Detalhado - 1° parte


Chapter 1: 4 Boys Fall Into a Cave...


Chapter One will see the Light Warriors accidentally realizing their destiny,

Lifting a curse of an evil dude of fire, Receiving (and destroying) an airship.

You're party will climb to the top of a mountain to find an amnesiac warrior

only to jump all the way down afterwards.


1) Ur Cave enemies: Goblin, Eyefang, Carbuncle, BlueWisp, Werewolf


It seems evil has reared its ugly head upon the world, again. So who

do they summon the services of, the strongest and most skilled legions of men

and women across the land? Nah. You get to guide four amberdextrious, orphan

(so you get to name them) identical twin (okay, technically they're quadruplets)

boys on their way to victory over the ultimate evil. Anywho, it seems these

four children seemed to be walking along minding their own business when they

suddenly dropped into a cave. After recollecting their thoughts, they got up,

and started examining the setting. It is now that they are confronted by a few

GOBLINS. Their wussiness is great and they are easily dispatched. But they can

do respectable damage if they chose to pile up on the same warrior. You can

pile up on the same goblin if you wish- after you kill the target, somebody

assigned to fight it will move on to another enemy, unlike previous FF


After defeating them, be sure to collect the first two chests you come

to, a POTION and LEATHER SHIELD lie within them. As you walk along the path,

one of the character is your party mentions the suspicious-looking rock. Push

it by facing it and pushing 'A.' The path will open. Get the LEATHER SHIELD in

the chest just to your right. Now go to the doorway you see. Take the very

first left path you come to a chest holding a SOUTHWIND. Go back and take the

right path to come to a chest with a POTION. Go back and go straight up to get

a POTION in a chest. Take a right from there and some trusting soul will

suggest drinking from it. Do so to return to prefect health. The chest above

the spring holds a SOUTHWIND. If you go left for a while, you'll notice a

door. Don't enter it yet. Instead, build up your characters till you reach

level 4, 5 would be even better.

Whenever you think you're ready, go through that door mentioned in the

previous paragraph. Proceed toward the WIND CRYSTAL. While doing so, you'll

be attacked by the one who guards the crystal.

BOSS: LandTrtl. Difficulty level: 1.5 Recommended level: 4-5

HP: 120 Weakness: Ice

Don't use any items unless you really have to. Save your ice stuff. Just keep

attacking it. If somebody gets weak (kneels when HP goes less than 1/4 max),

move 'em to the back row by pushing the Right key and selecting. Eventually,

it will fall.

After completing the task, you are to speak to the Crystal. Yer not

allowed to proceed any further on this journey until doing so. Speak to it,

and it will grant you its powers, the jobs FIGHTER, MONK, WHITE WIZARD, BLACK

WIZARD, and RED WIZARD. Watch the scene and walk your way to the star that

lies just above the Crystal. It'll warp ya out of the joint.


Now it's time to ditch the ONION KID distinction and change jobs. One

must unequip all if one wishes to change from one job to another. At this

point in of the game, I'd recommend a FIGHTER, MONK, WHITE WIZ, and RED WIZ in

that order. Now re-equip everything and head back into the cave you just came

out (you may want to get a couple stalves for a white wizard the town).

After entering, go down the path. Walk through that suspiciously long

inlet you see through a false wall (plenty are the false walls in this game).

You'll find yourself in a room with two chests, 1000 GIL each. Get out the

same way you came in and through the doorway you see. Walk along this path

collecting the various treasure you find (COPPER RING, 2 LONG SWORDS, NUNCHUCK,

and SLEEP SPELL). Give the swords to your fighter (both of them) and the ring

to a mage. Don't give the nunchuck to a monk, yet. Now retrace your steps out

of this cave.

UR Inn Free




Knife 20 6 85%

Dagger 60 8 85%

LongSword 100 10 80%

Staff 40 3 50%

Nunchuck 60 12 70%




Cloth Outfit 50 1 0% 1

Leather Outfit 95 2 1% 2

Leather Helmet 15 1 1% 1

Leather Shield 40 3 3% 3

Copper Ring 80 1 2% 1




Potion 150

Eyedrop 40

Antidote 80




W Pure 100 Cures poison status Yes

After getting out of the cave, you no doubt see a town south of you.

It's probably a good idea to make your way towards it. First, go into the door

marked INN and plop into a bed- it's free here. When your stay is over, walk

out. You'll notice your HP/MP are completely restored. Pretty good for ten

seconds' sleep, isn't it? Anyways, now go by the inn (you should buy the PURE

SPELL from the magic shop for a white/red wiz at some point soon. Walk right

at the second row of flowers through the trees to find 3 POTIONS down the well.

Get out of there and and head right and upward through a path in between trees.

At the edge of the patch of grass you'll find a POTION. Now head by that older

guy in the grass. Follow that path, which contains enemies like Killer Bees,

into the house. Search the pots to find a couple of ANTIDOTES. Next, pull the

torch, just as that guy advises, to find treasures like a LONGSWORD, 2 LEATHER

OUTFITS, DAGGER, and CURE SPELL (give to white wiz, if you don't have one, red

wiz). Leave the house and go to the trail of grass below it to find a POTION

at the edge. I would stick around this area for a while to build up experience

and skills, until level 6, 7 if you're patient.

