Informações sobre monstros e chefes


* os números indicam a qual FF o monstro ou chefe pertence

Ever since 1, there have been recurring monsters appearing in the series. Just seeing these familiar faces reminds you that you're part of a great series. Note that in this list, I did not include run-of-the-mill fauna like bats, wolves, and cats; I also left out run-of-the-mill legendary creatures like dragons, mummies, vampires etc. The only ones here are the imaginative creatures of Squaresoft's mind! The first name on the list is the "accepted" one; the other ones have indications in brackets where they appear. Last note: In nearly all cases I did not include the "upgraded" versions of the enemy (like King Behemoth).


Adamant (2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, MQ)

The actual name of this enemy varies from game to game: Adamantine, Adamantai, Adamantoise, Adamant Turtle, etc. He's a turtle with a spiky shell and very high defense against physical attacks.


Ahriman (3, 4, 6, 8, 10, Tactics), Allemagne (7), Plague, Veteran (9)

A giant eye with two enormous wings and two tiny legs. He usually paralyzes, uses Death Sentence, or otherwise makes a nuisance of himself.


Antlion (2, 4, 5, 9)

A boss which first pincers the party and then attacks.


Behemoth (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Tactics, MQ), King Behemoth

Almost always appears in the final palace. This purple monstrosity with big black horns doesn't look like it can move very well. Usually it never attacks; merely counterattacks any hit with a powerful blow. In 8, however, it's learned some nasty spells as well. In MQ it was the first (wimpy) enemy you encountered - how's that for irony? 8-)


Bomb (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Tactics), Balloon, Grenade

The most common-denominator enemy in the series. It looks like a little ball of fire with a mouth and small bits coming out at the top. If you hit it more than once, it'll use Exploder/Suicide on you, which causes it to die and delivers massive damage to one ally. It varies from game to game whether or not you get experience after it does this. In 7 and 8, it grows larger after every hit and its physical strength is doubled; after growing three times, it'll do Suicide. You ca Summon it as a Summon in 4 if you pick up the "Bomb" item it drops. The Grenade is a souped-up version; in 9 it had an armor suit. 8-)


Byblos/Apanda (5, Tactics)

In 5, these two palette swaps are bosses (Byblos is one of the first bosses in the game, Apanda is one of the last). In Tactics, Apandas accompany Celia and Lede, and use Bio magic; the Byblos will join you if you can defeat Elidibs.



Cactuar (6, 7, 8, 9, 10), Cactrot (6a), Sabotender (6j, 7j, 8j, 9j, 10j)

A very strange enemy. It looks like a small green running man without any hands, head, or feet; its face consists of two dots for eyes and a vertical line for a mouth; and it has three spikes coming out of its "head" constituting hair. Even in FF8, it never has more than two frames of animation, in which the feet run and the arms switch places. It has one main attack, Blow Fish/1000 Needles, which causes a set amount of damage to one ally. It has a great Evade stat and most attacks will miss. It also has a tiny amount of HP, so one attack is usually enough. However, it tends to run away from battle. Defeating it always nets you excellent findings in ONE aspect - either a lot of AP/Magic Points, or gold, but no experience. In 8, you could call it as a GF (Summon) by defeating a Jumbo Cactuar - one that's as tall as a building, and wears a curly moustache. 8-) In 9 it hid underground for most of the battle. In 10 they have their own village and sidequest, and Lulu used Cactuar dolls as weapons


Chimera (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, MQ)

A multi-headed creature with the body of a lion and its tail being a snake. The number and type of heads vary from game to game; typical ones are a goat, a lion, a dragon, and an eagle. It usually dwells in deserts and uses water attacks like Blue Magic "Aqua Breath". Although there's no Chimera in 7, there's an identical "Harpy" enemy there.


Cockatrice (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, Tactics), Stoney Roost (MQ)

A strange-looking bird that can paralyze you. That's about it.


Cuar (4, 5, 7, 8, Tactics), Krull (2), Cuahl (7), Torama (8, 9), Coerl (10)

A tiger-like animal, usually with two antennae. He uses "Blaster", an attack which either paralyzes or instantly kills one or more allies. One of his forms in 4 is "Cait Sith", a name which is reused for a Summon in 6 and a character in 7.


Death Claw (3, 5, 7, 8)

It looks like its name - a nasty face, and four "claws" - long limbs with a single claw at the end - coming out from its body. It usually uses physical attacks to get by.


Demon Wall (4, 7)

A wall with a demon's face in it. In 4, it keeps coming closer until it crushes you; in 7, it's just a very tough customer.


Dullahan (3, 6, MQ), Thanatos

The headless horseman appears as a boss twice (in 6 and MQ) in the series and as a regular monster once (to my knowledge). It also makes an appearance as a strong regular enemy in SaGa Frontier! There's a monster called "Armodullahan" in 9, but I don't think it has much resemblance.


