Age: 60

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 48 kg


Birthplace: Mysidia


Special Commands:

Remember: Tellah attempts to recall a spell. This command will disappear after Cecil's transformation on Mt. Ordeals.


Story (contains spoilers):

Tellah was once one of the most renowned sages in all of Mysidia. In his older years he began to lose his memory, and with that lost a great deal of his magical powress. When Cecil reaches the town of Kaipo the villagers tell him of how Tellah's daughter ran away with Edward, the prince of Damcyan, after the sage refused to consent to their marriage. Cecil and Rydia later run into Tellah while in the Underground Channel, and they accompany each other out of the caves. Just as they arrive outside of Damcyan, the kingdom is bombarded by the Red Wings and Golbeza storms the castle and retreats with the Crystal of Wind. When Tella enters the castle he finds his lost daughter Anna among the dying bodies, and attacks Gilbert in a blind rage. He is stopped by Anna, who explains that she died shielding Gilbert from arrows fired by Golbeza's troops. Tella comforts her daughter as she is dying then strands the party behind and leaves for Mt. Ordeals to unleash Meteo: the ultimate black magic. Halfway up the mountain he meets up with Cecil yet again, who is climbing Mt. Ordeals to become a Paladin. When the Light appears to test Cecil Tellah's mind starts to race, and he manages to recover all of the spells he had forgotten as well as discover how to use Meteo.


At the top of the Tower of Zot, after Golbeza has taken the Crystal of Earth, Tella attacks him. He uses his most powerful magic against him, but is unable to cause any real damage. He uses Meteo as a last resort, and while Golbeza's body is devastated by the magic, the shock caused by the spell destroys Tella altogether. Tella dies, regretful that he was blinded by such deep hatred.