Organizações e empresas


Sometimes it's just tough to get everyone straight. Who's at the head of the Empire? What's the point of SeeD? All the groups and their purposes and details are explained here. Note that for 1, 3, and 5 there are basically no organizations at all. Como sempre, o número representa o FF referente.



The name given by Barret to his few but hardy rebels. They think that Shinra's draining of Mako must be stopped before the Planet dies. They use terrorist activities (bombing reactors) to announce their intentions. The members of AVALANCHE are: Barret Wallace, the headstrong leader; Biggs, a martial arts expert; Wedge, a disguise and explosives expert; Jessie, an electronics expert; and Tifa, who runs 7th Heaven, the bar serving as AVALANCHE headquarters in Midgar's Sector 7. AVALANCHE hires Cloud Strife as a mercernary to their cause, but their cause quickly becomes overshadowed by the urgency of Sephiroth's plans.


Chocobo Knights (10)

This cadre of three fighters (Lucil, Elma, and Clasko) are charged with guarding the Mi'ihen Highroad and its extensions on their chocobo steeds. They don't seem to be much use, though. 8-)


Crusaders (10)

Originally called the Crimson Blades, these soldiers are dedicated to fighting Sin, although they don't usually have the blessing of the Yevon Church. They tend to take any possible method of attacking, even allying with the Al Bhed's machina, which the church frowns upon. Originally started by a man called Mi'ihen, the current crusaders include Luzzu and his protege Gatta.


Death Corps (Tactics)

An anti-aristocratic terrorist group run by Wiegraf and Gustav. The successor to the Knights of Death. Miluda and Golagros are also members.


Empire (6)

A corrupt force ruled by Emperor Gestahl. The truth is that there isn't too much actual governing done by the Empire; they just go ahead and take what they want by force. Gestahl's ultimate goal is world domination, of course; he plans to use Magitek to do it. After gaining new information, he changes his plan to Magicite and then the three Statues. Other notables in the Empire: Kefka, Gestahl's deranged right-hand man, who eventually kills him and ends the Empire for good; General Leo, the honorable soldier betrayed by the Empire in the end; General Celes, another honorable soldier who defects to the Returners; and Cid, the genius behind Magitek technology.

Flag of the Empire.


Esthar (8)

An almost-mythical city-state in the east was controlled by Sorceress Adel, who forced them to wage war on most of the known world, most significantly Galbadia. After Laguna's clever defeat of Adel, they appointed him as President and began the slow road to recovery. Their technology is astounding - they even have a complete lunar base in outer space!

Emblem of Esthar.


Galbadia (8)

Originally this large "democracy" (actually a dictatorship in disguise) fought the forces of Esthar's Sorceress Adel tooth and nail. Laguna and his friends were actually part of the army. However, in Squall's time, Galbadia itself, through its President Deling, allied itself with the new Sorceress Edea, switching its role. Even after Edea was overthrown, they rallied under Seifer, who acted for Sorceress Ultimecia. They have advanced military technology, including a missile base.


Hokuten Knights (Tactics)

The soldier force of Prince Larg; first led by Balbanes Beoulve, then by his second son Zalbag. Ramza, Delita, and Algus start out as Hokuten cadets.


Kamyuja (Tactics)

An elite assassination group led by Grand Duke Gelkanis Barinten during the Fifty Year War. Its active heads were Malak and Rafa Galthana, but the Kamyuja was disbanded after the War, when Barinten began to get even more ambitious.


Knights Of Death (Tactics)

An anti-aristocratic terrorist group active during the Fifty Year War. Its successor is the Death Corps.


Knights of Pluto (9)

An elite (well, supposedly) bunch of Alexandrian male knights, led by Adelbert Steiner, whose sole purpose is to protect the body of the queen and princess. They're good at specific things, but dismal in professionalism.


Lucavi (Tactics)

A race of powerful demons whose link to our world is the Holy Stones. They assosciate with the holder of the Stones and allow the holder to assume the shape of the demon. The new demon is called a Zodiac Brave. Zodiac Braves can switch between human and demon shape at will. Lucavi which appear in the game include Velius (assosciated with Wiegraf and the Aries Stone), Queklain (Draclau and Scorpio), Zarela (Elmdor and Gemini), Adramelk (Dycedarg and Capricorn), Hashmalum (Vormav and Leo), and Altima (St. Ajora and Virgo).


