Detalhado - 4° parte

20) Lake Dol enemies: Planktae, SeaLion, Orosogo

Recommended level: 33-34

Recommended party: Knight/Dragoon/MKnight/Summoner


(NOTE: Just so you know, you should have gotten a WHITEROBE OUTFIT for

your summoner if you haven't already, for later purposes).

Important stuff in Lake Dol:


------- ------

(Thor Hammer) (Aegis Shield) (Reflect Armor)

The enemies here hit kinda hard, so if defense is your thing, you'll

probably want to put a shield onto your knight and/or mknight. If you chose

to include a dragoon among your ranks, make sure he's got Javelins of Thunder

and Blood. When you fall into the lake, walk the path normally. The first

four chests you see hold 3 HIPOTIONs and an ELIXIR. Keep walking, and go

through the door to B2F. Follow the path and go upward to find the interesting


Then head downward and go to the doorway leading to B3F. The bottom left path

has chests carrying IMP'S YAWN, and LILITHKISS. The upper right path leads you

to BLACKHOLE, THOR HAMMER (man, how many of these things are they gonna give

you?), REFLECT ARMOR and DARKSCENT. The top right also leads you to the next

floor. Walk the path as usual and you'll find a boss at the end.

BOSS: Leviathan Difficulty level: 7.5

HP: 6800 (probably less) Weakness: Thunder Strong against: Nothing

Leviathan has that BIG WAVE thing you may have seen in some other games like

FF4 and FF5. As you may expect, it has devastating results. Two may wipe out

your party. The dragoon will jump and hopefully be missing that Big Wave

attack, and if he's skilled enough, he'll take away upwards of around 2000 HP

thanks to that Thunder Javelin. You may want to change your summoner to a

shaman for Hasting and healing purposes, but I don't think that's necessary.

I just had my conjurer give my mknight a God's Wine and then he summoned Ramuh.

Chances are that he won't give you two Big Waves consecutively, so you should

be pretty well off, although party members could die if the fight lasts three

rounds or more. He has good body defense, be he's strong against nothing in

particular. Chances are, it'll only take two (don't forget to ditch those


MAGIC (Leviathan):


C White: Stony Glare; Petrifies an enemy

Black: Tempest; A big wave douses all enemies for good water damage

Summon: Tsunami; Potent water-elemental fun for all enemies


Get back onto your airship and fly your way over to the southwest

portion of the Floating Continent. There, you should find a cave which can be

easily accessed by jumping over some mountains. Now enter CAVE BAHAMUT (Hmmm...

I wonder who we'll find at the end of this place).

21) Cave Bahamut enemies: Pterosaur, GtBoros, Ligers, QLamia, Grenade

Recommended level: 35-36

Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/MKnight/Summoner (Shaman??)

Important stuff in Cave Bahamut:



(Golem Staff) (Kotesu Sword)

You may just want to change your summoner to a SHAMMAN now because you

may be doing that for the boss, and I'd advise you keeping him that way for the

rest of the game. Just be careful not to let him use any level six or seven

magic (Odin and Leviathan). Anywho, walk the first floor normally. The first

chests you come to hold GOD'S RAGE and EARTHDRUM. Continue right then up to

find the treasure FENIX DOWN, and NORTHWIND. Go back down and follow the path

to the doorway. On B2F, follow the path leftward. The first chest you'll come

to holds a GOLEM STAFF. As you continue walking the path, GOD'S WINE, LAMIA

SCALE, CHOCORAGE, TURTLESHELL will meet you from treasure chests. In the room

before the fight, ELIXIR, FENIX DOWN, DARKSCENT and KOTESU SWORD will be in the

chests. Stop several steps before you get to the end and heal up. Now I'd

switch your conjurer to a SHAMMAN. If he's left with no more level 6 and 7

magic, give him an elixir. Walk right a couple more steps. Some commotion

will occur. I wonder what it can be?

BOSS: Bahamut Difficulty level: 9.5

HP: 7800 Weakness: Nada Strong Against: Most things...

To those who have skipped to this section with a conjurer, this is for you.

Remember how you beat this dude in other FF adventures? Casting WALL on your

party members in hope that his MEGAFLARE deal would bounce off and douse him

for substantial damage? He's got MegaFlare here, too. Your conjurer can

conjure ODIN and you might just get its white effect thus giving everybody a

Wall. By doing this, it's possible to easily dispatch Bahamut at level 33

(NOTE: some spells that hit the wall bounce back). But I don't advise it

because the enemies may be a bit tough and if you do not get Odin's white effect

when conjured, you're probably screwed. And if you set up your defenses

(Barrier items can also be of good use) in the first round and Bahamut chooses

to MegaFlare you in the third round, your walls *may* gone by then. Plus, I

think you'll find it's so much more fun to just use your weapons to beat the

Hell out of him. ;->

But if you've gotten those extra jobs, here's what I recommend doing (you COULD

re-change your fourth position character back to a conjurer and try that

conjurer thing explained above or use the BARRIERS in the first round, but...).

The knight and mknight should Fight, the karateka should BuildUp, and the

shaman/summoner should cast Haste or use a God's Wine on the karateka. Just

hope and pray that Bahamut chooses not to MegaFlare in the first round,

otherwise it's curtains for him (the karateka may not die, but his day will

truly be ruined). The next round, assuming Bahamut didn't MegaFlare you the

first time around (which he won't), the three heavy fighters should Fight, and

you should Haste up the knight. Now it is during the second or third round in

which Bahamut will most likely first unleash MegaFlare. It's in the second

round, probably. If it does not happened the second time around, Haste up your

mknight. If it doesn't happen in the third round, something's wrong and you'll

have his esper on a silver platter. The round after he MegaFlares you, have the

mknight cast Cure2 on all and have the shaman cast Cure4 on all. You'll be

doing this because he might whip out MegaFlare within another round or two, and

you're trying to get your guys strong enough to stand up to another MegaFlare.

You should win in the second or third round- a Hasted and BuiltUp karateka

really does a number on him. Attack magic really doesn't produce worthwhile

results. He barely feels spells casted by a black wizard or warlock. The

difficulty level is, after all, a 9.5 for a reason. Your success will probably

be determined by how long your guys wait to attack or heal. At level 38,

however, the battle should be no trouble at all.

