Dragon (FF4)

Dragon from 4, art of Dragon from 4.

Eden (FF8)

Eden in battle; face pic of GF Eden.


Fenrir (FF6, FF9)

Fenrir from 6 and 9.

Goblin (FF4)

Goblin from 4.

Hades (FF7)

Hades from 7.

Ixion (FF10, FFU)

Ixion from 10 and FFU.

Kirin (FF6)

Kirin from 6.

Kjata (FF7)

Kjata from 7.

Knights Of Round (FF7)

Three of the 13 Knights of Round from 7.

Lich (FFT)

Screenshot of Lich from Tactics.

Maduin (FF6), Madeen (FF9)

Maduin from 6, Madeen from 9.

Magus Sisters (FF10, FF4 como personagens)

Sandy, Cindy, and Mindy (or Dog, Mag, and Rag) from FF10.

MindFlayer (FF4)

MindFlayer from 4.

Moogle (FFTactics), Mogli (FFTj)

Art of Moogle from Tactics.

Pandemonium (FF8j), Pandemona (FF8a)

Pandemonium in battle, face pic of GF Pandemonium.

Palidor (FF6)

Palidor from 6.

Phantom (FF6)

Phantom in battle from 6, SD Phantom from 6 (hard to see).

Quezacotl (FF8)

Quezacotl in battle from 8, CG of Quezacotl from 8, face pic of GF Quezacotl.

Ragnarok (FF6)

Ragnarok from 6.

Remora (FF5)

Remora from 5.

Salamander (FFT)

Art of Salamander from Tactics.