Detalhado - 2° parte

8) Hyne's Castle enemies: Lamia, Pharaoh, Lemwraith, Daemon

Recommended level: 15-16

Recommended party: Knight/Monk/White Wiz/Black Wiz

Important stuff found in Hyne's Floating Castle:



King Sword (2500) 80 50%

Rune Bow (1500) 25 90%

(Holy Arrows)

Talk to the others around you and you'll realize that the evil KING HYNE

has taken control, and none can end his reign of terror except the Light

Warriors. One of your cellmates will give you a LUCKMALLET once spoken to. I

don't suggest going over to the cell next to you for the one who dwells there

is a Daemon. Cast MINI on yourself and enter that small hole in the upper left

corner of you jail cell. Return to normal size at once.

A good idea for this place is to be very conservative with your black

magic for a reason you'll discover later. It's probably a good time to tell ya

that this place is a real pain. You'll be GLAREd to the point of no return.

It might not be a bad idea to run away from some of these battles for they can

get really friggin' annoying. Now for the walkthrough. The chest at the

bottom right section contains 20 HOLY ARROWS. The lower left part of the room

has a false wall that leads to a FENIX DOWN and the doorway to the next floor.

The next floor has three doors upon entry. The left one has two chests holding

100 GIL and 30 GIL. Ignore the left door. The middle room's treasure holds

over 6000 GIL. The right door has two chests holding a FENIX DOWN and a

ZEUS'RAGE. Now get out of that room and get around that big-ass room in the

center to go through door at the center on the other side. Get the chest you

see to your upper right to find a KING'S SWORD. Proceed by passing leftward

through a false wall on the leftmost portion of the room. Now get the FENIX

DOWN from the chest on the right side of the room. Floor 5F has a RUNE BOW in

the upper right part of the room. Go through the door you passed up to find

the enemy...

BOSS: Death Difficulty level: 8

HP: 1500+ Weakness: Varies Strong against: Varies, Weapon attacks

In some translations, Hyne referred to as Death. That's what I've always

preferred calling him Death even though it's not right. This fight can prove to

be easy, but I think we can all agree that it's, well, annoying. I would

definitely change your monk to a SCHOLAR so you can SCAN and see through Hyne's

WALLCHANGE. For the first round, a knight or monk or hunter should defend if

you got 'em. Scholar should SCAN every time because Hyne supposedly changes

his weakness every three rounds of fighting, but I've had instances when it was

two rounds of combat between a change. You wizards should do something small

like give a potion or something. After you discover his weakness, exploit it.

Hope to God he'll be weak against Cold so you can douse him with Ice3 and

Antarctics. A white wiz should heal whoever is hit with his level 3 black

magic (Ice2, Fire2, Bolt2).

When you're done with him, some important-looking dudes from Argas

will come through the door and give you props for a job well done, followed by

the shipment of you to the LIVING FOREST. Walk up a bit and the fairies will

speak to you then give you the WIND FANG. The forest, represented by the

ELDEST TREE, will then thank you by saying they need to rest for the next

millenium and no visitors shall be allowed. Even access for the Light

Warriors will most surely be denied. You're Welcome.


Important stuff found in Argas Castle:



Medusa Arrow (50) 20 100% <--- Turns victim to stone in most cases

(Ice Arrow) (Bolt Arrow)

(Fire Arrow) (Killer Bow)

(Flame Book) (Ice Book)

(Light Book)


Now that you saved the Kingdom of Argas, it's a good time to just invite

yourself to their castle and barge on in. Your ship is in the same place you

left it- just north of Tokkle. To get there, just keep following the eastern

coast till you run into Tokkle. Get into your ship and head back to Argas

Castle (north and a bit east of Tokkle in case you forgot). Enter the castle

and go straight up until you reach the Throne Room. Speak to the King to

receive the TIME GEAR. He'll also tell you of Cid's existence and all. The

soldiers sitting around the table don't really have anything interesting to say.

You were here to loot the place, but you haven't yet discovered all the

treasure. Get to the small room with the torches and pull the fourth one.

Keep walking just like you did before, but this time, walk all the way up the

stairs. Follow the path right to eventually reach a locked green door. This

can be open by facing the door, pressing 'B' and selecting a magic key from

your inventory, or by putting a thief in the lead (hit select) to take

advantage one his abilities (lockpicking!). In this room, you'll find 20 ICE


Now leave this room and head left to get to the other room. (NOTE: The stuff

you find here is valuable. Some items, like the arrows, you will want to keep.

Other items, such as the books, merely take up space. Leave to sell unwanted

material at the nearby Viking Base.) Get the door open somehow and speak to

the white wizard. This'll get you 2 ELIXIRS. Now go right in front of that

small space which separates you from the treasures you see, face down and press

'A.' This leads you to such interesting treasure as 20 BOLT ARROWS, 20 MEDUSA

ARROWS, and a KILLER BOW. Now get to Canaan.