After staying at the inn at Ur (it's free in case you've forgotten) and

buying some items from the item shop held within the wall of the inn. When you

buy items, or anything for that matter, buying four saves you roughly 10

percent. Buying ten saves you about 40 percent. Get four POTIONS, ANTIDOES,

and 10 EYEDROPS. Now make your way to the armor shop. Buy the best stuff you

can, like leather vests for whoever doesn't have one, rings and what not. Sell

all extraneous equipment (this means the shields and clothes). Get to the

weapon shop and get some a NUNCHUCK for a monk (NOW equip them in both hands),

and two staves for the white wiz. Sell your crap and move on to the other town

(you may want to stop in the elder's house here, it's where you live I


Now that you're ready for the next part of the game, go south to the

nearby town of KAZUS. Talk to that dude by the fire, and you'll find that

this place is having some problem with ghosts. Everybody here was turned to a

ghost because of a curse put upon the town by some jerk named JINN. Go to the

inn, and head over to the ghost who's just standing still. That would be Cid,

the skilled airship mechanic. After speaking to him, you'll be enlightened of

an AIRSHIP hidden in the DESERT just west of Kazus. Leave the town, but before

doing that, go to the unmarked building you see close to the magic shop. That

row of grass (the row without any stones), leads to some pretty interesting

stuff if you head leftward (ZUES' RAGE and MITHRILL HELMET to be exact) into

the trees. Now you may leave.

When you find yourself outside the town, head west to that patch of

desert Cid was talking about. Walk straight to the airship's steering wheel

and face it. Press 'A' and you get to fly around the area (it's not to big as

you can see). Go northwest of Kazus to find SASOON CASTLE. Enter the castle

at once.

Important new stuff in Sasoon Castle:



Wooden Arrow (2) 6 90%

Holy Arrow (5) 13 85% <--- Holy elemental

Bow (50) 5 90%

W.Slayer Sword 1000 15 80% <--- Holy elemental

It seems Jinn's curse has victimized this place as well. Head up a

couple screens upon your entry until you fond yourself in a room with those two

chests holding 1000 GIL each (they're not hard to reach). Now go up the stairs

and through the other doorway too find a LEATHER SHIELD and ICE SPELL waiting

for you in chests. From there, you can go to the throne room, where you can

discover the location of Jinn (SEALED CAVE to the north). You'll also find out

that PRINCESS SARA is the keeper of a MITHRILL RING. Sara was supposedly

captured by Jinn, and the king wants you to track her down. The ring Sara

holds can capture Jinn when he is weak enough.


From the throne room, go down a few screens so you can get to the

castle's towers (NOTE: in the castle's towers, enemies such as DARKEYE and

ZOMBIE will attack). In the right tower, you'll find 20 HOLY ARROWS 40 WOODEN

AROWS, A POTION and a BOW in chests. The red and black wizards can make use of

some bows and arrows, equip them if you want to. Head back down stairs as far as

you can go, but before that you should take a snooze in the bed that's at the top

floor. After you go down, head to the left tower. As you make your way up the

left tower, you'll encounter upon treasure such as 20 HOLY ARROWS, and 20

WOODEN ARROWS. At the top of the left tower, there is a chest containing a

WSLAYER SWORD. This is a holy elemental sword that only red mages can equip.

When you first stick your head in the chest and take sword, a Griffin appears.

Not hard at all, just go at it with you best attacks (NOT your SOUTHWINDs), and

it'll die in a hurry (100HP?). It's probably a good idea to bash the undead

monsters of this tower to build up because you've a sword specialized for

keeping the undead at bay, and your white wizard's Cure spell hurts the undead.

Leave whenever you want to, and get back to Ur to stay at the Inn. Now it's

time to do that cave...

2) Cave of the seal enemies: Skeleton, Mummy, Shadow, Lurawai, CurseCoin

Recommended Level: 7-8

Recommended Party: Fighter/Monk/White Wizard/Red Wizard (Black Wizard?)

As you can see, undead enemies make up the great majority, so it's

definitely a good idea to bring a white wizard (Cure) and red wizard (WSlayer)

along for the ride (but then again, black wiz can use the Holy Arrows). Potions

also hurt undead monsters, but don't use them for that purpose. Walk down the

path-it's pretty straightforward. The first chest you can possibly come to has

a POTION. The second one has a CURE SPELL, which should be given to the red wizard.

Now walk your way to the second floor. The chest within your field of vision has

500 GIL in it. That skull in the top right will reveal a doorway when pushed. That

passage leads to the princess. That ring mentioned in previous paragraphs is in her

safe possession. It is decided that she will follow your party around as you make

your way through the rest of the cave.

In the lower right corner, there lies a treasure chest holding a

SOUTHWIND within. Go back upward and continue following the path as usual.

The other chest in this place contains an EYEDROP. As you make your way down

the path, you'll see Jinn. Heal up before the battle then come fourth...

