Detalhado - 3° parte

15) Undersea Cave enemies: SeaWitch, Dosema, KillerSnail, Olg-Hai,

Aegil, Kelipe

Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Geomancer/Conjurer

Recommended level: 22 or higher

Important stuff found in the Undersea Cave:




Tomahawk Axe 20000 60 80%

Triton Hammer 20000 85 80%

Ancient Sword 16500 5 80% <--- Holy elemental; Often stuns enemy

Lamia Harp (10750) 0 80% <--- Often confuses enemy

AirKnife Knife (5000) 60 100% <--- Wind elemental

Blood Javelin (10000) 70 80% <--- Wind elemental/Drains HP from non-undead

(Defender Sword)




Reflect Armor (17500) 20 12% 20

Aegis Shield (14000) 16 16% 16

(Diamond Shield) (Diamond Helmet)

(Diamond Armor) (Diamond Ring)

(Diamond Gloves)


If you ever run out of room in your inventory, I'd advise walking out of

here, flying northwest back to Amur to sell the stuff you don't plan on using at

all, staying at the inn and restocking your supplies. Proceed through the

first floor regularly heading leftward for the most part. The chest just to

your left upon your entrance to B2F contains a DIAMOND SHIELD. Now go straight

right to eventually come to a chest that holds a DEFENDER SWORD. Now make your

way to the lower left corner of the pillar to find a TOMAHAWK AXE. Now go to

the doorway you see just to the right of you to head to B3F. Go down the first

bridge, then go left at your first chance. The four chests that sit there hold


you can to find treasure such as FENIX DOWN, ELIXIR, and DIAMOND GLOVES. Next

proceed left through that false wall you can see. All four chests you can see

are guarded by fairly strong enemies. The one that holds a BLOOD JAVELIN (top

left) also holds a Peryton. The bottom right chest holds a TRITON HAMMER will

lead to a fight with an Eater. An AEGIS SHIELD awaits in the top right chest,

but so does a ZombieDragon. A DeathClaw (divides when hit with most weapons if

still has HP left, heh) protects you from the REFLECT ARMOR in the bottom left


Now make your way back to the entrance to the floor, but take the path

leading downward instead of the one that goes rightward. Walk the path, and

the first chest you come to has an ANCIENT SWORD (keep for a little while- very

low attack power but often paralyzes enemies). Now head downwards to find four

more treasures bound within chests: DIAMOND HELMET, DIAMOND SHIELD, GOD'S WIME,

and some other item that I am not sure of (you can forgive me, can't cha?). It

is definitely a good idea to build levels until you reach 29 at least, if

you're not there already. The enemies here pack a fairly good punch, but it's

nothing to wet your pants over. You don't have to, but it should not really

take you that long. This IS, after all, prime level-building ground.


Now find some town, and sell the stuff you don't plan using at all

through the game (sell Aegis; I used it in the next part- there's one in a

chest). Stay at an inn restock (find a Fat Chocobo, if you wish, and put your

karateka material there. This next part's all dragoon with a Wind and a Blood

Javelin). Also, if you like white wizards but haven't been using them, you

should go to Dorga's Magic Shop talked mentioned when Dorga's House was talked

about and you should pick up CURE3 and HASTE. Make your way to Southeast

Salonia and sink into the water just south of that town. Enter the opening to


16) Salonia Catacombs enemies: Fura, BossTroll, Cyclops, Valar, Kenkos

Recommended Party: Knight/Dragoon/Geomancer/Conjurer

Recommended level: 29-30

Important stuff found in the Catacombs:


----------- ------

(Giyaman Bell) (Gaia Outfit) (Reflect Armor)

(Golem Staff) (Aegis Shield)

There's nothing tricky about the first couple rooms. When you get to a

room that meets you with a really big intersection, go right and follow the

path. Head left in the indentation to come to a chest that holds a GOLEM STAFF.