MAGIC (Bahamut):


C White: Aura; Unlike in FF2, this Aura is useful- it Hastes the party

Black: Rend; Just as it sounds- ravenously kill an enemy

Summon: MegaFlare; Hurts all enemies really badly

After beating him, he'll deem your party worthy you'll get to call him

in battle. You'll have to retrace your steps and walk all the way out of the

cave in order to progress to the next part of the game. Before progressing,

I'd recommend just hanging around the first floor of the cave to help break in

your shaman and to build up your experience levels to at least level 39, 40

would be even better. This cave is pretty good level-building ground and your

ship's just outside the cave which means easy recovery.



Chapter 7: Quest's End


Yep. It's time. Between now and your triumph over evil, you'll cross plenty

of interesting moments. A series of potent weapons and nasty enemies await you.

Do your final preparations in the Invinsible before attempting to claw your way

through the levels ahead. Unlock the doors to Sylx and Eureka to get even

stronger. Get thrown into the Dark World and let DarkCloud kick your ass. You

will revived and sent to reclaim the Dark Crystals which will save the Warriors

of Darkness. Then the final battle is your next concern. With help from the

four recently rescued Dark Warriors, you'll conquer the ultimate evil and

restore the virtue of hope to the world. What will come about for the Light

Warriors? All will be revealed in the end.


Ayyit. So you're coming down the game's home stretch. You're going to

be spending the remainder of the game at the area by the ANCIENT'S LABYRINTH.

So you should scamper on over there. But before doing so, you're going to need

to make sure you've done a couple things. First of all, you should definitely

get all those worthwhile spells if you haven't already. You also should do some

final shopping for potions. You should have 99 HiPtotions and 99 Softs. Now,

take the Invinsible and get away from the Floating Continent. Sell all potions

that aren't HIPOTIONS, SOFTS, FENIX DOWNS, or ELIXIRS. You have spells to cure

all other ailments (Wash, Pure, Soft, Life, maybe Heal- inventory space is

imperative. You're gonna have to carry around some Fenix Downs and Softs in

case your shaman receives one of those aliments. Scoot over to the Ancient's

Labyrinth (insert directions here). Land the airship right in front of the

temple. Buy any equipment you think you'll need (make sure you have one of

either outfit- WHITEROBE or BLACKROBE and an extra DIAMOND RING). Now use a

carrot and call the Fat Chocobo. Take everything you think you won't need

and sell it. If it's a borderline call, you should probably sell it (NOTE:

even though your second position character will predominately be a dragoon

for a while- still take along something the karateka can use as armor

(BLACKBELT OUTFIT) because you'll probably want to change to him a certain

times like level-ups, so I hope you still have that Power Ring). After you've

sold all your stuff and you have money spilling out of your pockets, stay in

the bed to recover. Now depart. This might just be the last time you'll

use the Invinsible in the entire game. Save your game and get on into the

temple already.


22) Ancient's Labyrinth enemies: GtDaemon, UnneCln, DorgaCln, Thanatos,

BoneDragon, KBehemoth

Recommended level: 39-40

Recommended party: Knight/Dragoon/MKnight/Shaman

Important stuff found in Ancient's Labyrinth:



Break Sword (15000) 120 80% <--- Randomly casts Break

Ultimate Wand (10000) 20 80% <--- All elemental; Randomly casts Break

HellClaw Claw (20000) 60 100% <--- Darkness/Poison elemental

Holy Javelin (22500) 100 80% <--- Holy/Wind elemental

(GreatAxe Axe)



Crystal Shield 50000 20 20% 20 <--- Strength, Agility, Vitality +5

Crystal Armor 65000 28 20% 28

Crystal Gloves 50000 10 15% 10

Crystal Helmet 50000 12 15% 12

Protect Ring (15000) 7 15% 7 <--- Vitality +5

Enemies will attack you in groups of no more than two. That's why we've

canned the summoner in favor of a shaman. This is nothing a few heavy fighters

can't handle. Thamatos can cast Brak2, but it has a relatively low success

rate. When you run into BoneDragons, your dragoon should just Defend and let

the other three take care of 'em (Draining Attack + Undead Monster = HP Drained

from you). Most of the enemies won't be to much of a problem. GtDaemons can

summon a DorgaCln or an UnneCln (I forget which one). So hurry up and kill them

before they can. This place is a cake walk compared to what you may be up


Take either path upward and go right to find a chest consisting of an

ELIXIR. Then go leftward and through the door to move on. Head upwards to

find two chests: DARKSCENT and CRYSTAL SHIELD. Get back to the main path and

follow it upward to find a chest encasing a CRYSTAL ARMOR (Mmmm... Crystal- you

know that a Final Fantasy game is beginning to wind down when you start getting

Crystal Armor). Go back on to the main path and eventually you'll find a chest

to the right with a DARKSCENT. Keep walking the main path all the way up

ignoring the first rightward path you come to. If you head to the right after

that, you'll find CRYSTAL GLOVES in a chest. Then get back to the rightward

path you had previously ignored. Take it to proceed to the next screen. Go

right and down the intersection. The first turn leftward will get you to a

chest that keeps a CRYSTAL HELMET safe for you to take. The first turn

rightward leads to a chest that holds a GREATAXE AXE. Then go down to find a

FENIX DOWN, BREAK SWORD, and ULTIMATE WAND. Go back up and continue following

the path. On the next screen, a chest that is first visible to you holds a

FENIX DOWN. The one in the upper right corner contains a PROTECT RING. Now

go back down and to that rightward intersection you see. Follow this path

and head into the door to which you will be brought. The left chest has a

HOLY JAVELIN within. Its right counterpart has a HELLCLAW CLAW (a claw of

poison/darkness elemental- HellClaw + Elven Claw = effective against a select

few, but I have no idea what that select few consists of) inside. The above

door leads to the outer world.

Now you are faced with a choice. You can do one of three things.

1) The first of the three involves you walking back to the Invincible, and

selling the stuff you don't plan on using (GREATAXE and HELLCLAW mainly).

This will free up a couple of precious spots in your inventory, it'll get you

more gold, and it'll get you more experience. You can also restock and rest.

