja; 6 Shadow; 7 AB; 9 Amarant)

AKA: Use (10 Rikku)
Effect: Allows a character to throw shurikens or other weapons in battle; some games also allow special Elemental balls or scrolls.


Thundaga (8 MG; 9/10 BM)

AKA: Lit3 (1/4a BM), Bolt3 (3/5/6 BM; 7 MG; Tactics BM), Thunder3 (4 BM)
Effect: Strong lightning-elemental attack


Thundara (8 GM; 9/10 BM)

AKA: Lit2 (1/4a BM), Bolt2 (3/5/6 BM; 7 MG; Tactics BM), Thunder2 (4 BM)
Effect: Medium lightning-elemental attack


Thunder (4 BM; 8 MG; 9/10 BM; MQ Wizard)

AKA: Lit (1 BM), Bolt (2 MG; 3/5/6 BM; 7 MG; Tactics BM), Lit1 (4a BM)
Effect: Weak lightning-elemental attack


Toad (2 MG; 3 WM; 4/5 BM; 7 MG)

AKA: Frog (Tactics BM)
Effect: Turn target to/from Frog status


Tornado (4 BM; 7/8 MG)

AKA: WWind (3 WM; 6 BM), Weak (4a BM), Twister (9 BL)
Effect: Air-elemental attack which leaves targets with single-digit HPs


Ultima (2 MG; 6 BM; 7/8 MG; 9 enemy spell; 10 BM; Tactics Squire[Ramza]; Tactics Assassin)

Effect: Ultimate non-elemental attack on all enemies


Vanish (6 DM; 9 BL)

Effect: Makes a character disappear.


Wall (7 MG; Selphie's Limit in 8; Tactics WM)

Effect: Raises physical and magical defense


Warp (1 BM; 2 MG; 3/4a BM)

AKA: Dejon (4 BM)
Effect: Warps one or more floors towards the exit of a dungeon.
An interesting point: In Tactics, when Rofel opens the magical door to Murond Death City, the final word in the chant is "Dejeon".


White Wind (5/7/8/9/10 BL)

AKA: Pearl Wind (6 BL)
Effect: Heals entire party of HP based on caster's current or maximum HP.


X-Zone (5/6 BM)

Effect: Instantly kills one or more enemies


Zombie (6 DM; 8 MG; Tactics YY; Tactics Beowulf)

Effect: Causes target to become Undead