Leave the indentation, and continue following the path until you find chests of

AEGIS SHIELD and GAIA OUTFIT. Now go back to the entrance and head to the left

intersection. Follow this path, and enter the rightward indentation to pick up

a REFLECT ARMOR from the chest. Return from the indention and continue walking

the path up then right. A GUIYMAN BELL greets you in the chest you see. Now go

back around and enter the door just to the right. The next two rooms are

simple, regular things. See that imposing figure of existence right in front of

your face (looks familiar)? (If you like white magic, change your geomancer to a

white wizard and give him an Elixir. I don't recommend doing that, however)

Talk to it.

BOSS: Odin Difficulty level: 6.5

HP: (Probably less than) 7000 Strong/Weak Against: Nothing

This is the first FF game that really involves Odin. As you may expect, he's

got that signature move that involves slashing the target(s) for hefty damage

(ATOM EDGE- 400-1000+ to who ever it hits). He can also chose hit one of your

guys with a really strong physical attack which will, uh, kill him. A dragoon

should jump with hopes of avoiding Atom Edge. The geomancer should give a God's

Wine to a knight with doubled-up Defender Swords. The white wizard should haste

the knight, and then cast Cure3 every time because you never know when he'll

whip out his Atom Edge. The conjurer should just call Titan every time. It's

really not that hard of a fight. Chances are, you'll be able to withstand that

Atom Edge. When you beat him, he'll deem the Light Warriors worthy and you'll

get a copy of the ODIN ESPER.

MAGIC (Odin):


C White: Barrier; Casts Wall on your party

Black: SwordCut; Hits one enemy like a crazy person

Summon: Atom Edge; Slashes all enemies to kill them unless he gets scared




Chapter 6: From Unne to Bahamut


Dorga's Dream World counterpart, Unne will be of great help now. You'll get

a Fang to blow up stuff and one helluvan airship. You'll see mystic knights,

a cave of darkness elemental, three new jobs, and you'll visit two potent

monsters who were dispatched by Noah.


Leave, recover, sell, stock up, the usual. If you chose to have a white

wizard during the Odin fight, might as well keep him that way. If he's a

geomancer, you should just leave him that way one, even though he will not as

useful as he used to be. But whatever party you chose to have, it's time to

make use of that Lute that's been sitting in your inventory for a little while

now. On the continent Salonia is where you'll find Unne patrolling the Dream

World or something. Near the southern edge of the continent (the horns) is

where she currently rests. The cave that holds her can be reached from the

east or the west. Land your ship and walk on into the cave. Walk through the

cave, and go up to the one in bed. Walk rightward through the false wall just

to the left of her bed, get to the bed and face Unne, press 'B' and select Lute

from your inventory (it's not as complicated as I made it sound ;-). After

the Lute is done making noise, Unne will rise from her slumber and get the

blood moving again. When you next have control, speak to her, and she'll speak

of a rockin' airship. Make your way out, and you will be given the WIND FANG.

She suggests going to the ANCIENT RUINS which lies to the north. It is decided

that she's gonna follow your crew around.

Head to the Ancient Ruins, but not quite yet. You told you can shatter

some statues with dem fangs (commonly referred to as the Statues of the Quest).

Let's do that. Get into your ship and fly west then north to an area north

west of Amur. Land your ship on some grass, and walk (yeah, ya haveta walk)

through the first three rows of statues that would have given you death had you

walked through them at an earlier time. But don't go through the fourth one-

it's still gonna kill you. There, now those three fangs you once had are no

longer your responsibility to hold (in other words, you'll have an extra three

spaces in your inventory).

Okay, now for the ruins. From there, get to Salonia kingdom (it's not

that hard), head west to the nearby mountains and scan them over. You'll no

doubt notice a river that makes its way through the mountains. Fly over the

river going west, north, east, north, west and north (really, it's not that

hard). Land your ship and get into the cave.

17) Ancient Ruins enemies: ZombieDragon, Pyralis, Azreal, Eater,

Sirenos, Garb, Haniel, Balfrey

Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Geomancer/Conjurer

Recommended level: 30-31

Walk the path which leads basically rightward to the Adamantie. Let Unne

send the inconvenience to the Cleft of the Dimensions. Head down the newly

created path and go to the first door you come to for a REFLECT ARMOR. The next

door on the path has places to blow some money (make sure you stay at the inn,

though). If you don't have an Ancient Sword, I advise getting one. The next

door you'll come to that doesn't lead to a place that sells stuff will get you

to B2F.


