Special Commands:

Spirit Wave: Foo-soo-ya becomes disabled for the remainder of the bout; the HP's of his party members count upward.


Story (contains spoilers):

Foo-soo-ya is the guardian of the Lunarians' slumber. When the Lunarians arrived on earth from their homeworld to find the humans still evolving, the Lunarians built a second moon where most of them entered a deep sleep. One of the ones who refused to enter this state, Zemus, longed to live on the earth and so was forced to sleep by

Foo-soo-ya. When Foo-soo-ya discovered that Zemus's mind is still active and causing a range of disasters to befall earth, he reveals the location of his brother's magical ship and calls out to the half-Lunar, Cecil. Cecil uses the ship to travel to the Lunarian moon, where Foo-soo-ya reveals his heritage and offers his assistance to the people of earth.


When the group arrives back on earth they find that the Giant of Babel, Zemus's tool of destruction, has already appeared. Cecil's party enters the interior of the Giant through its mouth and destroy its Control System. Golbeza shows up at this point, but Foo-soo-ya intervenes and removes Zemus's control over him. The connection between Cecil and Golbeza is revealed, and Foo-soo-ya and Golbeza travel back to the moon using the Tower of Babel gate to face Zemus alone. Cecil's party follows after them, and with their combined efforts manage to force the emergence of Zeromus.


With Zeromus defeated, Foo-soo-ya states that he will return to watch over the slumber of the Lunarians. Golbeza goes with him, realizing that he cannot return to earth considering the atrocities he has committed.