Rosa Farrell


Age: 19

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 47 kg


Birthplace: Baron


Special Commands:

Aim: If equipped with a Bow, Rosa can use this attack to increase her hit rate to 100% and boost the damage inflicted by her arrows.

Pray: When Rosa uses Pray successfully, the entire party will regain some lost HP's. This technique is not always effective, however.


Story (contains spoilers):

Rosa is, in many aspects, your standard stereotypical female RPG character. She is Cecil's girlfriend, and as such the root of much of the tension that exists between Cecil and Cain. And as with any stereotypical female RPG character, Rosa has to be rescued--on more than one occassion. However, Rosa is also a very effective user of

White Magic, having studied under the white wizards of Baron, and is also extremely talented with a bow and arrows. Little is revealed about Rosa's past. Her father was apparently a great knight who was killed when Rosa was still little; as such, Rosa's mother appears to be quite protective of her, showing great distraught when she learns that Rosa was kidnapped by Golbeza. Rosa's relationship with her mother is never fully built upon, but she is especially close to Cecil, running after him when he leaves Baron and remaining with him for a great deal of the game. The reasoning behind her overbearing nature is never fully explained; one could assume that the death of

Rosa's father caused her to channel all of her energies on Cecil. Rosa ascends the throne of Baron at the end of the game, with Cecil at her side.