RUINS Inn 200




Rune Bell 5500 40 100%

Eleven Claw (9000) 37 100%

(Blood Sword) (Defender Sword)

(Tomahawk Axe) (Triton Hammer)

(Ancient Sword)




(Diamond Shield) (Diamond Helmet)

(Diamond Armor) (Diamond Ring)

(Diamond Gloves)



HiPotion 1200 Eyedrop 40

Soft 300 Antidote 80

MaidKiss 100 Carrot 150

EchoHerb 100


On B2F, life is going to get a little bit tougher. Splitting enemies

such as Haniels and Balfrey lurk here. Most of them (the green ones) will split

when hit with the weapons you have, assuming their HP does not run out. When

they do divide, the new one will have the exact same as its predecessor. So if

a mage was to attack one of these things (with 2000 HP) with his knife of

wussiness (for 100HP), the divided enemy will have 1900 HP, just like its

originator. This is a really good way to get gold, but these enemies give off

terrible EXP and they hit pretty hard. It's also pretty time consuming, so I'd

keep the splitting to a minimum. An enemy can't divide when asleep (Shiva

effect) or while paralyzed (Ramuh effect, Ancient Sword), so a skilled

conjurer's a plus.

But on with the walkthrough. Go down, right, and down the next path

which leads to a CHAKRA HELMET within a chest. The door in the lower left

corner has a chest with a BLACKBELT OUTFIT inside. Now head back to the path

and continue upward. Then go left at the second intersection you come to. The

chest behind this door conceals a RUNE BELL inside a treasure chest. Leave

that room at once and continue going right through the door you will find next.

ELVEN CLAW hides within the chest, but your karateka, if you've got one, will

do more damage with no weapon equipped. Leave that room and go up at the next

intersection you see and then right and go through the door. The next floor is

straightforward. On B5F, you'll probably notice that life will get distinctly

tougher still (like it did for me). But you'll make through, just keep at it.

Just make your way straightforward through this place- nothing special. A

transporter on B8F is on the other side of a long bridge. Step on it to lead

you to your new airship, the INVINSIBLE.





GreatAxe Axe 14000 85 80%

Inferno Book 16500 65 80% <--- Fire elemental

Blizzard Book 16500 65 80% <--- Ice elemental

Illumina Book 16500 65 80% <--- Bolt elemental

Loki Harp 40000 60 100%

Yoichi Arrow 200 70 100%

(Defender Sword)

(Rune Bell)




(Diamond Shield) (Diamond Gloves)

(Diamond Armor) (WhiteRobe Outfit)

(Diamond Helmet) (BlackRobe Outfit)

(Diamond Ring) (Gaia Outfit)

--------------- ---------------


--------------- ---------------

HiPotion 1200 Antidote 80

Soft 300 Otterhead 2000

EchoHerb 100 Carrot 150

Eyedrop 40 MidgBread 200




B Quake 20000 A somewhat strong erthal spell that just doesn't cut it No

B Brak2 20000 Turns one enemy to stone with a VERY high success rate Yes

B Drain 20000 Takes a target's HP and adds it to the caster's HP ??

W Cure4 20000 Recovers a non-wounded warrior to 100% full strength YES

W Heal 20000 Recovers any status aliment No

W Wall 20000 Protect a warrior from some magic attacks with a wall No


Man, is this thing's the shi...bomb. It's got a free bed to recover,

a Fat Chocobo area and vending machines which will do business with you.

This thing can even jump over small inconveniences such as thin strips of

mountains which have kept you from previously reaching certain areas. The only

complaint one could have about this ship is that it flies at a disgustingly

slow pace. Anyways, Unne will say Adios to your party. But before ditching

your party, she will explain pretty much what was just said but 5 seconds ago.


