Edward Chris Von Muir


Age: 24

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 51 kg


Birthplace: Damcyan


Special Commands:

Hide: Gilbert hides from the ensuing battle.

Medicine: Edward restores his party members' HP's. Requires a potion.

Sing: Edward sings an enchanting melody that can cause various status ailments to befall his unfortunate enemies.


Story (contains spoilers):

Edward is the prince of Damcyan. Becoming tired of the hassles of royal life, he traveled the world under the guise of a singing bard. During his travels he meets a charming woman named Anna, with whom he immediately fell in love. Anna's over-protective father, Tella, became infuriated by this and refused to allow her to continue seeing Edward. But Anna and Gilbert were too devoted to one another, and decided to run away. During Golbeza's invasion of Damcyan Anna is mortally wounded as a result of shielding a barrage of arrows directed at Edward (this is the first of numerous indications of Edward's cowardly nature). When Golbeza and his troops have left and Cecil's party shows up, Tella recognizes his daughter's body and attacks Edward in a blind outrage, an attack that is halted only by Anna's dying words. As Tella leaves the party to pursue his revenge on Golbeza, Cecil requests that Edward travel with him to the Antlion's Cave to help him obtain the Light of the Desert which he requires to cure a sick Rosa.


The night Rosa is recovering from her illness Edward is confronted by Anna's spirit, who convinces him to continue to help Cecil on his journey. However, Edward is seperated from Cecil when the boat from Fabul is shipwrecked. He ends up in Damcyan, where he undergoes treatment by a doctor in Troia. When Cecil stumbles upon him in Troia Edward is too sick to aid the party directly in battle, and instead offers the Paladin a powerful item called the Twinharp. Whenever Edward plays his harp, the Twinharp reacts directly. This becomes the

key to defeating the Dark Elf; Edward's enchanting music is emanated through the Twinharp, causing the Dark Elf's magnetic field to be lifted and providing Cecil and his party with a chance at defeating him.


At the end of the game Edward returns to his kingdom, hoping to someday rebuild it to its former glory.