Imp (1, 4a, 5, 8, 10), Goblin (2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, Tactics), Satan Jr. (4), Brownie (MQ)

From 1 to 4, Imps and Goblins were interchangable names for the same enemy: a weak little guy with pointy ears and a knife. However, two different enemies soon emerged: the weak Goblin, who looks like a furry version of the previous Imps, and the strong Imp, a purple-skinned beast who could cast quite strong magic. (In 4 it was called Prankster.) To further confuse you, a status problem in 6 was Imp. In 4, you could summon the Goblin/Imp by picking up the "Goblin" item it leaves behind sometimes. Its "Goblin Punch" is a mainstay in Blue Magic. (The "Goblin" enemy in 6 has no relation whatsoever to either enemy; the "Satan Jr." enemy in 4 bears an uncanny resemblance to the later "Imp".)


Iron Giant/Iron Man (2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Giants in black armor, wielding a VERY large sword. They're usually one of the last and most powerful enemies in the game. In 8, his big brother Red Giant makes an appearance as a boss in Ultimecia Castle.


Lamia (2, 3, 4, 5, 9, MQ)

These half-women half-snakes use charm and sleep tactics on their enemies. A palette swap called Lillith in 4 has her own Rod and her own item, LillithKiss.


Magic Pot (5, 7), Magic Urn (6, 10)

In 5 and 7, you can't defeat them unless you give them an Elixir first, but when you do, wow! You get tons of ability points or AP! In 6, the Magic Urns just showed up in the Tower of Fanatics to give you Elixirs, Ethers, and Potions, then escaped. In 10 you could hit the eyes on their jar. Correct hits get you items, incorrect hits get you smashed! Their appearance is of a genie coming out of a pot.


MindFlayer (4, 5, Tactics), Wizard (1), Drakan (9)

A man with a squid for a face; that's the best I can do. He uses strong magic. In 4, you could summon him by picking up the "Mind" item he dropped. His attack, "Mindblast", has never been verified as to its true effects, but usually include Confusion.


Minotaur/Sacred (3, 5, Tactics, MQ, 8 as GF)

These guys are usually bosses. They're predominantly physical fighters. In every place besides Tactics, they're palette swaps of one another. They look like large muscled men with bull's heads, carrying a mace or axe. In 8, you ca Summon them as a GF!


Molbol (2, 4, 6), Mad Oscar/Evil Oscar (6a), Malboro (7, 8, 9), Marlboro (10), Morbol (Tactics)

One of the toughest enemies around, its Bad Breath/Sour Mouth attack causes every status problem there is. It looks like a giant round plant with tiny waving tentacles around a large black mouth. The "Oscar" translations from 6 are obviously references to Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch, whom the Molbol acutely resembles. 8-)


Mover (5, 6, 7, 9)

Usually appear in the final palace. They're extremely rare and usually run away, but if you can defeat them you get tons of Ability Points/Magic Points/AP. They look like small round orange dots.


Ochu (8, 9, 10, Tactics), Ocho (1), Ho-Chu (7)

These plant men consist of a large center section and two tentacles rising upwards. They've got a gaping mouth as well. They tend to use sleep and/or pollen attacks. In Tactics, Ochu was just a palette swap of Molbol. 8-)



Plague (4, Tactics)

See Ahriman.


Pudding (3, 4, 5), Flan (6, 9, 10), Blobra (8), Slime (MQ)

These guys come in many colors. Physical attacks don't really work on them. 4 really went overboard with these guys; the PudPrinces in the last castle are something else! In 10 there are a whole bunch of Elemental-based Flans.


Sahagin (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, MQ)

These web-foot humanoids have been around since the beginning. There's usually a water version (who uses water to attack), and a desert version (who uses wind to attack).


Sand Worm, Land Worm, Abyss Worm (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, MQ)

This guy appears in deserts and uses Wind attacks. In 5, the Sand Worm is a boss; in 6, he's a palette swap of the Zone Eater (the creature Gogo lives inside). It looks like a giant tube with a mouth - my personal opinion is that it was inspired by the tube monster from Return Of The Jedi.


Tiamat (1, 2, 8, 9, Tactics)

Usually a huge boss. In FF8 it's a close relative of Bahamut - it was a "former GF". In 9 it's actually the same boss as in 1. Tiamat is a palette swap of a Hydra in Tactics.


Tonberry (6, 7, 8, 9, 10), Tonberi (5), Dingleberry (5a), Pug (6a); Master Tonberry/Master Pug/King Tonberry/Don Tonberry

A spooky guy. He looks like a small lizard in a brown robe, with a lantern in one hand and a knife in the other. He always has tons of HP. He continually moves closer to the party; when he's right up against them, he'll instantly kill one ally by using a Chef's Knife. In 6 they appeared in triplets and used Pearl (Holy) a lot. In 6 and 7 there's a Master Tonberry who has a star over his head and who's twice as hard! He usually gives great items as a reward, though. In 8, if you collect 20 Chef's Knives and defeat the King Tonberry which appears in the Centra Ruins, (has a floating crown over his head and is twice as large as the regular ones) you can call Tonberry in battle as a GF!


