World 1




Items: Pheonix Down

Party: Bartz

Party's level: 1


At the start of the game, Alexander Tycoon decides to investigate what has

gone wrong with the wind, it no longer moves. Reina wishes to come along but

is asked to stay at the castle, which she does so willingly. Bartz meanwhile

is camping out with his best choco-buddy BOKO! However as Alexander Tycoon

departs, a meteorite crashes along near the castle of Tycoon. The shockwave

was so hard that even Boko and Bartz felt the impact of the earthquake it had

caused. Bartz now goes to investigate.

Make your way along east towards the Meteorite. Inside you will find Reina,

who is unconcious, but you help her up as you do Galuf as well. It appears

that Galuf has had a dose of amnesia, we don't know how long this will last,

but then Galuf decides to head off to the Wind Shrine, he is not sure of what

to do yet, but he will reach the destination being accompanied by Reina. When

the two leave and Bartz decides to stay behind, go to the lower right hand

side of the meteorite and pick up a Pheonix Down from a treasure chest. After

that, continue on your way westward.



Items: None

Party: Bartz

Party's level: 1


When you make your way west, you will see Reina and Galuf being attacked by

Goblins, quickly dispose of them and then Bartz reluctantly decides to join

the party. The party can't head for the Wind Shrine right now because their

path is blocked by the Earthquake and Meteorite, so enter the small cave



AR ME MATIES!!!(Is that correct?)

Items: Leather Helmet

Party: Reina, Galuf, Bartz

Party's level: 1-2


Now when you enter inside here the party sees a pirate, but quickly hide as

the pirate opens the switch. Hit the same skull switch the pirate hit and

enter the next room, but pick up a LEATHER CAP along the way. And note that

there is a spring in here too, fight monsters and use the spring to recover

your injuries, this is a good point to gain some early levels. As you reach

the pirate's harbor, you can talk to the pirates all you like, but they do a

crummy job of guarding the place. Head for the docks to the right and go

directly for the steering wheel.

The party notices that the ship is not moving, but they saw it earlier! Too

bad, it just won't go because the ship is just being a big bad meanie :(

Well the party is then finally caught by the mischevious pirate Faris, and

his crew of maties. Hydra manuvers the pirate ship, and the party is thrown

into a locked cell, but not before Faris notices a shining pendant on Reina.

After long thinking, Faris will finally decide to let you out as he will join

you on the quest to the Wind Shrine as he finds something suspicious of the

Wind as well. When the pirate offers to take over, you can choose yes or no,

regardless you will head to the Wind Shrine eventually. But I suggest you

head for Tule Village to the west, its located near a small square

shaped lake.



Items: Pheonix Down(2), Leather Accessories(2), Tonic(2), Tent(2), Ether,

150G, 100G

Party: Faris, Bartz, Reina, Galuf

Party's level: 1-2


Inside here both the pirates and Faris head towards the pub. However, you

choose not to, to the bottom left of town is the Beginner's House if you are

unfamiliar with Final Fantasy V and how the job systems work and what

statuses are which and all that. In this town make sure you play the piano,

its important to attain the LVL Song. When you buy weapons Faris will always

come in and you will have the chance to buy weapons and armor for him as

well. When your done head over to the Wind Shrine to the northwest via pirate




Items: Tonic(5), BroadSword, Staff, Leather Helmet, Staff

Party: Bartz, Reina, Galuf, Faris

Party's level: 1-2


Upon entering the Wind Shrine talk with the scholars to the left of the Wind

Shrine and they will fill you in with the details of what had happened. Also

talk to all the scholars and one of them will reveal a recovery pot, which

will restore all your loss HP and MP and recover any condition you may have,

even the wounded condition. In here pick up 5 TONICS, a TENT, a LEATHER CAP,

and BROADSWORD for Bartz. After picking up your new items equip them on, and

continue, make sure you save your game at this point, otherwise you may have

to end up starting from where you had last left off, and depending when the

last time you saved it, you would either care or worry your heart out. When

you see a giant bird blocking your path, talk to it and a fight will ensue.


BOSS FIGHT: Wingrapter HP: 250


This boss should be a pretty easy fight. Attack it with physical attacks and

keep your party's HP above 50. When the Wingrapter closes its wing, DO NOT

attack it, doing so will enable him to use his counter attack at this point

called the Iron Nail which does massive damage to your party and can end up

possibly wiping out the entire party, take the time now to heal yourself if

neccessary and then continue the pattern until the Wingrapter is defeated.

When you reach the crystal room, the crystal will shatter, this does not look

good. Upon in this room you will recieve 6 new jobs. They are the KNIGHT,

MONK, THIEF, WHITE MAGE, BLACK MAGE, and BLUE MAGE. Whatever job you feel you

think is best, choose one of them it doesn't matter. After that head outside

and this would be a good point to save your game.



