Informações sobre as summons


* os números indicam a qual(is) FF(s) a summon pertence


One of the staples of the series is the existence of Summoned Creatures, also known as Summons (5 and 7); Espers (6), Guardian Forces, or GFs, in 8; eidolons in 9; and Aeons in 10. For convenience sake, I'll be referring to them as Summons, but if you see "GF", "Esper", "eidolon", or "Aeon", you better know what I'm talking about. 8-) The proper name for these things, by the way, is "Genjuu" or Phantom Beasts.



Alexander (6, 7, 8, 9 non-usable)

A giant mechanical device that looks like an armored man with huge cylinders for arms. It dishes out Holy damage. In 9 it was revealed that Alexander was the guardian eidolon for Alexandria Castle (it actually WAS part of the castle).


Angelo (8)

Although not technically a GF, he does have a GF card. Really, he's no more a GF than Odin, so there you are. Angelo is Rinoa's dog who appears randomly in battle to heal people, revive people, counterattack, or search for items. He's also used in Rinoa's Limit Break to attack. He only comes when Rinoa is in the fighting party.


Anima (10)

The Dark Aeon is actually Seymour's best buddy (called from his mother's fayth). She can cause instant death with her normal attacks.


Ark (9)

Something wacky out of the Transformers cartoon; it looks like a huge dragon-headed airship, but changes into a humanoid and pounds the enemy repeatedly with Shadow damage.


Ashura (4)

The Queen of the Summoned Monsters, Ashura gives one of three effects depending on which face she displays. She either heals the party, gives Protect status, or casts Raise (Life). In 2a, which was translated from the easy version of 4, the Protect spell didn't exist, so it was replaced with a stronger healing spell.


Atomos (9, FFU; 5 as non-Summon)

Looks like a huge portal or mouth of some kind which sucks the enemy in and does Gravity-based damage (based on amount of HP). It was originally a boss in 5.


Bahamut (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Tactics, 1 as non-Summon)

The black-scaled King of Dragons is nearly always one of the top two Summons. His "Mega Flare" (Mega Nuke in 4a) does non-elemental damage. He's usually one of the tougher enemies to beat if you want to use him (exception, 8). In 7, he had three different forms: Neo Bahamut was red and featured four wings; Bahamut ZERO was black again, had six wings, and an over-the-board attack from space. In 1, he appeared as the king of dragons who upgraded your class if you gave him the Rat's Tail. In 4, he was the God of Phantom Beasts. He's such a popular character that he merited his own strategy/RPG for SNES, Bahamut Lagoon.


Bismarck (6, FFU)

A giant white whale who takes over Leviathan's job as one of the few Water attacks in the game. One of Irvine's guns in 8 is also called by the same name.


Bomb (4, 2-9 plus Tactics as non-Summon)

The explosive monster who appears throughout the series allows you to call him if you pick up the "Bomb" item he leaves behind. He gives a fire-elemental attack using his "Exploder" spell.


Brothers (8)

The team of Sacred and Minotaur, who appeared as bosses in 5 and regular enemies in 6, come together to take over Titan's job as an Earth-Elemental attack. They look like people with cows' heads.


Cactuar (8, 5-9 as non-Summons)

Finally, you get to control the little guy, whose Hundred Needles causes damage in a multiple of 1000 (depending on your level), regardless of defense.


Cait Sith (6j)

See Stray.


Carbuncle (5, 6, 8, 9, Tactics)

This cute aquamarine-skinned guy has a ruby in his forehead (the spell is called "Ruby Power" or "Ruby Light"). He casts Reflect on the whole party. In 5 he looks quite a bit nastier when you fight him, but then he calms down again. 8-) In 9, various gems can cause Carbuncle's effect to be changed to Haste, Shell, or Vanish.


Catoblepas (5j, 6j; 3, 8, and 9 as non-Summon), Shoat (5, 6a)

This was translated as "Shoat" in 6 and also in the online 5 translation. A large canine animal with red eyes who casts "Demon Eye" on an enemy, turning it to stone. He also made an appearance in 8 as one of the bosses in Ultimecia's castle which you must defeat to reopen your abilities, although he looks WAY different there. He looks fairly similar as a regular enemy in 3 and 9, though.


Cerberus (8; 3, 9, and MQ as non-Summon)

A three-headed dog with red eyes who casts Double and Triple on the party.