The rule of thumb is that if you had a sizable amount of trouble making your

way through the Labyrinth, then you should do this. You, eventually, will

have to get to one of the other two choices.

2) The second choice is the one accepted by most, and involves your party

going straight to the FORBIDDEN LAND EUREKA to collect the game's best stuff.

All the enemies will be kinda tough (well, more annoying than tough), you'll

probably have to come here again because you won't have enough Gil, and

you will spend more time building levels if you pick this choice instead of

the third one. But, with all that being said, you're obviously supposed to

do Eureka first then Sylx, and I'll be sure to point that out. You don't

even have to do the second choice (or the first one for that matter) at all

during the entire game. But, unless you wish to make the journey much more

difficult, you will eventually get to that.

3) You're probably going to hate the third choice, but I love it. It's not

the best choice; some will consider it the most bone-stoopid advisory they've

ever seen from a FAQ, and you're obviously not supposed to do this, but then

again, it's okay to do things a little but out of whack sometimes (not to

mention fun). Choice number three will see you going to the end of

the SYLX TOWER, all 14 rooms or however many you'll have to do. When you

get to, as I like to call it, "the room," you must turn around and walk your

tired tail all the way back to the first room. You will then proceed to

slice your way through the Forbidden Land Eureka, waltz your way through

the Sylx Tower a second time and then moving on to 'the room.' The first

time going through will be Hell. You'll probably be completely killed off

a couple times. Your trip back to the first room will be much easier.

Your stint in the Forbidden Land Eureka will be a breeze. As will your

final trip through the tower (you know, when you enter 'the door'). By

doing choice number three, you'll have much more money, you'll have

absolutely no trouble with any of the bosses, and you'll definitely never

have to come here again to buy anything, you'll probably never have to

build any more levels for the rest of the game. This choice is only for

the daring (or those who don't mind using the save state feature on our

emulators, heh).*

(NOTE: The third choice does not actually lead to more exp than choice two.

That is something you may have thought when reading the paragraph).

But, because you're probably going to do the Eureka part first, I'm just

gonna explain that part before the Sylx Tower part. If you chose to do

Sylx first, just skip down a bit to that part, kay? So go straight up upon

your entry through the door. Go straight up again and get right up to

the barrier. Select Eureka Key from your inventory and you'll be allowed

to proceed. Do so.


23) Forbidden Land Eureka enemies: Sleipnir, Abai, Haokah, Acheron,

Oceanos, Ninja

Recommended party: Knight/Dragoon/MKnight/Shaman

Recommended level: 41+

(NOTE: This will be explained as if you're doing this before Sylx)

Important stuff found in Eureka:



Shuriken 65500 200 100% <--- Throw once for optimum damage

FullMoon (31000) 160 90%

Masmune (32500) 160 90% <--- Darkness elemental; Agility, Vitality +5

Excalibur (32500) 160 80% <--- Holy elemental?; Strength +5

Ragnarok (32750) 180 100% <--- Holy/Darkness elemental; Strength,

Agility, Vitality +5

Eldest (32500) 30 90% <--- Bolt, Ice, & Fire magic stronger/Spirit,

Intellect +5



Ribbon Hairpiece (5) 9 10% 9 <--- Strong against all elements/

Prevents all status aliments

except death

Welcome to the Forbidden Land Eureka. Supposedly, this place holds

weapons of such awesome strength, far greater for any human to handle. So

they've been safely sealed up in this place and not a single person could

ever be allowed to enter (hence the name). But you're here. You should

also be aware that some pretty powerful bosses guard these four weapons of

might. But anyways, the monsters here aren't terribly scary. Sleipnirs

hit pretty hard and they can turn you to a frog with ease. Abais are simply

annoying. Hoakahs have a strong thunder attack, but yield great experience

when defeated. Ninjas are the toughest enemy out of the bunch, and you will

run into only ninjas in the last couple parts of Eureka. It should also be

noted that you can't warp out of Eureka- you'll have to walk all the way back

to the spot you entered.

Walk down and take the first intersection right to encounter upon

chests holding NORTHWIND and ELIXIR. Then basically go down, left, up, and

right to get more treasure (BOMB R.ARM, GOD'S RAGE). Head back over to the

middle and down into the doorway you see. When on B2F, go down then right

when you reach the first intersection. Enter the room and get the items in

the chests: NORTHWIND, FENIX DOWN, and GOD'S RAGE. The room's left

counterpart has a BOMB R.ARM. There's a chest hidden within a wall in the

left side of the room (you can see it). Walk up three steps from the

bottom right corner of the wall of that encasement, then go left. Walk

in the wall to find a RIBBON HAIRPIECE. The ribbon is just like the ribbon

in other FF games- fairly low body defense but a very high 'other' defense.

It is guarded by a pesky ninja. Ninjas have a notable weakness against brakish

magic. If you have a warlock, you can cast Brak2 and turn his body into little

pieces of ninja kibble. The best way to dispose of this ninja is to just put

your shaman in the front row while holding a couple of Golem stalves. Let him

whack away and he'll eventually stone the ninja to death, especially if your

knight gets something to happen with his Break Blade. Give it to your shaman

(told you that Feather hat was gonna be good for a while, and you'll be using it

again pretty soon). Get out of that room and go down into the room a bit below

you. It leads to a chest in which a SHURIKEN is present. Go back up and follow

the path and you'll eventually be let out of the room.

On B3F, follow the path as usual, immediately to the left is an

ELIXIRed chest. Go back onto the path and keep following it. You'll come

to another SHURIKEN within a chest. Get the FENIX DOWN in the last chest

on the path. Go into the doorway to proceed to B4F. Walk along the path

normally until you find some suspicious-looking object placed on the floor.

Heal up, examine it, and you'll be confronted by some mean-lookin dude.

NOTE: If you done the Sylx Tower first, here's where the game's gonna

start to get really fun ;->

BOSS: Amon/NeoDeath Difficulty level: 6

HP: 8000 Weakness: Varies Strong against: Varies

I guess it seems that Hynne's buddy has been assigned to guard the first

untouchable weapon. He has WALLCHANGE like Hynne, but he lacks the absurdly

high body defense that made Hynne unique. He'll change his weakness every

two or three rounds, but you probably shouldn't worry about that because you

have abandoned attack magic all together, right? Just Haste your knight or

mknight, jump with the dragoon and then when he unleashes his impressive

FLAME attack, have the shaman keep Cure4ing the party, and you'll beat this

guy. Hope he WallChanges every couple rounds so you don't get Flamed more

than once.