Items: Canal Key

Party: Bartz, Reina, Faris, Galuf

Party's level: 3


When you return here, the pirates and Faris will do their thing as usual.

Once you arrive head straight for the middle house at the top. Zok is back,

but still no canal key. HE invites the party to sleep over and they do,

during the middle of the night Zok and Bartz exchanges conversations as Zok

does not want Reina to get hurt. He gives the keys to Bartz and they are off

int he morning. Whatever supplies you may need, go get them now because you

might need them in the next voyage ahead. Head towards Torna Canal at the

east side of the small resevoir. However prior to leaving the pirates are

asked to stay behind by Faris, they do so but uneasily.

NOTE: Before you leave, when you first enter talk with the pirates several

times, and then go upstairs. You'll see a strange incident involving

Faris, Bartz, and Galuf. Its funny, you should check it out! Also try

to gain a few more levels before you leave off to Torna Canal.



Items: None

Party: Faris, Reina, Galuf, Bartz

Party's level: 4


Go towards the canal, it should be very obvious. Reina will question how

Bartz got the keys to the canal, but tells her not to worry. Once you open

the Torna Canal, you are susceptible to monsters attacking you, its a common

thing in the canal, but don't worry this is the only time monsters can attack

you on your sail ship, well at least the only regular enemies, I never said

anything about a Boss not attacking your pirate ship(this will happen twice).

Upon here, continue through the canal, the monsters here aren't that hard to

defeat and give good expierience points. Once you reach the open shores,

something attacks the party, but reluctantly they get out of the trap,

however Hydra does not, its time to get over there and help Hydra!


BOSS BATTLE: Karl Boss HP: 650


This battle should be pretty easy, your physical attacks deal a wallop amount

of damage against him. Use any Bolt spells if you have any, they do massive

damage against him as he is weak against Lightning. Watch for the Screw

Attack as well, it will deal heavy damage and have a chance for paralysis as

well. Keep your HP above 60 for this battle and keep magic users in the back.

After the battle, the monster still won't give up as it takes Hydra along

with it, Faris is helpless against it as he can only watch as his best friend

dies with the monster. The party is alone now, they drift towards the sea,

allowing the last remaing ocean currents to take them wherever.



Items: Flail, 990G, Antidote(2), Tonic, Pheonix Down(2), Tent, World Map

Party: Galuf, Faris, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 5


Upon reaching here, all your previous injuries will be fully healed and you

will be at full life. Walk around the graveyard, there isn't much here, make

sure you walk along south to pick up the FLAIL. Continue through the wreckage

and make your way down to the bottom of the Ship-wreck Graveyard. Along the

way make sure you pick up 990 GIL, TENT, TWO ANITDOTES, WORLD MAP, TWO

PHENOIX DOWNS, and a TONIC. Those are ALL the items that should be in the

entire Shipwreck Graveyard. When you reach a certain room, Faris will refuse

to go near the fire to remove his clothing as Reina changes and the rest of

the party dries up. As Faris struggles with the party, he finally reveals um,

her identity.

She's a female! She has been hiding it from the pirates all along, the

pirates were the one who raised her, but never knew she was a woman. She

thought the pirates were going to laugh at her because she was a female, so

she developed a heavy accent of pirate and became one of the pirates,

drinking with them and talking like them. Once your done and healed

yourselves by taking the complimentary beds and saving your game, its time to

get out of this place! Make your way around the ships, also there will be a

treasure chest that will open up, that will raise a sunken ship and allow you

to cross back to land. However as you walk up towards your destination,

images of people appear, it seems that all the party members are affected

except Galuf, he doesn't remember anything. He then snaps the party out of it

as they prepare to duke it out with the evil sorceress Siren.


BOSS BATTLE: Siren HP: 900


This battle tends to fustrate a lot of people, believe me I know because of

all the email! In this battle any cure magic is her weakness, however if she

is in her human form, cure will actually cure her instead of actually doing

damage! Use fire, keep casting fire spells if you have any, however using

your physical attacks won't do you much good because of her durable defense

during zombie status. But keep attacking if you don't have any Black Mages.

I'm not sure if a PHEONIX DOWN will work, but if you do try it, use it on her

Zombie status and ONLY zombie status. Keep your party's HP above 60 and

continously heal.

After the battle the party finally leaves the putrid Shipwreck Graveyard and

onto the outside land! Finally!



