Edward Geraldine (Edge)


Age: 26

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 51 kg


Birthplace: Eblana


Special Commands:

Dart: Edge can throw unused swords, spears, and projectiles at an opponent for massive damage.

Ninja: A type of magic unique to Edge. Mostly variations of different black and white spells.

Sneak: Edge can steal different items from an array of enemies.


Story (contains spoilers):

Edge is the ninja prince of Eblana. When Rubicante (the most powerful of the Four Emperors) launches an invasion on Edge's kingdom he kidnaps his parents, the king and queen of Eblana. Edge, being the hotheaded

indivisual that he is, chases after Rubicante alone and is badly defeated. Cecil and his party chase after Edge, but when they've caught up with him Edge has already lost the battle. Edge plans on running after Rubicante again when, upon viewing Rydia's reaction to the party's recent turn of events, decides to stay with Cecil's group instead. Together they invade the Tower of Babel in an effort to take back the crystals stolen by Golbeza's army, but while ascending the tower Edge finds that his parents have been transformed into monsters. Afraid that they are beginning to lose their human mind, Edge's parents destroy themselves just as Rubicante appears in a visible state of rage. Rubicante expresses his apologies to Edge, explaining that his assistant Dr. Lugeie had mutated his parents' bodies without his consent, but Edge refuses to listen to the demon's words and the party attacks him. Once Rubicante is beaten, Edge is told about Golbeza and remains with Cecil's group for the rest of the game to help them defeat this menace.


Edge appears to have quite a crush on Rydia, and flirts with her constantly. However, this relationship is never fully developed; Rydia returns to the Land of the Phantom Beasts at the end of the game, and Edge, now king of Eblana, retains his love for her.