A.) Altea

Enemies: DkKnight, LegEater, Hornet, Goblin

Treasures: Potion

Boss: None


You'll be given the chance to name four characters. There is no default option, but the names are, in the order that you'll name them, Frioniel, Leonheart, Maria, and Guy. As the game starts, you are immediately thrown into a fight against 4 DkKnights. Your party will be wasted quickly, so don't even try to put up a fight. Frioniel will awake in Altea after a short dialogue between Hilda, the Princess of Phin, and Ming-Wu, Phin's White Mage. Apparently, your group was escaping Phin as the Paramekian empire was invading it. You were ambushed on your way out. Once Frioniel awakes, he steps outside and re-unites with Guy and Maria. Leonheart has yet to be found, unfortunately. Your party then seeks audience with the Princess. Listen to her speech, then learn the password Wild Rose. Repeat it back to her and she will suggest that you search for Leonheart in Phin. You're now free to head for Phin, but I suggest talking to the townsfolk and rebels to learn what's going on. After talking to the King, who's wounded, head down the stairs and grab the Potion. Be sure to talk with Paul, Gordon, and Tobul (disguised as the old man in the weapons shop). Now, head for the armor shop and buy a Buckler, three Leather Gauntlets, and two Leather Helmets. Give Guy a Leather Helmet, Buckler, and Leather Gauntlet. Give your other Leather Helm to Frioniel, and give him a Leather Gauntlet too. Maria has to get stuck with the leftovers, no Helmet for her just yet=). Hit select and move Maria to the back row. You should have some gil left, but not enough to buy anything. It's time to earn some cash, and gain some skill levels while you're at it. After exiting the town, wander around, butchering the Hornets,

LegEaters, and Goblins that attack you. Right now, your hit% is probably terrible; well, it is terrible. This goes especially for the Bow, which is not only weak, but pretty innacurate. Although many players choose to equip Maria with Canes, Knifes, or Javelins rather than Bows, I believe that Bows are the best of the choices. Although finding a 'good' bow will take a while, once you get one, you'll see the bonus of being be able to attack forcefully and not fear retaliation. Canes are typically good for their 'as item' powers, which can be used whether the item is equipped or not.


I would recommend building Frioniel's Sword and Shield skill level to at least level 4. Also do this for Maria's Bow level. This will prove very useful, and give you an extra edge in the beginning. Once you get the money, buy Maria a Cure Spell and a Leather Helmet. Once that's finished, head north to Gatea. At Gatea, you'll want to purchase the Leather Armor for Maria, at a rather hefty price of 100 gil. It's worth it, though. Now, head for Phin, a bit north of Gatea (across the lake).


B.) Phin

Enemies: Captain, LegEater, Hornet, Goblin

Treasures: Potionx3, Ring

Boss: None


In Phin, take care to avoid the "citizens." They are really soldiers of the empire that will decimate your party mercilessly. Instead, walk north and go one pace further than the wall. Move east, then south, around the

wall, and enter the pub. In the pub, go talk to the bar tender. Say Wild Rose, and he'll tell you that Scott, Prince of Kashuon, is dying. Follow the secret passage to Scott's bed, and talk to him. Say White Rose, and Scott will give you a Ring. He wants you to tell his brother, Gordon, to have pride in his abilities. He also wishes you to inform the King that Phin was only captured because Duke Borgan betrayed the rebels, and is now an Imperial General (you'll cross swords with him soon enough). Scott then perishes, after mentioning Hilda. Take the Ring, and open the three treasure chests for Potions. Head back to Altea. Show the Ring to Gordon on your way to the Hideout (not needed, but improves the story a little). Inside, talk to Hilda. She'll beg you to find the legendary Mithril, thus allowing the Rebels to be better equipped. Learn the keyword Mithril, and repeat it to her. She'll now mention the Warship, a terrifying Imperial weapon that's being built in Bofsk. Learn Warship, and recite it back to her. She'll tell you that it's even better than Cid's Airship. Cid, by the way, was the Captain of Phin's White Knights, and is now a transport pilot. Ming-Wu says he'll accompany you on your quest for Mithril, and brings along his Canoe. Talk to the rebels; one of them will tell you that Josef in Salamando may know the whereabouts of the Mithril. Talk to the King, and he'll issue a death sentence on Borgan (right, like he has any power anyway). Now, you can head for Palm, a town northeast of Altea, by means of Canoe, but you should wait. Before you leave, you might want to buy Fire, Ice, and Bolt for Maria and Ice, Bolt, and Cure for Guy. This will cost you 2400 gil, so be patient->It's worth it. Also, give Ming-Wu's Copper Armor to Frioniel, and give Frioniel's Leather Armor to Ming-Wu. Now that you have Ming-Wu, you might stand a chance against Mysidian enemies. If you have a reasonably strong Bolt and Fire spells and reasonably high HP, walk around on the tip of the peninsula south of Altea. The enemies here are from later in the game. If you're lucky, you'll run into Mallows and Puddings. Use the select-cancel trick (see secrets section B) here, and when you're done, blast the Mallows with Bolt and Puddings with Fire. Use Ming-Wu to Safe and Cure the party.


C.) The Mithril Mine

Enemies: Soldier, Goblin, G.Goblin, Balloon, Slime, Zombie, LandTrtl

Treasures: Potionx2, EyeDrop, 261 Gil, Fire, Exit, Mithril

Boss: Sargeant


Once you have the Canoe, you're free to row northeast from Altea and follow the short trail to Palm, a small town. There's nothing of real worth in Palm as of yet, though there is some new armor. If you want, get a Copper Gauntlet for Guy and Maria. Talk to the pirate near the entrance and he'll take you to Poft for a small price of 32 Gil. Poft doesn't offer much in terms of weaponry or armor either, but it does have an airship service. In the pub, talk to Cid's attendant, she'll offer to fly you to various locations: Bofsk, Salamando, Semite, and Kashuon. Since

you may be making some hefty purchases, I suggest walking east of Poft to Bofsk, rather than flying there. On a side note, mention the Warship to Cid to get his "professional" opinion on the craft. Bofsk has been occupied by the Empire (it's teeming with Imperial soldiers) and its citizens are being forced to construct the mighty Warship (that huge thing in the valley northwest of Bofsk). The commander standing in the middle of the town is the Dark Knight, a new villain hired by the Empire to oversee the Warship's construction. In the southwest corner is an Imperial commander that's actually a spy, but he can't help you since the Dark Knight is present. Go to the armory and buy Silver Armor for Frioniel, Maria, and Guy. Give the Copper Armor back to Ming-Wu, and sell the Leather Armor. The Bronze equipment isn't worth the gil it costs, mainly because the defense boost is paltry.

Head back to Poft, and this time go northwest to Salamando. This town has also been occupied by the empire; much of the population has been forced to mine Mithril in the cave behind Semite Falls (The Mithril you want is

there). You can talk to Josef in the northeast house, who asks you if you are Imperial spies (really, who would admit to being a spy?). Ask him about the Warship and Airship and he will pass you off for fools. Ask him about the Mithril and he'll tell you that it's being mined in the cave behind Semite Falls. Say Wild Rose to him and he'll poke fun at the rebels for getting kids to do their work. Once you're done interrogating Josef, go to the Weapon's Shop and buy a Long Sword for Frioniel and a Long Bow for Maria. Sell the Broad Sword and Bow. Buy the Battle Axe for Guy, and give his old Axe to Ming-Wu. Sell the Cane. Rest at the inn, if you need it, and then head out west until you reach a river/lake, and then paddle your way to the small cave. Save, and enter the Semite Cave.

Get the treasure in the northwest for 10 gil, then head to the southeast for 200 gil. Head west to the stairwell (southwest corner). On the second floor, get the EyeDrop from the northwest treasure, then head up the north path for a Potion. Grab the second Potion from the southeast and head the easternmost of three doors. You can go south for a 1 gil fortune, then head east for 50 gil (that's more like it). Take the easternmost door to enter a room full of miners, including Paul. Nellie, standing next to Paul, is Josef's daughter. She's a hostage of the Empire. Talk to Paul and he'll agree to free the slaves and return to Salamando. However, he informs you that he, a master thief, could not find the Mithril. Head east to the staircase. On the fourth floor, be sure to get the spell Fire from the north treasure chest. Give it to Guy. The exit is in the southeast. If you happen to run into Slimes in

this area, blast them with Maria's Ice Spell for a quick victory...physical attacks are useless (just as they were on Mallows and Puddings, the big brothers of Slimes, which you may have fought south of Altea). On the fifth floor, head past the door to the northeast corner. Open the treasure chest to get the Exit spell. However, LandTrtl shows up to reclaim what's his. He has 140 hp, and is weak to Ice. Have Frioniel attack, have Maria cast Ice, Guy cast Ice (if he doesn't have it, attack), and have Ming-Wu cast Safe on the party. If anyone is badly hurt, have Ming-Wu heal them. The LandTrtl should die quickly. Give Exit to Maria. Now return to the door and head inside. Heal up, then talk to the Imperial Sargeant guarding the Mithril.



Hp: 140 Mp: 5

Weakness: None

Reward: 200 Gil, Mithril Axe, Mithril Helm, Mithril Armor, Mithril Bow

Attacks: Bow3, Physical Attack

Strategy: Have Frioniel and Guy attack. Maria should either cast Ice or Fire, whichever is at a higher level. Ming-Wu should first Safe the party, then cast Dispel. From there, he can attack and cure when necessary. Although the Sargeant is pretty tough, he'll go down soon if you cure weaker character.


*Note: The Sargeant doesn't always drop the Mithril equipment.*

Grab the Mithril, then cast Exit. Cure Maria (as Exit drains hp). Save, and head back to Salamando. There, Josef will give you information about the Warship and Airship. Head back to Altea via Poft and Palm.




