Momentos marcantes


There are some scenes throughout the series which have just begged to be immortalized. Whether it's a shrewd and original quirk in the game, or an unforgettable moment, or just an awesome line much-parodied, they deserve their own page.



The infamous "invisible man" hiding in Coneria.


What did you expect? A portal to another dimension?


Bowling, anyone?



Someone forgot to tell her this is a sequel.



The famous "spoony bard" line.


Cecil became a Paladin!


Palom gets annoyed at Tellah.


Cid and Tellah make "old fart" jokes at each other.


Cid has something for Golbeze!


Edge lets his ego get a bit too overblown.



And all this time we thought she was a purple-haired pirate man...


Well, RPG characters are human too!


Breaking down the Fourth Wall.


Dressing in a moogle suit has its advantages... and disadvantages.


Princess Sarisa reunited with her father.



A thief by any other name...


The beauteous Aria di Mezzo Caraterre.


Gau gets a new wardrobe.


Kefka's unparalleled "self-help booklet" scene.



Only 1 Gil, sir!


He are really sick.


Talk about a rude awakening. O_o


Cloud explores his feminine psyche.


Barret better stay away from metaphors, methinks...


Damn right, foo! Mr. T sounds way better!


Ooh... is that evil or what?


A tear of stone falls on a remorseful son.


Squaresoft flexes their new non-censorship freedom!


The final moment of Aeris...


And after the fact.


Nope. Just couldn't think up a good caption for this one. 8p



Wake up: you are a moron, man!


The much-sought dance sequence.


The first time Squall and Rinoa actually hug... this is the image the logo was based on.


Odin gets sliced in two by Seifer?!



Zidane does an oopsie.


Kupo for Kupo Nuts!


Zidane used to know Cloud, it seems.


FF Tactics

The job report: probably the most parodied bad translation ever made.


And the Tactics version of the famous FF7 scene.