Chocobo (3, 4, 5, FFU), Choco/Mog (7), Boko (8), all the rest besides 1 as non-Summon

Yes, the good-natured, lovable Chocobo appears and tramples the enemy! He uses non-elemental damage. In 7, Mog the Moogle rides him and adds confusion status to the attack. In 8, Boko the Chocobo, who became available after completing a Chocobo Forest puzzle, attacked in battle when you used a Gysahl Greens item. Although the attack was weak, it was upgradable using the PocketStation game Chocobo World, which unfortunately wasn't released in North America. In 5 and 7, the Chocobo was randomly replaced by Fat Chocobo (aka Chubby Chocobo), who did way more damage. In FFU, Chobi the Chocobo uses his Chocobo Kick indiscriminately.

Cockatrice (4, 1-8 and Tactics as non-Summon)

Another recurring enemy which allows you to call it in battle, by picking up its item, it turns one enemy to stone.


Crusader (6), Jihad (6j)

The ultimate Summon who unfortunately damaged allies as well, Crusader is actually three knights who give non-elemental damage. I'm convinced that 7's Knights Of Round is supposed to be the same Summon. The Knights of the Round Table went on crusades, remember? If you use the Japanese name, Jihad, of course that doesn't work. "Jihad" is Arabic for Holy War.


Cyclops (Tactics)

A blue one-eyed giant who causes ultimate Ice damage.


Diablos (8)

A very demonic-looking guy who doles out Gravity-based damage (one of the only Summons who do!). He bears a slight resemblance to Chaos, the boss of 1.


Doomtrain (8), Grasharaboras (8j)

A train with a phantom face (6's Phantom Train, anyone?) who causes Poison-elemental damage and induces a host of other status ailments.


Dragon (4)

The white Summoned Beast belonging to Rydia's mother, who gives non-elemental damage. She's a first-level Summon.


Eden (8)

I'm not really sure WHAT Eden is. It looks like a giant spaceship-person who blasts the enemy into a black hole. It's been postulated by a correspondent that Eden is a Garden like Balamb Garden, which would fit in with the name "Eden", as in the Garden of Eden (aka Heaven) from the Bible.


Fenrir (6, 9)

A wolf: in 6 his Moon Song creates Images of the party, and in 9 he summons what looks like a giant owl statue to cause Earth damage to the enemy. In 9, the Maiden Prayer accessory can cause Fenrir's summon to change and do Wind damage.


Gilgamesh (8, 5 and 9 as non-Summon)

The ultra-cool villain from 5 returns as a GF. He's in a combination of his two forms in 5, with the red costume from the first form, and four arms. He has four different attacks depending on which weapon he uses: Excalibur and Masamune do major damage, "Excalipur" does 1 damage to every enemy (he used this sword in 5 thinking it was the real thing, with hilarious results), and Odin's Zantetsuken does the same as it did in Odin's hands. Gilgamesh can't be controlled and appears randomly in battles.

Goblin (4, the rest as non-Summon)

A.k.a. Imp, he uses his Goblin Punch against the enemy. If the enemy is the same level as you are, the damage is increased. He only appears if you use the "Goblin" item he drops when you fight him.


Golem (5, 6, Tactics)

A machine made of earth which looks like a stumpy man, he appears to protect the party from physical attacks.


Grasharaboras (8j)

See Doomtrain.


Griever (8, non-usable)

Although not really a helpful dude, Griever is the name of Squall's lion symbol, who appears as the "Ultimate GF" at the end of the game whom you have to fight.


Hades (7)

A man in a robe with a skull for a face, standing by a black cauldron, who gives lots of status ailments to all enemies.


Hydra (5a)

See Syldra.


Ifrit (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Tactics, FFU) / Jinn (4a), MQ as non-Summon Iflyte

The token fire elemental Summon, Ifrit's appearance is usually that of a fire demon, although he sometimes looks like a genie. His attack is called Hellfire, but was translated to Inferno for 6a (man, those Nintendo guys are really heavy on the censorship!) He's usually a second-level Summon. The reason for the inconsistency in translation is interesting: In 3, an early boss was called Jinn, and he was a palette swap of the Ifrit summon spell. And Ifrit did look a lot like a genie or djinn, so therein lay the rub. The creators of MQ made the confusion worse by including a fire monster named Jinn who had a palette-swap twin named Iflyte. 8-)


Indra (4a)

See Ramuh.