A.) Bofsk

Enemies: Soldiers, G.Goblins, LegEaters, VmpThorns, Balloon

Treasures: Long Sword, Long Bow, Pass

Boss: None


In Altea, show the Mithril to Gordon (not necessary, but if you like to see him belittle his own worth=)). Head upstairs and show it to Hilda, who will tell you to take it to Tobul immediately. So, head for the weapons shop and give the Mithril to the Old Man. Now the Altean Weapon and Armor shops carry Mithril equipment, a lot more powerful than the previous armor and weapons. Definitely get the Mithril Sword and Shield for Frioniel. You also want to get the Mithril Axe (if you don't have it) and Mithril Shield for Guy. Everyone (but Ming-Wu) should get a nifty Mithril Helm. If you have enough cash, get Mithril Gauntlets for Frioniel, Guy, and Maria. If you want, give the Battle Axe to Ming-Wu, and sell the Axe. Head back to Hilda. She'll tell you that the Dark Knight was called back to Paramekia on assignment, so Borgan was placed in control at Bofsk. Borgan's security is lax, and Hilda believes that her spies can now help you sabotage the Warship. Basically, you're to go to Bofsk and either

destroy the Warship or delay its construction. Head to Palm (buy the Mithril Bow here if you don't have it!), then Poft, and then walk (or fly) to Bofsk. At Bofsk, you're now free to talk with the townspeople. You'll learn that you need a Pass to board the Warship, which is surely going to attack Palm, Poft, and Altea. You'll also learn that Borgan is a corrupt moron. With that in mind, talk to the spy in the southwest corner of town. Tell him "Wild Rose" and he'll tell you to reach the Warship via the sewers. So head for the sewers, which are accessed by the little stairs. Take the left path to grab a Long Sword (not good at this point, but you can sell it for cash). Follow the

straight forward path, grabbing the Long Bow in the southwest. The stairs are in the southeast. The second floor is even more simple than the first=). Take the right path and follow it until you reach...the Dark Knight!? Apparently, he would never leave until his work was done. He informs you that the Rebellion will be crushed by the completed Warship. He then departs, followed by Borgan, who calls you a "spoony guy." You automatically follow them outside and watch the Warship take off. Quickly go back inside the Sewers and head east. Take the door, grab the Pass and step onto the pentagram. You'll find yourself standing outside of Bofsk. Head back inside to sell your Long Sword and Bow. Also, talk to the townspeople for some information on the towns attacked. When you're ready, head to Poft. You should notice that half the people of Poft were killed in the attack. Head to the Pub and talk to Cid. Ask him about the "Airship." He'll tell you that it runs off the "Sun Flame." The Sun Flame? Ask him about the Sun Flame, and he'll tell you that enough Sun Flame in an engine will cause an explosion (Guess how the Warship will be destroyed). Hitch a boat ride back to Palm. Lots of people died here too, including the "sleaze" that was hitting on Maria. The Empire must pay... Head to Altea, and go to the hideout. Most of the refugees fled there after the Warship's attacsk. Un-equip Ming-Wu, then talk to Hilda. Ming-Wu will leave the party and will try to help the King. Hilda will beg you to find a way to destroy the Warship. Ask her about the Sun Flame. She'll say that its on the first floor of Kashuon, and you'll tell her that it can be used to destroy the Warship. So, you need to get the Sun Flame. But to open the gates of Kashuon, you'll need the Goddess Bell, hidden somewhere to the north. Go talk to Ming-Wu, and ask him about the Sun Flame. He'll mention the Fire Festival of Kashuon, and that you must get the EgilTorch to carry the Sun Flame. Now, ask

the King about the Sun Flame. Finally, he'll mention the Goddess Bell (and you can actually learn the keyword this time!!!). Learn it, and say it back to him, Ming-Wu, and Hilda. Hilda will tell you that Josef in Salamando may know the whereabouts of this bell. Guess where you're going next?


B.) The Snow Cave

Enemies: Snowman, Icicle, Ghoul, Zombie, Shadow, DeathHead, DualHead, Grenade, G.Goblin, Goblin, Balloon

Treasures: IceSled, 250 gil, Battle Axe, Antidote, Mithril Cane, Ice Wind, Potionx2, Ice, Mithril Lance, Ancient Sword, Silver Armor, Goddess Bell

Bosses: Adamanti, Borgan


Head back to Salamando and talk to Josef. He'll join your party if you mention the Goddess Bell to him. He'll also tell you that the only way to get onto to Snow Field is by using the Ice Sled, which Josef hid in the Semite Cave. Head for the Semite Cave and go to the Ice Block on the first floor. Check the corner to the northeast of the ice block and you'll get the Ice Sled. Head for the Snow Field entrance northwest of Salamando and head east until you reach the Snow Cave. On the first floor, grab the northwest chest for 100 gil and the southeastern one for 150 gil. The exit is straightforward and easy to find. The second level has no treasure, so take the stairs. From the entrance of the third floor, head northwest for an IceWind. Take the northeast stairs to enter a treasure room. Grab the Battle Axe (southeast), Antidote (center), and Mithril Cane (northwest). The Mithril Cane is guarded by Grenades (4-5) who are easily defeated by physical attacks. Head back to the main room of the third floor. The exit of the third floor is in the southwest corner. Take the Potion in the northwest and head east to get Ice. You can get another Potion in the south-center. Finally, grab the Mithril Javelin from the southeast corner. The fifth floor is also easily tractable, be sure to get the Ancient Sword (guarded by a Shadow and two Ghouls) in the

southwest corner of the room and the Mithril Shield in the northwest. The Ancient Sword has terrible accuracy, I personally didn't equip it over the Mithril Sword. Still, the weapon sells for a good price. Take the southeastern door to enter a lake-like area. You can try to talk to the wandering beavers, but you won't understand them at all. For some odd reason, Guy can understand the leader beaver (the guy in the northwest corner). Ask him about the Goddess Bell and he'll tell you that the right wall is fake. So, head through the fake right wall. Follow the path until you reach a grotto with a treasure chest in the center. Pop it open for a suit of Silver Armor, which you should give to Josef. Give Josef the IceWind item you were saving from earlier in the Cave. Then talk to the beast in front of the plaque, the Adamanti.



Hp: 450 Mp: 0

Weakness: Ice

Reward: 500 Gil

Attacks: Physical Attack

Strategy: Frioniel should attack, while Guy and Maria cast Ice. Josef should use the IceWind, then attack. Thankfully, the Adamanti is not strong enough to kill any one character in one blow, so you always have the chance to Cure.


After cracking the Adamanti's shell, examine the Plaque to get the Goddess

Bell. Now, follow the path through the door (you'll end up on floor 1).

Before going down the staircase to the exit, heal your characters. Then

follow the stairs downwards until you run into Borgan, who valiantly

attacks you.



Hp: 240 Mp: 20

Weakness: None

Reward: 400 Gil

Attacks: Physical Attack

Strategy: For an Imperial General, Borgan is a joke. Hack him to

pieces, magic won't help. I killed him in 1 turn->he's VERY easy.


After butchering Borgan, de-equip Josef (though he only has Leather and

Silver equipment, money is money). Then head down the stairs. A boulder

will start to follow, and your party will run. Josef throws himself

against the boulder, and though Guy pleads for him to run, you're forced

to escape at the cost of Josef's life. Despite your grief, you have to

complete the mission, or Josef's death will be meaningless (yes, it's a

classic line). Head back to Salamando to rest. The man in the upper left

corner talks about a race of birds, called Chocobos, which live south of

Kashuon. This will be important a little bit later. Sell everything you

got in the Snow Cave(that you're not using) except the Mithril Javelin and

Josef's equipment.

You can now head back to the Rebel Hideout, where you'll be told to head

for Kashuon, or you can head for Kashuon yourself. I recommend going to

Altea and buying Cure for Frioniel.

To reach Kashuon, you have two options. You can of course fly there, or

you can walk (I advise the latter). Head southeast of Bofsk, and follow

the path until you see a gap in a mountain range with forest near it.

Head to the center of the circle this mountain range forms, and you'll

see Kashuon surrounded by another mountain range. Save, and head inside.


C.) Kashuon

Enemies: Ogre, WzOgre, Adamanti, LandTrtl, Shadow, Ghoul, Ghast, Wraith,

Mine, Balloon, WereRat, LegEater, VmpThrn, Goblin, G.Goblin, DesAngel,


Treasures: Cure, 300 gil, Gold Shield, Mithril Sword, Were Cane, Mithril

Axe, Antidote, EchoScn, EyeDrop, Gold Armor, EgilTrch, SunFlame

Boss: R.Soul


Upon entering, you can see the Sun Flame in the center of the entrance

area. Unfortunately, it won't be that need the EgilTrch to

move the blasted thing. Use the Goddess Bell on the locked door north

of the Sun Flame. Head inside. You'll meet Prince Gordon (remember

him?) here. Apparently, he tried to get the Sun Flame himself but

couldn't fight the monsters. He has 64 HP and no spells. Give him

Cure, the Mithril Javelin, and any better armor you have. He sucks, and

may die several times...but he is someone to take extra hits, so keep

him around. In the southeast corner of this area is another Cure

booklet, give it to Frioniel. The exit is in the southwest corner. Head

east on the second floor and grab the 300 gil. The exit is on the path.

The third floor is a bit convoluted, so take the second path and grab

the Gold Shield in the southwest corner. It's guarded by WereRats, which

Guy and Frioniel can kill in one hit. The fourth floor is full of rooms,

but the northeastern room (the one that's facing a hall, slightly north

of the other room) holds some great treasure: Were Cane, Mithril Axe,

Mithril Sword. Give the Were Cane to Gordon. Leave the treasure room

and progress to the stairwell. The next floor is disturbingly inhabited

by Adamantis, blast them with Ice, just as you did in the Snow Cave. Go

to the northeast room on the fifth floor for an Antidote, EchoScn, and

EyeDrop. Grab the Gold Armor from the middle. Finally, take the exit to

the sixth and final floor. Make sure that you have enough mp to cure

the party forfour turns and make sure that you have full hp. Then, talk

to the R.Soul blocking the path to the torch.



Hp: 540 Mp: 35

Weakness: None

Reward: 100 Gil

Attacks: Fire8, Bolt8, Ice8, Aero8, Physical Attack

Strategy: This boss is pretty tough.....A lot tougher than most others.