Canaan is not far away, it's a bit east of the Viking Base. Barge into

Cid's house which is in the top left corner of the town. Get into Cid's face

and show him the Time Gear by pressing 'B' and selecting Time Gear from the

inventory. He'll go outside for a few seconds to mess with your ship. When he

returns, you'll find out that your ship can now fly! Hell Yeah! It can travel

across all terrain (except mountains, of course) free from any enemy

interference (for now at least). Its landing capabilities are limited to deep

waters, though. I would go to the Ancient's Village (westernmost town?) to buy

10 more Bolt Arrows, a FlameMail (assuming you don't still have one) and 99

POTIONS. You are now ready to ditch this pop stand at once.



Chapter 4: Brave New World


The four discover a world of water and someone who can see the special powers

welled up within you. After you reclaim another Crystal, the over world

suddenly becomes visible for some reason. Now, you're to find some Old Men,

the enemy of gold, and two new towns before the fourth chapter is finished.



Keep flying in any one direction until you get off the Floating

Continent. As soon as you get off the continent, you'll be surrounded by water

as far as the eye can see and then some. You are supposed to find a shipwreck

beside a very small island. (Sight spell or MidgBreads anyone?) You basically

head east a long way and a bit south and you'll find your destination (I could

be wrong, however). Check the map periodically to check your progress.


When you do find the shipwreck, land in the water and walk into the

wrecked ship. Walk regularly through the first couple levels. While walking

the trail, get the ZEUS'RAGE and BLOOD SWORD from the chests. I don't recommend

equipping the Blood Sword. It has a lower attack power than the Iceblade, but

it drains HP from the enemy. Only problem is that it's too inconsistent to

really be worth holding on to IMO. Approach the girl in the bed, hit 'B' and

select Antidote from your inventory. This cures her of her ailments (duh).

When she's healed, she sees the power vested within the Light Warriors and says

she can be of help. It agreed that she will follow your party around (her

name's Elia in case ya didn't know). You have no further business being in this

defunct ship, so make your way outta here.



Blood Sword 16500 35 80% <--- Drains HP from the non-undead

From there, go south a long ways and a little bit east (Sight magic and

Midget Bread anyone?). You should come upon an island with plenty of

mountains, a temple and a cave. Land your ship in the water at the southern

part of the island so you can walk to the shrine. Go ahead on in.

First head right to restore HP/MP. Now, I would definitely change the

white wizard to a HUNTER a this point in time. Equip the hunter with a Killer

Bow and Bolt Arrows. Go back leftward and take the upward path this time.

Examine the shard of Crystal, and Elia will advise gettin' to the SEA CAVE, so

do that. Leave the shrine and make your way due north and you'll be at the Sea

Cave in no time.

9) Sea Cave enemies: Twinhead, VenomToad, Roper, Cocktrice, Agaria

Recommended level: 16-17

Recommended party: Knight/Monk/Hunter/Black Wiz or Red Wiz

The first thing you should know about this place is that there is

absolutely no treasure whatsoever in this place. I really recommend taking a

hunter along because each time he uses a bolt arrow, it's like a cast of the

Bolt spell. A black wizard isn't all that useful, but this place is easy

enough so you might as well just leave him in there- this will probably be his

final chance to do anything. Anywho, follow the path. When you come to the

door, Elia will start praying thus breaking the seal which would have prevented

you from entering earlier. The first three rooms are very straightforward. On

floor B3F, take the lower path. The next room is very basic as well, and

through the door is the WATER CRYSTAL which is guarded by KRAKEN. Elia returns

the shard in an excited haste, and when she does, Kraken floats an arrow her

way. Now the Warriors of Light must toil through another boss before they can

proceed any further.

BOSS: Kraken Difficulty Level: 1.5

HP: No more than 2000 Weakness: Bolt or Ice Strong against: Nil, really

Nope, that difficulty level is no misprint, you won't even have to heal up

beforehand. Heck, even black magic does respectable damage (Ice3 in

particular). Keep on hackin' away. Ya know, I'd have a saved state right

before I walked in that door, and I'd go in and fight her like four times more

than I normally do just because I felt cheated. The only reason the level of

difficulty is a 1.5 and not a 1 is because she may knock one of your warriors

with a critical hit for alright damage, but still nothing to get to scared

over. She also has moderately strong level three magic, but you'll probably

kill this overgrown octopus before that happens. If somebody gets weak (won't

happen), have the hunter cast Cure2 on them. She'll be dead in no time.

After you've struggled through that ordeal (yeah, right), Elia will

help excrete the powers of the Water Crystal, which are the jobs: GEOMANCER,


never to be seen by us again.

