Anima (FF10)

Ark (FF9)

Ashura (FF4)

Ashura from 4.

Atomos (FF9)

Atomos in battle and FMV from 9. Not shown: Atomos the boss from 5.

Bismarck (FF6)

Bismarck in battle from 6, SD Bismarck from 6, Bismark from FFU.

Bomb (FF4)

Bomb from 4.

Brothers (FF8)

From left: Brothers in battle, CG of Brothers, face pic of GF Brothers.

Cactuar (FF8), Sabotender (FF8j)

Cactuar in battle, face pic of GF Cactuar.

Catoblepas (FF5j, FF6j), Shoat (FF5, FF6)

From left: Catoblepas from 5 and 6, SD Catoblepas from 6, Catoblepas the monster from 3 and 9.

Cockatrice (FF4)

Cockatrice in battle from 4.

Crusader (FF6), Jihad (FF6j)

Crusader in battle from 6.

Cyclops (FFT)

Art of Cyclops from Tactics, Cyclops the monster from 3.

Diablos (FF8)

From left: Diablos from 8, face pic of GF Diablos.

Doomtrain (FF8), Grasharaboras (FF8j)

Doomtrain in battle, face pic of GF Doomtrain.