He'll blast your whole party with level 8 Ice, Fire, Aero, and Bolt spells

which do considerable damage at this point in the game. To make matters

worse, elemental spells heal him, so you have to stick with physical

attacks (which frequently miss). Have Maria cure the entire party and Guy

cure a damaged person while Frioniel and Gordon attack the beast. After 4

turns, R.Soul will run out of mp, and will be forced to attack you

physically. He frequently misses, so this is your chance to finish him.

It'll take 3 or 4 more turns, but the R.Soul will die.


Head north and grab the EgilTrch from the chest. Cast Exit, and save,

cure, whatever. Now head back inside Kashuon and go up to the Sun Flame.

Use the EgilTrch on the Sun Flame to obtain the powerful fire. Now head

back outside Kashuon. You'll see the Warship persuing an airship and

ultimately catching it (the ship being attacked is obviously Cid's airship).

Walk directly south of Kashuon and you'll enter a forest/grassy

clearing. You'll see a white bird moving around. Catch it and you'll get

a Chocobo. Step outside and mount the Chocobo. Head to Bofsk (or any

other town), and rest up, sell excess equipment, make some space in your



D.) The Warship

Enemies: Soldier, Mage, Panther, Stunner, WereRat, Eagle, Ghoul, Ghast,

Wraith, Shadow, Sargeant

Treasures: 400 gil, Sleep Sword, Potionx2, Blind Bow, Thief Gauntlet,

Trident, Gouche Dagger, Ice Shield, Giant Helmet

Boss: None


*Note: You need not head back to Altea, though it will tell you where the

Warship has landed. Since you have this walkthrough, you won't need


In Altea, you'll learn that Cid had flown Hilda to greet you at Kashuon,

but the Warship intercepted them and have Cid and Hilda as prisoners. How

are you going to get on the Warship now that Cid's Airship is gone???

Well, the Warship needs to refuel, and the Rebels believe that it landed

somewhere north of Phin. Well, not only did it land north of Phin, it

landed in the most remote and isolated location in the world (well,

almost). Open up your world map and scroll north of Phin. The warship is

parked on that peninsula stretching for miles. Don't even try to walk

there unless your really strong or need a lot of gil...still, it's not

worth it. Instead, return to the Chocobo forest and head south from

Kashuon. You'll soon see the Warship parked, with its entrance ramp

extended. Dismount, save, and head inside.

You can only go a couple of steps before you meet an Imperial soldier who

asks for a Pass. Give him the Pass you found in the Bofsk Sewers, and

head east to the stairwell flanked by two soldiers. Don't talk to anyone

in the Warship, other than Hilda and Cid, or you'll have to fight a

Captain (more than a match for you at this point). After descending the

stairs, head east through the false wall (directly west of the treasure)

to get into the cell. Open the treasure chest for the Sleep Sword, which

is guarded by Sargeants, Soldiers, and Mages. Kill the Soldiers, then

Mages, then Sargeants. Give Frioniel the Sleep Sword, as it *ACTUALLY*

puts some enemies to sleep. Head back to the entrance level. Head up the

stairs in the northwest and grab the treasure chest for 400 gil. Ignore

all the rooms along this catwalk, they are empty. Follow the path until

you have the chance to go down and head to the northeastern room. From

here, descend into another important area. Get the two Potions in the

southeastern corner. Also get the Blind Bow in the southwest and the

Thief Gauntlet in the South. Give the Blind Bow to Maria and the Thief

Gauntlet to Frioniel. You should be able to see Hilda and Cid in a cell.

Head over there, and push the gratings twice ("talk" to them) to fully

destroy the bars. Talk to Cid and he'll tell you that he'll escort Hilda

outside. That said, head back up to the first floor of the Warship. This

time, follow the path all the way until the stairs, and head to the

southeast exit. Follow this simple level to the exit (ignore those

captains wandering around under the grating). The third floor is full of

treasure, so head to the northeastern corner to see four treasure chests.

Get the West one for a Trident, the second to West one for a Gouche

Dagger, and the east one for a Giant Helm. Give the Giant Helm to Frioniel.

The remaining treasure chest holds the Ice Shield, but is guarded by

a Gigas and a Soldier. The Soldier is a piece of cake, the Gigas is not.

Don't bother with this treasure chest, just go to the next level. Proceed

through the straight forward levels (the maze area, where paths are

guarded by Captains, is easily tractable by going to the outer path

first). Once you reach the Engine, examine it and use the SunFlame. It

will begin to explode and the Dark Knight will show up, warning you that

it's not over yet. Why is that voice so familiar? Who could the Dark

Knight be?? You'll automatically exit the Warship and fly off in Cid's

Airship just as the Imperial weapon explodes.




A.) Dist: Land of the Dragoons

Enemies: Shadow, Wraith, LandTrtl, Adamanti, WzOgre, Ogre, GrOgre,

Gigas, Stlctite, Ghoul, Ghast, Revenant, DualHead, Soul, G.Soul

Treasures: Curse, Stone, Stop, 30 gil, Pendant, Egg, Potion, Flame Bow,

Knight Armor, ElderIQ, Heart, Mithril Helmet, Mithril Armor, Magic Cane,

Mirror, Mithril Gauntlet, DrgnBean

Boss: Chimerax3


You'll land outside of Altea. Sell all excess weapons but the Gouche

Dagger. De-equip Gordon, keeping his Mithril stuff for Raila, your next

fourth party member. Head to the rebel headquarters and you'll learn that

the king is dying. Head for his room, and he'll tell Gordon to take over

the Rebellion, Ming-Wu to unlock the sealed power, and you to go to Dist and

get the friendship of the dragoons. So, you now have your mission. Head

to the throne room and talk to Gordon. You'll learn that Dist was invaded

by the Empire recently. Learn the keyword Dragoon and say it back to him.

He'll say that the Dragoon's had a Hiryuu that will be of use. Learn the

word Hiryuu, and head out. You can learn from townsfolk that Dist is on

an isolated island to the east of Altea. You can also pay a visit to

Hilda, who says Huhu. What's with that? Forget it, and head for Palm.

Upon entering, talk to the other pirate (Raila) and she says she's heading

for Dist and wants to travel with you. Maria smells a rat, but Guy quells

her fears and you agree. Exit Palm and you'll see the ship docked a bit

east of the town. Go board it, and it'll start sailing south. Then, in

the middle of the ocean, it'll stop. Raila and some pirates will surround

you, asking you to surrender your possessions. You'll be thrown into a

fight with 8 pirates. This fight is incredibly easy, as the Pirates do

from 0-10 damage and frequently miss. It takes three turns to beat these

guys, maybe four. When it's finished, Raila will join you, bringing her

ship with her. Finally, you sail the far seas of FF2j...YES!!!

First thing's first, give Raila all of Gordon's equipment. You may have

noticed (or not) that Raila has two weapons equipped, but only attacks

with the one in her left hand, because she's left handed. So put her

shield in her right hand and weapon in her left hand. There is only one

other character in the game like this, so you can't get confused =). Sell

her excess equipment, and give her Goldpin Helm to Maria. Now's a great

time to head for Mysidia, not located on the map. From Altea, sail

southeast until you pass through the strait in between the land areas (on

the map it looks like a long finger). Sail west now until your ship

reaches the mouth of a river. Canoe up the river for a little bit, then

head east towards the mountain range. You should see a town around the

area. If you run into Mallows and Puddings, beware that physical attacks

don't hurt them. Blast the Mallows with Bolt and the Puddings with Fire.

Upon entering Mysidia, you can visit the weapons and armor shops (which

have some of the best equipment in the game), or the magic shop. First,

buy a Thief Gauntlet for Raila, Maria, and Guy (Frioniel should have the

one you got in the Warship). Also, get an Ice Shield for Frioniel, Guy,

and Raila. Finally, get Knight Armor for everyone. At the weapons shop,

get the Ice Bow for Maria and the Ogre Axe for Guy. Decked out with this

awesome equipment, the rather tough Dist Cave will become a piece of cake.

If you want, swing by the Magic Shop to take a look at their Holy and

Change spells, though I doubt you'll want it right now. This may prove

costly, but it's worth it.

When you're done in Mysidia, sail to Bofsk, and rest up. Now, sail

directly east of Bofsk to Dist, the land of the Dragoons. Walk to the

castle and enter. You'll see a boy, who runs from you. Follow the path he

was blocking. You'll see him again, and he'll say that he'll tell his mom

about you. Well, follow him again. You can see him and his mom standing

in front of a door. Before talking with them, get all the treasure in

Dist Castle. On the second floor, get the Cottage from the northwest,

then head to the southwest stairs. Get the FenixDn. Take the stairs to

the third floor. Grab the Unicorn from the southeast chest, then work

towards the eastern room. Get Stone, Curse, and Stop. Curse is pretty

good, as for Stone and Stop you may want to sell them or give them to

Frioniel. Go to the northeast room to get a load of treasures: ElderIQ,

Heart, Winged Sword, G.Needle, Eyedrop, Antidote, Crucifix, and an

EchoScn. Unlike the Ancient and Sleep Swords, the Winged Sword has a

decent hit%. Equip it immediately. Make sure you have two spaces in your

inventory, then head for the two citizens of Dist Castle. Elina, the

mother, will say that her husband, the last Dragoon, died; the Dragoons

are finished. Ask here about the Hiryuu and she'll say that she can't

communicate with the only remaining Hiryuu, which was poisoned by the

Empire. She'll say that you need a Dragoon's pendant to do that. Try

talking to the Hiryuu and you'll see her point.