At the current moment, geomancers, dragoons, m.knights, conjurers and

bards are all bad selections for you can't get proper supplies for them now.

If you have a scholar or red wiz, ditch them immediately. You'll probably want

to do the same with your black wiz- they're simply not as useful as they once

were, and their usefulness will, for the most part, decline as the game

progresses. Make your monk a KARATEKA and change the black wiz to a THIEF.

But back to the game and the story and what not. Upon unleashing the

power of the Water Crystal, your party was knocked out cold by an earthquake.

The quake was of such powerful force and magnitude that the rest of the world

has somehow been revealed. Your party has been knocked out for three days,

and when they finally arise from their slumber, you'll find that some residents

from the town AMUR found them and brought them in for shelter. Speak to the

people in both levels of the inn (and the rest of the town for that matter),

and you'll find that some evil doer by the name of GOLDOR has chained up your

ship nice and tight. Don't leave the premises of the town yet- all paths will

eventually take you to one of two destinations: GOLDOR'S MANSION (south), and

the STATUES OF THE QUEST (north); both lead to death.

AMUR Inn: 200




Battle Axe 5500 45 60%

M.Star Axe 8000 50 70%

M.Gouche Knife 7000 30 100%

Boomerang 9000 35 70%

Kaiser Claw 7000 36 100%




Viking Helmet 3000 7 10 7

Viking Armor 4000 10 8 7

Hero Shield 3500 10 10 12

Thief Gloves 2500 3 9 4 <--Strength +5

DarkSuit Outfit 3800 8 70 5 <--Agility +5

DarkHood Helmet 2000 5 8 5 <--Strength +5

Blackbelt Outfit 3000 11 10 5 <--Agility +5

Chakra Helmet 2000 9 10 6 <--Strength and Vitality +5

----------------- -----------------


----------------- -----------------

HiPotion 1200 LuckMalet 100

Soft 300 Antidote 80

MaidKiss 100 Eyedrop 40

EchoHerb 100 Carrot 150

Any who, leave the inn and change to the jobs listed above, but don't

buy anything yet. Go right, ignoring the shops, to cross the bridge to the

next island. Enter the unmarked house and go up to JIRU, who will explain

the situation. Then a short scene involving some OLD MEN will ensue. Jiru

will take you outside to unlock the watergate allowing you to venture into the

town's waterways. This is to allow you to enter the AMUR SEWERS, but it's

time to get some cool stuff hidden in grass of various locations. Enter

the water, and first go to the island just above you to get four CARROTS.

Go back into the water and go left at the first opportunity. Go up that

small waterfall and get to that bigger island covered with grass. The

upper right corner has a DARKSUIT and two spaces at the upper left area

contain a DARKHOOD and THIEF GLOVES, which is all you will need as far as

armor is concerned for your thief. Next go back down that waterfall and

head back to where you entered the waters. Get back onto land, head into

shops, buy necessary equipment. This would mean 2 BOOMERANGS for a thief

(who goes in the back row), and a CHARKA HELMET, and a BLACKBELT OUTFIT

for your karateka (you could get him a KAISER KNUCLE or two, but I

wouldn't recommend it because he fights well with fists and you'll soon

get two stronger claws). Now go back into the water and make your way to

the lower right corner of the town into that stone structure you see.

10) Amur Sewers' enemies: DrkFoot, GiganToad, TwinLiger, Storoper

Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Hunter/Thief

Recommended level: 18-19

Important stuff in the Sewers:



Catclaw Claw (7000) 42 100%

Thor Hammer (7000) 30 70%

Oriaicon Knife (6000) 45 100% <--- Drain HP from the non-undead

(M.Gauche Knife)



Power Ring (1250) 4 11 4 <--- Strength +5

The first floor isn't hard to figure out. Head leftward on to B2F.

Collect the CATCLAW CLAW from the chest and move on to B3F and you'll come

upon those four Old Men who think they are legendary heroes or something.

They seem to be losing to some strong force... such as Goblins. You will

have to face eight of them. It will be a hard fight (note the sarcasm),

but you can do it. After struggling through that great force of evil,

those dudes will admit their mediocrity and then they'll start running

around like a bunch of idiots. Proceed to B4F. Go left, stop at the

bridge, and head down till you can no longer. Go right through the false

wall to lead you to an M.GAUCHE KNIFE and THOR HAMMER. Exit the room the

same way you came in and go straight left until you find yourself in

another small treasure room. The chests in this small room has an

ORIAICON KNIFE and POWER RING. Give the ring to the karateka so that

character finally has something to put on his hands. Be sure you keep

this ring; it's valuable for a VERY long time, don't sell it until you

can get CRYSTAL stuff. Leave this room the same way you got in. Then

head up, then left and follow the path till you reach a doorway. Go in

it. Here you'll find DELIA, keeper of the FLOATING SHOES. She'll

toss you a pair. Then the four Old Men come storming in to remind you

of their phoniness (How were they able to get by Storopers if they were

having trouble with Goblins?). Turns out they're a little bit better

than mediocre after all. Delia will toss you the real deal and now

you can get to Goldor's Mansion. One of the Old Men uses Exit magic

(actually, it was just an Otterhead) and you're warped out of the joint.