Ixion (10, FFU)

A Pegasus-like creature who commands the power of lightning. Rather quick in battle.


Jihad (6j)

See Crusader.


Katoblepas / Shoat (5, 6)

See Catoblepas.


Kirin (6)

A creature who looks kind of like a sheep, he appears and casts Regen on the party. I'm also fairly convinced that Kylin from SaGa Frontier is the same character (hey, they reused Dullahan!)


Kjata (7)

What looks like a cross between a warthog and a donkey turns the world into a bunch of sparks and ripples in a Fire/Ice/Lightning/Earth attack.



Knights Of Round (7)

A really ultimate attack which does 15 times more damage than Bahamut ZERO, makes the final enemy a breeze and is only useful for fighting the three Weapons. 13 different knights (supposedly the 12 Knights of the Round Table plus King Arthur) fly through a psychedelic background and slice and dice the enemies. I'm convinced that this is the same Summon as Crusader from 6. The Knights of the Round Table went on crusades, remember?



Leviathan (3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, Tactics)

The water god is one of the few instances of water attacks in the game. He looks like a large Japanese dragon (long and thin, as opposed to big and stout). Japanese dragons are usually assosciated with water rather than fire. In 4, he was the King of Phantom Beasts. In 7, he was the personal god of Wutai and his scales can calm the fires in Da-Chao Statue.


Lich (Tactics, 1 and 9 as non-Summon)

A black demon who causes Darkness damage. Note that Lich was the Earth Fiend in 1 and 9, and a similar-looking enemy named Dark Lich appeared in Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana).


Maduin (6), Madeen (9)

Terra's father, who looks like a strange knight, gives non-elemental damage on all enemies. In 9 he dishes out Holy damage and masqueraded as Eiko's moogle friend Mog.


Magus Sisters (10, 4 as character)

Cindy (the fat one), Sandy (the tall one), and Mindy (the small one), or as they're known in Japan, Mag, Dog, and Rag. They're actually three separate Aeons, but they are all called at once and their Overdrive involves all three of them. You can't give them specific actions, but you can "suggest" what you want them to do. They're pretty smart, though, and incredibly powerful (as long as they're not "taking a break")! For some reason they've been changed into insects in FF10 from their normal (er, normal-ER) look in FF4.


Midgar Zolom (6j)

See Terrato.


MindFlayer (4; 5, 9, and Tactics as non-Summon; 1 as non-Summon "Wizard")

One of the enemies from 4, 5, 9, and Tactics drops the "Mind" item rarely, which allows you to call him in battle. He casts "Mindblast", but no one has really been able to figure out just what it does. Btw, he looks exactly like the Wizard enemies from 1 as well.


MiniMog (8)

This little guy is only obtainable by using the PocketStation accessory. Summoning him heals all GF HP. He looks like a run-of-the-mill Moogle.


Moogle (Tactics), Mogli (Tactics-j)

A cute little guy who heals the party.


Moomba (8)

See Species for more info on these wuvable guys. You can only summon them via the PocketStation accessory, like Mini-Mog. He does non-elemental damage.


Odin (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Tactics, FFU)

An ancient king who wears an antlered helmet and rides a horse. In 3 and 4 it was a regular horse, but after that he had a six-legged horse named Sneiplir, who appeared in 3 as a regular enemy. He has a different weapon in almost every game, but the attack is always called Zantetsuken (translated in 7 as "Steel-Bladed Sword"). It's an all-or nothing kill attack to all enemies. In 3 and 6, it was called "Atom Edge". Also in 6, Odin was upgradable to Raiden, whose "True Edge" attack had a higher success rate (5's Zantetsuken was also called "True Edge". In 5 and 7, Odin had a second weapon, Gungnir, (translated to Gunge Lance in 7a) which allowed him to be used even in boss battles. In 9, the Odin Sword ability allowed this to happen (but the Gungnir wasn't used). In 8, Odin wasn't controllable, but appeared randomly at the beginning of battles for an easy victory. In 4, Odin was the king of Baron, killed by Caignozzio, whose spirit still lived in one of the castle's towers.


Pandemonium (8j), Pandemona (8a)

This guy doesn't really have a face. He sucks up people into a vacuum cleaner-like bag and spits them out, causing Wind damage.


