Palom / Porom


Age: 5

Height: 94/93 cm

Weight: 22/19 kg


Birthplace: Mysidia





Special Commands (Palom):

Boast: Palom's attack power is increased.


Special Commands (Porom):

False Tears: Porom pretends to cry, prompting the enemies to run away.


Special Commands (both):

Twin: Palom and Porom weave their spells together to unleash a potent

magic attack.


Story (contains spoilers):

When the boat from Fabul is shipwrecked and Cecil winds up alone in Mysidia, the people there meet him with great discontent--the villagers are enraged at him for the raid the Red Wings made on the village at the start of the game. The elder that resides in Mysidia encourages him to travel to Mt. Ordeals to attempt to become a Paladin. Fearing that the Black Knight may have an ulterior agenda, he sends spies to accompany Cecil on his journey to the mountain. Those spies are the young yet renowned twin mages, Palom and Porom.


Palom, the black mage, is for the most part a very mouthy and arrogant character. Unlike his sister, he seems to have very little faith in Cecil the first time they meet (although he does grow to trust him later). Porom, the white mage, is much more polite and considerate, and frequently scolds her brother's rash behavior (to the point where she becomes just as obnoxious). As one might imagine, these two are usually at each other's throats, but at the same time they have a very intimate and unspoken understanding of one another.


When Cecil returns from Mt. Ordeals, Palom and Porom beg the elder to allow them to stay with the Paladin. The elder agrees to this, and the twins remain in Cecil's party until a sad parting at Baron. Cagnazzo's magic causes the walls of the castle to move together, and to prevent the party from being crushed Palom and Porom turn themselves into stone. They are revived by the elder's magic later in the game.