Exit the castle and head north to the Dist Cave. From the entrance,

simply head east, grab the 30 gil, and descend the staircase. Talk to

the skeleton to get the Pendant. Head back to Dist. Go talk to the

Hiryuu, who will give you an Egg to plant in the Spring of Life (in the

Dist Cave). When asked, he'll tell you that a Dragoon named Richard

left to look for Ultima before the Empire attacked, and may still be

alive. Talk to Elina for some info about the Spring of Life (not

needed), then head out, save, and check your stats. Make sure that

everyone has at least 400 hp, Maria has at least 50 mp, and Frioniel has

a sword skill level of 9. To build up weapon skills, wander around the

Dist Island; the monsters here give more weapon points than in previous


When you're set, head back to the Dist Caves. There are three

stairwells on the first floor of the Dist Cave. The northeast one leads

to the Pendant. The southeast stairs lead to the Spring of Life. The

Southwest stairs lead to the Knight Armor, Flame Bow, and other

treasures, not integral. Since you already have the Knight Armor and the

Ice Bow (which is better than the Flame Bow), you need not take the

southwest stairs. I'll give you the directions anyway, as you may need

the gil after your..."ambitious" purchases in Mysidia. So, take the

southwest stairs. On your way to the stairs, grab the Potion. Proceed to

level three (northwest exit to level four) and then four. The Knight

Armor, guarded by an Adamanti, is in the southeast. The Flame Bow is in

the northwest, the ElderIQ in the northeast and the Heart in the

Southwest. Either hike back up or Exit and re-enter the cave. Either

way, take the southeastern stairs this time. Get the Mithril Helmet

(easternmost passage), the Mithril Armor (Second), and the Magic Cane

(third). The Magic Cane is guarded by G.Souls which can easily be taken

by your newfound weapons. Take the southwest stairs (the southeast

stairs will ultimately net you a Mithril Gauntlet and a Mirror (not

really worth it). On the third floor, be careful to avoid the bridge

(Which falls to an area you may have passed on your trek to the Knight

Armor). On level four, get the DrgnBean (an okay attack item). At the

four-door wall, take the door second from the east. Heal up, then talk

to the fiends blocking the path to the Spring of Life. It's a pack of

Chimeras, rather easily defeated.



Hp: 640 Mp: 80

Weakness: None

Reward: 600 Gil

Attacks: Fire7, Physical Attack

Strategy: Though conceivably hard, the Chimeras are just a weaker R.Soul.

They pack less magic power, a weaker spell, and are fighting tougher

characters. To balance it out, there is more than one Chimera. However,

take them out one at a time (everyone hits one) and they will die in

three, maybe four turns. Plus, your Ice Shields should be protecting you

against their fire magic, so it should be an easy fight.


With the Chimeras vanquished, head to the Spring and use the Egg. With

The mission accomplished, cast Exit. When passing Dist, you can swing buy

The Castle and learn that the Hiryuu has died. What's in store for the

Dragoons?? Head back to Altea.


B.) The Arena

Enemies: Column, DualHead, DualZomb, Revenant, Flower, Spectre. Captain,

Sargeant, Sorcerer, Wizard, Ray, Antlion

Treasures: Antidote, Cottage, Ether, Elixir

Bosses: Q. Lamia, Behemoth


Upon entering Altea, head for the rebel hideout. Avoid the southeast

room, for now. You'll learn that Hilda has been acting very strangely

lately. Gordon will ask you to find out what's wrong. Save, de-equip

Raila, and head for the southeast room. Talk to Hilda, who'll crawl into

bed and ask Frioniel to join her. The rest of the party will leave, though

Raila is suspicious. Frioniel goes to the bed, then realizes that it's not

Hilda at all, but the Queen Lamia. The party joins you as you battle the



Q. Lamia

Hp: 1290 Mp: 370

Weakness: None

Reward: 10000 Gil

Attacks: Wink9, Blnk16, Physical Attack

Strategy: This fight is supposed to be hard, and if you didn't go and get

superior equipment, it would've been (look, I like saying that okay?).

Now, you have three good attackers (okay, mainly Frioniel and Guy) and

Raila (de-equipped) as a semi-magician (bolt). So, cast Bolt with Raila

and hammer the Q. Lamia with Frioniel, Guy, and Maria. The thing will die

in two turns, or at most four. However, there is a rogue possibility that

your attackers will all be confused, in which case...ouch. But still, the

boss is quite easy.


After the battle, Raila will tell you to never trust a female. A

messenger will arrive bearing bad news: The emperor is hosting a

tournament at Paramekia. The winner will receive as a prize Princess

Hilda. Gordon will rush in, asking to help you rescue the Princess.

Raila leaves to help train the Rebel Army, and Gordon joins. Give him

all of Raila's equipment, then sniff around for info. Apparently, the

tournament will not be held at Paramekia Castle, but at the Arena. Both

are located in harsh territory. The Arena is located next to a forest

blocked to the east by a mountain range and to the west by a desert.

It's overshadowed by the dark citadel of Paramekia Castle. You

should've seen this on your way to the Warship. You'll also learn that

the Rebellion is planning a sneak attack on the Emperor while you get

the Princess back. Well, I'm fairly sure you know where to go. Sail to

Poft and fly to Kashuon. Grab the Chocobo from the forest and head south

into the desert. Save in front of the Arena and head inside. Follow the

very, very complicated path to the courtyard and head up to the

Emperor's throne. He'll tell you to fight for the Princess, and a

Behemoth will crawl out of the grating and attack you. This is the first

REAL boss in FFII, it's a shame that he's a piece of cake.



Hp: 1620 Mp: 0

Weakness: None

Reward: 0 Gil

Attacks: Physical Attack

Strategy: Hammer him with your weapons, magic is useless. He's too weak

to kill anyone in three turns (except Gordon) and it only takes three

turns to defeat him. His physical attacks do about 200 damage-> your

attacks should do that or more.


After defeating the Behemoth, you'll talk to the Emperor, who reveals that

he recognized you (it's not like you made any attempt to mask your

identity anyway). He'll vanish, and two Captains and the Dark Knight will

appear. They'll throw you in prison. When you come to, "talk" to the bars.

Paul will appear, sneaking up to the white cloaked Imperial guarding your

cell. He'll kill the Imperial and free you, as a gesture of thanks for

saving him in Semite Cave (he hates owing favors). What're you waiting

for? It's time to get the hell out of here. You can get an Antidote in the

southeast (not worth it) and a Cottage, Ether, and Elixir in the east room

(worth it). Head up the stairwell to the second level. Move around the

wall until you can see the Princess in her cell (and you are to the east

of her). There is a fake wall here, so go through it. De-equip Gordon,

then free the Princess. She'll leave with Gordon. Now follow the path to

surface in the southwest corner of the Arena. Exit, save, and trek north

to the forest south of Kashuon (Chocobo Forest). Along the way you'll

fight Antlions and Rays, which are not very hard to kill but may require

several turns. When you get the Chocobo, ride it back to Poft. Rest at

the inn, then sail your ship south to Altea.


C.) The Rebels Strike Back

Enemies: Captain, Sorcerer, Wizard, Sargeant, Soldier, Stunner

Treasures: None

Boss: Gotus


A messenger in Altea will tell you that the Rebels are going to invade

Phin And set up camp west of Gatea. Head northwest to that orange tent.

You'll find it swarming with rebels beseeching you to help them capture

Phin while monsters swarm about causing havoc. Gordon tells you to leave

no survivors. So, head for Phin. This is not as fun as it may seem. Your

goal is not to wander around the town of Phin butchering the Imperial

Captains. You just need to defeat the commanding Imperial Officer,

Commander Gotus. So head to the castle and walk straight to the throne

room, ignore the treasure. Raila will join again, so equip her. Heal up,

then talk to Gotus (who has a great dialogue, right?).



Hp: 2000 Mp: 80

Weakness: None

Reward: 2000 Gil

Attacks: Hast6, Drink, Physical Attack

Strategy: Depending on how Gotus decides to play, this fight can be

anywhere from incredibly easy to mildly difficult. Gotus can greatly

enhance his attack by using a Bacchus Wine. This casts Drink on him,

raising his attack power. His haste spell increases the number of hits he

deals. With both increased attack and increased hits, he'll pose a

serious threat to your party. Otherwise he'll only hit for 100-350 damage.

It should take little more than two turns to destroy him. If he does use

the stat-enhancing spells/items, cure whoever he attacks with your fastest

character, as there is a great chance that he'll attack that same

character again the next turn.


With Commander Gotus defeated, Phin Castle is turned over to the rebels.

Now, all the monsters are gone and you are free to roam the castle.




A.) Catacombs

Enemies: Revenant, Ghast, Wraith, Column, Stunner, Sucker, Changer, Brain,

Mantis, Adamanti, WzOgre, GrOgre, G.Chimera

Treasures: 4000 Gil, Potionx5, Giant Gauntlet, Aura, Were Cane, Gold

Shield, Gold Armor, Quartz Armor, Knife, EyeDrop, Clothes, Flame Shield,

Thread, Fang, Flame Armor, Blood Sword, Orhacon Dagger, W.Mask

Boss: None


Talk to Hilda and Gordon, who'll tell you to retrieve the sealed power

Ultima. From Hilda, learn Mysidia. Say it back to her to learn about

Ultima, the sealed magic. Again, say the keyword back to her. She'll

mention the masks, which you need to learn. Now, ask her about the Masks

and she'll tell you that one is hidden in Phin and can be found using the

chant Ekume. She doesn't know where to use the chant though. Ask Gordon

about Ekume, and he'll tell you to ask Paul (good idea, for once).

You'll want to return to the castle and take all the loot, so go there

before buying any new equipment. On the first floor, get the 1000 gil in

the northeast, another 1000 gil in the northwest, and 2000 gil in the

north. Head up through the southeast stairs. Go into the next area. In

the northeast room are three spells: Toad, Break, and Death. Now, head

back to the first floor and take the center staircase. There's a Potion to

the west which is guarded by Ghasts, Stunners, Revenants, and

Wraiths...not really worth it. From the Potion, head east through a false

wall and get the Giant Gauntlet. Give it to someone who doesn't have a

Giant Helmet. The Spell Aura is to the east, and is guarded by Sorcerers

and Sargeants. The Spell isn't very good, but can be sold. Pass through a

false wall a bit south and west of Aura and head northwest to the Were

Cane. Now, head into the throne room and go to the northeast corner of

the room. Talk to the walls, one will give you the option of saying

Ekume. Say it, and pass through the wall. Follow the path down until you

reach and area where you can see the rest of the cast (you can see grass

to the east. A part of the east wall is fake, pass through it and

carefully head south. Now pass west through a false wall in this region,

and head for the treasure room. Grab the Gold Shield, Quartz Armor, and

Gold Armor. Now, exit through the grass and head to Phin Town. Sell the

Were Cane, Gold Armor, and Quartz Armor. Make sure everyone is rested. You

can ask Paul about Ekume, and he'll tell you to look in the northeast

corner of the room (you already knew that, though).