Go to the inn, rest up, buy some (10-20) HIPOTIONS, and sell the

stuff you know you won't use. Now leave the town and go south. If you

go east of the mountains, you'll see a CHOCOBO FOREST. In here, you can

find a place to put a FAT CHOCOBO when you use a CARROT. Stick your

equipment for mages here. If you want to make your life a little easier,

you can catch a roaming chocobo and you get to ride to the mansion free

from enemy attack. Go south WEST of those mountains and across the

desert and head north to come to the mansion of Goldor.

11) Goldor's Mansion enemies: Nitemare, GoldKnight, GoldBear, GoldEagle

Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Hunter/Thief

Recommended levels: 18-19

Important stuff found in Goldor's Mansion:



Shiny Sword (2500) 5 20%

Dragon Claw (9000) 48 100% <--- Fire/Bolt elemental

If you insist on having a black wizard in your party, here's where you

will really begin to realize his futility. Enemies who have 'gold' somewhere

in their names usually have high magic defense (hence, no attack magician in

the recommended party). Enter the mansion and go straight upward to the next

floor ignoring all those rooms. Walk up, left, down and right to make your way

around that big-ass structure. When you get around, 12 chests will meet the eye.

11 SHINY SWORDS and a DRAGON CLAW (NOW equip both claws) are within the chests.

All of us who have played FF2 can remember the weakest sword in the game,

the Blood Sword. It had an attack power of zero (0). But if you had two

warriors remotely skilled in swords, the Emperor (last boss) became the easiest

last boss in the history of Nintendo. The special virtue of the Blood Sword is

that's the Emperor's weakness. The game gives you two of them. The Shiny sword

can't cut butter too much better, and I strongly doubt these things have a special

use of any kind (there are eleven of them. 11!). If anybody out there knows its

special use (if it even has one), could ya mail me? I'd really appreciate it. But

they DO sell for 2500 Gil a pop. Pretty good. But now back to FF3.

After you collect the treasure, I'd recommend walking out and all the

way back to Amur to stay at the inn and to sell your crap (like Shiny Swords).

This is strictly for level-building purposes, so you don't have to do it.

Go back to the first floor of the mansion. There are four rooms here, but

the only room that you should care about is the upper left room. Open the

door somehow and walk through the false wall in the upper left corner. The

next room is very small. The following room is kinda mazey, but simply

walking along the bottom row through several false walls will make life

a bit easier. Keep following the path, and after a while, you'll come to

a room. Heal up and proceed to face...

BOSS: Goldor Difficulty level: 6

HP: 2300 Weakness: None (VERY) Strong against: Magic

Goldor's kinda tough. You may recall somebody mentioning something

about him having perfect magic defense. This is half the reason to lose

your black wizard when you did. He has a relatively weak regular attack

which won't do any more than 200 DMG. He has level 3 elemental magic (like

Ice2), and a nasty Ice3 that will take away like 500 HP, 800 to a karateka who

makes use of the BuildUp command. But, one attack after he's been BuiltUp

will get Goldor about halfway dead, so the karateka should do that. Everyone

else should fight, but if someone gets weak, the hunter or white wiz

should Cure2 them. The only thing to fear here is that he might go after

the same warrior every time. If he does that, he'll probably die. Hopefully,

he won't go after your karateka after he's been BuiltUp, cuz he's the majority

of your offense.

After you have proven yourself better than him, he'll break the

gold crystal as a final act of dignity or something. This is okay, for

the Gold Crystal is not as important as one may think. When he dies he

will leave behind the KEY to your ship. Go up to it, examine it, and

the lock which once restricted your ship to a very small area will

somehow evaporate. Now leave this place somehow, get back to Amur,

stay in the inn, buy 30-40 more HiPotions (and a couple of Otterheads

maybe). Now leave Amur, step in your ship, press 'A' and fly outta here.


Okay, this next part is pretty tough to explain, but I'll do the

best I can. Head to the southern tip of the continent Amur is on. and head

east until you reach the floating continent. Go due south when you find it

and you'll eventually stumble upon the town of LEPRIT.