Items: 1000GP, Ice Rod, Antidote

Party: Galuf, Reina, Bartz, Faris

Party's level: 6-7


When you exit out of the Shipwreck Graveyard, head south until you find a

town. In here you will talk to several people, however when Bartz talks to

several people, they give him clues but he can't eventhink about the clues

they give him. Hopefully you can figure it out. Along in here, people mention

about the Town of Walz and castle of Walz, but after hearing about North

Mountain and Dragon, your first priority is to head out of this town and go

North, coincidentally to North Mountain. However if you need supplies and new

weapons, make sure to pick up some.



Items: Soft, Phoenix Down, Tonic

Party: Reina, Bartz, Faris, Galuf

Party's level: 7


In North Mountain make your way to the top of the mountain, the opponents

here really aren't that tough, but make sure you pick up a TONIC and a

PHEONIX DOWN. Now continue your way through the top of the mountain, as you

reach near the tier of the mountain, Magissa and Faltzer arrives to stop you

dead in your tracks. However Reina has been hit with a poison arrow, and its

your job to save her and reach the Dragon.


BOSS BATTLE: Magissa and Faltzer HP: 650 and 850(respectively)


This battle is a bit tough, Reina remains unconcious in this battle, but you

can revive her. The Monk ability is great, as is the Knight ability. Attack

her with magic and physical spells often and attack quick. If you beat

Magissa quick enough, she will not summon her alleged husband Faltzer. Keep

your HP above 90 for this battle. When you do encounter Faltzer make sure you

keep your HP up at a constant, Faltzer is one tough bad mamajamma. The monks

and Knights can take the hits okay, but the other classes will just wither

down like a crumpled piece of paper. Make sure you keep all classes besides

the Monk and Knight in the backrow and you can do so during the middle of the

battle. Attack and pound Magissa when Faltzer arrives, otherwise she will

heal Faltzer. Then attack faltzer with everything you've got until the

uoogly ass brute dies.

After the battle head for the top of the mountain, watch for the purple

plants that are around though, touching them will result in an immediate

poison status for all party members. When the party reaches the top, they see

Dragon in a serious condition. He doesn't look too good and won't eat the

Dragon Plant that will help heal him. Reina then decides to take a piece of

the Dragon Plant and eat it to show that its harmless, the Dragon eats the

plant, but Reina isn't feeling too well. The Dragon heals her condition and

the party is off towards the Town of Walz via the Dragon. However not before

Bartz admits his fear of heights as his party members laugh at him.




Items: 490GP, Speed(Time), Elf Cloak, 1000GP(2), Tent, Phoenix Down

Party: Galuf, Reina, Faris, Bartz

Party's level: 8


Now go down to the Walz region, about southwest of the town of Kerwin. Head

for the twon first if you need any supplies, in the town you learn that the

town and the castle is using the Water Crystal to power their way of living,

however none of the townspeople realize that doing so may cause the crystal

to shatter. So now go to the castle outside of the town. Inside go up and

speak directly to the king in his throne room. As you speak with the king,

something interupts the party, its a giant meteor! The king leaves, however

you do not have to leave with him.

Go around the castle and search for items that may help you on your way, say

an Elf Cloak, 1000 GPx2, and the Speed song. However some of these items will

require you to walk inside down in the basement, and down their lurks a

Harpy, its tough and unbeatable at your current status, so I suggest you

avoid downstairs. When your done searching through the castle head towards

the Walz tower, however if you want to get the Shiva summon, you can head

behind the waterfall and attempt to beat Shiva to earn her summon, but let me

warn you that you will have a hard time defeating her at your current status.



Items: Silk Robe, Maiden's Kiss, SilverArmBand, Ether

Party: Galuf, Reina, Faris, Bartz

Party's level: 8


NOTE: This extra info is provided by Sarah Jones:

" Water Shrine (first world) when you see the (Chancellor?) lying

on the ground, if you go above him and to the left a couple steps, you

can go into the water and climb up a vine which leads to Silk Robe."

Inside this tower you will find various guards and also the king down on the

floor wounded. Keep making your way through the tower and pick up a MAIDEN'S

KISS, ETHER, SILVERARMBAND, and SILK ROBE. When you reach the top of the

tower you will confront a Garula, aren't these suppose to be friendly? Oh

well, who cares.


BOSS BATTLE: Garula HP: 1200


This battle is pretty tough, its physical attacks do a lot of damage, but you

can use the TOAD song to defeat this Garula, but judging that you don't have

the TOAD song, what you want to do is keep at least 2 healers in the party.

Have two attackers in the front(preferably Monks or Knights) and the healers

and magic casters in the back. Keep your HP above 100, and continue to

attack. However turning it into a TOAD can make the battle a breeze as all of

its attack by then, are easy to manage and even a Mage can withstand its

attacks 10 times over.