BOSS: Jinn Difficulty level: 3

HP: 450-500 Weakness: Ice Strong against: Fire (heals him)

The fighter and monk should FIGHT. The white wiz should use a SOUTHWIND in the

first round of fighting, then have him cast CURE on whoever he hurts in all

other rounds. The red and black wizard should cast ICE, which is good for 40-

80 Damage to Jinn each time it's used. This really is an easy fight.

When you've finished him off, you are transported to Sasoon Castle and

Jinn, safely stored within a mithrill ring, is tossed into the castle's

basement pond. Walk around the castle a little bit, and you will see the curse

has been lifted, and the Princess will follow you no more. Make your way to

the throne room and speak to the King. He is grateful for what you have just

accomplished. So grateful that he wishes to help you on your journey over

evil, so he gives you a CANOE. Just as all of us FF1 vets will remember, this

thing allows you to transport yourself across shallow lakes and rivers. You

can't get your airship back without it.

KAZUS Inn: Free




Mithril Wand 400 5 60%

Mithril Knife 500 10 85%

Mithril Sword 500 17 85%




Mithril Armor 350 3 3 3

Mithril Shield 180 5 7 5

Mithril Helmet 130 2 4 2

Mithril Gloves 120 1 5 1

Mithril Ring 120 2 7 2




Potion 150

Antidote 80

Eyedrop 40




B Sleep 100 Makes target so tired they fall asleep and very vulnerable No

B Fire 100 A mild blast of heat hits enemy/s for wimpy fire damage Yes

B Ice 100 A sorta cool rush of cold stuff goes to hit the target No


But anywho, the curse of Jinn is no more. Now would be a pretty good

time to check up on our friends in Kazus, who were victimized by the curse.

All shops are now open for business. As you walk into town, Cid (the airship

dude, remember? Found in future Final Fantasies?) will confront you

immediately. He is going to follow you around for he needs to be in CANNAN.

That's on the southern part of the continent. Just one problem: a big-ass

boulder keeps you from proceeding any further. If you talked to Cid a few

times, you'll get the knowledge of a man named TACA, the town's blacksmith.

But before you talk to him, stay at the inn, which is of no charge once again.

In the pub portion of the inn, there's a kid who tells you to search one of the

walls in the mine. The far upper part of the town contains the mine, you can't

miss it. Walk through the mine- it has a very basic path (NOTE: Some fairly

tough undead monsters such as Shadow lurk within). Go to the very top of the

mine, and search that spot three steps from the left. This reveals a passage

leading to two chests holding MITHRILL SWORDS. Equip them on a fighter and head


Now the time comes to visit Taca. His house has the shortest distance

to the mine (you know, that thing you just came out of) and is unmarked. Go in

and speak to the one who dwells within. This will cause him to install some sort

of battering ram on to your airship so you can make clear the path. Leave the

town, stay at the inn if you want to. Get on the airship and ram into the boulder

that is an inconvenience to you. The boulder will be gone, so will your airship

(doh...). But the sacrifice was worth it for you can now proceed to the next

part of the game. Walk southward and you'll come to a town, CAANAN.





Iron Arrow (5) 17 85%

GreatBow Bow (600) 8 85%

(Mithril Wand)

(Mithril Knife)

(Mithril Sword)

---------------- -----------------


---------------- -----------------

(Mithril Armor) Potion 150

(Mithril Shield) Antidote 80

(Mithril Helmet) Eyedrop 40

(Mithril Gloves)

(Mithril Ring)




W Cure 100 Restores several HP to one warrior; some to all warriors No

B Bolt 700 Shocks enemy/s for a little bit of lightning damage Yes

B Venom 700 Gives poison status to an enemy No

B Blind 700 Deals blind status to cut the victim/s Hit % by something No


Just when you head a couple steps into this place, Cid will follow you

no more. He's got personal matters to attend to. Journey through this place a

bit. You'll notice that the shops suck. You should already have this stuff.

The only thing that even comes close to wanting your business is the BOLT

SPELL. Somebody in this place said there was a magician who came strollin'

through and dropped a magic potion or something. Head over to the magic shop

and go up, over to the ladder and into the water. Just follow this path until

you can't (NOTE: every time you step through a waterfall, you'll lose 1 HP).

You should find yourself on an island that's two-square units (it's small).

Search the part you can't walk on, and you'll get an ELIXIR. Now follow the

path out of the river and back onto land. You don't have to do this next part,

but I'd do it. I think it's fun collecting treasure. Anywho, go into Cid's

house which is in the top left corner of the town. Go up to Cid's sick Granny

and give her the Elixir (push 'B' while facing her and pick Elixir from the

menu). The medicine will immediately heal Cid's Granny of whatever sickness she

might have had. Talk to Cid when you've given her the Elixir and he'll tell

you to pull the candle. Do that and follow the path normally to a room

with several treasure chests. These chest hold 20 IRON ARROWS, BLIND SPELL,


small ladder in the bottom right corner of the room and walk right through the

false wall. 20 IRON ARROWS, 2 SOFT POTIONS, and a FENIX DOWN await you within

treasure chests. Now get back up into town. I'd recommend selling the weapons

and Blind spell to one of the shops before exiting the town. Head to the

southern portion to lead you to the nest part of the game.

