Side Quests e segredos


1. Magia Change

Change is the most powerful spell in the game. Level it up as soon as you can To level 5 or higher. Then, begin to cast it on weak enemies like Goblins. The point? Well, a Goblin has 6 HP and 0 MP. Switching stats with one will cause HP, VIT, SOUL, MP, and M. PWR increases. IMHO, this is MUCH more effective then beating up your own characters.


2. Weapons/Magic Skills facilmente

Weapon and Magic Skill points are awarded each time you select a target to attack or each time you select a target to cast magic on. So, if you select Fight, pick a target, cancel, and repeat, you'll gain 1 (A) point. The same goes with magic. Each enemy will give you a certain number of (B) points per attack made on them. The number of (B) points acquired in relation to your (A) points determines how many skill points you get after the fight. The moral? Weapons will easily level to 4, stay stagnant, then level up to 2, stay stagnant, then level up to 16. So, whenever you sense the monsters will give you skill points, simply pull the trick 100 times to get a skill level. *Note: By going to advanced dungeons early, you may get slightly higher sword levels then suggested above.*


3. Blood Swords

There are two Blood Swords in Final Fantasy 2. Blood Swords have 0 attack power, and are useless for the majority of the game. However, the Blood Swords do incredible amounts of damage to the final boss. I've killed the last boss in one hit with the Blood Sword, so it's a good idea to keep both Blood Swords ready for the last foe.


4. Mysidia's Bookcase

The northeastern book case in the southwestern Mysidian house (wow that sounds weird) contains a book case that holds some interesting information. It responds to many keywords, giving you the background information on SunFlame, Goddess Bell, etc. They are listed below: 


Jade:When Pandemonium First terrorized our land, demons used Jade as a transit between worlds.

Mask: Both masks will be utilized on the path to finding the Rod of legend. The White Mask's destiny lies with a maiden of solid stone...Black with the likeness of a drone.

Ultima: Long ago, the sacred mages created a strong spell to contain Pandemonium. They sealed the ultimate magic in a giant tower, fearing its power afterwards.

Mysidia: Mages from long ago knew the power of Ultima. The magic they created was so strong, they feared they themselves would ruin the world by fighting over its power. So they formed Mysidia as a haven and migrated

there in peace.

Hiryuu: Hiryuus were trained to fight for the Dragoons. They can carry many people and items.

Dragoon: The tower of Dist used to be a den of Hiryuus. One Knight by the name of Haan spent 30 years to retain friendship with the Hiryuus. He became the first Dragoon.

Goddess Bell: Long ago, a wealthy king ordered an unbreakable lock, because his treasure had often been stolen. The first lock was broken in a day. The second lock was broken in two days. But, the third lock was never broken. The King hid the only known key, now known as the Goddess Bell, deep within an icy cave. The Bell's sweet sound can open any lock.

Sun Flame: In a time before castles or countries a star fell upon the land where Kashuon exists now. One man harnessed the burning core of the star. He created an altar and worshipped it there. As humanity progressed, a

castle was built around it as a sign of power.

Airship: Such is the way technology flows...If society keeps progressing, magic will one day die out.

Mithril: This magical metal can be found deep within the earth.


5. Light Warriors

After capturing Phin from Commander Gotus, take a trip around the town. One person will say: "WARRIORS, REVIVE THE POWER OF THE ORBS!", a quote from Final Fantasy. Guy'll tell him to shut up afterwards. He disappears after the Whirlwind incident.


6. Península ao sul de Altea

Just like Final Fantasy's 'Peninsula Northeast of Pravoka', FFII has an area early in the game where powerful monsters appear. If you walk directly south of Altea until you reach the tip of the peninsula, and then walk around. You can face advanced Mysidian enemies, like Puddings, Mallows, and Brains here, which is a good way to build up your weapon levels, if you survive.


7. Masamune Room/Astral Plane

Both of these areas are home to some tough enemies (the Astral Plane is the final floor of Pandemonium). This is a good place to go hunting for extra suits of Dragon Armor and extra Dragon Shields. You may also luck out and get a Yoichi Bow from the MegaBehemoths lurking around. If you want to be optimally equipped, and missed the Dragon Armor or Shield, this is the only way to get extra sets.


8. Giants

Giants are probably the rarest enemy in the game, but they also have the best equipment to drop. They are located on the orange floor of Pandemonium castle, in the northeast courtyard. They appear relatively often if you hang around in that area, but I've never fought them elsewhere (even on that floor). Giants usually attack for about 500-1500 damage, then run away. Occasionally, they'll use Mist16 on the whole party. The real secret is that when you beat them, they drop all three Genji Armors and XCaliburs (not in the same battle, obviously). Basically, if you want to get the best stuff in the game, kill these guys.