Cecil Harvey


Age: 20

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 58 kg


Birthplace: Unknown


Special Commands (Dark Knight):

Dark Wave: A dark wave is created from the force of Cecil's swordstroke that damages all enemies. Cecil loses some HP's when performing this attack.


Special Commands (Paladin):

Cover: Cecil will absorb most forms of damage targeted at a specific party member.


Story (contains spoilers):

In order to fully understand Cecil's past, it is important to cover the history of the Lunarian civilization and its ties with the planet earth. When the planet between Mars and Jupiter was on the verge of being shattered, its inhabitants, the Lunarians, fled to the Earth on spaceships. The Lunarians arrived on earth, only to discover that the planet's inhabitants were still evolving. In order to prevent disturbing this delicate process, they built a second moon where they entered a deep slumber. Among these Lunarians was Zemus, a spite-filled man who sought to make the beautiful planet of earth his own. The manifestation of hatred, Zeromus, took possession through this avarice. While Zemus's body was ultimately forced to sleep, his foul mind remained awake, contemplating the destruction of the inhabitatns of earth. Only a few of the Lunarians, such as Foo-soo-ya, remained awake,

anticipating the day when the people of earth would reach their full potential and thus learn to understand the Lunarian race. Foo-soo-ya's brother, Klu-ya, became bored by the humans' slow progress and built a

magical ship to take him to earth. On earth he taught the humans several aspects of Lunarian technology, including the airships and the Devil's Road. During this time Klu-Ya fell in love with a human women who later bore him two children--Cecil and Golbeza. At this point Klu-Ya forsees the actions of the dreaded Zemus and travels to Mt. Ordeals to await the day where resolution would be achieved betwen him and his son.


While Golbeza ultimately fell under Zemus's sinister influence, Cecil was raised as an orphan until taken in by King Baron early in his life. While under the juristiction of the king Cecil became a Black Knight and toiled through the army's ranks, finally securing himself a position of the Captain of the Red Wings. When Cecil begins to detect the corruption within the kingdom of Baron, he flees and along with his friend Cain sets out to inform other nations of Baron's true motives. The highlight of Cecil's journey occurs when he reaches Mt. Ordeals, where his father, now referred to as "the Light", tests Cecil's spirit. In this Cecil redeems his guilt for the atrocities he committed under King Baron's rule, and is transformed into a Paladin. He also recieves a legendary sword infused with the spirit of his father and upon which is inscribed the Mysidian legend.


Eventually Cecil uncovers his father's spaceship and uses it to travel to the Lunarian moon. Here Foo-soo-ya reveals to Cecil the secrets of his past and returns with his party to earth to battle the Giant of Babel, a mechanized devil designated by a Zemus as the catalyst for the destruction of earth. After the giant's destruction, Foo-soo-ya removes Zemus's control over Golbeza's mind and Cecil and his allies return to the moon a second time to defeat the dread force awaiting them there-- the hatred, Zeromus. At the end of the game, Cecil ascends the Baronian throne with Rosa as his queen.