But now it's time to continue your journey. Head east and south a little

bit until you reach the continent of Salonia again. If you would have bothered

to speak to the people within Salonia, you would have gotten wind of a town for

paladins (or as they're called in this game, M.KNIGHTs). When at the Kingdom

of Salonia (you will probably want to buy a copy of Cure2 from the town and

give it to your geomancer), go southwest into the break in the mountains.

Follow the very basic path, which involves jumping, to the next town.





Asura Sword 20000 65 100% <--- Darkness elemental

Yoichi Bow 42000 50 100%

(Yoichi Arrow)

Kotesu Sword (10500) 125 90% <--- Darkness elemental/Found in F. Cave

Kiku Sword (11000) 105 100% <--- Darkness elemental/Won after Shinobi




Demon Armor 25000 17 15% 17

Demon Shield 12500 12 14% 12




HiPoiton 1200

Carrot 150

MidgBread 200




(Fire2) (Cure2)

(Ice2) (Exit)

(Bolt2) (Wash)

FARGABAAD- the mkinght town. The first thing you should do is to go

above the weapon and armor shops that greet you upon your arrival. There

is a forest to the right; some of the trees extend pretty far left. Get to

the spot to the left of the space between the two trees. Walk right into the

trees and follow the path, and you'll eventually come to the Fargabaad Falls.

Walk up to the man you'll find in this room and speak to him. After doing so,

you get to fight Shinobi, an annoying ninjawuss you'll encounter upon many a

time later in the game. A KIKU SWORD will be yours when you win. Now leave

the Falls, but don't go right back into the trees. Instead, follow the path of

water downward onto the island. 2 HIPOTIONS, DEMON ARMOR, and DEMON SHIELD lie

in the grass on the island. Now it's time to bid your geomancer a fond

farewell. Strip him bare, change his job to an M.KNIGHT, sell your geomancer

stuff, and equip that DEMON wear.

(Please note that the mknight, also known as PALADIN in some translated

versions, is equipped with Demon armor and his weapon of choice is the Dark

Sword. The mknight seems to take on a dark form/element. This is

interesting because in the game just following this in the series, FF4, the

game's protagonist, Cecil, begins as a Dark Knight. He equips gothic

paraphernalia like the Black Sword and Darkness Armor. He was a warrior of the

element of Darkness. But over the course of the game, as I'm sure you all know,

Cecil undergoes a radical conversion to a Paladin, who was, in that game, a

character of Holy elemental. New and improved Cecil could now equip mainly

holier things such as the Legend Sword and Crystal Mail. The mknight/paladin

job are opposites in the two consecutive games. Even this game's mknight looks

much like Dark Knight Cecil. What gives? I guess mknight is just another word

for dark knight or something.)

But enough about that. Do you see that cave at the top of the town?

Well, it's got come cool stuff in there. It's also got splitting enemies

(DeathClaw, Haniel, Balfrey, Sirenos, Garb). The beauty of the mknight is

that his dark swords will not cause these enemies to split when attacked. His

weapons are the only ones that with that attribute. There is plenty of great


SWORD). I recommend going into the cave and getting this stuff, because

chances are, you'll need it. I had too much trouble walking around the false

walls, mapping out the steps and remembering the treasure (and I'm really

sorry), so it's up to you to figure it out.

When you're finished with that town, leave it and take your airship for

a ride. Head north around the mountains and westward, and you'll be near Amur

again (I think). On the north side of the continent Amur is on, there is a big

set of mountains with a whole lotta holes. Enter the indentation which is on

the west side of the mountains. Jump your way through the maze. I think you

can do it- it's not exactly quantum physics. Hopefully, those pesky airbound

enemies will leave you alone. If not, the airship's cannon blast will help you

out (as if you need it). Eventually, after all that hopping around, you'll

find yourself at the CAVE OF DARKNESS.