Zuu (4, 5, 7, 9, 10), Zuh (MQ)

A large bird who's usually just a bit harder than normal enemies in his area. Zuh in MQ is a palette swap of Pazuzu and is one of the four mini-bosses in Doom Castle.



Bosses e Ultra-Monsters


In almost every game, there's one monster who's at least as strong as the final boss (we're not counting Bahamut here); in some, it's much, much tougher. FF10 actually has a whole gamut of optional bosses, but we'll ignore most of them. Following is a list of all final bosses, and all the super monsters from the series!


Altima (Tactics)

Just because of the nature of the Tactics engine (five against one? Come on), this battle is practically a joke. He starts off tough with a bunch of Ultima Demons, but then turns into the requisite giant winged angel with super spells like All-Ultima, which really don't pose much of a problem at all. He blows up the airship he's standing on when you're finished with him.


Chaos (1)

The yellow-skinned final bad guy from FF1; actually Garland plus the Four Fiends. The only boss monster not to merit his own music (but he did have a nifty disintegration sequence - well, nifty for NES, definitely.)


Cloud Of Darkness (3)

Fairly unimaginative final boss; basically evil in a bag. It even has only a single attack, which it just does over and over.


Dark King (MQ)

The first real final dude who comes in several forms. He's a greenish guy wearing a royal robe, but once you whittle him down he breaks out the firepower - first growing about six arms, each carrying a weapon of destruction, then turning into a giant spider. The super-secret trick? Cure spells do tons of damage.


Elidibs (Tactics)

He lives on the tenth basement of the Deep Dungeon. He has his own Zodiac Stone and Lucavi alterego, and he employs Apandas as bodyguards. He uses several weird attacks, like Poison Frog, Midgar Zolom (mistranslated as Midgarswarm) and the ultimate summon spell, Zodiac. The hard part in beating him is if you want your summoners to learn Zodiac; you have to make them survive the spell once. If you don't care, he's not that tough at all. 8-) When you beat him, you'll get the Serpentarius Zodiac Stone.


Emerald Weapon (7)

This spooky guy (released in the American version of 7 and then in the re-release of the Japanese version) lives underwater, just waiting for a fight. He has four eyes on his shoulders, each of which do some nasty damage. He can unleash an attack which instantly kills the entire party at once! Using some Knights of Round and Mimic materia can eventually kill him, after which a man in Kalm will give you a full set of Master Materia!



Hades (9)

A secret boss in Memoria, Hades runs a synthesis shop if you beat him. He has a tendency to cause enormous status problems, use huge magic, and even the dreaded Doomsday spell, against everyone. If you beat him Dagger gets to learn the super-long Ark summon spell.


Jecht (10)

In the form of Braska's Final Aeon, Jecht is taken over by the spirit of Yu Yevon and attacks his own son... some really strange vibes going through there, folks. Like all Aeons, this one has a very nasty Overdrive that hits more often than usual. However, using your own Aeons against him (especially Magus Sisters) takes him down real quick. 8-)

Kefka (6)

One of the coolest final battles in the series while still clinging to some inkling of sanity. The four Statues are made up of two to four different targets, each of which have different strengths and weaknesses; Kefka himself has grown angel wings and an ultra-cool music beat. His "Fallen One" spell reduces all HP to 1! Actually, Lucifer-fallen-angel references abound in his final form.


Necron (9)

The final boss of FF9 makes an unannounced appearance out of nowhere and proceeds to pound you. His Grand Cross attack is often deadly, giving everyone every status problem in the book (rather like Exdeath's spell)! And he's fairly fast. Once you figure out how to get him, though, the fight's over pretty quickly.


Nemesis (10)

The ultimate monster fight, you need to capture 10 of every single monster in Spira before you can fight this hulking brute at the monster arena. Personally I've never gotten around to doing it, but they do say he's one mother of a fight!

Neo Exdeath (5)

Exdeath the tree (who uses a very unsettling "Void" attack which just makes one character disappear!) transforms into this multi-headed, crazy boss; possibly the hardest final boss in the entire series. It uses a variety of status problems, and the almighty Almagest spell. Winner of the Most Psychadelic Background award.