Head for the passage in Phin Castle. This time, keep going down the

stairs and you'll end up in Catacombs. The first floor is inhabited by

Revenants, Ghasts, Wraiths, and Stunners, so there is nothing to worry

about. You can get a Knife in the Southeast, an Eyedrop in the

northwest, and Clothes in the northeast. The exit is near the Clothes in

the northeast. The second floor is inhabited by Suckers, Changers, and

Brains: new yet easy to kill enemies. You can get a Potion northeast of

the entrance, another Potion in the southwest, and a MaidKiss in the

northwest. Again, the exit is in the northeast. The only monster on the

third floor is the Mantis, which is actually pretty strong. You can get a

Potion in the southeast, a Thread in the northwest, and the Flame Shield

in the southwest. Give this Shield to Frioniel. Head for the northwest

exit. The foes on the fourth floor are Adamantis, GrOgres, WzOgres, and

Columns. They give quite a bit of gil and occasionally drop Blink, Ice,

and Blind. Get the Blood Sword in the northeast, which is guarded by

Ghasts, Spectres, Revenants, and Wraiths. After butchering the Undead,

you'll get what is quite possibly the best weapon in the game. It is

completely useless until the final boss, to which the sword deals

tremendous damage. So, equip on Frioniel as an item, not as a sword. Now

get the Flame Armor in the Northeast and give it to Frioniel. Also, there

is a Fang in the southeast. Take the southeastern exit to the fifth

floor. In the southeast, get the Orhacon Dagger. It's guarded by

G.Chimeras, who are only a little stronger than the Chimeras you butchered

in Dist. Give the Orhacon to Raila. Head northeast. You'll eventually

come to a wall with six doors, take the door second from the east. Proceed

up the steps and get the W.Mask, then head north and exit through the

pentagram. You can ask Hilda and Gordon about what to do next: they'll

tell you to sniff around in Mysidia for clues. So, head for Mysidia.


B.) B. Mask Cave

Enemies: Mallow, Jelly, DualHead, DualZomb, WereRat,Stunner, Tusk, G.Toad

Treasures: EyeDrop, Xpotionx2, Ether, Threadx2,Aerox2, Blindx2, Garlic,

1000 gil, FenixDn, EarthDrm, Valiumx2,DeathGod, Sleep, B.Mask

Boss: BigHorn


In Mysidia (which you've visited before), you'll learn that you need the

two masks and a crystal rod to unseal the Tower of Mysidia and thus obtain

the ultimate magic, Ultima. One person will tell you to place the White

Mask on the goddess statue, so go ahead and do that (the goddess statue

he's talking about is the one that can be accessed by stairs). Finally,

you'll learn that the Black Mask was hidden somewhere on an island cave.

Well, when you were sailing here, you did notice that small, isolated

island, right? That's the Black Mask Cave. Before heading there, swing by

the magic shop. You'll want to get Change and Holy for your three main


When your done, head for the B. Mask Cave. You can get the EyeDrop in the

southeast, the two Xpotions (one in the northeast, one in the northwest),

an Ether in the south and a Thread in the southwest. Take the western

exit. On the second floor, there's a Valium in the northwest, an Aero

spell in the northwest, a Blind Spell in the southeast and southwest, and

another Aero spell in the south. There are also two staircases here. The

northwest staircase will lead you to the Mask Village, a small town

inhabited by mask-wearing freaks. One of them sells an EarthDrm, Ruby

Armor, Demon Axe, and Demon Lance. None of these items are

extraordinarily good, so I don't think you should go there. But if you

want to go there, there is a Thread on the floor directly below the

southwest staircase (east). Proceed to the fourth floor and the fifth

floor will be the Mask Village. If you choose (rather wisely) to not waste

your time with the Mask Village, take the center staircase on the second

floor. Get the Garlic in the south and head for the stairs. The fourth

floor has a 1000 gil chest in the northeast. There are four staircases on

the fourth floor (not counting the initial entrance). The southeast

staircase will take you through two levels, taking you to a secluded area

of the seventh floor The treasures have two Valiums and an EarthDrm

(guarded by Tusks and a G.Toad). Retrace your way back to the fourth

floor and take the southwest staircase. You'll get a FenixDn here, it's

guarded by Shadows, Wraiths, and Ghasts. This time, take the northwest

staircase. Procure the DeathGod from the center. Finally, take the one

remaining staircase, the northeast one. Get Sleep in the northeast, then

go to the west. You'll have to face BigHorn, the guardian of the BMask.



Hp: 1140 Mp: 0

Weakness: None

Reward: 1000 Gil

Attacks: Physical Attack

Strategy: At 1140 hp, this boss is a joke. You might have fought him

around Mysidia. The simplest way to kill him is to attack him every turn.

He should die on the third turn, or sooner.


Grab the BMask and warp out of the cave. Head back to Mysidia.


C.) Mysidian Cave

Enemies: Brain, Coctrice, Molbor, Sucker, Changer, Spectre, Wraith, Ghast,

Pudding, Mallow, Jelly, Soul, R.Soul, Flier, P.Toad

Treasures: Goldpin Helm, Black Armor, Flame Javelin, Power Cane, Ice Bow,

Ogre Axe, G. Needle, FenixDn, SilentB, Potionx5, Mini, Aspil, Drain,


Boss: None


You'll learn that the CrystRod is buried in the Mysidian Cave. The cave

is east of Mysidia, enclosed in a mountain range (don't worry, you can

still get in on foot). Rest up, sell your excess items, and head for the


Dock your ship near the desert and make your way north to the cave. Get

the Goldpin Helm in the north and give it to Frioniel. Give the Black

Armor you can find in the southeast to Maria. Head to the exit, which is

blocked by a doppelganger of Frioniel. Remember, the Black Mask is

supposed to go on a drone? Use the Black Mask on the doppelganger and

he'll vanish. Head through the exit he was blocking. On the second floor,

there's a Power Cane in the north and a Flame Javelin in the northwest. To

reach the Flame Javelin, you'll have to walk through a fake wall. Now,

head to the exit and descend to the third floor. Here you can grab an Ice

Bow in the northwest (again, there's a fake wall) and an Ogre Axe in the

southeast. The Ogre Axe is protected by Bombs, which are easy in a nearly

obscene way. Head to the exit and the fourth floor. The fourth floor

doesn't have any worthwhile treasure. You can get a G.Needle, SilentB,

and FenixDn in the center room (you can buy the FenixDn and G.Needle, and

the SilentB sucks) and a Potion in the northeast (Potions are long

outdated). Head to the fifth floor. The fifth floor actually contains

some good treasure. In the northeast you'll find Drain (it's protected by

Ghosts, slightly stronger than Spectres). Of the five treasures

protected by the fake wall, the eastern one is the best (Mini), the rest

are Potions. When you're done, head to the northeast room (a bit annoying

to find the path to the stairs, but it's linear). The room contains

Aspil, Drain, and the CrystRod.

Once you have the CrystRod, warp outside and head back to Altea (don't go

near the crescent bay with a tower in it). Heal up, rest, sell excess

items, and de-equip Raila. Now, head for that crescent bay. As you enter

the crescent, tidal waves will wash over your ship and you'll awaken in

strange area, with Raila nowhere to be seen.


D.) Leviathan

Enemies: SeaDrgn, ElecFish, MantaRay

Treasures: Spiral Helm, Power Armor, Power Gauntlet, Diamond Shield, Earth


Boss: Worm


This area, which in reality is the stomach of Leviathan, is fairly easy To

navigate, yet contains enemies that actually put up a fight. The Colored

liquid is not water, but stomach acid. You'll lose 1 HP for step inside

the liquid, but no monsters will challenge you there. Grab the Spiral

Helm and give it to Guy. Head north, and get the power armor in the

northeast corner. Give it to Maria. Take the northwest exit. You'll

arrive in a town built by victims of Leviathan. Supposedly, the Leviathan

protects the seal by consuming those who have Crystal Rods. You'll also

learn that there is a boat on the third floor, but no one has defeated the

monster guarding it yet. (Of course, you'll have to defeat the beast).

There is a man blocking your path, show him a CrystRod and he'll join,

introducing himself as Richard the Dragoon. Richard is pretty good, but he

has no spells. With Richard, head through the northwest exit. The

southeast treasure contains the Diamond Shield and is protected by R.

Souls (remember the guy in Kashuon?). Now that you are MUCH stronger,

just smack them to hell in one hit. Give the Diamond Shield to Frioniel and

the Flame Shield to Richard. Now get the Earth Sword from the northeast

corner. Give it to Frioniel. Finally, head west and attack the beast.



Hp: 2000 Mp: 0

Weakness: None

Reward: 2000 Gil

Attacks: Physical Attack

Strategy: The Worm hits for 150-350 damage, which is pretty good. However,

you should also hit 250-350 damage, and all four of your characters should

be attacking. The Worm should fall in four or five turns, maybe three.


After killing the Land Worm, get on the boat to find yourself at the mouth

of the crescent bay.


E.) Tower of Mysidia

Enemies: Spectre, Revenant, Basilisk, L.Molbor, DvFlower, Chimera, Mallow,

Pudding, Flower, Mantis, VmpGirl, Imp, Werewolf, Gigas, Bomb, BigHorn,

Flier, Basilisk

Treasures: Canex3, WhtRobe, Flame Shield, Flame Bow, Flame Javelin, Flame

Helm, Flame Sword, Flame Armor, Ice Armor, Ice Shield, Ice Gauntlet, Ice

Javelin, Ice Sword, Potion, Evil Cane, Unicorn, Thread, Shoes, Flare,

Eggtimer, Crucifix, BlkRobe, Ultima

Bosses: F. Gigas, I. Gigas, T. Gigas, Dragon


The Tower of Mysidia can be extremely annoying and challenging. I would

recommend going in with everyone over 1700 hp (preferably 2000). Your

Three main character should have 150 max MP or higher (at least if they

have mediocre magic abilities, that is). You should also have an Aero

spell of level 5 or higher. Sound hard? Well, it's actually not that

difficult to dramatically increase your stats. Simply walk around Altea

and cast Change (on level 3 or higher) on Goblins, Leg Eaters, and

Hornets. Doing so will cause an increase in HP, MP, VIT, SOUL, and M.PWR.

