There are two games in the series which have a plethora of references to other games in the series: FF9 and FF Tactics. Here's a list of what I have for that. I've heard that some of the references in FF9 were lost in the translation; if anyone knows of some of these, please E-mail me! Como sempre, o número representa o FF referente.


FF9 Crossovers

FF Tactics Crossovers


There are many FF series crossovers in FF Tactics (besides the obvious one of Cloud and Aeris), specifically in the Proposition section. Here's a list! The () parentheses say what the crossover is, and which game it's from. U.L. stands for "Unexplored Land".

Adamant (Enemy, entire series)

The Adamantaimai was found in the Proposition, "Terror Of Assault Cave".

Anna (Character, 4)

She and Gilbert write love letters to each other in "Letter To My Love" and "Joyous Song For You".

Assault Door (Enemy, FF4)

The Assault Door was found throughout the Sealed Cave in FF4; it was used extensively in "Minimum's Melancholy" Propositions.

Bacchus' Wine (Item, throughout series)

The wine is called "Vaccas Liquor" and is mentioned in the Proposition, "Battle! Demon Lylis!"

Baron (Place, 4)

In FFT, the Crystal Tower U.L. was supposedly part of Baron Castle. The Castle of Trials U.L. was purportedly Baron's military school, where the Red Wings (from 4) graduated.

Blackjack (Transportation, 6)

Setzer's ship is a casino ship in the "Wandering Gambler" Propositions. Setzer himself shows up.

Calcobrena (from FF4)

The Calcobrena were Luka's dolls which became possessed by Golbeze and attacked Cecil. In FFT, the "Calcobrina" Treasure was just a doll.

Chaos (Character, 1)

The Shrine of Chaos is a U.L.

Chimera (Enemy, entire series)

The Proposition "At The Hilltop Mansion" has an enemy named Kimera.

Chocobo Forest (Place, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8)

Adequately represented by the U.L. "Chocobo Forest".

Echo Plant (from FF5)

There's a "Whisper Plant" found in "Destiny Of The Company". The Echo Plant was used by Zeza to communicate with Galuf in FF5. A similar device, the "Echoer" harp, was used in FF4.

Elder Tree (from FF3)

The tree used by Hyne to build his flying castle was rightly called Yggdrasil, the Life Tree (a term from Norse legend used in many RPGs). The "Parasite Tree" Treasure leeched off the "Yugudoracil" while the "Himka Cliff" Proposition led our intrepid explorers right to the "Yugdrasil". (The first spelling in this entry, despite all the extra consonants, is the correct one. 8-))

Enterprise (Transportation, 3 and 4)

Another airship turned into a shipwrecked trade ship in the Proposition "Larner Channel Waves".

Excalipur (Weapon, 5)

Gilgamesh's very weak sword is ressurrected as the "Excalipar" Treasure, which nevertheless says it's still a fairly strong sword, a patent lie.

Fargabaad (Place, 3)

The U.L. "Falgabird" accurately describes this Magic Knight town from 3.

Forbidden Land Eureka (Place, 3)

Although a land of monsters and treasure in FF3, the Tactics U.L. is a former capital of an ancient kingdom.

Gilbert (Character, 4)

He and Anna write love letters to each other in "Letter To My Love" and "Joyous Song For You".

Gisahl (Place, 3)

The "Chocobo Restaurant" (in the Proposition of the same name) is called Gizarl.

Gurgu Volcano (Place, 1)

The Proposition "Girl In Gulg Volcano" takes place here. (Another instance of Engrish.)

Highwind (Transportation, 7)

The Highwind has been transformed into a trade ship which was shipwrecked (like every other ship in Tactics) in the Proposition "Salvage The Highwind!"

Jade Portal (Place, 2)

The description for the Shrine of Chaos says that Jade, king of Hell, was buried nearby. (The Jade Portal leads to Hell, by the way.)

Lonka (Place, 5)

In 5 it was an ancient civilization. FFT mixes many different things in it; the Mirage Tower (U.L.) supposedly leads from a Lonkan castle to earth (there was indeed a flying Lonkan Ruins in 5, but this is represented by the U.L. "Ronkan Ruins" which accurately describes the Ruins from 5.) Matoya (from the Matoya's Cave U.L.) supposedly lived in Lonka as well.