Palidor (6)

A bird of paradise who picks up the party and allows them all to do a Jump attack.


Phantom (6)

A character cowled in darkness who appears to cause all allies to vanish.


Phoenix (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, FFU)

A fiery bird who revives all Wounded allies and sometimes gives a Fire attack to all enemies, as well. In 8, Phoenix could only be called using Phoenix Pinions, but once you used it once, it appeared randomly throughout the game if everyone died. In 5, the Phoenix was Lenna' Hiryuu who killed itself, then rose to become Phoenix.


Quezacotl (8)

Yes, that IS the way it's spelled. Or close, anyway: Quetzacoatl. A thunder-elemental who takes over Ramuh's job, he looks like a snake with wings.


Ragnarok (6)

The ultimate sword becomes the "ultimate" Summon, appropriately enough teaching the Ultima spell. This Summon is actually a sword, who appears in battle to turn one enemy into an item. "Ragnarok" is also used as the name of the spaceship in 8.


Raiden (6)

See Odin.


Ramuh (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, Tactics) / Indra (4a)

An old man who has power over thunder, his attack is usually called Judgment Bolt. He's usually a second-level Summon. In 6, he was given a much larger role as a person in telling over the story of the Summons, who are more integral to the story there than in any other game.


Remora (5)

This guy (actually, a bunch of little guys) attaches himself to the enemy and leeches his MP.


Salamander (Tactics)

A lizard who causes ultimate Fire damage.


Shiva (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Tactics, FFU)

The ice Summon is a blue-skinned woman, not wearing very much, who showers Gem Dust or Diamond Dust on the enemy. She's usually a second-level Summon.


Shoat (5, 6)

See Catoblepas.


Silf (Tactics)

Truth be told, I don't remember what this one looks like (and the picture's pretty blurry); just that it silences the enemy.


Siren (6, 8)

A woman who plays a harp and silences the enemy. In 8, she also does damage with her spell.


Sraphim (6)

An angel-like Summon who heals the party.


Starlet (6)

A pretty woman who appears to heal the party.


Stray (6), Cait Sith (6j)

A puss-in-boots who confuses the enemy. My guess is "Stray" from "stray cat". "Cait Sith" was also used as a Cuar-like creature in 4 and a character in 7.


Syldra (5), Hydra (5a)

Faris's childhood dragon friend piloted her ship until she died in battle with a monster. Her soul returns to help out using a Thunderstorm attack.


Sylph (4, 5), Fairy (Tactics)

Using this causes several pixies to steal HP from the enemy. In 4, it only gave to the caster; in 5, it gave the entire party. In Tactics, the Fairy spell, while not stealing HP, did give it to the party, being the best overall healing spell.


Terrato (6), Midgar Zolom/Midgarsorm (6j)

A giant snake who takes over Titan's job by giving an Earth attack. "Midgar Zolom" is also used for a boss in 7, and for an attack by Elidibs in Tactics. Midgar is a city in 7.


Titan (3, 4, 5, 7, Tactics, 1 as non-Summon)

The Earth Elemental Summon's "Anger Of The Land" doesn't affect flying enemies. He's usually just one level above Ifrit, Ramuh, and Shiva. He looks like a giant man just wearing briefs who shakes the ground or lifts it above the enemies' heads to crush them. There was a Titan in 1 who looked like a large man with a square face, who ate Rubies.


Tonberry (8; 5-10 as non-Summon)

The creepy little lizard uses his Chef's Knife to attack one enemy at random and cause death if he's lucky. 


Tritoch (6)

A cross between snake and dragon, he unleashes a Fire/Ice/Thunder attack which unfortunately heals any enemy who can absorb even one of the elementals.


Typoon (7, FFU)

Also known as Chupon from 6, he turns the world upside down in a multi-elemental attack. Called Typhoon in FFU.


Unicorn (6)

Appears and uses her horn to heal all status problems in the party.


Valefor (10)

A Water-based flying creature; Yuna's first Aeon and her best pal.


Yojimbo (10)

A very strange Japanese-looking fellow, accompanied by a little red doggie, who only attacks when you pay him. His attacks are random but can be very powerful.


Zodiac (Tactics)

A strange beast that causes ultimate non-elemental damage.


ZoneSeek (6)

A very strange-looking creature which I won't even try to describe, he casts Shell and Safe on the party.