The FF world is so vast that the gurus at Squaresoft have come up with a plethora of their own unique species! Some of them are widely known, others not so well. 8-) Naturally, Chocobos have their own section. Como sempre, o número representa o FF referente.

Burmecians (9)
These people live in Burmecia and Cleyra, and resemble rat-people; Freya Crescent is a Burmecian.
Cetra (7)
Also known as the Ancients, the only one we see in the game is Ifalna, Aeris's mother. They look similar to humans, but are magical in nature. Full Cetra are extinct; Aeris is a half-Cetra, half-human.
Chocobo (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Tactics, MQ, FFU)
The hallmark of the FF series. These giant birds, sort of a cross between an ostrich and a chicken, are the work horses and all-around awesome beasts of the FF universe. Usually a corn yellow in color, their usage varies wildly from game to game. Baby chocobos are known as chicobos (or "kochocobo"s in Japan). In many games (3, 4, 5, 7, 8) Chocobos can be called in battle as Summons. Usually, however, they're used for riding. In Tactics, the Chocobos are regular monsters which can fight against or with you. In MQ, the only use for the Chocobos are for weathercocks on the houses in Windia. In every game besides 5 and 9, Chocobos run back to their homes once you get off. (In 5, there are only two Chocobos and they stay where they are!) To catch them in 7, you have to have the Chocobo Lure Materia and have them show up in battle; then defeat all enemies besides the Chocobo to capture it. You can race them in the Gold Saucer as well! In 8, you can call a Chocobo in battle by using Gysahl Greens.

By the way, those Greens (also known as Veggies or Carrots, and named after a town, Gisahl, from 3) usually have something to do with Chocobos: In 3 and 4 you ca Summon the Chubby Chocobo with them; in 7 you use it to keep a Chocobo busy in battle while you defeat the other enemies around it; in 9 you use it to summon your Chocobo to you. In 8, the Gysahl and other Greens (Mimett, Sylkis, etc.) from 7 make surprise appearances as drink names in a bar scene. 7 has a greater variety of Chocobos than any other game. Chocobo also made a guest appearance in Tobal 2 as a playable fighter! Peck their eyes out! Chocobos' trademark sound is usually "Wark!". In 9 this was changed to "Kweh!" They have their own theme music, as well. Chobi the Chocobo in FFU has the same Chocobo Kick summon ability, and the same affinity for spicy-hot Dead Peppers as the Chocobos in 9 did. A specific chubby-cheeked Chocobo has three games under his belt: Chocobo's Magic Dungeon 1 and 2, and Chocobo Racing (all three for PlayStation).

Chocobos come in a variety of colors, all of which have different abilities. Here's a rundown (note that you can never be attacked by enemies while riding a chocobo):

From top left: Chocobo from 2, Chocobo from 3, Chocobo from 4, Black Chocobo from 4, White Chocobo from 4, Chubby Chocobo from 4, Chocobo (Boco) from 5, Black Chocobo from 5, Chicobo from 5, Chocobo from 6, 7, and 9; SD Chocobo (star of Magic Dungeon and Racing), Chocobo from Tactics, scene with Chocobo from MQ, Chocobos deking it out in Tobal 2, art of Chocobo from 9, Chobi from FFU. Not shown: Chocobo from 8.

Dragons (1)
Like Elves, they're very stereotypical but apparently tame. (Not so in the rest of the games!) Bahamut is their king. They live in the Cardia Islands.

Two views of Dragons from 1.


Dwarves (1, 3, 4, 5, 9)
They appear more than you think! Dwarves all wear horned helmets and have white spots for eyes; their trademark phrase is "Lali-ho!" In 9 the Dwarves just look like little people with Jay Leno chins. Their phrase was mistranslated as "Rally-ho" there. The only female dwarf in the earlier games is Jiott's daughter, Luka, in 4. 3's Viking Job looks practically identical to a dwarf.

From left: Two views of a dwarf from 1, 3, 4, and 5.


Elves (1)
1 is a very traditional game, so these guys are just along for variety, I guess. They're very stereotypical, living in a forest and wearing green and all that.


Two views of Elves from 1.


Espers (6)
Also known as Phantom Beasts. They have their own world and boast of great magical power, but not much is really known about them besides their tendency to go nuts when threatened. A more specific term for the Summons featured in every game in the series.
Gargant (9)
A huge bug which travels underground upside-down. People can travel using them by luring them with their favorite food (some kind of stalk) and either hanging onto their backs, or using a special carriage rigged up underneath them. Their homes are called "roos".
Genome (9)
These are bodies created by the Terrans (they have tails for some strange reason): with minds, but with no souls. They exist to wait for when Terra takes over Gaia, and then the Terran souls will enter the Genome bodies. Garland, the caretaker of Terra, gave souls to several of them to speed up the takeover process; two of those were Zidane and Kuja.
Gurgan (3)
One-eyed Sages which foretell the future. (I believe there's a Cyclops somewhere in Greek legend which traded one of his eyes for the ability to see the future, which this is probably based on.) They're central characters in the unfolding of the story.