When you've eliminated Amon (I like NeoDeath better), you'll receive

the FULLMOON BOOMERANG for your mknight. To give your party more defense,

put your mknight in the back row and give him FullMoon and a Crystal Shield

for a really high absorb, but a diminished offense. You should try that for

a bit, but if you're not impressed, move him back up and give him his most

powerful weapons. As far as the game's concerned, follow the path regularly

and go through the door to B5F. Head down the bridge you see. First go left

when the path divides to get a FENIX DOWN from a chest. Then go straight

right till you see the second forbidden weapon. Heal up and examine it,

and its defender will come at cha.

BOSS: KUNOICHI Difficulty level: 7.5

HP: 9600 Weakness: Nothing Strong against: The usual

Don't be fooled by that sissy pink out fit- this ninja has a high

defensive rating and can really hit. Kunoichi will lead off with a

MINDBLAST. Mages are much more likely to be paralyzed from MindBlast

than heavy fighters. Hopefully your dragoon will jump before MindBlast

is cast. Just fight this boss as usual. His/Her physical attacks are good

for 1500+ damage. If three or four party members get stunned, you're in

some trouble. But if it's effective on just one warrior, then this fight

will be pretty easy. You'll get the dark sword MASMUNE for your struggles.

With those two weapons, your mknight can become a walking temple of

destruction. Head leftward back to the middle and go down the ladder you

see. Get the FENIX DOWN from the chest you see and go in to the door which

will get you to B6F. On this new floor, make your way right, then down at

the path. Go up to the weapon, heal up your guys, examine the weapon, and

then you'll fight...

BOSS: General Difficulty level: 5

HP: 12000 Weakness: None Strong against: The usual

This guy's got a nasty physical attack, good for 2000+ damage, and the

ability to cast Flare. But this guy's not gonna paralyze anybody in your

party. Haste up your knight, then heal whoever this guy hurts. He'll

only hurt one warrior at a time, so the fight won't be terribly hard.

He can kill if he hits somebody and follows it up with a Flare spell

before the shaman chooses to act. EXCALUBUR will be yours when you

win the fight (Excalubr's a SWORD, in case you didn't know).

Equip the sword on your knight, go back up, then head leftward

until you find a broken bridge heading leading down. Walk across it

going down. When you can no longer go down, turn right. When your

rightward travel ceases, go down. Then right, and up the bridge which

will lead you to the next part of the game. Go up the ladder and turn

left. Now you'll be confronted by...

BOSS: Scylla Difficulty level: 5

HP: 10000 Weakness: None Strong against: Wimpy stuff

I've only seen Scylla use a physical attack and cast Flare in battle.

She has a tendency to concentrate on the same party member (or so I

think). Just fight this battle exactly like you've fought the others.

She doesn't have a terribly high defense rating, so she'll be dead in

two or three rounds of fighting.

When you've dispatched Scylla, you'll get an ELDEST STAFF as a

reward. You'll also get the game's best jobs, NINJA and SAGE. The

great virtues of these jobs have already been previously mentioned-

the ninja class can equip almost all weapons and armor, and your sage

class can use every magic. You can switch jobs now, if you want, but

you're probably a bit too curious to find out what's with that weapon

sitting there to your right. Heal up and examine the weapon. I think

you know the drill.

BOSS: Gaurdian Difficulty level: 8 Strong against: The usual

HP: 14000 Weakness: None (see a pattern?)

Chances are, he'll lead you off with a strong QUAKE spell. He'll then

hopefully cast WALL on himself thus wasting a turn. If he quake's your

party and then attacks then without healing, chances are they'll die.

He has pretty good defense, so you'll need three rounds if you haven't

walked through Sylx yet (if you have walked through Sylx, you can defeat

him in one round if all the cards fall right:-). A RAGNAROK SWORD is

yours as a reward for your troubles.

Now you've seen everything that the Forbidden Land Eureka has to

offer except what's though that door. So enter it. Those little patches

of water are recovery springs. Walk up some more and you'll see some

human salesmen (I though this place is supposed to be to good for humans,

hence the 'FORBIDDEN' in the title. Those guys will sell you level 8

magic. The four chests in the room hold 2 FENIX DOWNS and 2 ELIXIRS.

Now, it's time ta use dem jobs!! Room in your inventory is probably not

great- so sell your crap. Here's a list of the stuff you should keep:

-Four 'strong' heavy-fighting weapons (the ones you just got) and shurikens

-Three or four weapons for mages: 2 Golem Staves (if it's just one, don't

worry), an Ultimate Wand, and an Eldest Staff

-As far as armor for heavy fighters is concerned, just keep the Crystal

stuff. If you haven't yet been through Sylx, you only now have one set of

Crystal armor. If that's the case, just keep your best armor (Genji)

and sell it when you return later.

-The armor for mages, err, sages is simpler. 2 Outfits (White/Black Robe,

whateva), 2 rings (Protect and Diamond). and two hats (Ribbon and Feather)

-The most important potions: HiPotions, Softs, Fenix Downs and Elixirs

Sell everything else. NOW, let's play with these new jobs. In case you

haven't figured it out long time ago, you'll be going back to the more

traditional party, two heavy fighters and two magicians. Turn your knight

and dragoon/karateka into NINJAS. Transform your bottom two characters,

mknight and shaman most likely, into SAGES.

Now divide your remaining equipment so you can have the most balanced

attack/defense numbers. I usually like to give my top sage the Ragnarok and

Masmune, and the bottom one a Crystal Shield and FullMoon. But sometimes,

I'm in an aggressive attacking mood, and I'd change the weapons to

Ragnarok/FullMoon and Excalibur/Masmune. If you've only got three weapons

for mages, give one the Eldest Staff and the other one weapons that pretrify

(if you have a second Golem Staff, you should obviously give it to the sage

with just one weapon). If you've only one set of Crystal Armor, give one

ninja the body armor, and the other ninja the helmet and gloves. If you're

using the FullMoon/CrysShield ninja in the back row, give all the other Crystal

paraphernalia to the other ninja. Give the sages the outfits on their body

(duh). Give one sage the Ribbon, and the other the Feather. Give the Ribboned

sage the Diamond Ring, and give the unRibboned sage the Protect Ring.