3) Road to the Summit enemies: Rustbird, FireFly, DiveEagle, Ruku

Recommended level: 8-10

Recommended party: Fighter/Monk/White Wizard/Red Wizard (Black Wizard?)

Important thing found on the Road to the Summit:



W Aero 700 Hit's target/s for a little bit of wind damage No

Upon your entrance to the Summit, you will no doubt notice that big ol'

creature flying to the mountain. Stay tuned. The enemies here are noticeably

tougher than before. The chest in the lower right corner holds a SOFT POTION.

Be sure not to miss the AERO SPELL (for the white wiz), which exists in the

upper right area of this place. The chest close to the path out of here

contains another SOFT POTION. Now head up to that path you see that leads

upward. This will bring you to a higher point on the mountain. Walk up to get

even further up the mountain... Oh wait here comes that dragon again. Darn.

We were doing so well, too. The dragon probably thinks that your party were

intruders or food or something. He'll bring you up to his nest. Your party

comfortably fits in the nest and you have ample room to walk around. This is

one big nest. When you're there, you can't help but notice that flame burning

in the top left part of the nest. Go check it out- nothing else to do. When

you do, a dude will pop out. This dude is DESH. Desh is a warrior who has a

purpose to serve- he just forgot what that purpose is. Some of the townspeople

in Canaan probably said some stuff about him. Soon after you are introduced,

you'll be interrupted and a boss fight will ensue.

BOSS: Bahamut Difficulty level: Yes.

HP: Yes. Weakness: Uhhh... Strong against:

Meet Bahamut. Looks imposing, doesn't he? Desh suggests running away

like a scared person. Good idea. His HP is in the five-figure range. If you

DO happen to somehow beat this guy (by some random act of God or cheating),

the same thing happens as when you run. So do that. It could take a few

tries, but you will pull it off. When you do that, Desh will give you a copy

of the MINI SPELL for it would only be going to waste while in his possession.

Be sure you don't throw the thing away; you can't proceed to the next part of

the game without it. He'll then follow your party around in hope of

discovering just what the hell his purpose might be. You all then jump down.



Chapter Two: Warriors of the Sea


Your party somehow survives the monumental leap from the Summit. You'll soon

get to see even more of the world on which you're currently present. You can

visit a vacant castle, a town in turmoil, a town of the wise and learned.

There seems to be a disturbance in the seas, a whirlpool which nobody can seem

to get past. After climbing a Tower, and eliminating the disturbance, more of

the world still be revealed to the Warriors of Light. But first, it's to a

town of the tiny and seabound vikings who are stranded because of an angry

creature of the sea.


Man, what a fall. Okay, you're in some new territory now. Walk into

the small forest next to you, and you'll find a recovery spring there. Use it

if you wish (before you recover, change your RedWiz to a Black Wiz). Talk to

Desh a few times, and I think he'll tell you of an important town with a

maximum height so small, only midgets can get in. Get out of the recovery

spring and head to the southern portion of the large forest in which you find

yourself. Give the Mini spell to somebody who can cast it, and then shrink

everybody. You can shrink your entire party at once by pressing right once to

select everybody (in case you haven't already figured it). But all must be

small. Even if one warrior is of normal size, your access to the town will be

denied (this goes for all other instances for which a change in status in

needed). The town is in the northwest part of the far southern portion of the

large forest south of the spring. If that explanation confused you, just go to

the far southern part of the forest, and walk all over while MINIed. You'll

eventually find yourself in the next town.

TOZAS Inn 80




Potion 150

Antidote 80

Eyedrop 40




MidgBread 200





(Fire) (Bolt)

(Blind) (Venom)

(Ice) (Sleep)


TOZAS. This place is tiny. If you talked to Desh upon your entry, he

suggests moving all warriors to the back row because your attack and defensive

power will be reduced to 1, no matter what you're equipping. Good idea for the

only way to fight battles is with magic. If you spoke to some of the locals,

you'd become aware of DR. SCHLECO, who seems to be ill to the point of no

return. His house is in the top left corner of the town. But before heading

there, it may be a good idea to buy some MIDGET BREAD (5-7) from the store that

sells them. They allow you to get a better glimpse of the world as long as

you're on the world map yourself. Now, to the house of the sick doctor. When

you enter this dude's house, go upward down the path. On your way there,

examine the shelves for such interesting treasure as CURE2 SPELL, BURNING STAFF,

CLOTH, MITHRILL RING, and POTION. Now speak to the sick one in the bed. He

will ask for an ANTIDOTE. Give him one, and he'll show you a path which will

lead you to the next part of the game.

You should definitely have a white mage in your party at this point

because he can equip that burning staff, which gives you unlimited uses of a

weaker version of FIRE. Follow the newly made path provided by Dr. Schleco and

enter the doorway you'll come upon. The chests there contain a MITHRILL WAND

and MITHRILL RING. Enter the stairway there to reach the HIDDEN ROAD. The

enemies here aren't particularly tough (Darkface, Leprechaun). You can run if

you so want, but you should definitely fight most of these battles with your

magic. The fighters and monks should DEFEND in hopes of dodging an attack

(what else are they gonna do? FIGHT?). This place is a mere two rooms with

nothing else that can possibly be of any interest to anybody.