See the tricks section for more info. I would also recommend having a

character with Level 5 or higher Heal, so you can cure petrifaction. If

you want, you can also head to Dist or Phin with Richard in your party for

some added dialogue.

When you're ready, head for the Tower of Mysidia. The first floor has four

treasures, only one actually worth getting. There is a Cane in the

northeast, northwest, and southeast corners that I suggest you ignore.

Instead, get the WhtRobe from the north area (walk through the fake wall).

Take the central stairs to level two. Get the Flame Shield from the

northwest. You can get a Flame Bow and a Flame Javelin in the northeast,

but considering you already have an Ice Bow and none of your characters

are using Javelins (or are they?) it's not necessary to get them. To

actually reach the exit, take the southwestern path. Take the

southeastern exit to level three. This floor is covered in steaming lava

which behaves like Leviathan's stomach acid. Head for the western door

and take it to enter a new area. Here, get the Flame Sword in the

northeast (give it to Frioniel and give the Earth Sword to Richard). Also

get the Flame Armor in the northeast and the Flame Helm in the northwest.

I usually give the Flame Armor to Richard, and give the Flame Helm to

Maria (since Guy already has a Spiral Helm, if not give it to Guy). It

doesn't really matter who has it, as long as somebody does. When you take

the northern door, it'll lead you to a staircase blocked by a mage. Heal

up, then speak with the mage, who becomes the Fire Gigas.


F. Gigas

Hp: 1800 Mp: 240

Weakness: Ice

Reward: Flame Sword, Flame Armor

Attacks: Fire12, Rock9, Physical Attack

Strategy: The F.Gigas only hits for about 300 damage, while you can rack

up 700 max damage to him per turn. If you have strong Ice spells (lv.8

and above), blast this sucker with them. He'll go down pretty fast.


If the F.Gigas dropped a Flame Sword or Armor, give it to Richard. If

not, don't worry, you'll get a better sword and another suit of armor soon

enough . The fourth floor is suddenly cold, a contrast from the molten

lava below. You can get an Ice Shield in the northwest, an Ice Gauntlet

in the southwest, and some Ice Armor in the southeast. Go ahead and give

the Ice Gauntlet to Frioniel. Give the Ice Armor to any character for whom

the defense is better (probably the guy who has the Power Armor). The

western staircase will lead you to the Ice Javelin. Whether you choose to

get it or not, head to the northeastern staircase. This level is covered

in freezing water which behave like the lava. Make sure to get the Ice

Sword to the east for Frioniel. Head to the door. Heal up, and speak to

the mage, the Ice Gigas.


I. Gigas

Hp: 2000 Mp: 240

Weakness: Fire

Reward: 1000 gil

Attacks: Ice12, Rock9, Physical Attack

Strategy: Though considerably tougher than the Fire Gigas, the I.Gigas is

still fairly easy. Attack with everyone, or use Fire8+ spells. He should

be taking 300-500 damage a turn, making this a short battle.


The sixth floor looks more like the earlier floors of the tower. There's a

Potion in the northeast corner that you should ignore. Instead, follow the

Path leading southwest. Be sure to get the Evil Cane from the chest.

Equip it as a battle item on Richard. Head through the door and to the

seventh floor. You can get a Unicorn in the north (center), Shoes in the

northeast corner, and a Thread in the south (center). When you're

finished, head for the western room. Heal up, and talk to the mage, who

becomes the terrifying Thunder Gigas.


T. Gigas

Hp: 2500 Mp: 370

Weakness: Aero

Reward: 1000 gil

Attacks: Bolt12, Rock9, Physical Attack

Strategy: Unlike his brothers, the Thunder Gigas is actually challenging.

Have Frioniel attack as usual, or if he has a level 5+ Aero spell, use

that. Maria should cast Aero5+, and Guy should heal. Richard, who has the

Evil Cane, should use it as an item. It casts Aero16 on a random target

(e.g., I used it at this boss and the cane cast Aero16 on the Emperor). If

it connects with the T.Gigas, it will do massive damage (700+). Follow

this strategy and the T.Gigas will eventually die.


With that beast killed, head up to the 8th floor. Be sure to get Flare

from the northeast treasure. Flare is guarded by Gotus and a DvFlower

(what the hell is an Imperial Commander doing here?) that die easily and

sometimes drop a Ripper Knife. The exit is the door below Flare. The

water on this floor is not harmful, so enemies can attack you in it. Get

the Eggtimer to the east and the Crucifix to the southwest. Now, head to

the northeast treasure chest. It's guarded by a Dragon that is basically

the I.Gigas on steroids. If you feel up to the fight, heal up and open the

chest for BlkRobe armor.



Hp: 2500 Mp: 140

Weakness: Fire

Reward: 10000 gil

Attacks: Ice16, Physical Attack

Strategy: The Dragon is the first of four Dragons that guard treasure in

FF2. His Ice16 spell will hit for 100-200 damage to all, and his physical

attack will do 300-400 damage. This is the last boss in the Tower of

Mysidia, so hit him with high end Fire spells (if you have any) or just

plain attacks. He'll die eventually, without taking too much of a toll on

the party.


Give the BlkRobe to Frioniel or Guy. Then head to the northwestern terrace

And take the door second to west. Head north and talk to Ming-Wu, who says

he'll give his best shot to destroy the seal. In doing so, he dies. Head

through the door that Ming-Wu gave his life to open. You'll enter a room

with five crystals in it. The southeastern one raises your agility, the

northeastern one raises your intelligence, the northwestern one raises

your soul, the southwestern one raises your strength, and the center one

gives you the sealed magic, Ultima (Give it to Maria when you get a

chance). You'll be warped outside the tower, the sealed magic in hand.




A.) Whirlwind

Enemies: Coctrice, Gotus, DvFlower, Corpse, Captain, Lamia, Bomb, Gigas,

Golem, Wizard

Treasures: Hiryuu, Ripper Knife, Poison Axe, Diamond Helmet, Diamond

Gauntlet, Defense Sword, Diamond Armor, WindFlut

Bosses: General, G.Dragon, Emperor


In your absence, the Emperor used his magic to summon a Whirlwind that

began ravaging the lands. It destroyed Poft, Palm, Gatea, and Altea. It

has also attacked Phin, killing almost everyone. The whirlwind has thrown

everyone trying to attack it out to sea, and if you try to enter it on

foot you'll be ripped apart. What to do? Head for Phin Castle. You can

see that Raila has made it back safe and sound. Learn Whirlwind from

Hilda or Gordon and recite it back to them. They'll hint at a solution to

entering the Whirlwind. Ask Hilda about the Hiryuu and she'll say the

Pendant can bring out the light of our mirror. Head to the Hall of

Mirrors (southwest staircase on first floor of Phin, then northwest). Use

the Pendant at the Mirror and you'll see the Hiryuu egg hatch. The Hiryuu

will fly right through the windows of Phin castle and approach you. The

Hiryuu and Dragoon are re-united again, and its time to kill the Emperor

(who's inside the Whirlwind). You also have the Hiryuu Flute item now,

which can be useful. First, say Whirlwind to Paul and he'll tell you to

check near the bed. There is a fake wall to the east of his bed that leads

to 8 treasure chests. They are the Black Armor, Ruby Armor, Thief

Gauntlet, Quartz Armor, Elixir, Goldpin Helm, Silver Armor, and Blood

Sword. Keep the Blood Sword (you should also have the one you found in

the Catacombs), as it will be useful for the final battle. Now, sell all

your excess junk and useless battle items like Thread and Valium, if

you've got any of those.

Rest up, and head for the Whirlwind directly northeast of Phin. On the

first floor, take the northeast staircase for now. Get the Ripper Knife

in the northeast and continue onwards. On the third floor, get the Poison

Axe in the southwest chest and give it to Guy. Head back to the first

floor. Take the northwest exit this time. Pass through level two, then on

level three take the north staircase. Get the Diamond Helm from the

northeast and the Diamond Gauntlet from the northwest. Head back to the

third floor, this time taking the southwest staircase. Take the southern

staircase on the fourth floor. Get the Defense Sword in the southeast and

give it to Frioniel (give the Ice Sword to Richard). Then, go to the

southwest treasure chest and prepare to fight a General for the Diamond




Hp: 1800 Mp: 0

Weakness: None

Reward: 2000 gil, Diamond Gauntlet, Rune Axe

Attacks: Physical Attack

Strategy: He hits for 500 damage, but he's outnumbered. Just attack him

mercilessly and he'll die.


Now head back to the fourth floor and take the southeast staircase. Head

up to level 6, and go to the northeast corner. Heal up, then prepare to

fight the G.Dragon for a WindFlut.



Hp: 3000 Mp: 190

Weakness: Bolt

Reward: 10000 gil, Fang

Attacks: Mist16, Physical Attack

Strategy: If you have high end Bolt spells (lv.5+) throw them at this

fiend. If not, attack him, making sure to designated a healer that can

undo his physical attacks (500 damage) and his repeated Mist16 attacks

(100-200 damage to the party). His defense is a lot stronger than that of

the Dragon in the Tower of Mysidia, so although he only has 500 more hp,

it'll take several more turns to defeat this one (barring a good Bolt



Now head through the door, heal up, and go into the courtyard. The

Emperor will tell you not to waste his time and call a squadron of Corpses

on you. Kill them, and he'll call yet another one. Finally, he'll take

you on himself (of course, with bodyguards).


Emperor (with 2 Corpses and a Golem)

Hp: 1290 Mp: 190

Weakness: None

Reward: None

Attacks: Slow9, Barr8, Bolt10, Blnk8, Physical Attack

Strategy: Kill the two Corpses first, then butcher the Golem. Have

someone ready to cast Cure on the party in the case of serious double

teaming (the Golem and Corpses may attack the same party member). The

Emperor himself will die in two hits.


After defeating him, the emperor will say he's immortal, yet somehow he'll

die and you return to Phin, victorious.