After the battle the crystal shatters, however there is still hope as there

are two other crystals that are still active with life. Pick up the crystal

shards containing these following jobs: BERSERKER, SORCERER, TIME MAGE, RED

MAGE, and SUMMONER. Don't worry about the other shard on the top left corner,

that shard is for later in the game and is not meant to be picked up now. For

now head towards the Karnak region, to do this go towards the Walz meteor

next to the tower of Walz, inside make your way around inside and step on the

warp tile and you will be transported to the Karnak area.



Items: Fire Rod

Party: Galuf, Bartz, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 9


When you are inside the Karnak meteor, make your way outside and go up north

and around to the west to the Karnak region where Karnak castle and the town

of Karnak lays. From here, enter the town of Karnak, inside you will get

information on a person named Professor Cid and some info on the Fire Crystal

that runs Karnak. However when you try to purchase an item, you will find

that your party is arrested as an anonymous person accuses the party of being

monsters. You are then thrown in jail, in jail your party will be locked in a

cell next to a strange person in another cell next to you. He uses his last

bit of gunpowder to find a way out, but fails miserably as he just blows the

separating him and the party, the party just laughs as him. Hahahahahahaha.

As you begin to talk, you hear what Cid has to say, something about the Fire

Crystal doesn't seem to be right, but Cid can't do anything about it. However

as the story progresses, Cid later then is released as the Chancellor finds

that Cid is right, and on the party's behalf, Cid wants the party to help out

as well, so they are free to go. He then asks you to meet him on the

steamship, which is the source of the Fire Crystal's cracking. Go whenever

your ready, so take this time to buy all the items and armors and weapons

that you need, heal your party if injuries are abound and save your game just

outside the steamship. The steapship is located near the shore of Karnak just

south of Karnak castle.



Items: Elixir(3), Thief's Glove, Green Beret, Moonring, Cottage, Phoenix Down

Party: Galuf, Bartz, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 9


Inside this steamship, the party will meet with Cid. Upon meeting with Cid,

he will warn you about the monsters down inside the steapship, so be

prepared. Make sure you have bought plenty of EYE DROPS as well. Once you

reach inside, continue to walk around and make your way to the engine room.

Watch for the monsters in here, the COOL DUST will cast FLASH nearly 90% of

the time here, which will blind your party. Run if you can, you can cure the

BLIND status with eyedrops.

NOTE: If you need a mre descriptive part on walking through this

steamship, use the Japanese walkthrough above this one.

When you finally reach the steam engine, you will meet up with Queen Karnak,

however she doesn't look so friendly.


BOSS BATTLE: Liquid Flame HP: 3000 ITEM: Fire Rod


This battle shouldn't be too hard if you have at least two black mages. Cast

Ice2 on the Liquid Flame constantly, this will deal extensive damage and also

it will make the battle that much quicker for your party. Use the ICE ROD if

you have to, it causes well over 1100 HP of damage, and have two other party

members be attackers or healers. If you don't have an ICE ROD or the ICE 2

spell, your in some deep...trouble. Its nearly impossible to defeat this boss

without any Ice magic or equipment, so if you want to get through this area,

go back outside and purchase the spell or the ICE ROD.

After the battle the queen regains her conscience, it appears that some form

or another has consumed her for a while. However there is not much time left

as you must escape Karnak castle after this scenario.



Items: Shuriken, Elixir(4), Ribbon, Esna(White), LightningSkill, 2000GP(2),


Party: Reina, Galuf, Bartz, Faris

Party's level: 10-11


Remember all those treasure chests blocked off by fire? Well now here is your

chance to acquire all of them, however be reminded that you will have a

limited amount of time to acquire them. Avoid going to your menu back and

forth unless you really need to because the loading time will kill the clock,

going back and forth as little as 10 times can result in about 35-40 seconds

lost, bad PSX! Make sure you have the Theif's FLEE ability as you will need

it to run away from pointless battles, the items inside the castle are:



However watch for monsters to attack you while you are getting these treasure

chests, as some of them might contain monsters inside, be aware and ready.

Upon reaching the outside of the castle a Sergeant and his hounds will attack

you, defeat the hounds first and attack the Sergeant for a while and the

Sergeant will reveal himself to be Death Claw. This guy is weak, just pound

him to bits, however you can learn DEATHCLAW if you are a Blue Mage and if he

attacks the Blue Mage with the DEATHCLAW attack.

After the castle explodes as the party quickly escapes, you are left with

three more crystal shards, each containing a new job: GEOMANCER, NINJA, and

TRAINER. Now go back to the town of Karnak and inside go upstairs to the Pub

and talk with Cid. After the conversation, head southwest towards the Ancient

Library, in which the path is now cleared due to the explosion of the castle.