B Flare 60000 A somewhat powerful nonelemental(?) shock on one enemy NO!

B Death 60000 Kills any non-boss, non-undead target, guaranteed Yes

B Meteo 60000 A robust rainfall of meteors bombards all enemies No

W WWind 60000 A wind-elemental spell that causes near-death state NO!!

W Life2 60000 Revives a wounded warrior to full strength ??

W Holy 60000 Think of it as an 'evil remover' for one target No



S Odin 45000 Slices through weaker foes but gets scared easily No

S Levia 55000 A powerful water-elemental Tsunami rocks all monsters No

S Baham 65000 Interesting fun for all enemies YES!!



(Crystal Shield) (Crystal Armor)

(Crystal Gloves) (Crystal Helmet)


Now for the magic part. The magic here, for the most part, is actually

not worth it. The only spell you should DEFINATELY buy is a second Bahamut

esper for the Sage who doesn't have it. The only reason I'd buy any of the

other spells is to keep the game interesting. You could buy another copy of

Odin if you wanted to. He'll slash through all the wimpy enemies you throw at

him. But bring on three or four Shinobis and he'll probably be crying to his

mommy unless you're at some high level. You could buy another Leviathan

esper if you so chose. But what's really the point of Leviathan? To hurl

massive water damage at several enemies at once. There aren't any important

enemies from here on out who have a weakness of water. But Levia does great

damage to all the enemies on the screen, right? Yeah, but isn't that why you

have Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, and Titan? Calling Leviathan for something Ifrit can

probably take care of will just mean one less use of Cure4. One of his espers

is plenty.

The other dealer's magic, the level 8 magic, the 'best' magic, is not to

much to write home about either. Like I said before, the only real reason to

get one of these spells is for some variety. For each spell you buy, chances

are, you're cheating yourself out of a shuriken. Death, the best out of the 6,

will work 100% of the time provided the target is not undead or a boss, no

questions asked. I really really like this spell because this is one of the few

games out there that has rockin' auto-kill spells. In most games, the instant

death spells are barely worth mentioning. WWind, the worst out of the six, also

has a disgustingly high effectiveness rate. Only problem is, unless you want to

leave your shaman in there for whatever reason, is that Death works great too.

Why would you have a spell that simply weakens when you could have one that

completely finishes the job? Don't get me started with Flare. This is just

common sense: Wouldn't an attack called 'MegaFlare' be much better than one

simply called 'Flare' at the same level? Holy is even weaker. Holy can't hurt

the upcoming bosses 'at all.' At least Flare dents their foundation. The

reason holy is lower on the scale of suckiness is because it really kicks

the crap out of undead enemies. Flare, being nonelemental, can't really do

substantial damage to any specific kind of monster thereby making it virtually

worthless. Meteo is a good spell. It mercilessly pelts its target/s for

substantial earth damage. Only problem is that Bahamut is a step or two better,

and creatures of the earth element are simply of no concern to you at this

point in the game. Besides, you've got Titan. Life2 is a good spell as well.

If you think it's worth it, then buy all means pay the price and buy Life2. I

never take it, though. It will cause you to afford one shuriken less than if

you didn't buy it, and really Life2=Fenix Down or Life magic + Cure4, which is

not exactly tedious stuff.

You may be saying, 'Hey, I don't see no item shop,' well, go middle of

the room and straight up as far as you can go. You should find yourself in a

small indentation. Face up, press 'A' and a secret path will be revealed to

you. Follow the path and you'll find another human vender (forbidden?). Don't

buy anything here except shurikens. If you have already done Sylx, then go

ahead and buy as many as you can (first 10, then 4, then 1 will get you the most

items, but I think you should have figured that out by now). If you haven't yet

explored the depths of Sylx, pretend you've never even heard of that 'secret'

item shop. Instead, come back here after you've done Sylx so you can get more

shurikens. If you haven't yet done Sylx, you'll only have like 15-20 shurikens

after buying them all. If you have been to Sylx, you'll have at least 30

shurikens in your pocket, probably more like 35.

After you've gotten your new jobs, it's always been a tradition of mine

to beat up on ninjas on the last floor of Eureka until everybody's skill level

reaches 2. But whatever the case, it's time to move on. Just retrace your

steps on out of this place.


24) Sylx Tower enemies: Bulk, DorgaCln, UnneCln, FlameDevil, QumQum,

Gormoree, Plantial, D.General, Shinobi, Thor,

Grashara, Y.Dragon, G.Dragon

Recommended party: Ninja/Ninja/Sage/Sage

Recommended level: 46-47

(NOTE: This is going to be explained as if this is done before Eureka)

Important stuff you can get in Sylx Tower:



Eldest Staff (32500) 30 90% <--- Bolt, Ice, & Fire magic stronger/Spirit,

Intellect +5

Onion Sword (32750) 200 100% <--- Strength, Agility, Vitality +5



Onion Shield (32750) 48 48% 48

Onion Helmet (32750) 48 48% 48 <--- Same special protection as Ribbon

Onion Armor (32750) 48 48% 48

Onion Gloves (32750) 32 32% 32 <--- Strength, Agility, Vitality +5

(Crystal Armor) (Crystal Gloves)

(Crystal Shield) (Crystal Helmet)

Wow, see those recommended levels up there? See that party? And you

think you're ready at 42? With your little KN/DR/MK/SA party? Well, you are

a brave warrior, I'll give you that. The first couple rooms or so are actually

not terribly taxing. But then you'll begin to bump into blockheads like QumQums

and FlameDevils. QumQums have powerful spells like Brak2 and Death, not to

mention elemental magic (Bolt3, Ice3, Fire3) that's always stronger that yours

ever will be. FlameDevils are trouble- if four attack you from behind, you're

screwed. Plantials hit hard and can also turn you to stone. Grasharas are

annoying idiot giants who pack a pretty powerful punch. Shinobis are even more

annoying with their high body defense and their tendency to surprise your party.