Two views of Gurgans from 3.


Hiryuu (2, 5)
Flying dragons which are used for traveling. In 2, the Hiryuu are closely assosciated with Dragoons. At the time of 5, they're almost extinct and very weak. Only Hiryuu Plant (which is poisonous to humans) can heal them from their wounds. Lenna has a strangely close connection to them - she forced herself to save the last one from extinction, even though using its tongue could have saved her mother from death. They harbor a great secret - by heroically sacrificing themselves, they can transform into a Phoenix.

Two shots of Hiryuu from 2, SD Hiryuu from 5, screenshot of Hiryuu from 5, two FMV shots of Hiryuu from Anthology.


Imps (6), Kappa (6j)
They're really just a respite from the Frog status ailment which appeared in 3, 7, and Tactics, but they're way cooler! 8-) Kind of a cross between a turtle and a lizard, they wear little crowns on their heads and have an entire set of their own equipment. Kappa the Imp seems to be a quite popular character. (The original Japanese name of Imp was Kappa; the American name is Imp, but there's a character called Kappa who appears once in the game.)

Two views of Imps from 6.


Lefeinish (1)
An ancient race still living on the earth, but their language is forgotten by all. A professor named Dr. Unne unlocks the secret to their tongue using an old Slab (the Rosetta Stone). They tell an amazing story of long ago...

Two views of Lefeinish from 1.


Lunarians (4)
They look odd, but they're wise beyond their looks. Actually, they look wise. They're an ancient culture who live on the moon, but who are sleeping now. The only two Lunarians who come into the game are FuSoYa and Zemus. FuSoYa, at least, looks like an old man who for some reason melts into a puddle when wounded.
Mermaids (1)
Same deal as Elves. They live in the Sea Shrine.

Two views of Mermaids from 1.


Mogli/Moogle ([2], 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Tactics)
The second mainstay of the FF world actually doesn't appear too much in the games themselves! But they're super-cute (kupo!). They look kind of like white teddy bears with some cat in them, and two tiny bat wings. (2's Beavers are sort of a precursor to Moogles - they look almost identical.) In 3, they were the personal guards of Dorga. In 5, they can talk to Cara and they help you out now and again. You can find a Moogle suit to put on and have them fall in love with you. 8-) In 6, Mog the Moogle is playable and has some cool dances to try out! There's also a Moogle Suit for Relm and Strago which turn them into Moogles! In 7, Mog rides the Chocobo for a Summon spell; also, Cait Sith rides a giant crude toy Mog. There's also a game in the Gold Saucer called "Mog House" where you control one (sorta) for a little bit. In Tactics, Mogli is his own spell which heals HP for the party. In 8, a Mini-Mog can be gained through the PocketStation to heal all the HP for your GF. In 9, moogles were everywhere; they act as save points, as well as sending letters back and forth through their Mognet.

A note about their name: In Japan, they are called Mogli. For 6, it was translated as Moogle, but in 7 and 8, and 10 they were called Mogs (very confusing, seeing as a character in 6 was named Mog!) Guest appearances include a character in the Chocobo games for PSX, a status problem in Secret of Mana, and an armor called the "Moogle Smock" in Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret Of Mana 2).

Beavers from 2, Moogles from 3, 5, and 6; FMV of Moogles from 6, Moogle from Mog House game in 7.

Click here to hear the Moogle theme.


Moomba (8)
These furry red guys are actually members of the Shumi Tribe who have evolved into cute little toy bears. They can supposedly be summoned in battle if you have a PocketStation. Laguna took a liking to them and tried to teach them to talk, but all they could ever say was "Laguna!" They're smarter than they look.

Moomba from 8.


Oglop (9)
A kind of bouncing round bug which supposedly freaks women out. Cid Fabool, ruler of Lindblum, was turned into one of these by his wife and remains a rather large oglop with a ridiculous moustache for most of the game.
Qu (9)
A hilarious-looking tribe which mostly live in moist, swamp-like places. Their most prominent feature is their huge tongue, which is always out. They're food fanatics, and have made a kind of food culture. No one knows what gender any given Qu is, and no one wants to find out. Frogs are their all-time favorite. Quina Quen is a fine specimen of the species.
Shoopuf (10)
A strange water-bound elephant used for traveling purposes. The Hypello tribe drive shoopuf ferries across the Moonflow.

Shumi (8)
They're a bit taller than humans and have a singularly boring look. Their hands are long and oddly-shaped, and their skin is a pale beige. They "evolve" into different forms depending on what's in their hearts. They all call themselves by their jobs (Artisan, Specialist, etc.) and they speak of themselves in third person. They only live in the Shumi Village.
Tribes (10)
FF10 has a various number of tribes inhabiting Spira. Here's a rundown: