Cid Pollendina


Age: 54

Height: 159 cm

Weight: 67 kg


Birthplace: Baron


Special Commands:

Peep: Cid analyzes his opponent's strengths and weaknesses.


Story (contains spoilers):

Cid is long-time friends with both Cecil and Rosa as well as the master engineer behind Baron's ariships, and as such an integral figure in the kingdom's military. Over time Cid takes notice of King Baron's unusual behavior, but is imprisoned when he confronts his Majesty on this issue. After Cecil's party defeats Cagnazzo they meet up with an escaped Cid, who reveals a hidden passage in the Castle of Baron which leads to his latest airship model, the Enterprise.


When the group reaches the underground world, Cid leaves the party to wrap the Enterprise in mystic silver; without it, the airship is rendered incapable of flying over the lava. He returns just in time to save the party from plummeting to their doom, only to find that Golbeza's Red Wings are in pursuit of their airship. To impede the Red

Wings' progress Cid leaps out of the Enterprise as it is approaching the gateway leading to the outer world and sets off an explosion, thus causing a landslide that effectibely blocks the passage. Cid is badly injured because of this stunt and when Cecil's party returns to the underground they find Cid being nursed back to health in the Dwarves Castle. Even in this state, Cid continues to assist the party by wrapping the Red Wings' stolen airship, the Falcon, in mystic silver and again later by attaching a large drill to the front of the machine. Cid makes himself useful again late in the game by helping Cecil's party enter the Giant of Babel's interior my dropping them into its