Kain Highwind


Age: 21

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 61 kg


Birthplace: Baron


Special Commands:

Jump: Kain leaps high into the air and sweeps down on an unsuspecting foe, causing hefty amounts of damage. Kain is invulnerable while he is in the air.


Story (contains spoilers):

Kain is one of the Dragon Knights of Baron. He is tempted by King Baron to join the Black Knights like his friend Cecil, but refuses because he is intent on following in his father's footsteps. Kain is jealous of Cecil due to his friend's close relationship with Rosa. It is this jealously that allows him to be manipulated by Golbeza. Through this possession we learn that Cain does not love Rosa so much as he is envious of Cecil; while under Golbeza's influence he does not even seem to care that Rosa's life is threatened by the scythe that hovers over her head, but is quite eager to demonstrate his superiority to Cecil, both at the invasion of Fabul and at the events that build up to the confrontation at the Tower of Zot. However, when Golbeza's control is not in effect, Cain appears to be excessively troubled by the harsh actions he commits against both Cecil and Rosa. At the end of the game Cain walks away from the lives of those around him in an effort to strengthen himself as a Dragon Knight, and perhaps

to redeem himself for the crimes he committed against his friends.