Items: Ninja Suit, Phoenix Down, Ether

Party: Galuf, Bartz, Faris, Reina

Party's level: 11


Upon arriving at the Ancient Library, head downstairs into the basement of

the Library to find Mid. Watch for various monsters here, Page 124 casts Moon

Flute on the party, which the Blue Mage can learn. Make sure that you have 2

Black Mages before encountering Ifrit. When you reach the halfway point of

the basement, its time to do battle with Ifrit.


BOSS BATTLE: Ifrit HP: 3000


Here in this battle have your mages constantly cast Ice2, or even use the ICE

ROD if you have one. Continue to pummel Ifrit with your constant Ice spells

and attacks, keep your HP above 220 though, its Blaze attack will do a hefty

amount of damage followed by constant draining of your HP.

NOTE: This extra note is provided by Sarah Jones:

"And in the Ancient Library when you get past the stubborn bookshelf,

head to the left and down, and you'll lead back outside to the visable

treasure chest you saw earlier, which contains a Ninja Suit.

After the battle you are awarded with the Ifrit summon, now heal your wounds

and return to the path that the annoying bookshelf wouldn't let you go

through, Ifrit will demand that the bookshelf let the party through, in which

it does. Continue on and meet in Mid's room, however a monster is more than

happy to stop you dead in your tracks.


BOSS BATTLE: Biblos HP: 3600


In this battle Biblos has a weakness towards Fire, luckily if you were smart

enough to give a party member a Summoner job, then you can easily win this

battle by casting Ifrit and constant Fire2 spells, however have at least one

party member be a healer. Another quick way to defeat this boss is by using

the DOOM CLAW, one hit after that, the boss only has HP in the single digits,

finish him off there.

After the battle Mid didn't even noticed anything! However Mid will direct

the party towards the top of the basement and onto the first floor of the

Ancient Library. Now return to the upper floor of the pub back at Karnak, in

here Mid will meet up with Cid. With the two reuniting with each other Cid

and Mid have found a new array of confidence and is now willing to help the

party in everyway possible. He lets the party use the Steamship to carry

where they are going next, which is Cresent Town.



Items: None

Party: Galuf, Reina, Faris, Bartz

Party's level: 13


Look on your world map, at the bottom right portion of the map appears a

cresent shaped island, obviously that is Cresent Island, head there and head

inside Cresent Town. When the party enters the town, an Earthquake erupts and

their steamship is now lost under sea. Too bad. However there is still hope,

the villagers here talk about a chocobo and the forest down below on the

southern part of Cresent island. However you can head their after you buy

some new supplies and upgrade your armor, weapons, and accessories with the

lastest gear at Cresent Town, that is if you need to and feel uncomfortable

with your current equipment.



Items: None

Party: Galuf, Faris, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 13


When you reach inside the Chocobo forest, the chocobo has two shards from the

Fire Crystal hidden in its feathers, which would explain why you only

recieved 3 crystal shards from the Fire Crystal back at the Karnak incident.

The new jobs acquired are BARD and HUNTER. Here after you have caught the

black chocobo, head towards back to the Ancient Library.



Items: None

Party: Galuf, Reina, Faris, Bartz

Party's level: 13


Here when you meet up with Cid and Mid, talk to them and they will mention

the old ruins to the south part of the Ancient Library, over the mountains.

However they also warn you of a Sandworm that blocks the path towards the

ruins, however they have devised up of a plan to kill the worm so you can use

it as a boardwalk of some sort. So head to the desert to the east, where Cid

and Mid will await for your arrival.



Items: None

Party: Galuf, Reina, Faris, Bartz

Party's level: 13


Here in the desert Cid and Mid will ask if you are ready to confront the

Sandworm or not, pick or choose when your ready and Cid and Mid will get the

Sandworm's attention.


BOSS BATTLE: Sandworm HP: 3000


This battle should be pretty easy, If you know what to do. AquaRake will get

the job done faster than you can type a 3 letter word. But knowing you(the

player), I'll bet you don't have AquaRake do you? Too bad. But as always in a

game like Final Fantasy, usually at least there are two ways to defeat this

boss, one easy and the other one, a bit tougher. The Sandworm will appear in

4 holes, however it will appear in one of the holes at a time. Hitting the

holes that is vacant results in a counter attack by the well er...the hole.

The attack is pretty deadly, its a DEMI attack which will cut your current HP

in half. Concentrate your attacks on the Sandworm with your physical attacks.

If you think you can anticipate where the Sandworm will pop up, feel free to

take a guess and blast the hole with your Ice magic. Keep your HP above 250

and keep attacking it until it dies.

Afterwards the path towards the rest of the desert will be opened for you.