But then there are those Dragons, in the last couple floors, who dispense ONION

EQUIPMENT, the most powerful stuff in the game. They're rare, they usually

drop Elixirs when beaten. If you save a state at the beginning of a fight with

a dragon, you can defeat it different ways to try to get new equipment. Onion

paraphernalia is however, only for OnionKids. But on with the walkthrough.

Sylx Tower. Go up and head right at the intersection. Ignoring the

obvious false wall, do down to reach two chests with BARRIER and WHITESCENT.

Next go back to the false wall you previously ignored to come to be near the

treasure CHOCORAGE and EARTHDRUM. Next go upward and a bit left to find an

enchested LILITHKISS at the top of the screen. Go through the door if you

want. You'll only find insignificant treasure like CHOCORAGE. Go down to

get a WHITESCENT from the chest. A chest right and down has a BARRIER. Now

retrace your steps around and get to the door in the center of the room.

When you get to the door, face it, press 'B' and select Sylx Key from your

inventory (I hope I didn't need ta tell ya that). Go on in and proceed to 2F.

Go left upon your entry. Staying left, then going down, left and up

to a chest which holds an ELIXIR. Then go down and right through the false

wall. The chest just above you has a FENIX DOWN. Now go down and then left

continuing down the path. Go all the way left to find a chest with an ELIXIR

in it. Now go into the door you just passed up which will take you to 3F. Go

up then right through the obvious false wall. Then go up through the next

false wall which will bring you to a path going rightward. Go into the

doorway after collecting the ELIXIR just above it. On 4F, go upward, then

right when you can then down. Follow the path as usual collecting the FENIX

DOWN and ELDEST STAFF on your path. You're obviously not supposed to do the

Sylx Tower before Eureka. You're gonna fight a boss in Eureka to get the

'first' Eldest Staff, but that boss also guards something else. Anyways,

back to important matters. Follow the path as usual and into the doorway

bringing you to 3F.

Pick up the contents within the chest you see right above you for a

FENIX DOWN. Continue following this path upward and through a couple false

walls rightward. The door to the next part of the game is on the top center

wall, but be sure to collect those two ELIXIRS in the chests in the room's

upper corners. 5F is kinda mazey; no treasure. First go up. Then head left,

then down till you can't. Next it's right, down at the first intersection, and

leftward. This will take you up and rightward to the door. 6F, the 'Dragon

Floor," as I like t call it is your current location. Get away from the

doorway and to the upper right portion of the room to find a chest holding

a CRYSTAL ARMOR. Head downward then left ignoring the door you'll see. This

will get you to a FENIX DOWN within a chest. Now go back down and rightward

to find a doorway. Go in. 7F is a small room with heavy CRYSTAL stuff

scattered about the room: a SHIELD, GLOVES, HELMET of Crystal await you as

does a FENIX DOWN (you see why I said not to buy the Crystal stuff?). You'll

find some Dragons here as well, but they ARE pretty rare. There is door here.

This will get you to 'the room.' If you happened to enter a room in which five

monumental evil-lookin' statues lurk and there's no music, get out. Get out

NOW. You know that if the game gives you such hints, something big's through

that door. If you go far enough into the room, you'll never be allowed out.

From 7F, walk back. Yep. WALK ALL THE WAY back to the first floor. Yeah, I

know, it sounds tedious, but the trip back is much more pleasant. Now, go (back)

to Eureka to spend this massive wad of money that's been gathering in your

pockets for a long time now.

Now just build up your guys until you reach level 49 if you're good, but

level 50 for the rest of us. Basically, just walk around Eureka or Sylx for a

little while- it shouldn't take very long. Floors 3-4 of Eureka probably yield

the most exp, especially Haokahs, Acherons and Oceanos. If you can afford it,

buy some more shuriken. You may want to go outside to save your game one last

time if you've got it in you. Eventually, you're gonna have to enter 'the

room.' Do NOT proceed through 'the room' until you're at least at level 49 and

have at least 30 shurikens. Whenever you achieve those numbers, get to the top

of Sylx Tower and walk into 'the room', with max HP of course.

Make your way up to the center of the mirror. Warning: After ones sees

their own reflection in this mirror, their fate will be sealed and they will

not be allowed out until you beat the game. Walk up to it, and some puny

secretary-messenger guy of evil will start giving you crap. You have to take

it for your party is paralyzed, and it seems that the souls of the Demons have

been revitalized by your presence. Dorga, with a minimal evil presence within

him, sees the Light Warriors are in need of help. So he quickly gathers five

supreme souls of good, pretty much ones who have followed you around (Princess

Sara, Cid, Desh, Allus, Old Dude from Amur). The five take positions by each

one of the statues of evil. Next, you're gonna be shipped to NEVER-NEVER LAND,

ER, the DARK WORLD. Walk straight up and speak to that ugly dude standing

right there. This is ZANDE, the 'ultimate evil' Dorga and Unne spoke of.

You guessed it, you're gonna have to fight him.

(NOTE: Shuriken #s are only amount I hope you have)

BOSS: Zande Difficulty level: 8.5 Shuriken count at battle's start: 34

HP: 20000+ Weakness: Nothing Strong against: The usual

This is going to be a pretty hard fight. He'll lead off by casting LIBRA on

one of your party members. The next round he'll use METEO or QUAKE. On the

third series, he'll do Libra again, the fourth time around will see him make

the use the spell he didn't the first time. This may kill a member or two.

This is basically what he'll do for the entire fight with the occasional

physical attack thrown into the mix. The strategy I always use to beat him

is to have one ninja throw shurikens, and the other one just to attack him

with the Ragnarok and Masmune. The shuriken-throwing ninja should throw no

more that four (4) shurikens (You go to the ITEM command in battle and switch

weapons- remember that after you throw a shuriken, it's gone forever, an you'll

have to go back into the ITEM command and select two more shurikens then

FIGHT). On the first round, have one of the sages cast Haste on the ninja

who has the swords. I don't like casting Haste on somebody throwing shurikens

simply because the damage caused and number of hits by shuriken is simply too

fickle. Sometimes I've noticed a DECLINE in number of hits after he's been

Hasted. It just works much better when used on somebody with swords. The

other sage should summon Bahaumt. For the second round, do the exact same

thing except the sage who casted Haste will instead call Bahamut. I don't

like using Cure4 before my party loses HP because the spell could go to

waste. When you summon Bahamut, you're guaranteed it won't go to waste.