Omega (5), Omega Weapon (8, 10)

The ultimate nasty, who's completely impossible to beat without spending a lot of time building levels. In 5, Omega looks like a normal enemy (if robotical) but uses ridiculously strong attacks. In 8, Omega Weapon is a large centaur-like creature (who looks kinda like the same game's Ultima Weapon) and is basically impossible to beat unless at least two of your allies are in Invincible status all the time. When you defeat either Omega from either game, you get a special "Proof Of Omega" stating that you're the strongest warrior ever. Other than that it's useless. 8-) In 10 Omega lives in the Omega Ruins and while he looks similar to his FF8 version, he's a whole lot easier now.


Ozma (9)

A very spooky battle takes place in the Chocobo Air Garden, way WAY harder than the last fight. You're up against... a planet. Yep, a planet. Haven't seen that one yet, have you? Ozma gets to move about three times a round, and its moves can consist of curing itself or casting huge magic (including ones that cause big status problems or kill instantly). What's worse, unless you pursue yet another side quest, you can't use physical attacks against it! Quite a tough battle. When you win you get a useless Strategy Guide and a very useful Pumice and Dark Matter.


Paramekia, Emperor (2)

This guy just keeps coming back for more; even after he dies! O_o Still, a bit more wimpy than most final bosses.


Ruby Weapon (7)

This special boss was included in the American version of 7 (and 7 was later re-released in Japan to include it as well). It lives under the Corel Desert, with only a tiny red arm sticking out; come close, however, and it'll jump at ya. Its two arms trap you, and it'll only take damage if two of your characters die. When you beat it (Knights of Round and Hades materia are a must), a man in Kalm Town will give you a free Gold Chocobo!


Sephiroth (7)

The clinically insane but oh-so-cool Sephiroth gains power from the Planet to transform into a variety of bad-ass forms to kick you into submission - however, he's basically known as the easiest final boss in the series. His first form, Bizarre Sephiroth, is indeed bizarre - he has two heads. You're supposed to split up to fight him from different angles, but you really don't have to. His "real" form, Safer Sephiroth, grows wings like Kefka; he destroys the whole solar system to try to knock you out. (!?!?) Then comes the decisive battle between Cloud and the human Sephiroth: the famous duel!


Shinryuu (5, 10)

The ultimate dragon is hidden pretty well in a normal treasure box, but WHOA! It uses powerful water attacks and absorbs basically anything but physical damage. If you actually manage to defeat it, you'll get a "Dragon's Crest", which is as useless as the Omega Proof dropped by Omega. Still, can't beat that feeling of accomplishment, eh? In 10 Shinryuu's one of those Monster Arena monsters... neat crossover, I guess.


Ultima Weapon (7, 8, 10), Atma/AtmaWeapon (6)

The Ultima Weapon (besides being the name of Cloud's best sword in 7) is a big, bad-ass monster. In 6, the Atma Weapon (Ultima -> Altima -> Atma) is a necessary boss on the Floating Continent (he's magical in nature and will disappear if you deplete its MP), but its brother Atma (no Weapon) lives in Kefka's Tower and is just there if you want a good fight (and a free save point). In 7, the Ultima Weapon is a flying beast who keeps running away after battle (like Doom Gaze from 6); however, the damage you inflicted remains. He gives up (what else?) Cloud's Ultima Weapon. In 8, the Ultima Weapon lives in the bottom of the Deep Sea Research Center and is the owner of the GF Eden. 8's Ultima Weapon is a large, centaur-like monster (Omega Weapon's cousin?) who carries a sword which looks uncommonly like Cloud's Ultima Weapon sword. Confused yet? 10's Ultima Weapon is actually purportedly a "shadow" of Omega Weapon and resides in the Omega Ruins.


Ultimecia (8)

Although she doesn't have much personality, she packs a lot of punch. She can get rid of all GFs as soon as you cast 'em; you have to rely on pure power. Later she can even zap a whole spell group at once. She starts off wimpy, then summons a GF named Griever to pound you with his Shockwave Pulsar. She then junctions herself to Griever, who subsequently dies, but she's (naturally) got another trick up her sleeve. She somehow turns into a giant robot sorceress, who can cast the ultimate-ultimate spell Apocalypse. Still, not as much of a challenge as earlier bosses.


WarMech (1)

This giant robot (reminiscent of the Guardian from 6) hangs out on the bridge to Tiamat's abode. There isn't a large chance of meeting him, but you're in trouble if you do!


Yu Yevon (10)

Well, he's not really the final boss, since you can't actually lose the battle against him. ^^; Yevon is just a floating black blobby spider who first inhabits your Aeons and forces you to destroy them. After that the only annoying bit is the way he keeps healing himself. His two Yu Pagodas (which haunt you throughout the real final battle as well as the fake ones) can heal him as well. A bit spooky, but rather anticlimactic.

Zeromus (4)

The physical representation of Zemus's rage and hatred looks pretty nasty even when it doesn't do much, but when you reveal its final form, it looks like a cross between a Metroid and an Alien. It uses several freaky spells, including Black Hole.