However watch out though, the enemies in the desert are pretty tough, but it

is also a good way to earn levels. Also when you see a Ziggurat or Pyramid,

ignore it, its not for you to go to now, nor can you enter the pyramid. For

now make your way outside of the desert, and you will be on the southern part

of the desert.



Items: None

Party: Bartz, Galuf, Faris, Reina

Party's level: 13


Here in the ruins, inside everything is a mess. However the thing that

catches your eye is the appearance of a man that walks around everywhere

which you can easily spot. He will try to run away from you at time to time,

follow him and watch carefully on the screen, even if you think he's not

around, stay around that area you saw him go to and search around. Eventually

the man will give up, and Reina and Faris notices something odd about the

man, its Alexander Tycoon! However as the party tries to reach him, the floor

they stand on collapses sending the four party members scattered around the

mechanical underground.



Items: Mini(Black), Shuriken(2)

Party: Reina, Galuf, Faris, Bartz

Party's level: 13


Down below, the environment around you is something very unique, the

mechanical creations keeps the old ruins running. However you still have a

task at hand, so keep searching around and eventually you will find a few

clues in the bedroom(which you can also sleep in to recover your party

fully). Here search around the room for in which the clues you lead you too,

and you cannot advance without picking up each clue piece by piece. However

the items aren't realy worthy of your time, you can pick up two SHURIKENS and

a MINI song.

Now after that little event head north out of the bedroom and continue on

through, you will see your steamship that was sunk earlier, and also an

awkward looking ship. Cid and Mid will join you on your newly acquired

airship, a one of a kind invention that will get you where you need to go.

But as the party lifts off, a boss that was remnant of the underground ruins

attacks the party.


BOSS BATTLE: Clayclaw HP: 2000


Here in this battle, this battle should be pretty quick if you have a Ninja

throw out two Shurikens. However you may want to save them as this boss isn't

as tough as it looks. Pound it with your physical attacks and keep your HP

above 300, and have a healer when neccessary, either way this boss isn't too

hard to defeat.

Afterwords head back to the old ruins in which you saw Alexander Tycoon in

south of the Ancient Library. When the party reaches here, the ruins will

lift above out of the ground and far above into the sky, however even though

the party has an airship, the pressure is too high for the airship to stand,

so how will they reach the last crystal before its too late?



Items: None

Party: Galuf, Reina, Faris, Bartz

Party's level: 14


Return back to the underground ruins where you had picked up your airship and

you will have a little talk with Cid and Mid. They talk about how a rare, but

strong metal can withstand the air pressure of the high altitudes above. That

metal is called Admantanite, but they are not sure where you can acquire

some, however Galuf remembers that the meteorite that he saw back at Tycoon

had a chunk of adamantite. so even though Galuf suffers from amnesia, the

party decides to take his word for it and head towards the Tycoon Meteor.



Items: Adamantite

Party: Faris, Reina, Bartz, Galuf

Party's level: 14


Upon arriving at the Tycoon Meteorite, the party will pick up the Adamantite,

but however as the party tries to leave, they are confronted by a monster

hidden inside the meteorite.


BOSS BATTLE: Adamantaim HP: 2000


This boss is pretty tough, but it has a weakness of ice. Physical attacks are

basically cut down to about 40%. SO basically rely on a lot of ICE spells and

such, use an ICE ROD if you have to or if you have one. Keep your HP above

320 and keep attacking with the monk and knight and cast ICE spells


After the battle return to Cid and Mid and they will attach your newly

acquired Adamant and you can be on your way towards the Floating ruins.



Items: Gold Armor, Elixir, Pheonix Down, Ether, Moonring, Potion, 5000GP,

Shuriken, Cottage, Power Wrist, Ancient Sword, Gold Shield, Potion

Party: Galuf, Bartz, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 15


Use your airship to reach the high altitudes, and when you do so make sure

you are ready to confront the side cannons, having 3 Black Mages and 1 White

Mage is best. Simply go to the sides of the floating ruins and hit your

execute button over the cannons and a fight will ensue. In battle constantly

use BOLT2 on the Flame Throw and Missile Launchers and have your White Mage

heal quickly, and also put everybody in the back row. Keep your HP above 300

and continue to attack them in the same fashion. You will ahve to do this 4

times, and in between those four times you can stop off at Rikks village to

heal yourself for free at the inn and come back when your ready, also it

wouldn't hurt to create a quick memo save each time you defeat the Missile

Launchers and Flame Throws.

Afterwards, a giant cannon will appear in the middle of the Gorn Ruins after

ALL four side cannons are defeated, make sure you are ready before attacking

it, you might want to have 2 monks, a Black Mage and a White mage in your

group. When you are ready hit your execute button over the giant cannon and a

fight will ensue.