Materia (Term, 7)

The four Materia Treasures are references to FF7, but it claims that Materia came from Salonia, a place in FF3. Red materia was used for summons, blue for support, and Black and White Materia were part of FF7's storyline.

Matoya (Character, 1), Matoya's Cave (Place, 1)

Matoya's Cave is a U.L., but in FFT Matoya is male and worked in the Lonkan Empire. See Lonka.

Minh (Character, 2)

The "Minu Orb" Treasure, which supposedly contains the soul of the first magician, Minu (aka Minh) is a reference to the magician from FF2.

Mirage Tower (Place, 1)

According to FFT, the U.L. Mirage Tower connects the Lonkan castle to earth. See Lonka.

Ordeal Castle (Place, 1)

A nice mix-up in the description. Mount Ordeals (a similar place in 4) was where Cecil went to become the Paladin, whereas Ordeal Castle was actually from 1 and held the Rat's Tail. According to FFT, the Castle of Trials (U.L.), another name for Ordeal Castle, was actually Baron's military school, where the Red Wings graduated from. See Baron.

Pandemonium (Place, 2)

The description for the U.L. Pandemonium is identical to its role in FF2.

Phantom Train (Place, 6)

FFT calls it the Magic Train (U.L.) and also calls it the "carrier of the dead", an accurate description.

Salonia (Place, 3)

The four Materia Treasures supposedly came from here (although materia didn't exist till FF7. 8-))

Sand Worm (Enemy, entire series)

Discovered in Proposition "Ruins At Bed Desert".

Semite Falls (Place, 2)

Accurately described in the U.L. "Semite Falls" as a place in the Paramekia Empire which holds Mithril.

Setzer Gabbiani (Character, 6)

Setzer and his casino ship, Black Jack, show up in the "Wandering Gambler" Propositions.

St. Elmo's Fire (from FF7)

The enemy in the Underwater Junon Reactor which yields the Guide Book if Morphed (it's a long story) uses a special attack called St. Elmo's Fire. The real St. Elmo's Fire is a weather phenomenon experienced by sailors which only occurs during electrical storms. It's also a Treasure in FFT.

Sylx Tower (Place, 3)

The Crystal Tower U.L. is supposed to be the Sylx Tower, but in FFT it was supposedly part of the Baron Castle. See Baron.

Tower of Babil (Place, 4)

The Tower of Babel U.L. reaches from earth to heaven (FF4's Tower of Babil did indeed reach from the underground to heaven). FFT also calls it "Giant's Tower" - a reference to the Babil Giant from 4.

Tozas (Place, 3)

The U.L. "Touzas Village" more or less describes the village of midgets (which it calls Lilliputians, a reference to "Gulliver's Travels") from FF3; however, it adds that it was liberated from dictatorship by a giant, Atlas, who doesn't appear in the game.

Other references: "Lilliputians" ("Touzas Village" U.L.) is from the novel "Gulliver's Travels"; the Hindenburg ("Salvage The Trade Ship!" Proposition) was a German zeppelin which caught fire and crashed in a horrific tragedy several decades ago.




Thought I'd include them, since there are a hell of a lot of them!


Translated Name

Real Name

"Bracelet" (Attacks)

"Breath" (Bad Breath, Fire Breath, etc.)

Cockatoris (Enemy)


Explosive (Enemy)


Despair (Spell)


Gulg Volcano (Proposition)

Gurgu Volcano

Gust (Enemy)


Lune Knight (Job)

Rune Knight

Midgar Swarm (Attack by Elidibs)

Midgar Zolom

Mindflare (Enemy)


Moldball Virus (Attack by Morbol)

Molbol/Morbol Virus

Ramia Harp (Weapon)

Lamia Harp

Trent (Enemy)


Ultimus Bow (Weapon)

Artemis Bow

Ulmaguest (Attack)

Almagest (from Neo-Exdeath in FF5)


Other Crossovers


As of now, the only thing I can really think of is Lulu's dolls in 10. They can look like Moogles, Cactuars, Cait Sith from FF7, PuPu from FF8, or the Onion Knight from FF3.