After you clear that place (you can unshrink yourself now), head north

to that cave you see. It's the VIKING BASE, and it's your next stop.





Potion 150

Antidote 80

Eyedrop 40




(Fire) (Bolt)

(Ice) (Venom)

(Sleep) (Blind)


Don't even think about touching that ship in the water. The people

here are discouraged because an enraged monster of monumental strength has

kept the vikes' from trading with others thus shooting the economy in the

kidneys. These people will reward you greatly if you subdue the creature.

But anyways, in the first room of the base, the chest through the false wall

has 300 GIL. The next room (it's not a real room at all but I think you get

the picture) has three chests through a false wall. You'll have to do some

fancy maneuvering within the walls, but it's worth it for the important level

3 black magic spells ICE2, FIRE2 and BOLT2. Now to get ready for the next

part of the game. Have at least two black or red mages in your party. Change

jobs and divide up the magic among your mages equally. Make sure both/all

mages have at least one level one attack spell and one level three attack

spell. You may have to visit the magic dealer in the inn to meet your needs.

After you've done all that leave this place at once.

But are those vikings really sad because there's a monster in their way,

or are they just really bad at making profits? Let's see if they're telling

the truth, or if they're just masking their problem so you wouldn't notice.

Save your game. Save it again. Now that you've made sure you've saved it,

let's take this boat for a ride and see the world. Sounds fun doesn't it? Off

we go... Uh oh... here's NEPTO (see BAHAMUT). Well let's just do out best

against this dude now that we're here and we can't seem to run away. Oh, we

can barely touch the dude (thankfully we saved the game, right?). If some

mighty warrior were to come along and conquer the beast, do you know what the

reward is? YOU GET TO FIGHT HIM AGAIN. Yay! Fun times 4ever!

Anyways, as soon as you're finished acting like an immature five-year

old, let's advance to the next part of your epic quest. Head northward from

the base and follow the path. You'll eventually come to a temple. Enter it.

This is the Shrine of Nepto.

4) Nepto's Shrine enemies: Lilliput, Puti, PoisonBat, WereRat

Recommended level: 10-11

Recommended party: (Red Wizard/Red Wizard/White Wizard/Black Wizard)

Important stuff found in Nepto's Shrine:



Serpent Sword 1500 25 80% <--- Bolt elemental



Caprace Armor 1250 4 4 4

Caprace Helmet (225) 3 5 3


You don't have to have the party listed above, in case you're too lazy

to change jobs (and I can understand), but it'll make life much easier if you

did. But there ain't nothing wrong with running. I like to have two red wizes,

a black wiz and a white wiz. The heavy fighters should be red wizes. I picked

red wizards over black ones because you'll probably gain a level sometime in

this place, and the black wizard's HP progression sucks. The monsters here will

mostly hit you with magic, so that's something to think about. On the first

floor, follow the path straightforward until you find a couple of holes. Take

the left one to find chests holding CAPRACE ARMOR and CAPRRACE HELMET. Leave

that little room the same way you came in, and head down the right hole instead

of the left. A SERPENT SWORD awaits in a chest as you walk the path. Keep

walking your way through this floor. At the end you'll find a boss...

BOSS: Big Rat Difficulty level: 4

HP: 450-500 Weakness: None Strong against: Level 1 and 2 magic

If you've got three warriors who can each use one of those level three spells

you found in the Viking Base, you've got it made. If you were lazy and didn't

change jobs, well, use those Oddball items you've been keeping all this time.

There is no better time to make use of them; this is what they've been waiting

for. Use the strongest magic (not Aero) and those items. The white wiz should

use a SOUTHWIND or something for the first round, then heal whoever the Big Rat

hurts. The rat can do impressive damage, so watch out. Keep your HP up and

before you know it, you'll be on your way to victory.

When you've defeated that rodent, pick up NEPTO'S EYE and head on out

of this place the same way you got here. When you make it out, you should

really put the eye back in its place (what else are you gonna do with it?).

Face the empty socket and hit B. Select the eye from the menu, and the task

will have been accomplished. Nepto is thankful for what you have done, and

rewards you by giving you the WATER FANG. Now he'll be in a peaceful state and

be a hassle no more. Unshrink and change the jobs back to what they were

before. Now you may take the ship for a ride. Stop at the Viking base if you

need to recharge.


The Vikings are ecstatic now that Nepto is no longer in an irritable

state. They reward you by allowing you to keep the ship that is clearly within

walking distance from where you are currently standing. Well, now that you've

got a ship, you might want to explore the world a little bit. Go a little

north and a little west of Nepto's Shrine to find the vacant ARGAS CASTLE.

Enter and go two screens up and pull the torch farthest to the right when you

reach that room. Follow the path it reveals, but do not yet go into the

doorway. Instead, go right as far as you can then down through a false wall.

This leads to three treasure chests containing 1000 GIL apiece. Now head back

to that door you had previously ignored. Enter and you'll come upon six chests

totaling over 10,000 GIL. Next, head back to that room with the four torches.