18) Cave of Darkness enemies: Haniel, DeathClaw, Sirenos, Garb, Balfrey,

Chronos, Varasago, Hellhorse

Recommended level: 31-32

Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/MKnight/Conjurer --> MKnight

Important stuff found in the Cave of Darkness:



(Kotesu Sword) (Kiku Sword)



Genji Armor (20000) 24 20% 24

Genji Helmet (16000) 10 15% 10

Genji Shield (19000) 20 20% 20

Genji Glove (15000) 9 15% 9

This place is no picnic. Many are the people who have complained about

the difficulty of this place. Every enemy splits after you attack it assuming

it still has HP or is conscious except for Hellhorses. Nobody should have a

shield. These enemies will just hit right through Aegis as if it's not there.

The knight should have swords of Defender and Ancient in hopes of paralyzing

and thus preventing the enemy from splitting (doubled up defenders just won't

do the trick). I also found the karateka's BuildUp attribute to often produce

disappointing results (you may want to Defend until your conjurer casts a

spell). Because of that, I've had my karateka die at times. You may want to

exit and switch him to a dragoon if you find he's taking too much damage. The

conjurer has a certain amount of usefulness to him. The Shiva (Hynobeam) and

Ramuh (Mindblast) calls might put enemies into a hypnotized daze effective

enough to keep them from dividing. Black magic may actually be kind of useful,

but I definitely don't recommend having a black wizard unless you've had one all

this time. Same thing goes for a white wizard. The problem with magic,

especially callers, is that it runs out. When it does, this leaves them nothing

to do besides running (makes you defenseless), moving from back row to front row

(useless), and attacking with their mighty mighty staves. So after the conjurer

runs out of magic, take that mknight equipment I hope you got in Fargabaad and

put it to use. Another point to mention is that at first the mknight's defense

will be less than respectable. It's just something you're going to have to live

with until you get treasure. Buy 99 HiPotions and an Otterhead from the

Invincible before entering the cave. Don't forget that mknights can use the

same magic the hunter can. Now let's get in there and kill 'em all!! (warning:

my explanations can be a bit confusing, so I put more letter in all caps to make

it easier for you to find your place if you get lost)

Enter the cave. Talk to the wounded mknight if you want to. He'll tell

you just how hard this place can be, heh. Go right through the false wall that

will eventually lead to a LAMIA SCALEd chest if you want it. Head down the

main path which will eventually lead rightward through a false wall. You'll

also encounter another wounded mknight along the way. Speak to him. The chest

right there along the path holds a KOTESU SWORD. Go through the door and head

right through a false wall. Then go up, right then down through a door. Walk

straight through B2F and you'll be lead to a chest with a PARALYZER within.

Return to the path you were originally traveling up through a false wall until

you can't anymore. Now travel left through a false wall containing a

LILITHKISS in a chest. Now go right through the obvious false wall that will

lead you down. Now go down till you can't, then left till you can't, then up so

you can find go through a door (By now, you should either get the idea or be

completely confused:)

On B3F, follow the path until you find a leftward indentation with an

obvious false wall. Walk through it, and you find THREE PASSAGES. The top one

will lead you to GENJI GLOVES (eventually) whereas the other two lead to one

another. Now leave this room the same way you got here and get back on to the

main path on which you'd been traveling and enter the pass on the other side.

You should see FOUR PASSAGES. The FIRST and THIRD passages both lead to the

FOURTH one (so ignore them). The SECOND PASSAGE will take you to B4F. Just

like before, some passages meet you upon your entry. Only one is worth caring

about: the LOWER RIGHT one. Next proceed regularly through B5F. The first two

passages you'll come to will, once again, waste your time. The third pass will

eventually lead you a KIKU SWORD (ditch your conjurer, or other mage, and make

him your second mknight NOW if you haven't already). Now, head right through an

obvious false wall. Now go down and leftward around the walls. Soon you'll be

met with more passages. Take the SECOND PASSAGE if you wish not to waste time.

Walk through B6F like any other floor. Head rightward and you'll come

to several passages, again. Only one of them are of any importance, again

(THE TOP ONE). Follow the path to soon reach B7F. Head right through the

false wall to lead you to a GENJI HELMET (Genji... Yeah!). Now return to the

original path and you will be met by, SURPRISE, more passages (ACK! Take THE

LEFT ONE!). You'll promptly come to a room with a choice of four different

passages. The UPPER ONE is the only one which is of any significance. Head

right then up and you'll soon come to B8F (more Hellhorses here, thank God).