LEPRIT Inn 200




C Choco 100 B: Stumbled; The stupid bird trips thus having no effect

W: Escape; Makes party get away from the battle

S: Chocobo Kick; A pesky birds kicks around a monster

C Shiva 700 B: Icy Glare; Hits an enemy with a cold frosty blast

W: HypnoBeam; Makes all enemies sleepy and easy targets

S: Diamond Dust; Hits all enemies for exceptional ice damage

C Ramuh 1500 B: God's Thunder; Shocks one enemy with a jolt of lightning

W: Mindblast; Puts all enemies into a catatonic stupor

S: Heaven's Rage; Impressive lightning damage on all enemies

C Ifrit 3000 B: Flames of Fury; A powerful fireball falls on an enemy

W: Recovery; The Light Warriors all regain a few HP

S: HellFire; Flames of the depths of Hell burn all enemies

C Titan 5000 W: Punch; Earth elemental hits one enemy hard

B: Kick; Hits enemy harder

S: Earthquake; Rocks all enemies for awesome Earth damage




HiPoiton 1200 Antidote 80

Soft 300 Otterhead 2000

EchoHerb 100 Carrot 150

Eyedrop 40 MidgBread 200


This is a conjurer-oriented town. Go up and to the left a bit till you

see a small forest with some suspicious-looking grass. When you see a row of

three patches of grass, go left to find a TURTLSHEL and ELIXIR. Now go right

to that forest, and you'll see some more suspicious-looking grass. Make

yourself even with the pond you see and walk into the trees to get a FENIX DOWN

at the end. Now get out of the forest and now, we must do some business with

the town's shopkeepers. Strip your thief of everything and change his job to a

CONJURER. You should still have some stuff left over from your mages,

don't get your shorts in a knot if you sold that stuff. Get your new

conjurer a FEATHER, which is good for one LONG-ass time, CHOCOBO, SHIVA,

and RAMUH espers (Yeah, that's what I'll call 'em in this game), IFRIT too

if you're in a buying mood, and come back and by TITAN when you get the MP

for it. All of the magic spells here are good buys. Sell your thief gear

and leave this place hoping that you saved some money for the next town.

Head back to your ship and levitate. Just east of those mountains

you see lies the kingdom of SALONIA. Don't fly too close to the castle

for you will most certainly be shot down if you test 'em. Go a but east

of Salonia and turn south to come to DASTAR, a bard and geomancer community.

DASTAR Inn 320




Giyman Bell 4500 25 80%

Mandora Harp 8000 40 70%




Gaia Outfit 4200 16 12 8

Bard Outfit 5500 15 18 7

Feather Hat 8000 7 10 8 <---Agility +5

Rune Ring 5000 5 10 6

There are two EARTHDRUMs hidden within Dastar's upper grass. I would

change your hunter to a GEOMANCER. You may have noticed his use dissipating at

Goldor's Mansion, and that slide is just going to continue. If you do,

you'll have no means of magical healing except Ifrit's crappy Recovery thing.

Now you will need even more HIPOTION. You should also get him some snappy

swag from the armor shop.

Head back over to Salonia, but go just to the southern edge of the

kingdom. Land your ship in the water and walk over to the marshy area to

break in these new jobs, and to gain more exp and gold. Get at least to level

21, head back to Amur, buy 50 HIPOTIONs , then fly back to Salonia. Fly right

in front of the castle with your tongue hanging out spewing some obnoxious

utterance of mockery. They will shoot you down.



Chapter 5: The Kingdom, the Prince, Dorga and More


It seems the Light Warriors are stranded in a distinguished kingdom during

a civil war. Whateva. You'll have to find the banished prince and a

possessed king. After eliminating an evil-enduced bird summon, another new

door of possibilities opens up for your guys. You'll need to see Dorga,

a wise dude of magic, and he'll explain why the world is in disorder. You

will also probably wish to do a few side quests for some good stuff.


Well, you seemed to have come to this place at the wrong time.

Right away, turn around back to the world map. It's time to see what

this well-developed kingdom has to offer. First get to NORTHWEST SALONIA.

(NOTE: Most of the shops will be closed until you've killed Phoenix)




----------------- -----------------

HiPotion 1200 LuckMalet 100

Soft 300 Antidote 80

MaidKiss 100 Eyedrop 40

EchoHerb 100 Carrot 150



(Fire2) (Cure2)

(Ice2) (Exit)

(Bolt2) (Wash)

Not much for you to do in this part of town. The magic shop and

library are closed now. The inn is open for business. Now leave this

place and go due south to SOUTHWEST SALONIA.





WhiteRobe Outfit 7000 20 12 14 2 <--- Sprit +5

BlackRobe Outfit 7000 20 12 14 2 <--- Intelligence +5

(Rune Ring) (Gaia Outfit)

(Scholar Outfit) (Scholar Hat)


Southwest Salon's where it's at. Enter and go straight up.

Talk to that guy you see just across that bridge. He'll tell you to

go into the bar. Do what he says- it's a trap, but a pathetic one

so you've nothing to worry about. Some dudes seem to be making life

kinda difficult for some kid. Go to save him from future torture.