Go up a screen to find yourself in the Throne Room. As you walk across the

room, the first door you'll come to leads to a recovery spring. To the right

of the table is a pillar. Go just above it and head straight down through the

center. This secret passage has two chests, SOUTHWIND, and BOMBSHARD. Head in

between the chests and walk right through yet another false wall. This will

lead to a PARALYZER. Now exit this castle at once for you've got no business

to be here at this time.

Important stuff found in Tokkle:



3-Part Nunchuck 3000 25 70%

Freezing Staff 3500 8 50% <--- Ice elemental

(GreatBow Bow)



Kenpo Outfit 2000 6 8 6

Now, get on your ship and go south and a little east from Argas to the

village of TOKKLE. Something really funky seems to be going down at the

current moment. The building have been damaged and the townspeople are scared

stupid. The area furthest up and to the left in this place has a LAMIA SCALE

hidden. From there, go to the unmarked house just to the right. This is the

Elder's house. Go through the fireplace to find a 3-PART NUNCHUCK in the pot

furthest to the right. The two chests hold a KENPO VEST and a FENIX DOWN. Now

leave that house and head to the lower left corner of the town. The trail of

grass that leads into some trees gets you a GOD'S WINE when the proper spot is

examined. Get out of that area and head to that suspicious-looking patch of

grass left of that above unmarked building to get a GREATBOW BOW. Go back down

and get to the rightmost part of the town. A patch of grass here holds a

FREEZING STAFF. The next town's pretty cool.





Killer Bow 2000 15 85%

Bolt Arrow 30 30 85% <--- Bolt elemental

Ice Arrow 30 30 85% <--- Ice elemental

Fire Arrow 30 30 85% <--- Fire elemental

Burning Staff 3500 8 50% <--- Fire elemental

(Serpent Sword)

(Freezing Staff) (W.Slayer Sword)





FlameMail Armor 2500 5 6 5 <--- Fire elemental; Strong v. Ice

Headband Hat 1200 4 6 4

Wizard Outfit 2000 9 7 9

(Carapace Armor)

(Kenpo Outfit)



----------------- -----------------

Potion 150 EchoHerb 100

HiPotion 1200 LuckMalet 100

Soft 800 Antidote 80

MaidKiss 100 Eyedrop 40




W Sight 100 Magic MidgBread; shows more of the over world Yes

W Cure2 1500 Gives you way more HP than its level ancestor Yes

W Exit 1500 Escape from virtually any dungeon or town Yes

W Wash 1500 Much like eyedrop, this cures blind status Yes





Now leave Tokkle and walk west across that desert that besieges

you. This will take you to the ANCIENT'S VILLAGE if you walk westward

enough. Lotta good stuff here. Make sure your fighter has two Serpent

Swords and you have two WSlayers for a red wizard. Magic spells EXIT

and SIGHT are both good buys. So is WASH, but not yet at this point

in the game. The armor shop is where it's at. If you could only get

one or two items from the armor shop, get two Wizard Outfits. This will

make the defense of you wizards, well, much higher than you're used to

seeing as far as magicians is concerned (at least that's how I had felt).

And, at last, some new items!

It's probably a good idea to walk around the continent once to make

your party stronger. If you're good, level 11 will be fine. For must of

us, however, level 12 would be more like it. Whenever you're ready, head

back to your ship and sail back to the peninsula Argas Castle can be found.

Get off and walk west from the castle. As soon as mountains keep you from

further traveling west, turn north and head in that direction. As soon as

you find a pass in the mountains, follow it westward. Eventually, you'll

reach the GURGAN VALLEY. Enter it. Walk left then down, and take the stairs.

You may speak to the Gurgans if you wish. They'll give you some interesting

views of the future (Desh says some stuff about 'em). The Gurgan down the

stairs will give you the important TOAD SPELL and he reminds us that destiny

awaits for Desh. Head back to your ship and sail to the next part of the game.

THE TOWER OF OWEN lies northeast of the Gurgan Valley. Go there.

5) Tower of Owen enemies: Lilliput, Pugman, Farjalug, Putimage,

BloodBat, Ohishuki

Recommended party: Fighter/Monk/White Wiz/Black Wiz --> Red Wiz

Recommended level: 11-12

Time for the tower. Be sure to have plenty of antidotes and eyedrops

before you enter; a few echoherbs and maidkisses wouldn't hurt either. Enter

the tower and make your way to the center of that structure that takes up much

way too much space. "But only a frog could get through there!" I believe is

mentioned by somebody within the vicinity. That's right. Cast Toad on

yourself, enter that space in the middle, and you'll somehow end up at the next

part of the tower. Un-Toad yourself at once and make your way up the tower.

The path is not exactly rocket science- it's pretty easy to follow. On the

second floor, get the chest in the lower right corner to find a MAIDKISS. The

chest on the fourth floor has a TRYVING SWORD, which is once again for the red

wizard only. On the fifth floor, talk to Desh to figure out what to do next

(pull the gear eight steps from the left to open a wall). The chest on this

floor contains a MAIDKISS. On floor seven, the two chests to your right hold a

BOMBSHARD and an ECHOHERB. FLAMEMAIL is waiting to be taken from the upper

left chest on the ninth floor. The middle chest on this same floor has a

SALAMAND SWORD. The chest on your way to the doorway contains a ZEUS'RAGE.