B.) Paramekia

Enemies: DvFlower, Skull, Golem, DkKnight, General, Gotus, Amoeba, Lamia,

VmpGirl, StGolem, Coctrice, Mantis, Flower

Treasures: Diamond Armor, Garlic, Eggtimer, Knife, Buckler Shield, Bolt

Javelin, Heart, Valium, Magic Cane, Greed Cane, Evil Cane, Sun Sword,

Elixirx3,WindFlut, Hellfire

Boss: Shade


Upon hearing news of the Emperor's death, celebrations begin in Phin. They

Are interrupted, however, when a messenger arrives saying that the Dark

Knight has crowned himself emperor. Not only that, but the Dark Knight

is....Leonheart! You have to head for Paramekia to and either convince him

to join you or kill him. The only problem is, Paramekia is surrounded by

mountains and cannot be accessed by foot or water. Head into Phin and go

to Paul's house. He'll tell you that Cid is in pretty bad shape. Go talk

to Cid, and you can tell that he's dying. The Whirlwind caught him and

tore him up pretty badly. He tells you to look after his Airship, then

dies. Now you know how to get into Paramekia, don't you? Head for Poft

and board the Airship there.

You can now go anywhere in the world, but your destination is Paramekia,

the dark castle overlooking the Arena southeast of Kashuon. Position your

shadow over the highest part of the castle and land. You'll appear near

the top of the castle, so follow the path. Unfortunately, you'll be thrown

to the first floor. NOTE: The General enemies possess very valuable

treasure. They have Diamond Gauntlets (which are very good) and rarely,

Rune Axes. There is only supposed to be one Rune Axe in the game, which

you'll find later on, but if you can get that super-powerful weapon

earlier, there's nothing wrong, is there? In addition, Gotus enemies drop

Bacchus, an item that boosts attack power and is helpful during tough boss

fights. Try to have at least one for Frioniel's use at the final boss,

though having more is not a bad idea. Get the Diamond Armor to the west,

and give it to Guy. There is a Garlic in the southwest that I don't think

you'll want to get, it's pretty bad. If you want another Eggtimer, take

the eastern staircase on the first floor. Follow the path for this

mediocre battle item. That done (or not), take the southern stairs.

Here, you could get a Knife in the southeast and a Buckler Shield in the

northeast, but there's no point at all to get those items. What's up with

putting basic equipment in later dungeons!? Follow the linear path to the

third floor. The southwest treasure chest contains the valuable Bolt

Javelin, which is guarded by Shade.



Hp: 3000 Mp: 240

Weakness: Cure

Reward: None

Attacks: Deth8, Curs8, Physical Attack (Curse)

Strategy: Have your primary curing characters cast cure on Shade if they

have level 6 or higher cure magic, it'll hit for 250-300 damage. Guy's

Rune Axe will do 900 points of damage, so if he's your curing character,

just use him to attack. Frioniel and Richard should attack. Hopefully his

death spell won't obliterate your party, and he'll die within 10 turns.


Head to the southeast exit. The fourth floor contains some basic items;

there's a Heart in the southeast and a Valium in the west. The southwest

room contains three canes, the Magic, Greed, and Evil Canes. Those in

hand, make your way to the northeast exit. The fifth floor has two

stairwells, not counting the entrance. Take the northern one. The

powerful Sun Sword in the southwest is guarded by a Q.Lamia and several

Krulls. Stay alert for their confusion/paralysis spells and you'll be

fine. Give the Sun Sword to Frioniel, and give the Defense Sword to

Richard. Go on to the sixth floor. Take the three Elixirs from the

southwest room and return to the fifth floor. This time, take the

southwest stairs. Head through the sixth and seventh floors. On the

eight floor, ignore the central area for now and make your way to the

northwest corner. Get the HellFire and WindFlut. De-equip Richard

completely, and head to the center area. Head up and talk to Leonheart.

Maria will try to persuade him to join you, but he's been blinded by

power. He says that the world is now his, but is cut off by a familiar

voice-the Emperor's! Back from the dead, he tells Leonheart that his

mission is to make the world a living hell. He begins to attack you, but

Richard holds him off while you fly off on the Hiryuu. You can see

Paramekia change into a dark, hellish castle, Pandemonium.




A.) The Sea of Jade

Enemies: Sphinx, Abysworm, G.Molbor, Dragon, Salamndr, Mantis, VmpLady,

IceLiz, M.Sucker, G.Dragon

Treasures: XCalibr, Hellfirex2, Icewind, Diamond Cane, CatClaw Knife, Rune

Axe, Fang, Aegis Shield, Holy Lance, Dragon Armor, Xpotionx2, Defense


Bosses: B.Dragon, Behemoth, R.Dragon


In Phin, you'll learn that the undead Emperor has resurrected the

root of all evil, the castle of hell, Pandemonium. Unlike Paramekia,

Pandemonium cannot be accessed by air. However, legends tell of a back

road, Jade, through which demons travel to reach the world from

Pandemonium. Learn the keyword Jade and say it to Raila, Hilda, and

Gordon. Gordon tells you that something like that may exist south of

Kashuon...which is where the portal is. First, equip Leonheart. He's

left-handed, so put the Flame Shield in his right hand. Give him the

Defense Sword. Head for Dist. There, talk to Elina and say Dragoon.

She'll tell you that there are too many memories in Dist, and that she

wants to move on to another town. But first, she gives you the XCalibr,

the supreme treasure of the Dragoons. Then Elina and her kid vanish for

good. Give the XCalibr to Frioniel and give his Sun Sword to Leonheart.

Now, head to Mysidia and get Leonheart Change, Holy, Cure, Fire, Ice,

Bolt, Life, and Heal. It's time to build up some stats, so go to an early

dungeon and change the enemies(the Bofsk Sewers or Semite Cave). All of

your characters should have at least 4000, preferably 5000 HP and your

mages should have 300 mp or more. You should all have Weapon Skill levels

of 16, except for Leonheart (as that would take a long time to build-he

should have at least level 9 sword skill though).

When you're ready, head for Jade, which is far east of Mysidia (to the

west of the narrow strait a large distance south of Kashuon). It looks

like a blue circle, as it is the Sea of Jade. You'll enter a watery area,

the first floor of Jade. Jade, for reasons unbeknownst to me, is packed to

the brim with treasure. On the first floor, you'll be able to grab the

Hellfire from the southwest and the Diamond Cane from the northeast.

However, as you probably don't use Canes, you can either pass up this

treasure chest, or grab it and sell it...your choice. Head for the

staircase and descend to the second floor. In the northeast you can snatch

an Icewind, coupled with a Hellfire in the Northwest. To the southwest

you'll find the CatClaw Knife, which is dutifully protected by the

B.Dragon, which sometimes drops the Dragon Armor and Holy Javelin, two

great treasures. Don't worry if this B.Dragon doesn't drop them,

though. You can also fight more later on (yes, they actually become

random encounters). This is the best way to get three suits of Dragon

Armor (the R.Dragon drops it, but is tougher).



Hp: 3500 Mp: 240

Weakness: Posion (Aero)

Reward: 10000 Gil, Dragon Armor, Holy Javelin, Fang

Attacks: Bolt16, Physical Attack

Strategy: Blast this guy with high level8+ Aero spells or Tnad13 from

the WindFlut. Have Guy, Leonheart, and Frioniel attack, while Maria casts

black magic and cures after an occasional Bolt16. The monstrous foe

hardly ever poses a severe threat, since you should be racking up

1000-2000 damage on it per turn.


After butchering or avoiding the Bolt Dragon, head to the staircase and go

to the third floor. To the Northeast is a treasure you'll definitely want:

the Rune Axe (unless you got it already from the Generals in Paramekia, in

which case you can pass this up). The Rune Axe is guarded by the Behemoth

(MegaBehemoth), who isn't as hard as he looks. First, equip the Blood

Sword on Frioniel and Leonheart, since the MegaBehemoth takes a lot of

damage from the weapon.


Behemoth [MegaBehemoth]

Hp: 5000 Mp: 0

Weakness: None

Reward: 0 Gil, Yoichi Bow, Power Gauntlet, Power Armor, Spiral Helmet

Attacks: Physical Attack

Strategy: The quickest way to beat this foe is with your weapons.

Surprisingly, the Behemoth does not have an excellent defense, as one

would imagine.... Rather, his Magic Defense is substantially higher. Just

hack him to pieces, since the Blood Sword does about 4200 damage on this



Equip Guy with the Rune Axe. It's interesting to note that there is a

magic shop behind the waterfall here, on the eastern side. You can buy

some decent spells, such as Flare, Death, Haste, and Berserk. Get Flare

for your characters that don't have it yet. You can also sell the items

that you won't need, ex. CatClaw Knife. My question: what's this salesman

doing here? I might be wrong, but for a portal that opens every, oh, lets

say 500-1000 years, inhabited by demons, business must suck. Head to

staircase and the next level. In the northwest, snatch the Fang (if you

want it), then head for the north room. Ignore the treasure chest in the

Northeast for now. In the room, you'll want to get the Aegis Shield, the

Dragon Armor, and the Holy Javelin. Head back to the main area of the 4th

floor. Proceed to the Northeast. Its time to slay the last Dragon. Equip

the IceWind on Maria, then open the treasure for a Yoichi Bow.


R.Dragon (Red Dragon)

Hp: 5000 Mp: 450

Weakness: Ice

Reward: 10000 Gil, Dragon Shield, Holy Javelin, Shoes, Dragon Armor

Attacks: Fire16, Physical Attack

Strategy: High end Ice spells would not hurt, but you need not drain your

mp here. Have your weakest attacker, probably Maria, blast the Dragon with

an IceWind. In the meanwhile, your attackers should hack away at the foe.

Though harder than the B.Dragon (and the Dragon and G.Dragon), he should

go down within 6 turns.


Give Maria the Yoichi Bow, and then head towards the staircase. Near the

entrance to the fifth floor is a sign telling you that Hell is near.

(Thanks for the directions, pal. And by the way, who paid you to put the

sign there?) Anyway, grab the two Xpotions (northwest and northeast), you

may need them later. Also grab the Defense Gauntlet (though it's not much

better than your current equipment; hopefully everyone already had Diamond

Gauntlets). Head for the sixth floor. There is really nothing on the sixth

floor, so head straight for the terrace are, where you'll be warped to

Pandemonium Castle.


B.) Pandemonium

Enemies: Lamia, Q.Lamia, WolfDevl, BstDemon, MtGolem, DthRider, DvMantis,

Krull, DvFlower, G. Molbor, IceLiz, B. Dragon, R. Dragon, MegaBehemoth,

I.Gigas, F.Gigas, T.Gigas, Bomb, Worm, Salamndr, IceLiz, Giant

Treasures: Ether, EyeDrop, Masmune Sword, Genji Gauntlet, Genji Helmet,

Genji Armor, Ribbon Helmet, ElderIQ, HellFire, DrgnBean

Bosses: Z.Borgan, Tiamat, Satan, Asteroth, Emperor


There is no treasure on the first floor, and don't try to walk into the

Gates (they look like a row of doors). Just follow the normal path to the

exit. On the second floor, you can pick up on Ether to the north as you

again follow the path. It's interesting to note that packs of Lamias,

Q.Lamias, and Krulls drop Ribbon Helms, a heavily guarded treasure later

in the castle. The third floor of Pandemonium is still straightforward,

but you can grab some EyeDrops if you want in the Southwest. There's a

passage in the center of an L shaped hallway which leads to the EyeDrops.

The fourth floor, however, is quite different from the others. It has

four doors, each leading to a convoluted passage with a treasure in it.

First, take the westernmost door. Follow the passage. You'll see a

treasure, but don't open it just yet. Instead, follow the path for a while

longer. You'll have to walk through a wall or two on the way as you

progress northeast, so don't pass that off as a bug in the game. These

walls will eventually lead you to another room with a treasure. Snatch

the Masmune sword, and give it to Frioniel. Give Leonheart Frioniel's

XCalibr. Armed with the Masmune, it's time for you to do some treasure


*The Masmune's room contains some tough monsters, the MegaBehemoth,

B.Dragon, and R.Dragon. These monsters also drop powerful treasure, but

you might want to reserve the treasure hunting spirit until you get some

better armor.*

Trace your way back to the first treasure. Open it for a Genji

Gauntlet. Zombie Borgan, however, doesn't want you to keep's

time to put that idiotic Imperial to rest, for good.


Z. Borgan

Hp: 2500 Mp: 370

Weakness: Fire, Cure

Reward: 2000 Gil

Attacks: Flar16, Physical Attack (Paralysis)

Strategy: With the Masmune in hand, this fight should be a piece of cake.

Have Frioniel use the Masmune to Hast11 the party, and have everyone else

attack. Unless you are very unlucky, and Z. Borgan manages to paralyze

your big attackers (Leonheart and Frioniel), this fight shouldn't last over

3 rounds, I killed him in two hits.


Give the Genji Gauntlet to Maria. Now, progress to the second room from

the west. Follow the path to the northwest, where you'll find a treasure

chest, and make sure you have good weapons equipped. Open the treasure

chest to get the Genji Helmet and fight Tiamat.



Hp: 5000 Mp: 450

Weakness: None

Reward: 10000 Gil

Attacks: Fire16, Bolt16, Mist16, Ice16, Physical Attack(Poison)

Strategy: This is not a magic fight, since Fire, Bolt, Mist, Ice, and Aero

heal Tiamat. Theoretically, Flare and Ultima will hurt him, but that would

waste precious MP. Instead, Hast11 everyone with Frioniel, have Maria as a

reserve Healer, and butcher Tiamat with relentless physical attacks. Do it

fast, as Tiamat's elemental spells can rack up some heavy hp loss.


Now take the easternmost door. In the north is a treasure chest guarded by

Satan. Open it for the Genji Armor, then prepare to kill the devil.



Hp: 5000 Mp: 450

Weakness: None

Reward: 10000 Gil

Attacks: Fire16, Flar16, Chrm16, Blnk16, Dspl16, Ston16, Physical


Strategy: Again, this is not a magic fight. Rather than waste mp on

Ultima or Holy, begin attacking immediately. This time, its not worth it

to use the Masmune with Frioniel, because Beelzebub can induce crippling

status effects on your entire party if you wait too long.


Go to the second door from the east. Follow the path until you see a

Treasure chest. This chest contains the Ribbon, a fairly strong helmet.

It Offers protection against status effects and elemental attacks, but

lacks in defense. However, this treasure is guarded by Asteroth,

the incredibly difficult Dark Lord. If you are up to the challenge, that

is, have over 2500 hp for every character (not max, current) and suitable

mp, then you can try it. In my opinion, the ArchAngel is harder than the

last boss, and the equipment he has is not worth the fight; you can get

the same helm if you keep beating up Krulls and Q.Lamias. It's your




Hp: 7000 Mp: 540

Weakness: None

Reward: 10000 Gil

Attacks: Aero16, Blnd16, Dran16, Fire16, Physical Attack

Strategy: Use Frioniel's Masmune to Hast11 the party. Ultima with Maria,

and attack with Guy and Leonheart. The next turn, attack with Frioniel and

Leonheart. If needed, heal with Guy, else attack. If Maria doesn't need

to heal, cast Ultima. If you are lucky, Asteroth won't physically

attack you or blind Frioniel.


With Asteroth slaughtered (or avoided), your party has gained the last of

The great treasures of Pandemonium. With the exception of several items

to Be procured along the path to the final boss, you've gotten everything

the Dungeon has to offer. Now, you're faced with an important decision:

exit the dungeon, save, stock up on ethers/elixirs, etc., or move on to

face the final boss. Yes, trekking through Jade and Pandemonium again will

be boring and arduous. But it would be better than having to reclaim all

the treasure again if you, say, lost to the final boss. Anyway, I exited

and recuperated...others may choose differently. After defeating Asteroth,

head to the warp in the south corner of the room. The fifth floor is

straightforward, as is floor six. On floor six grab the ElderIQ in the

north. On the seventh floor, treat yourself to a Hellfire in the

southeast and a DrgnBean in the northwest. From here, move on to the 8th

floor. The warp is in the southwest corner.

On floor nine lurks the Emperor, reborn from hell. This Astral Plane also

is home to R.Dragons, B.Dragons, MegaBehemoths, T.Gigases, I.Gigases,

F.Gigases, and Bombs. Don't get to close to him, or the battle with start.

Instead, pause, and check your equipment:


*Frioniel should have the Masmune Sword equipped, along side an Aegis

Shield, Genji Armor, Diamond Helmet, Diamond Gauntlets, Bacchus, and an

Elixir. He should have over 5000 hp, a level 16 sword and shield skill


*Maria should have the Yoichi Bow, Ice Shield, Diamond Armor, Diamond

Helmet, Genji Gauntlet, and 2 Elixirs. She should have over 4000 hp and

300 mp, an Ultima of level 12 or higher, and a Cure of level 11 or higher.

*Guy should have the Rune Axe, Diamond Shield, Diamond Armor, Diamond

Helmet, Diamond Gauntlet, and 2 Elixirs. He should have over 5000 hp and

300 mp, and a Cure spell of level 11 or higher.

*Leonheart should have the XCalibr Sword, Flame Shield, Diamond Armor,

Flame Helmet, Diamond Gauntlet, a Bacchus, and 2 Elixirs. He should have

over 4500 hp, a level 10 sword and shield skill level.


*Frioniel should have the Blood Sword equipped, along side an Aegis Shield,

Genji Armor, Diamond Helmet, Diamond Gauntlet, Bacchus Wine, and an


*Maria should have the Yoichi Bow, Diamond Armor, Diamond Helmet, Genji

Gauntlet, and 2 Elixirs.

*Guy should have the Rune Axe, Diamond Shield, Diamond Armor, Diamond

Helmet, Diamond Gauntlet, a Masmune and an Elixir.

*Leonheart should have the XCalibr Sword, Flame, Diamond Armor, Genji

Helmet, Diamond Gauntlet, a Bacchus, and an Elixir.


*Frioniel should have the Blood Sword equipped, along side an Aegis Shield,

Genji Armor, Genji Helmet, Genji Gauntlet, Bacchus Wine, and an Elixir.

*Maria should have the Yoichi Bow, Genji Armor, Genji Helmet, Genji

Gauntlet, and 2 Elixirs.

*Guy should have the Rune Axe, Dragon Shield, Genji Armor, Genji Helmet,

Genji Gauntlet, a Masmune and an Elixir.

*Leonheart should have the XCalibr Sword, Dragon Shield, Genji Armor,

Genji Helmet, Genji Gauntlet, a Bacchus, and an Elixir.

When you are ready, go ahead and talk to him. Get ready...



Hp: 10000 Mp:???

Attacks: Meteo1, Blnd16, Curs16, Dspl16, Flar16, Slow16, Physical Attack

*Strategy 1: No Blood Swords* This strategy may be a little risky in the

sense that it puts your main attacker, Frioniel, out of the picture or two

rounds, but it is also a nearly insurmountable method of defeating the

Emperor. Here's how it goes:

(1) Frioniel uses the Masmune to cast Hast11 on the party. Maria uses the

Yoichi Bow to Bsrk3 the party. Guy attacks the Emperor Leonheart uses the

a Bacchus

(2) Frioniel uses the Bacchus to enhance his attack. Maria casts Ultima12

or higher on the Emperor, or Cures the party (after Meteo), or Cures a

single character that's been attacked Guy attacks the Emperor, or Cures a

single character that's been attacked. Leonheart attacks the Emperor, uses

an Elixir if it fits the situation.

(3) On turn three, Frioniel attacks, uses an Elixir if necessary (though

that will severely hinder the regicide process). The rest of the party

repeats the above strategy. Frioniel's attack should do 2400+ damage.

Up to this point, the Emperor, if everyone could attack, should have

suffered 1800 damage. The point? It should take 5 turns, including the

initial one, to defeat this foe.

*Strategy 2: 2 Blood Swords*

(1) Frioniel uses the Bacchus, Maria uses the Yoichi Bow to cast Bsrk3, Guy

uses the Masmune to cast Hast11, and Leonheart uses the Bacchus

(2) Everyone attacks. Frioniel should kill the Emperor in one hit (for me,

he did 11728 damage, displayed as 1728).


Sit back and watch a well-earned but not too great ending.