Head down through the pass you see to bring you to GENJI ARMOR. Now go back up

and left all the way across the bridge and INTO THE WATER. Ignore the first

false wall you can see heading right across the water instead. Keep going

right, and you'll be met by three more passages. The one on the RIGHT's the

only one worth typing about. This is the last passage dilemma you'll come to in

this cave (yes!). Head down through that right passage, then left when you

can, then upward when the path leads you that way. Heal up, (Man, I hope you

have an Otterhead or a cast of a level 3 spell and Exit) and examine the EARTH

FANG. This guy will attack.

Boss: Hekaton Difficulty level: 2.5

HP: 6400 Weakness: Earth? Strong against: Nothing

If you made it through the cave okay and can heal up to a decent HP level, you

are going to pound this guy so far into the ground you'll laugh obnoxiously.

If you had a conjurer all this time and still have a Titan call left, his Kick

effect could deal upwards of 2000 HP. But I just charged at him with a the

party KN/KA/MK/MK. This guy will probably fall after one round, but it might

take ya two if your guys decide to hit him a bit easier. Don't BuildUp with

the Karateka. You won't need it, and if he attacks him critically, he can get

hit for 3000+ HP. This guy's a wuss, but he does hit pretty hard doing at

least 1000 HP each hit (usually more like 2000 though). You won't need to use

Haste or a God's Wine. You shouldn't spend time healing either. Just keep

Fighting, and you'll be victorious and the fourth and final elemental fang will

be yours. Get out of here after you're done with him. I don't think you'll be

able walk out, nor will any sane person ever WANT to go just walk through this

again, heh.

Now get back on to your airship. It's time to make use of that fang you

have just earned. Jump your way through the maze and you'll eventually be

really close to the Statues of the Quest (should be a bit west when you leave

the mountains. Get out and walk in that final statue barrier to smash

it. Fly through the path which goes east, which will involve jumping and

annoying air enemies. Soon you'll come upon a temple. Stop and land the ship

right in front of it (stay in the bed if you haven't already- that's always a

given). If you're lazy, don't reconvert your second mknight back to a

conjurer- you're about to make him something better. Head into the temple

(it's called the ANCIENTS' LABRYNTH, by the way) and go straight up and through

the door. Walk two steps up, and this boss will try to get cha.

BOSS: Titan Difficulty level: 3

HP: 7500 Weakness: Earth? Strong against: Nothing

Hmmm... seems you've been confronted by Hekaton's cousin or something.

Whatever the case, it is clear wussiness runs in the family. This guy has a

higher body defense than Hekaton, so this fight should be longer. He can cast

FLARE, which is good for 1000+ damage to a single warrior. But his magic will

not be strong enough to kill one warrior with one cast if he's got something

equipped. Now it should take at least eight casts of the spell to kill off

your entire party at this point if you don't ever heal. Now if it takes you

more than eight rounds of fighting to beat this guy, then you're pretty sad.

If somebody dies, so what. The fight will last two or three rounds tops if you

have a good party. I would not Haste up anybody at all here, either.

After you beat him, go up and speak to the EARTH CRYSTAL. It will grant

you its power: the jobs of WARLOCK, SHAMAN, and SUMMONER. Change whoever

was/is a conjurer before to a SUMMONER. Before doing so, you'll probably want

to take a look at the BAHAMUT section first. Well, about these jobs. The

warlock, an improved black wizard, still falls brhind in the usefulness category.

His magic is obviously stronger than his predecessor, but it's still nothing worth

caring about. The shaman is the same thing, only instead of black magic, white

magic's his schtick. You'll probably find the shaman to be more useful for a

longer period of time than the summoner, but not for now.