MEDUSA waits for your arrival on floor 10.

BOSS: Medusa Difficulty level: 3

HP: 900 Weakness: None Strong against: Black magic

This is one of many bosses who will be especially strong against black magic.

Basically, just keep hittin' her- she's a real wuss. The only thing you'll

have to look out for is her ability to turn somebody to stone (it's gradual and

usually ineffective, though). Just keep hacking' away and she'll be finished

before you know it.

When you're victorious, a short scene will ensue. His words of wisdom

direct you to the Dwarf Cave. He then goes to a battle the fire and preventing

any further uncertainty. You'll be warped out of there. That whirlpool that

you no doubt noticed is now gone. Get on your ship and head northward through

the newly created path. Turn east and follow the coastline south until you see

a town lying up against some mountains.

GISHAL Inn 120




Carrot 150




Magic Key 100




W Toad 700 Turns target/s to/from that disgusting creature No

W Size 700 Similar to the Toad spell, kills enemy in battle No

B Ice3 3000 A snowy thing pelts the target for alright ice damage Yes

B Shade 3000 Makes an enemy shadow bound and thus paralyzed No

B Break 3000 Gradually turns an enemy to stone NO!!

W Libra 3000 Makes known the target's HP and MP totals No

W Confu 3000 Confuses the victim so much they don't know who to hit No

W Mute 3000 Opens up a can of Shut Up so the victim can't use magic ??

This would be GISHAL, a farming community. There really isn't much to talk

about as far as this place is concerned. The magic shop's only important spell

is ICE3, which should be last black magic spell you'll probably consider buying

for a REALLY LONG time. A magic key store exists in this town. I'd buy 10 of

them (you can go back to Argas if you want and collect that treasure now if you

want, but that stuff's not to useful now). The house near that big carrot patch

has a couple of CARROTS hidden within pots. The bottom right edge of this town

has two MAGIC KEYS hidden in the grass. I do not believe reaching the island in

the middle of this place is feasible. Get out and get to the cave Desh spoke of




Chapter 3: Dwarves, Fire, Treasure, Death and Flight


Here, the Light Warriors can experience a greater coming of age as they reclaim

the Fire Crystal. But before that, you are to find the one who has the Dwarves'

valuable treasure. You will also help out a floundering village, save an

ungrateful tree, and speak to Cid, the master mechanic who will give your party

the gift of flight.


Sail back toward the Tower of Owen. Pass it by and keep sailing west.

You'll soon reach a crescent-shaped island. Enter the southern cave; the other

one is one of fire, and it's of no interest to you now.





Salamandr Sword 3000 32 80% <--- Fire elemental

Tonfa Nunchuck 500 20 80%

Shining Staff 3500 8 50% <--- Lightning elemental

(Serpent Sword)

(WSlayer Sword)

(3-Part Nunchuck)




Ice Armor 2400

Ice Helmet 1200

Ice Shield 1800

(Kenpo Outfit)

(Wizard Outfit)


----------------- -----------------

Potion 150 EchoHerb 100

HiPotion 1200 LuckMalet 100

Soft 800 Antidote 80

MaidKiss 100 Eyedrop 40


This is the DWARVES CAVE. Walk along this place and speak to the ones

who dwell within. You'll hear that a character called GUZCO has stolen the

dwarves' treasure. What they want back the most is their prized HORN. You have

been selected to find and kill Guzco, and at least get the horn back to where it

belongs. You will not be able to touch the horn that remains for a magic

barrier keeps you at bay. As you can see, most of the stuff you can buy here is

pretty good, but I wouldn't buy too much now.

When you feel ready, head to the left doorway of the main room of this

place. Walk up to the lake, turn the party into frogs, step in the water, and

de-frog the party. This is the UNDERGOUND LAKE.

6) Underground Lake enemies: Bomb, Manticore, RuinWaze, Boulder,

Sea Devil, Merman

Recommended level: 12-13

Recommended party: Fighter/Monk/White Wiz/Black Wiz --> Red Wiz

This place could prove to be pretty tough; Bombs can take away upwards

of 500 HP per explosion and Boulders can petrify you upon attack. Many of the

enemies are weak against lighting. The first chest you come to will hold a

SOFT POTION. Walk through the false wall (it's kind of obvious) to proceed.

The next room is very small. The first chest on B2F contains a ZUES'RAGE. So

does the second one. The third and fourth chests each contain a SOFT POTION.

The two chests on B3F each contain 300 GIL. Keep walkin', and before you know

it, you'll encounter the enemy. Heal up and prepare to fight Guzco.

BOSS: Guzco Difficulty level: 5

HP: 1500 Weakness: Nil Strong against: Black magic

Be sure your fighter has FLAMEMAIL equipped, because Guzco can launch ice magic

at you. This is a considerably tougher boss than Medusa, but just as long as

you have fighting warriors alive, taking away 1500 shouldn't be too much to


After the fight, pick up the horn Guzco was guarding. As you walk away,

a white segment will follow you around. Suspicious? Get out of the lake and

get back to the that platform the horns should be standing. You'll be allowed

go onto the platform to put the thing back. Face the logical spot of the

missing horn, press 'B' and select the horn from the inventory. A startling

revelation unfolds as Guzco (that segment) has been following you in your

shadows. Guzco will go on to steal BOTH horns and run a few feet north to the

FIRE CAVE. Guzco has apparently unleashed the awesome power of fire or

something, which is not something the world wants to see (duh). You must once

again save the dwarves' (and the rest of the world, for that matter).