Some GoldKnights will confront you. Kick their asses. The kid's

gonna follow you around. Prince Allus (the kid you just saved) was

banished from the castle for some reason. Leave the pub and cross

the bridge left and head into the water. Go down to the unmarked

house you see, and get down to the lower left corner of the town.

Talk to the man to receive a WIND JAVELIN. Head back on up, go into

the water and make your way due east to that guy an the island.

He'll give you a DRAGON ARMOR when spoken to. It should also be

noted that there's a free Fat Chocobo for you in lower right house

here. In that room, go through the left indentation to find several

CARROTS within chests. Now leave the town.

Head east, but not to the southeast portion of the kingdom,

but to NORTHEAST SALONIA instead.





Wind Javelin 10000 50 80% <--- Wind elemental

Thunder Javelin 8000 35 80% <--- Bolt/Wind elemental




Golem Staff 13500 16 70% <--- Earth elemental/Strength +5/Randomly

Rune Staff 18000 20 80% casts Break

Flame Wand 3000 12 70% <--- Fire elemental/Strengthens fire magic

Ice Wand 3000 12 70% <--- Ice elemental/Strengthens ice magic

Light Wand 3000 12 70% <--- Bolt elemental/Strengthens bolt magic

(Shinning Staff) (Burning Staff)

(Freezing Staff)




HiPoiton 1200 Antidote 80

Soft 300 Otterhead 2000

EchoHerb 100 Carrot 150

Eyedrop 40 MidgBread 200





(Break) (Libra)

(Ice3) (Confu)

(Shade) (Mute)




B Bolt3 5000 An okay blast of lightning will hit stuff No

B Kill 5000 Obliterates all enemies on the screen Yes

B Erase 5000 Eliminates an enemy's special defenses No

W Cure3 5000 Imagine Cure2, only better Yes

W Life 5000 Revives a swoon soul to minimal strength Yes

W Safe 5000 Improves a warrior's armor by something No

Buy a Wind Javelin and leave this place and go due south to SOUTHEAST


In Southeast Salonia, one of the locals will tell you about

GAURDIA, the one that only dragoons can defeat. That's food for

thought. There's really nothing worth spending time worrying or

typing about in this part of town except that DRAGON TOWER in the

middle. You'll have to do some maneuvering to reach it. Enter the

door when you reach it. (NOTE: You don't have to do this, but if

you want some dragoons...)

12) Dragon Tower enemies: Catoblapas, Needler, Sandworm,

M.Helcan, Sorcerer

Recommended level: 21-22

Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Geomancer/Conjurer

Important stuff found in the Dragon Tower:



(Thunder Javelin)

(Wind Javelin)



Dragon Armor (4000) 15 10% 15

Dragon Helmet (4000) 7 10% 7

The explanation may be confusing because most of it is

about traveling through false walls. This part is made up of

four parts. Enter the tower and go right to the indention

through a false wall. Follow this path until you can walk

through the right indentation of the of the lower right part.

Then go up the false wall in the middle of that part. Follow

that path the path until you reach the right indention of the

top right part. Walk left through that wall and continue walking

to go through the fake wall of the left indention. That way will

eventually bring you to the doorway you have to go through. Keep

going up the stairs until you reach the top. There are two roads

to talk through- let's do the top first. You'll find a bounty

of treasure waiting for you: a FENIX DOWN, 2 DRAGON ARMORS, THUNDER



both paths. Now get out of here somehow. I suggest using an


The game was trying to tell you something by giving you all

that dragon (should be DRAGOON, they missed an 'O' but anyways...)

equipment. Change everybody's job to DRAGOON. Chances are, you'll

have to use that Fat chocobo in Southwest Salonia. Everybody's HP

should be at least 850 before continuing to the next part. If needed,

go back to the Dragon Tower and fight enemies. The area outside of

Salonia is not exactly prime-level building ground (I've once walked

around for nearly 2 and a half minutes trying to run into a fight).

But as soon as you've done that, head into SALONIA CASTLE,

which is obviously in the northern edge of the center of the kingdom.

Making sure your HP is full, proceed upward until you are stopped.

The King apparently gives the guards the permission to let your party

and Prince Allus to enter the castle. He'll even give you guys a

room. Hmmm... Awfully generous from somebody who recently banished his

own son from the premises of the castle for absolutely no reason

whatsoever (suspicious?). Nobody can get to sleep, so your HP will

not refill. After a little while, the King of Salonia will come

stormin' in with some character of evil called GIGAMESH (Gilgamesh

is future FFgames?). Gigamesh controls the King and the King stabs

his son with something. Soon after the king snaps out of it and

shakes all evil influence. Now Gigamesh is pissed. He's a pushover

in future FF games (FF5 in particular), and he's is no different in

FF3. He can't fight the Light Warriors himself so he calls on a boss...

