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Family/Genealogy Charts

Here's what the lines mean:
A blue line denotes siblings (brothers and sisters).
A green line denotes marriage.
A red line denotes parent and child. A line can go from one or two parents to one or more children.
A gray line denotes adoptive parent and adopted child.
Names in red have died before the scope of the game.

Royal (Atkascha) Family

King Denamunda was the reigning monarch of Ivalice when the Fifty Year War with Ordalia broke out. He died from illness, and his son Denamunda II carried on the war. Denamunda II also died (believed to be assassinated), and the kingdom fell into Omdolia's hands. He was no leader, however, and his wife Ruvelia took over the ruling of Ivalice. It's rumored that Omdolia's incompetence is what forced Ivalice to surrender to Ordalia. After Omdolia's two sons died, he took his much younger sister Ovelia as his daughter. However, the political situation became chaotic when another son, Orinas, was born to Omdolia and Ruvelia. It was understood that he would be the next monarch. Battle between Prince Larg, Ruvelia's brother, and Prince Goltana, Omdolia's cousin, broke out as to who would be the boy's guardian and therefore rule the country in his stead until he came of age. Larg won, but Goltana still contested his right to the throne. Larg's "trophy ruler" - the person who allowed his claim to continue - was Orinas, while Goltana's trophy ruler was Ovelia. Larg's knight force is called the Hokuten, and Goltana's is the Nanten.

Beoulve Family

The Beoulves are a wealthy and noble family with strong ties to the monarchy and especially with Prince Larg. Balbanes Beoulve was the leader of Larg's Hokuten Knights until he died. His eldest son Dycedarg, by his father's wishes, gave the office of Hokuten leader to Zalbag. However, Dycedarg was always the closest to Larg's ear. Their younger brother Ramza and their sister Alma were born from a different mother. Ramza had strange ideals and never really attained the honor given his elder brothers. Also noteworthy is the near-adoption of Delita Hyral and his sister Teta, two poor orphans whom Balbanes allowed to live in Igros Castle. Delita became fast friends with Ramza, and Teta with Alma; both sets of youths attended the same schools: Ramza and Delita in Gariland Military Academy, and Alma and Teta in Igros Aristocratic School.

Other Families

Wiegraf Folles, the leader of the Death Corps, is brother to Miluda Folles. Vormav Tingel, leader of the Temple Knights, is father to Izlude (also a Temple Knight) and Meliadoul, his daughter. Grand Duke Gelkanis Barinten adopted the two orphans Malak and Rafa Golthana because of their abilities as Heaven and Hell Knights. Besrodio Bunanza, who works in Goug Machine City, is father to Mustadio the engineer. Finally, Cidolfas Orlandu, also known as T.G. Cid, adopted the astronomer Olan Durai. Olan's distant descendant is Alazlam J.D.

Organizational Charts

Names in red have died or left the organization before the game begins.
Names in blue join the group during the scope of the game.
(In other words, everyone in black is there at the beginning of the game.)

Hokuten and Nanten Knights

Bestrada Larg is the absolute leader of the Hokuten, but he delegates all responsibility to the leader of the Hokuten. This was Balbanes Beoulve, but after he died at the end of the Fifty Year War, the honor was given to his son Zalbag. Ramza, Delita, and Algus were all cadets in the Hokuten until the famous battle at Fort Zeakden where both Algus and Teta, Delita's sister, were killed. Delita continues in the Hokuten Knights, but betrays Prince Larg's scheming orders soon after. Ramza, however, quit the Hokuten, unsure of the plans of his brothers and their compatriots, changed his last name to Ruglia, and joined Gafgarion's mercenary force; however, he quit that one also. Goltana has the same relationship to the Nanten as Larg does to the Hokuten. His Nanten leader, Orlandu (also known as Thunder God Cid), served him through the entire Fifty Year War and halfway through the Lion War, where he was deposed due to trumped-up charges which were the brainchild of Delita. Delita himself took over Orlandu's job.

Murond Glabados Church

The Murond sect of the Glabados Church is the catalyst of the Lion War; their quest for the Holy Stones and their unholy pact with the Lucavi demons spark innumerable traitorous actions among everyone in Ivalice. The head of the church is Marge Funeral; his second in command is Cardinal Draclau, whose jurisdiction is over Lionel Castle. A high-ranking priest is Simon Pen Rakshu, who has jurisdiction over Orbonne Monastery. They also control the Pagan Examiners, whose job it is to seek out heretics. Zalmo is a Pagan Examiner. (Draclau is also a Pagan Examiner but has other duties as well.) As well, they command the Temple Knights; they're the Church's mercenary force, supposedly there to protect the person of the High Priest Funeral. Balmafula Lanando is a sorcerer who is sent by the church to watch over Delita. (Priest Buremonda figures in the side storyline of Beowulf and Reis, but does not appear in the game.)

Death Corps

The Death Corps, like their predecessors the Knights of Death, are an anti-aristocratic terrorist group. Its leader is Wiegraf Folles. The second-in-command is Gustav Margueriff, who kidnaps the Marquis Elmdor by the order of Dycedarg and Larg; Wiegraf kills him for it. Also in the Death Corps are Wiegraf's sister Miluda, who dies by Ramza's hand in a very sad misunderstanding, and Golagros Levine, who carries out a botched assassination attempt at Dycedarg and instead captures Teta as a hostage. He dies, and takes Teta with him, at Fort Zeakden.

Temple Knights

Although officially under command of the Church, Vormav basically runs the Temple Knights as he sees fit. Members of his ruthless force include his son Izlude, his daughter Meliadoul, the engineer Balk, the sorcerer Kletian, and the knight Rofel. Wiegraf of the Death Corps joins the Temple Knights after the Death Corps are destroyed. The head of the Lionel segment of the Temple Knights during the Fifty Year War was Beowulf Kadmas, but he quit the Knights after an incident involving a jealous priest and a lost loved one.

Lucavi Demons

The leader of the Lucavi is Altima, whose alterego is St. Ajora. Hashmalum is Altima's second-in-command, who leads the Lucavi in his absence. The rest of the Lucavi are under Hashmalum, with the exception of Elidibs, who seems to be his own master. Each Lucavi has a human host (second column) and is assosciated with a particular Zodiac/Holy Stone (third column).

Ramza's Allies (Permanent)