BOSS BATTLE: Sol Cannon/Launcher HP: 22500/10800


In this battle quickly knock out the Launchers on the sides, you can use L.5

Doom with the Blue Mage or use Doomclaw on the boss itself for a quick

victory, otherwise this boss will take some time to defeat. Have all

attackers like Monks, Knights, Ninjas, etc attack regular and stay in the

front line. Have magic offense users like the Black Mage attack with BOLT 2

and have at least one healer to distribute CURE 2 incase the boss deals a

heavy blow towards the party. Keep this pattern up and continue to attack it.

Keep your HP up around the max if possible and if you can maintain this

pattern by knocking out the side cannons first, you will have a legitimate

chance of winning. Like I said, Doomclaw makes this battle go by very


After the battle don't enter in the floating ruins yet, take this time to

return to Rikks village and heal yourself for free and buy all the supplies

you need at half off. When done head inside the floating ruins.



Items: *Look Above*

Party: Bartz, Galuf, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 15


Here in this floating palace(as Iwould call it) it shouldn't be too hard to

get around. However the monsters here are a bit strong, but they are also

essential for gaining your party's levels quickly. The items that can be



also doesn't hurt to use the Geomancer's Damage Floor ability to spot open

floors before they get you, in here you should also find a save room, so when

you do save your game and make your way around to the middle room on the 5th

floor, you will have to hit a switch to open that path.

Upon entering you will find Alexander Tycoon, however he seems to hold a

grudge against the party and wants the party to defeat the monster that is

blocking the way to the crystal room, so the party reluctantly agrees.


BOSS BATTLE: Archeoavis HP: 6400


This boss is seriously tough, it will constantly change elemental forms and

that will create havoc among your party as you will have to predict what

weakness it holds each time to inflict heavy damage. Monks work EXTREMELY

well in this battle, but make sure you have a way to heal your party. If you

earned your levels for the Archer's SShot, equip the Bloodswd in the Knight's

hand and this battle will sift by like a breeze.

After the battle the Archeoavis will come back to life, and even Alexander

Tycoon is amazed by the creature's ability to revive itself.


BOSS BATTLE: Archeoavis HP: 2400


This battle will be a sinch, the boss now will take a beating to physical

attacks as Monks will just pound this creature to mincemeat. Keep your

physical attacks coming and try to avoid magic as it has some sort of

immunity towards magic attacks.

After the battle the party heads inside towards the crystal room. King Tycoon

wants to destroy the crystal, but Krile(Galuf's granddaughter) comes in and

hits Alexander Tycoon with a low level BOLT spell which puts Alexander Tycoon

out of commission temporarily. It appears that X-Death had controlled King

Tycoon, but as the crystal begins to shatter, King Tycoon sacrifices his life

to save the crystal, but to only find out that he is too late. The last

crystal the party was meant to protect shatters, the party picks up the last

pieces of the remaining crystal:


Galuf remembers everything now, he and Krile head back to his own world to

stop Exdeath from destroying his world, but the party can only watch.

Afterwards head back to the underground ruins.



Items: None

Party: Galuf, Faris, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 18


When you reach the underground ruins, go back to your resting room and the

table on the right will contain a note, telling you where Cid and Mid had

gone. Return back to Tycoon Meteor to find that Cid and Mid have put back the

Adamantite to replace it(note that in the Japanese version, it was put back

because it was too radioactive to contain). You also learn that by the power

of the rest of the meteorites, you can travel to Galuf's world and help him

stop X-Death, now you can do something to help! So quit reading this

walkthrough and play your game!



Items: None

Party: Bartz, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 18


Make your way back to the Karnak meteorite and inside Cid and Mid will be

shocked to find a monster, go inside and confront the monster.


BOSS BATTLE: Titan HP: 2500


This battle will be pretty tough. Most likely you do not have Float with you.

Have Monks attack physically up in the front and have magic users in the

back, make sure you have at least one healer, having 3 attackers (Monks,

Knights, Samurai, etc.) aside from one healer should get the job done, and

always keep your HP above 550 HP, the Earth Shaker attack will do a lot of

damage and it is unpredictable as to when he will actually perform the

attack, but its always a safe reminder to keep your HP up. Also the Titan

will use this attack before he goes.

NOTE: You can go to North Mountain and Fight a Ghilcat and make sure you

have a Blue Mage with you so you can use Float, but make sure to take

control of it by using a Trainer.

After the battle the team now returns from battle, head towards the Walz




Items: None

Party: Faris, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 18


Here in this next meteorite the party attempts to put back the Meteorite in

which they do, but they are then attacked by a flurry on monsters.