BOSS: Gaurdia Difficulty level: 9 Weakness: Aero/Wind

HP: 5000 Recommended level: 22-23

Man, talk about tough. You should be fine if your party is at level

22, 23 would be more like it though. Make your all dragoon party JUMP

each time. If you're lucky, you'll get somebody to land square on his head

for over 1000 DMG. But chances are, you'll have more misses than orgasmic

blasts of power. Your success will not depend on picking the correct

commands at the correct times; it'll depend on when your party decides

to Jump (a precursor to several future boss battles including the last one).

His mighty BOLT attack will do a good 400 HP of damage to every

warrior, so if somebody gets hit three times, they're done for. But you're

entire party can evade his Bolt attack if he waits to attack. But

if you're party waits a while before they decide to jump, they'll be hit.

Eventually, he WILL fall. Jumps, if they hit, can do anywhere between

100-1200. You'll usually get it around 600 if you're at level 22.

Just after the fight, the King dies. I guess the elimination of evil

took too much out of him. Prince Allus laments for a short time before

assuming the position his father just vacated. Gigamesh seems to have

scampered away or something. You are now free to roam around as much as

you want.

(NOTE: You should probably return back to the jobs you had when

you first arrived. This will involve spending some time with the Fat

Chocobo in Southwest Salonia. You're going to want to keep some of your

dragoon items, however)

Imprint Stuff found in Salonia Castle:



Earth Bell (2750) 30 80% <--- Earth elemental?/Randomly stuns enemy

(M.Gauche Knife) (Thor Hammer) (Golem Staff)

(Freezing Staff) (Medusa Arrows)



Rusted Armor (250) This can't be equipped

(Scholar Hat)

(Viking Armor) (Viking Helmet)

(Dragon Helmet) (Gaia Outfit)

If you go around to talk to some of the people, you'll discover

the fact that there's a whole bunch of treasure scattered throughout the

castle. In the room of the Gaurdia fight, there exists a false wall on

the right wall between those two stools you see. Follow the path by walking

right and down where a dozen chests are ripe for the pickin' (remember two

words while looting- Fat Chocobo) : 2 HIPOTIONS, SCHOLAR HAT, GOLEM STAFF, THOR


Next go down those stairs. Go to the rightmost part of the platform you see

and walk across the invisible bridge to encounter upon the treasures of EARTH


ARMOR. After you're done in here, retrace your steps back to the room in which

you fought Gaurdia and leave it downward. Head to the lower left room and get

to the spot just to the left of the table and examine it by pressing 'A.' Go

straight through the path provided and down the stairs. Then go left through

a false wall, up, right, and left through another false wall to another

staircase. Follow the path provided to find two FENIX DOWNs. See that

important-looking dude leftward across the wall? Stay tuned. Now retrace your

steps out of the treasure area. The bottom right room outside the room

in which you fought Gaurdia has some scholars. Speak to then, and they'll

whip up an airship and return (gotta love somebody who can just construct

an airship in a few seconds flat). You may now leave this place for good.


You may have noticed that the karateka character has been a less

than stupendous force of defense. That's why I suggested keeping the dragoon

equipment (1 Wind Javelin and 1 Thunder Javelin and some armor). You will

probably want to periodically switch jobs from karateka to dragoon and back.

The plan I used, up to the Bahamut fight, the job of choice was mostly

karateka. But from the minute I was finished with that cave to the time you can

get ninjas, it was the dragoon that was the dominant class. Basically, the

rule is make him a karateka, and if you fell he is taking to much damage,

change him to a dragoon. So just pretend the recommended party reads Karateka-

Dragoon whenever another dungeon is forthcoming. For the Temple of Time and

Undersea Cave, it'll be all Karateka though to save inventory space.

Now it's time to move on. Make your way back to Amur and fly due west.

You'll eventually reach the continent various people have mentioned. If you

tried to fly through the pass in the mountains before, your access was most

certainly denied. Fly around this continent until you find a pass in the

mountains. This is why your ship is so fast- so it can turn aside the powerful

winds of this continent. Fly through the path until you find a house. You

will be attacked by some fairly though monsters for this part of the game, but

you should make it just fine. Land your airship in the grass (this one can be

set down on land) and walk into DORGA'S HOUSE (did you see that town in the

middle of the mountains? That's DORGA'S VILLAGE. You can buy most of

all the magic in the game here. It can be reached by going east of the

continent so you can see the town, then going slightly north of it, submerging

underwater and following the highlighted path).




----------------- -----------------

HiPotion 1200 LuckMalet 100

Soft 300 Antidote 80

MaidKiss 100 Eyedrop 40

EchoHerb 100 Carrot 150




B Fire3 10000 A Flame's gonna come and start hittin' stuff No

B Bio 10000 A kinda strong venomous attack No

B Warp 10000 Warps you to the previous level of a dungeon ??