If you don't have this philosophy, then you may want to have a sage or two

use Cure4 on the party now. When Zande hurts your party with a powerful

spell on round two, have the sages cast Cure4 on the party every time after

that. The ninja who threw the shurikens should Pick up the Excalibur and

FullMoon and attack Zane. Because of your sages' Cure4ing of the party, they

will be likely have enough HP to survive another powerful spell when it next

comes. Zande shouldn't survive to cast a third powerful spell.

After you're through with Zande, he'll remind you of the REAL true evil.

You'll be thrust into another boss battle before you know it.

BOSS: DarkCloud Difficulty level: Infinity

HP: HA! Weakness: HA! Strong against: Yes.

This fight is bogus. You can't win, so don't try. Let her FLAREWAVE you

until you are finished. There's just nothing anybody can do to reduce HP.

After Cloud lays the biggest fattest smackdown ever on your party,

The five Souls called upon by Dorga will help Dorga and Unne give the

Warriors of Light Vitality. You're party will be at 100% HP and MP. It's

now time to enter a world of darkness and to return Hope to the World.


25: Dark World enemies: Jormugnund, Kage, Garm, Q.Scylla, DbleDrgn

Recommended party: Ninja/Ninja/Sage/Sage

Recommended level: 50+

Important stuff found in the Dark World:



(Ribbon Hairpiece)

Now, you are to fight five additional bosses with no particular

weaknesses. The bosses Guard the DARK CRYSTALS which encapsulate the four

DARK WARRIORS or something, the Dark World's equivalent to your party,

the Light Warriors. You must keep the world form completely falling into

the VOID for the rest of eternity, a world in which only evil thrives.

You are given a choice of five paths upon your entry. You can't go

straight up at the outset to fight the last boss, you'll need the help

from the Dark Warriors. Now let's get this trial on.

Oh, it should also be noted that the wussiness and the annoyance

factor of the enemies is surprisingly high for a final area. That's right-

absolutely none of the above enemies will give you a great deal of trouble.

Garms can cast Drain on a warrior, but the spell could end up backfiring

and hurting the Garm! Q.Scyllas can hit pretty hard, but it's nothing to

get all crazy over. Same goes for DbleDragons in the center room. In case

you haven't found out earlier, you can't run from the battles. In addition,

there are chests in each one of the four rooms before the Crystal Rooms

containing RIBBON HAIRPIECEs. They are all guarded by ZandeClns, who are

best killed off by casting Death or Brak2 while your ninjas just defend. I

don't go out of my way for any of them except the one for my unRibboned sage.

First, let's fight the 'warm-up' boss. Head to the upper left path

into that into that doorway. Go up and you'll be greeted by three paths.

Take the left one. Then head leftward then downward then left through that

path then up (I made it confusing on purpose:). This is the Ribbon I always

take. After that, it's right, up, right, up, left, up to find the DARK WIND

CRYSTAL. Heal up before entering, walk into the room a bit to find...

BOSS: Cerebus Shuriken count at the start of the battle: 30

HP: 25000 (lower?) Difficulty level: 4

Cerebus is just going to hit you with a rather insignificant THUNDER attack.

Just keep pounding away at him with the four legendary weapons and Bahamut.

His defense is not terribly high at all. Count his HP as you come at him.

If your party's HP dips below the halfway point, have the sages Cure4 the

party until Cerebus is gone. Not hard. Examine the Crystal, save the Dark

Warrior trapped within, listen to his story and leave the room. Heal up

and leave this chamber, it's much easier to get out than it was to get in.

Get back to the area in which you started, and then head down to the lower

left quarter.

First go all the way left. Next, go down as far as you can through

some false walls. Go right to find another chest. After you beat the clone,

go back left and upward then right to the path. The piece of wall two spaces

right of that chest is a false wall. Walk down when you get there and into

the door. This will get you to the DARK WATER CRYSTAL. Heal up, and march

on in to meet your next foe.

BOSS: Echidna Shuriken count at the start of battle: 30

HP: 30000 (less?) Difficulty level: 9

Basically, use the exact same strategy you used to fight Zande. This

dude may METEO you at the first round though. Cure4 your party like

crazy. Chances are, he'll give you a break and attack you physically

in the second round. If he attacks you physically in the third round,

count your blessings, because he'll probably launch a QUAKE down your

throat. For some reason, I've always had at least one party member die

at this dude, but I've never been completely annihilated.

After you've dispatched Ech, examine the Crystal and another Dark

Warrior will pop out and give you info. Leave the room, head through

that false column, then go all the way up. Eventually, go right then out

of this section. Next, we shall go over to the top right room. Enter

it and go up upon your entry. Make a right turn through the obvious

false wall. Go up a bit and then right which will take you through yet

another false wall. Keep following the path, and before you know it,

you will find yourself in the room holding the DARK FIRE CRYSTAL. Go

the usual. You'll be fighting...

BOSS: 2-Headed Dragon Shuriken count at the battle's beginning: 26

HP: 25000+ Difficulty level: 7

Some people go on about how hard this fight can be. This dude can't Quake

or Meteo you like other bosses, he'll just attack you normally. Mr.

2 Head hits hard. VERY hard. It's pretty much a guarantee that his attacks

will take away at least 2000 HP, no matter what. I've seen him do more

than 9000. But the way around this is to put all four warriors in the back

row. One ninja will have the FullMoon and a Shuriken every time. A

sage should cast Haste on him. The other one should summon Bahamut. The

other ninja should throw two shurikens every time. Chances are very slim

that 2-Headed Dragon will kill a warrior with one hit, your HP totals

should be high enough to withstand that (4G-4.5G). One the sage who used

Haste should Cure4 whoever the Dragon attacked. The other one should just

call Bahamut every time. You WILL kill him eventually.

When you kill that dragon, examine the crystal to retrieve another

dark counterpart. Retrace your steps out of here through false walls and

everything. It's time to recover that final Crystal. Get to the bottom

right quadrant. Walk straightforward through the path which is a bit mazey.

When you get to the room's center area go right and into the room. You

should probably be at least at level 52 before fighting this next boss.

