Yang Fang Leiden


Age: 35

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 76 kg


Birthplace: Fabul


Special Commands:

Endure: The physical damage dealt to Yang is reduced. The equivilent of a "Protetsu" spell.

Gather: Yang accumulates his strength in order to perform a double-damage attack.

Kick: Yang deals minimal damage to all enemies.


Story (contains spoilers):

Yang is one of the karate masters of Fabul. When Cecil and his party first come across Yang it is at the summit on Mt. Hobs, were he is defending himself from an onslaught of enemies sent by Golbeza to execute him. After helping Yang fend off the monsters the party learns that he is the last experienced fighter in his kingdom's army and that in its current state Fabul stands little chance against Golbeza's minions. Cecil's party travels with Yang to Fabul and the king there allows them to play a role in defending the crystal of fire. However, this attempt is unsuccessful, and Golbeza takes the crystal and kidnaps Rosa in the process. Defeated but sill resolute, Fabul's king makes arrangements for Yang to travel with Cecil's group to Baron to speak with Cid on the issue of the war. However, the boatride to Fabul ends in disaster, and the plan is unable to be carried out. Yang plunges into the sea in a effort to help Rydia and turns up in Baron, in a state of amnesia.


Baronian soldiers use Yang's amnesia as an advantage and recruit the karate master to their side. When Cecil reaches Baron via the Devil's Road gateway in Mysidia they find Yang and a pair of guards in the town cafe. After a brief fight Yang comes to his senses and provides Cecil's party with the key necessary to accessing the underground waterways beneath Baron.


Yang remains with the party until the assault on the Tower of Babel, when he sacrifices himself to stop the Gigantic Gun from eliminating the Dwarves engaged in battle outside. Yang survives, however, and awakens to find himself under the care of the Sylphs, magical creatures that later make themselves available to Rydia's beck and call. He recovers in time to help the rest of the world confront the Giant of Babel near the end of the game.


Once Zeromus is defeated and Cecil and his companions have returned safely to earth, Yang is made king of Fabul.