W Aero2 10000 Much like black magic; a disappointing wind attack No

W Soft 10000 A spell just like the potion with the same name Yes

W Haste 10000 Makes your WEAPON lighter (not weaker) to raise Hit% YES!





Walk in and you will be confronted by MOOGLES upon your entry. Dorga

will come to see what's up. After a quick examination, he realizes your

importance, and he tells the moogles to shoo. Dorga is very wise. He'll

give you the 411: All this chaos and pandemonium has been caused by the one

called ZANDE. It is then agreed that he will follow your party around

through the MAGIC CIRCLE CAVE. Just go straight through this place.

Refresh yourself at the Recovery Pots stored right there. Go to the spot to the

left of his bookshelf and examine the spot while looking up to gain a HIPOTION.

Now yank that candle and walk to the end of the path provided. It seems that

this entire cave has a ceiling height of 12 inches at its highest point. You'll

have to be MINIed, and your should turn one of your heavy fighters into a THIEF.

Don't worry about giving him any equipment.

13) Magic Circle Cave enemies: MageFlyer, DkKinght, DevilHorse, BullMan,


Recommended party: (Anything with a thief is fine.)

Recommended levels: 22-23

Use the thief's ESCAPE ability in each battle to experience minimal

damage for the battles are not worth fighting. Much like the Sea Cave, there

is no treasure at all with the depths of this cave. The first floor is

straightforward. On B2F go right and through the door. For B3F you must go

left, then down and through the door you see. Now walk to the transporter.

Well, it seems the end for Dorga's life is not far. He must be transported to

the depths of some other cave to locate the EUREKA KEY. His final words of

wisdom to you is get the LUTE to awake the second member of the triad of

mystery, UNNE. Before he goes, he also somehow gives your ship the ability to

plunge underwater (who-hoo!). The cave will promptly collapse upon use of the

transporter. Dorga warps you out just in time.


(NOTE: Some people would say to do the UNDERSEA CAVE section first. You are

probably going to be ending up doing them both, but I'll put this first because

Dorga just mentioned it.)

Before you forget, let's get that LUTE. It'll require several MAGIC

KEYS or a THIEF. I recommend the former. Change your thief back to the heavy

fighter he once was. You should definitely have an OTTERHEAD if you are using

the recommended party or some other party without an Exit caster. (I hope I

don't need to tell you to unMINI yourself.) The Lute is in the TEMPLE OF TIME.

Fly your way through the pass in the mountains and go east to the Salonia

continent. At the southern tip of the continent, there exists a couple of

horns. Plunge your airship into the water by pressing 'A' over some deep water

area, in this case, it's the space between the horns. Enter the building you

see and you're there.

14) Temple of Time enemies: Dirai, KingLizard, SeaKing, MagicChimera,

Behemoth, Dragon

Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Geomancer/Conjurer

Recommended level: 22 or higher

Imprint stuff found in the Temple of Time:



Defender Sword 16500 95 80% <--- Vitality +5

(Orialcon Knife)



Diamond Shield 18000 13 14% 15 *All Diamond swag is strong v. Bolt

Diamond Helmet 20000 8 12% 9

Diamond Armor 33000 18 10% 10

Diamond Ring 10000 6 12% 6

Diamond Gloves 15000 6 10% 5




Over the course of the next three sections or so, you'll be spending the

majority of the time in unorthodox settings. That means the geomancer is

really going to be of good use. Well, walk down then left until you come to a

door. Open it for a DIAMOND HELMET in a chest. Give it to your knight (that

Ice Helmet is getting pretty old). The locked door just to the right of that

contains a chest with a DIAMOND RING held within. Leave that room and head

straightforward to the doorway. The chest in the upper right corner of the

small room you now find yourself in has a DEFENDER SWORD. Then go to the door

to lead you to B2F. Head due right and open the door that leads to a chest

with a DIAMOND ARMOR. Now leave that room and walk into the water. The top

left room's treasure is of ORIALCON KNIFE and DIAMOND GLOVES. The top right

room has the doorway to B3F. On this floor, head downward along the path. The

bottom left room holds a DIAMOND SHIELD. The bottom right room on B3F contains

the LUTE you'll need to wake up Unne. Now leave this place (Otterhead anyone?)


After leaving the temple, head to some town and sell all loose equipment

(the Diamond Shield is good, but it's probably better to just hold two

weapons), stay at some inn, and restock the potion supply. Now you don't have

to do this next part, but I strongly advise it because you'll find tons of

really cool treasure, and it's also arguably the best level-building area of

the game. Fly around until you find the continent Amur is on. Go a little bit

east of it, and fly south. There will be a triangular island that has to be

good for something. Go a couple paces south and a couple paces east and

submerge. There will be a cave with the original title of UNDERSEA CAVE. Go

ahead and enter it.


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