HEAL UP. Proceed and take a look at the Crystal. This thing will attack.

BOSS: Arhiman Shuriken count at battle's beginning: 20

HP: 35000 Difficulty level: 10

Arhiman is a prick. He doesn't look all that imposing with that sissy

yellow color and that wimpy smile. Don't lets looks deceive you. If

he launches METEO followed by a QUAKE, you're screwed no matter what

unless you're at like level 55 or something. Think of this fight as

another Zande battle minus the Libra breaks. His spells include the

super-powerful METEO and QUAKE, and the moderately powerful FLAME,

THUNDER, and BLIZZARD (thank God this dude doesn't call Bahamut). The

only rest you'll get is if he casts Brak2 and misses. I've never been

turned to stone, but he won't usually even use the spell. In the first

round of fighting, go with 2 shurikens for each ninja and 2 Bahamuts for

the sages. If you have less than 20 shurikens, give him one ninja

Ragnarok and Masmune and haste him up. You cannot afford to waste any

turns. If Ahriman leads off with something other than Quake or Meteo,

have one sage Cure4 the party and the other call Bahamut. As soon as

he unleashes one of those super-powerful spells, then have both sages

Cure4 the hell out of your party. Chances are you won't use more than

six shurikens, eight tops, because one of your ninjas are bound to be

killed off. If one of your party members loses all his HP, just keep

fighting, because by the time a party member dies, you should be within

striking distance of finishing him off. If one ninja dies but both

sages are alive, have one sage summon Bahamut and the other one Cure4

the party. If you've just got one ninja and one sage, the ninja should

shuriken and the sage should Cure4. If you have just one warrior left

standing, this ugly eye should be near death, so just attack with what

you can. This fight is a real character builder. Try to finish with

14 shurikens. Count down his HP from 35G. If you don't feel you'll be

able to survive without going below 14, than toss more shuriken. This

fight is arguably tougher than the final boss. Good luck.

If your endeavor with Ahriman is successful, revive your guys and

recover your HP, speak to the DARK EARTH CRYSTAL and save your fourth and

final homey of darkness. Now retrace your steps to the room in which you

came and head straight up to the center door. I think you know what task

lies in your near future.

This place is complicated, more so than it looks. Upon entrance, go

UP 3, RIGHT 4, UP 3, RIGHT 2, UP 8, LEFT 5, UP 3, RIGHT 1, UP 3, and

LEFT 3 and into the door (man, I hope that's right :-). Walk straight up

the cryptic chamber of darkness (I think you know what's next, heh). HEAL

UP YOUR GUYS. Give the sages elixirs. At the end of the path lies your

next foe. It's time to eradicate all evil at the source.


BOSS: CLOUD OF DARKNESS (never shall I say DarkCloud!)

Attack: FlareWave, the same thing you saw earlier (1000-2000 HP per warrior)

HP: 45000

Shuriken count: 14 (I've always considered this to be the magic #)

Recommended level: 52+ (one of the toughest final battles in the FF series).

FYI: You'd probably think such a force of evil would have sort of a

weakness against sacred powers, right? No, Holy's good for about 50 HP per

use. Flare's good for about 1500, in case you cared. Only three attacks

really do what I consider respectable damage against Cloud of Darkness:

Dual Onion Swords, Dual Shurikens, Bahamut Summon. It IS possible to win

the fight with no shuriken, but let's not try that.

Battle Plan if you have about 14 shurikens:

The ninjas should each throw 2 shurikens and both sages should summon Bahamut.

The ninjas should be strong enough to dish out AT LEAST 5000 HP of damage

after each toss, probably more like 7000 would happen most of the time.

Your sages should be skilled enough to call Bahamut out for at least 2500

HP of damage, probably more like 3000 would actually happen. This strategy

should dish out at least 17000 DMG. This strategy also guarantees you that

no turns will be wasted. But this will lead to heavy damage to your party.

Three FlareWaves will kill your party if you don't heal (assuming you did

those HP gaining tricks I told you of before, your HP should be right at

4500 and a little less for the fourth position). Now if both sages cast

Cure4 each time, this would regain a bit more than 900 HP gained per round.

This means that your guys would lose about 700 per round. If a 1500 Flare

Wave attack hit a warrior with 4500 HP to start, and then lose 700 HP each

round after that, they would be able to survive five rounds of fighting, six

if they're lucky. If both ninjas chucked stars, you'd get 10000+ HP off from

Cloud of Darkness. If this trend would continue, she'll be gone in four rounds

at the most.

Here are some numbers:

CoD You

45000 4500

round 1 -17000 -1500

28000 3000

round 2 -10000 -1500

+ 900

18000 2400

round 3 -10000 -1500

+ 900

8000 1800

round 4 -10000 -1500 <---Even if CoD went first, you'd be well off

+ 900

-2000 1200 <---Your shurikens will run out here probably

round 5 -10000 -1500

+ 900

-12000 600

-10000 -1500

+ 900

round 6 -22000 0 <---You could last up to six rounds which could allow

to do 67000 damage, probably more. By the time

you'll come here, you'll be dancing on her grave.

But for the most part, this is a worst case scenario. In all likeliness, your

ninjas should do more than 5000, 5500, if anything 6000. And your sages will

probably add more like 1000 HP for all warriors. If this happens, she'd

probably go down after the first ninja in round four, leaving your party

members a cool 1000 HP if Cloud of Darkness FlareWaved you and neither sage

decided to heal up. With my level 50 party, I've used this exact strategy

some thirty or fourty times and I've been killed off only once.

But if you don't have about 14 shurikens, but considerably less, here's

an alternate strategy. The ninjas should attack with shurikens until they run

out, and then equipping the forbidden weapons, but always attacking. The

sages, with max MP of course, should cast Cure4 on ONE party member in every

round, including the first. No Hasteing or Bahamut summoning. They should then

Cure4 the other two at the next round This fight will be considerably longer,

and notably harder. You should eventually take her down. I've beaten it using

this strategy at level 50 without any shurikens. But it's always better to have

a good amount of (14) shurikens.

After you take away the final HP, the game will pause for a couple

seconds (for some reason, I've love that short moment of tension) and then

Cloud of Darkness will slowly crumble into nothingness. Enjoy the ending

which will come up next- you've earned it.


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