Tonberry (FF8)

Tonberry in battle, face pic of GF Tonberry.

Tritoch (FF6)

Tritoch from 6.

Typoon (FF7), Chupon (FF6 não é summon)

Chupon (boss) from 6, Typoon from 7.

Unicorn (FF6)

Unicorn from 6, SD Unicorn from 6.

Valefor (FF10)

Valefor and face pic of Valefor from 10.

Yojimbo (FF10)

Yojimbo from 10.

Zodiac (FFT)

Zodiac from Tactics.

ZoneSeek (FF6)

ZoneSeek from 6.

Cerberus (FF8; em FF3, FF9 e FFMQ não são summons)

Face pic of GF Cerberus, art of Cerberus, Cerberus the enemy from 3, 9 and MQ.

Gilgamesh (FF8; FF5 não é uma summon)

Gilgamesh from 8.