Remember being told to get your butt over to Dorga's House? Well, if ya

don't, I'm here to tellin' ya. Head away from the labyrinth and then west to

the continent Salonia can be found. Get back to the Ancient Ruins and get

back into your speedy ride. Then head back to Amur and go due west to Dorga's

house (hey, that's how I remember its location). Travel through the path in

the mountains fighting off the enemies you have encountered upon numerous

occasions. Land the ship in the grass and save your game. Enter la casa de

Dorga and you'll be shipped to DORGA'A CAVE.

19) Dorga's Cave enemies: Cyclops, Peryton, Nemesis, Humbaba, Ogre

Recommended level: 32-33

Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/MKnight/Summoner

Once in the cave, take the path that leads leftward. The top path leads

you nowhere. Then go down. The first path here will also waste your time.

Keep following the path, then head into the door. Go left and get the chest

for 20000 GIL. Keep following the path ignoring the door you'll come to in

favor of a treasure chest holding 20000 GIL. Now go through the door and into

the doorway to take you to B2F. Go up as far as you can then head left to a

room of 3 BARRIERs within chests. Leave that room and go rightward till you get

to a door. This is an entrance to a small room with a doorway and a chest

bearing a BARRIER. Go down and take the stairs to B3F. Follow the path down

then right till you get to a door. Heal up and get on in. You'll find Dorga

and Unne, but now you'll have to eliminate the evil from their systems.

BOSS: Dorga Difficulty level: 5

HP: 4500 Weakness: None Strong against: Nothing really

Dorga's not is too difficult. Chances are, he'll bust out a QUAKE spell for

respectable damage. He has a pretty high body defense rating. Your karateka

should BuildUp, the heavy fighters should obviously just attack regularly, and

you conjurer should give a God's Wine to the karateka. He can also BRAK2 and

DRAIN which can yield devastating results. If a warrior gets turned to stone,

have a mage give 'em a Soft Potion. This isn't a terribly hard fight if you

are at level 33 or something. After you're done with him, Unne will attack

leaving you no time at all to recover.

BOSS: Unne Difficulty level: 3

HP: 4800 Weakness: Nothing Strong against: Nothing

Unne will probably start off by casting WWIND on a warrior thus reducing his HP

to single digits. Don't worry about it. Because after that, she'll cast WALL

on herself, which is also of no concern to you unless you have a warlock (you

don't have one, do you?). Her body defense is considerably lower than that of

Dorga's, so this fight will be shorter. She also has a moderately strong cold

elemental attack which you won't see unless you're really unlucky. Just have

everybody go all out with offence (no God's Wine or BuildUp!). She'll be gone

in one or two rounds tops.

After both fights, talk to both bodies. They will inform you of the

next part of your journey. They'll also give you the SYLX and EUREKA KEYs

before fading into oblivion (never shall I say die!). When you've got the

keys, leave this place somehow.

Instead of making use of the keys, it's time to do a couple of

sidequests. These adventures are but sidequests, so you don't have to do them,

but it would be most advantageous to you if you did do them. Get into your

ship, zoom your way through the path in the mountains fending off the various

enemies that will attack without a problem. Get to Dorga's Magic Shop which is

that town in the mountains on that same continent. Submerge into the water just

east and north of the town and follow the highlighted path provided for you.

Get above the water, land your ship and enter the town. Buy all the Cure

spells, Haste, Wash, Life, Soft, all the call espers, and the other spells that

are worth buying, those being the most essential. Give those to the mknight.

Now make sure you do the same for your summoner, or whoever else you may have

in the bottom two positions in your party. Trust me, you'll be using them

later. As soon as you're confident you've bought all the magic you need (which

includes very little black magic), leave the town, go into the water, follow

the trail eastward and get above ground.

Make your way back to the Invincible (I wanna say you go east) and get

back to the Floating Continent (here's how I remember to get there, though

there might be a better way: Go to the Horns of Salonia, a bit west and then go

due south). Go north and a bit east of where you'll first end up, and you'll

be near the Gurgan Valley. The Lake right there is where you want to be. Fly

over to the southern part of the lake and jump over that little piece of

mountain. Land on that piece of dry land, and get out of the ship. Take your

canoe and trip over that swimming thing that makes an obvious presence to you.

This will take you to the lower depths of LAKE DOL.


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