Go to the inn, buy some stuff. Make sure you buy one of every piece of

ICE paraphernalia in the armor shop. This is the only time in the entire game

This is the only time I ever recommend dropping some money on a shield. It

would definitely be a good idea to build up a couple of levels before embarking

upon yer next mission.

7) Flame Cave enemies: Crocotta, Balloon, Red Mallow, Adamanti,


Recommended levels: 14-15

Recommended party: Fighter/Monk/White Wiz/Black Wiz --> Red Wiz

Make sure your fighter has equipped all that Ice protection before

heading into this cave. That chest you can see from the entrance is accessed

by going down and to the right contains a SOUTHWIND. This is the only chest in

the floor. The second floor is a tad mazey, so it's a bit tough to explain, so

bear with me. Take the first intersection down to receive an ICEBLADE SWORD in

a chest. Go back up and take the next intersection left, then down the next

intersection, which leads to a HIPOTION. Go up as far as you can to lead you

to another HIPOTION. Then go down and proceed to level B3F. If you go

straight up then left, you can get a POTION in the chest. If you went straight

up, you could get a HIPOTION from a chest. Now push that rock that sticks out

like a sore thumb. Doing so will reveal a passage that leads to the final

portion of this place. The next room is very small; through that door lies the

FIRE CRYSTAL. Heal up and head to the that door. Proceed in its direction,

and Guzco, err, SALAMANDR will attack.

BOSS: Salamandr Difficulty level: 7.5

HP: 2000+ Weakness: Ice?? Strong against: Black magic

You would think that such a creature of infernal heat would be easily

dispatched with a black wizard's ice magic? Well, no, not even close. Sure,

Ice3 may dish out respectable damage on some occasions. Usually, it's

frighteningly weak, and often completely ineffective. Salamandr has a bitchin'

FLAME attack which can wipe out your entire party in two rounds. Keep

everybody alive for as long as you can by casting some Cure spell on the entire

party each time. Chances are that everybody in your party will die except your

fighter, who is covered head to toe with that ice stuff I hope you got at the

Dwarves' cave. That Flame attack does only like 50 DMG, and regular attacks

will always do 1 DMG (to your properly equipped fighter). If your fighter is

the only one left, just keep hackin' away. You may want to use that GOD'SWINE

on him at the beginning of the battle, but I wouldn't. If his HP drops below

100, use a HIPOTION. Victory will be yours.

When you're through with that ordeal, speak to the Fire Crystal. It

will offer you its power: the jobs HUNTER, KNIGHT, THIEF and SCHOLAR. That

star in the back lets you leave (Duh). Step on it (what else are you gonna do

with it?).

Important treasure found in the Dwarves' Cave:



Ice Book (1650) 32 70% <--- Ice elemental

Fire Book (1650) 32 70% <--- Fire elemental

Light Book (1650) 32 70% <--- Bolt elemental

(Killer Bow)



Knight Armor (3750) 12 9 12

Hero Shield 3500 10 10 12

Gauntlet Glove (1250) 2 8 2

Scholar Outfit 5500 15 12 15

Scholar Hat 7500 5 10 5

You should bring the news of your victory back to the dwarves. Go a

few feet south to their cave. Five steps into the joint, you'll be interrupted

by some dude who appears out of thin air. This news he brings is not

uplifting- that ransacked village TOKKLE is in greater pearl than ever before.

He also talks about HYNE and the scholar's special ability. He'll then depart

in a way similar to his choice of entrance. Well, that was unexpected.

Proceed regularly trough the cave, and you'll find that the mood is noticeably

more lively by talking to some of the locals. One of them gives you a MAGIC

KEY. Speak to the dwarf standing still and he'll allow you to get some

fabulous treasure. Follow him. The bottom of that big ol' ladder lies a

revivification spring. You may want to use it. ;-) But now, on to the good



HERO SHIELD, CARROT and 2 FENIX DOWNS populate the treasure chests. Phew!

So you now have those new jobs. You should definitely change you fighter

to a KNIGHT as soon as you get enough space in your inventory. The thief

doesn't have much of a use yet, but stay tuned. A rookie scholar will do as

much damage as your rookie knight, maybe more. But his use fades quickly. Same

thing for hunters, but their usefulness falls at a much slower rate.


Make sure you're at least at level 15 before proceeding to the next part

of the game. Remember that guy who told you that bad stuff happening to Tokkle?

Well, he's not bluffing. He expects your party to come to the rescue. So does

everybody else. It's probably a good idea to help them out. Get on your ship

and head to Tokkle. In case you forget where it's at, go east until you reach

the Tower of Owen, and go south through that pass and you'll be right there.

Head in, but make sure your party is at full or nearly full HP/MP before doing

so. Before you can walk three steps into the town, some bad guys will surround

you, capture you and imprison you within depths of HYNE CASTLE.


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