Nanten Knights (Tactics)

The soldier force of Prince Goltana. The Black Sheep, headed by Baron Grims and which Delita joins briefly, is a part of them. Headed for decades by Orlandu, he is deposed during the Lion War and Delita takes over control of the Nanten.


Paramekia Empire (2)

The super-evil monopoly which THINKS it's trying to take over the world... until its Emperor gets an epiphany and decides to destroy it instead, signing a pact with the devil to further his goal. The Dark Knight is a high-ranking official who usurps the Empire after the Emperor's death, but it upsets his plans a bit when the Emperor returns again. Borgan was a traitor who betrayed Phin to the Empire; he was in charge of building the Warship at Bofsk until he perished in a battle with the heroes.


Red Wings (4)

The elite airship force of Baron Castle. Cecil headed this until the king of Baron (aka Caignozzio) deposed him and elected Golbeze as their head. Golbeze began looting and pillaging places to gain their Crystals in the name of Baron. This farce didn't last too long; Golbeze lost the pretense of the Red Wings fairly early. The name comes from Luke Skywalker's fleet in the first Star Wars movie.


Returners (6)

A bunch of soldiers led by Banon intent on rebelling against the Empire. They don't stand a chance, of course - that is, until they happen upon the windfall of Terra and her powers. As Kefka's madness grows, the Returners slowly fade into the background of the story. The other Returners of note are Arvis, the old man from Narshe who saves Terra from the Imperial soldiers, and Locke, the young thief who also saves her from Imperial soldiers. 8-)


Ryomoku (Tactics)

A band of ex-knights set on stirring up unrest while the White and Black Lions duke it out. The Ryomoku completely wiped out the Black Sheep Knights (a divison of the Nanten Knights under Baron Grims). This left Delita, who was a part of the Black Sheep Knights, to manipulate the war as he saw fit.


SeeD (8)

An elite mercenary service. Becoming a SeeD is a great honor. To do so, a student must be enrolled in a Garden (which only accepts students between the ages of 5 and 15) until they're ready to take both a written test and a field test. After passing both, they become SeeDs and are dispatched all over the globe to the highest bidder. SeeDs use para-magic and Guardian Forces to their greatest advantage. The original purpose of SeeD, which was invented by Cid Kramer, was to be prepared for the coming of the sorceress, but due to pressure from NORG, who financed the Gardens, they became mercenaries in the meantime... eventually forgetting their true purpose.

Logo of SeeD.


Shinra (7)

A huge monopoly of a corporation to the nth extreme. Shinra has grown into an all-encompassing entity in the world. They leave their trademarks in the form of Mako Reactors throughout the world. Their main headquarters is in Midgar City, which is run by no less than eight Mako Reactors; the giant Shinra HQ is above the city. Notables in Shinra: President Shinra, a pompous old man whose greed eventually gets him killed; Vice-President Rufus, President Shinra's son, who takes over after his death (although not as power-hungry as his father, he's a much more cold-blooded customer); Reeve, the head of Urban Development who's sympathetic (but not sympathetic enough) to AVALANCHE; Heidigger, the head of the Turks; Scarlet, the weapons-crazy military adviser who gets Shinra what they want at any price; Hojo, the fractured genius in charge of the science program; and Palmer, the roly-poly, incompetent head of the Space Program.

Logo of Shinra.


Tantalus (9)

A combination theater troupe and bandit gang. The hearty Baku is the leader of this good-natured bunch, whose ranks include Zidane, Blank, Marcus, Cinna, Ruby, and the three Nero brothers (Benero, Zenero, and Genero). Although some of their actions are a bit below the law, their ends justify their means.

Logo of Tantalus.


Turks (7)

Shinra's specialized infiltration service. They're a cross between the Goodfellas and James Bond wannabes. Their purpose is to get all the dirty stuff done - kidnappings, murders, thefts - that Shinra doesn't want known about. The members of the Turks are: Tseng, the quiet head of the Turks; Reno, the redheaded, jaded second-in-command; Rude, the bald, silent sidekick; and Elena, the enthusiastic newbie. Vincent was a former member as well.


Yevonites (10)

The church of Yevon purportedly spreads his teachings - in fact, the Yevonites were formed because of their fear of Yu Yevon, hiding out inside Sin and destroying things. Like all religious infrastructures in RPGs, this one is rife with corruption, is run by dead people (literally), and goes against its own teachings.

Symbol of Yevon.
Zodiac Braves (Tactics)

See Lucavi.