Getting a new kind of vehicle is a thrill in any Final Fantasy game. Here's a rundown of every type of transportational device in any FF game. (Note that there are NO transportational devices in Tactics.) Enjoy! Como sempre, o número representa o FF referente.


Airship (all but MQ)

Usually you receive this ultimate machine towards the end of the game; it allows you to travel through the entire globe! Although Tactics doesn't have an airship, there are two references to them: the final battle takes place in the Graveyard of Airships, and in the Japanese version there was a special mini-game which could be played using airships (it was received via a special bar quest). Some airships are more powerful than others; here's a list:


From left: Airship (1), Airship (2), Cid's Airship (3), Enterprise (3), Nautilus (3), Invincible (3), Enterprise (4), Enemy Airship (4), Airship (5), Setzer's Airship (6), Falcon (6), Highwind (7) screen and FMV shots, Cargo Ship (9), Tetra Master cards of Prima Vista (9), Red Rose (9) Hilda Garde 1 (9), Hilda Garde 3 (9), and Invincible (9); Iron Wing (Anime); Airship (10).


Balamb Garden (8)

A Centra Shelter which acts as a hovercraft. It moves maddeningly slow, but can go through ocean as well as land. It can only go onto land via seashores, though. It can't land on forests or water. It can enter Fishermans Horizon automatically. Inside BG is a massive school for SeeDs.


Buggy (7)

A small red thing which can go over rivers. You can still be attacked in it.


Canoe (1, 2, 3)

This cute little thing can go over rivers and lakes, but the waves of the ocean are too much for it.

Canoe from 2 and 3. Not shown: Canoe from 1.


Car (8)

There are probably over a dozen types of car, including a military buggy, but they all have the same controls and speed, and the same advantage: no enemy attacks. However, they use up fuel, which you can buy in stores for 3000 Gil a pop. I don't have any pics of those, but I do have one of the car from the chase in 7. 8-)

Chocobo (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)


Hiryuu (5)

A flying dragon. It can't travel over mountains and can only land on plains.


Hovercraft (4)

No enemies will attack while using the hovercraft. It can go over coral reefs, but no type of water. Later in the game, it can be picked up using the Airship Enterprise.


Ice Sled (2)

Can navigate the snow fields above Salmando. Enemies still attack while on it.


Magical Ship / Big Whale (4)

A giant spaceship used to travel to the moon; you can rest inside or visit a free Chubby Chocobo.


Motorcycle (7)

Only used during the chase scene. You can hit enemy bikers with your sword while riding it. Also used in a minigame in the Gold Saucer.


Ragnarok (8)

A giant spaceship which acts as an airship. There's an autopilot control which lets you travel directly to any location on the map. The Ragnarok can land directly on Fishermans Horizon, Esthar Airstation, or Deep Sea Research Center. In Disc 4, if the Card Club Quest has been completed, the entire Card Club will be on the ship.


Sailing Ship (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, MQ)

The quintessential water transport. Usually, whenever you can control the ship directly, you can still be attacked by enemies while on the ship (the only exception is MQ where there's no real overworld). In 1, the ship could only dock at specific white docks; in 3, the S.S. Enterprise could be upgraded into an airship; in 4 and 6 the ship could not be controlled; in 5 the Steamship is quickly sunk, but the Airship can later become a ship as well. In 9 the ship was propelled by steam rather than wind; it was the prototype for the Hilda Garde 3, and was called Blue Narciss.

Ship from 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6; Tetra Master card of Blue Narciss (9); ship from MQ.


Shoopuf (10)

A strange water-bound elephant. Jecht once attacked one of these while he was drunk and swore off the booze after that.

Snowboard (7)

Only used when traveling from Icicle Inn to the Great Glacier. You can collect balloons and dodge moogles. Also used in a minigame in the Gold Saucer.


Submarine (3, 5, 7)

The sub allows you to travel underwater. You automatically enter any underwater edifice you find when you run into it (there are never more than three or four of these). The Nautilus in 3 is also an airship. In 5, the first sub is a stand-alone, but the second one (which is identical) is also an airship and sailing ship (the sub has a set of beds inside). In 5 and 7, enemies will not attack while on the Shinra sub (you can pick either red or gray, depending on whether you completed the Sub Mission or not).

From left: Nautilus from 3, sub from 5, outer view of sub from 5, Shinra Sub from 7 (screen and FMV shots).


Tiny Bronco (7)

A downed airplane which acts as a ship; it can only land on a seashore. No enemies will attack while riding it.


Trains (8)

A wealth of trains run between cities and even under the ocean! Cost of a ticket: 3000 Gil.