Status negativos


1) These Status Ailments last even after Battle is finished.

Poison: At the end of each turn in battle or with each step on the map, a poisoned character will lose HP. Cure it with an Antidote or the spell Heal (Lv.1).


Dark: Darkness lowers hit percentage, causing complete misses or just a lower number of hits. Cure it with an EyeDrop or the spell Heal (Lv.1).


Curs: Curse lowers attack and defense. Cure it with a Crucifix or the spell Heal (Lv.2).


Dumb: Dumbfounded prohibits spell casting. Cure it with an EchoScn or the spell Heal (Lv.3).


Frog: Frog lowers attack and defense and prevents you from using magic or items. Cure it with a MaidKiss or the spell Heal (Lv.4).


Ston: Stone prohibits action. Cure it with a G. Needle or the spell Heal (Lv.5).


Dead: Death prohibits action. Cure it with a FenixDn, at a Shrine, or with the spell Heal (Lv.6).


2) Battle only Status Ailments

These Status Ailments are cured after battle or randomly during the battle.


Conf: Confusions causes you to lose control of your characters actions. The character will act randomly.


Hold: Paralysis prohibits action.


Mini: Mini lowers attack and defense.


Mute: Silence prevents spell casting.


Sleep: Sleep prevents action.