BOSS BATTLE: Byurobolos(6) HP: 2200(each)


In this battle there are 6 targets, and this can be a pretty tough battle to

contend with since this is one of the few times where your party is out-

numbered. Make sure you have a summon in your group, or heck have two

summoners! Keep summoning Titan and the battle will be over before it even


NOTE: If your summoner was wearing an EARTH ROBE, the power of Titan goes

up anywhere from 30%-50%.

After the battle head over to the Gorn Meteorite, which is in the same place

where the Floating Ruins was from.



Items: None

Party: Faris, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 18


When your in here, Cid and Mid decide to check things out inside before you

do, so your party is them promptly to wait, however Cid and Mid have been

inside too long and the party begins to worry and head inside to see if Cid

and Mid are alright. When the party enters inside, they find that Cid and Mid

are inside trapped in giant water bubbles, they are then confronted by the



BOSS BATTLE: KimaBrain HP: 3300


This boss should be pretty easy like the last battle, in here have your

summoners constantly cast TITAN, have one healer to heal your wounds and have

at least one fighter to attack. Keep your HP above 500 if possible because

its blaze attack will do about 250 HP of damage and then slowly drain your HP

away, but having the extra HP allows you more time to heal yourself.

After the battle Cid and Mid will have gathered enough energy from the

meteorites to power a single meteorite to carry the party to Galuf's world.

Look on your map and look at the arrows, they will point to a uniform

location, head there with your airship.



Items: None

Party: Faris, Bartz, Reina

Party's level: 19


Here when you reach your destination, the party will say their goodbyes to

the world because there is a high possibility that the party will not return

to the world. The party then leaves and takes flight to the next world.

NOTE: You may want to do the following things below, before you leave for

World 2.



Items: Phoenix Down(2), Ether(2), Elixir(2), Shuriken, Healing Staff,

MonsterBell, Katana, Potion, Cottage

Party: Faris, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 19


Upon returning to Tycoon Castle you can pick up various items around the

castle, including: POTION, COTTAGE, ETHER x2, ELIXIR x2, PHEONIX DOWN x2,


the SECRET ability with the Thief around the castle you see hidden passages.



Items: Shuriken, Tent, Shock Whip/Note

Party: Bartz, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 19


On the south part of the western continent, visit Jachol village, but

unlikely you will find much of use in the town. However the townspeople talk

about the secrets of the cave above and everything they are selling in the

town is comprised from items in the cave found in the cave. Head towards that

cave, and when you reach their, you will have to hit several switches, and at

the bottom of the first room there is a row of switches, the row constantly

blinks, so be a little patient and wait until you see a lone switch standing,

hit that switch while the other switches remain absent.

You might not notice anything besides the sound at first, but that will lead

the way towards the next room, and make sure you pick up some items in here:


NOTE: If you had released the Lone Wolf, the items will not be present for

you and you will get a note from the Lone Wolf stating that he has

been here. Now don't you feel dumb for releasing that Lone Wolf?

Hmmmmm? (^_^)



Items: Ramuh(Summon)

Party: Faris, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 19


At the top left corner of the world map you will see a little dot, that

little dot represents the town of Easterly. Head there, and inside you will

learn of a man that sends bolts of lightning to monsters, that's odd. What's

even more shocking(get it?) is the price for some rings here, 50,000 GIL for

a FIRE, CORAL, or ANGEL ring, each! I'll bet you don't even have half that

much right now, so ignore it because chances are you won't need it. You can

learn the TOAD spell and LOVE SONG in here as well. But those two aren't

important, head outside if you don't need anything else and go across the

bridge to the right and into the forest. Wander around and engage into

battle, however look for Ramuh only, monsters are very strong here and will

pound you to bits. You will know the instant you have met Ramuh when the boss

music plays.


BOSS BATTLE: Ramuh HP: 4000


In this battle, make sure you use TITAN, summon it often and have at least

one lancer in your party, so he or she can evade the attacks of his Bolt

spells. This battle should be pretty easy because you have more than enough

of the requirements to beat him at this point in stage.

After the battle, you will now have the Ramuh summon.



Items: None

Party: Bartz, Faris, Reina

Party's level: 19


Around the north area of Tycoon Castle lies Bartz's home town. In here you

are greeted warmly by the people here, they all recognize you because you are

the son of Dargon, the hero of the town. There is a lot of information about

Bartz's past here. Talk to the boy in the middle of the town and you will

get a flashback of how Barz was so afraid of heights. Also play the little

music box in Bartz's former house, and a 5 minute briefing of Bartz's past

will play about his mother and father and also when Bartz was young. Head to

the inn and take a rest and a scenario will occur at this time. Bartz will

relook upon his parent's grave and still continue to mourn their death until

this day. And before you decide to leave, make sure you stock up on a bunch

of supplies, the supplies are all half off!


World 1 World 2
World 3 & O confronto final