World 2




Items: None

Party: Faris, Reina, Galuf

Party's level: 19


Here when the party arrives, they are on a strange island, there is nowhere

to go as the small island is surrounded by water. As you walk a party member

will ask that you set up a tent and so you do. When you set up a tent, the

party will sleep and get rested but as that happens the party encounters



BOSS BATTLE: Abductor HP: 1500


You can defeat this boss for EXP, but your pretty much don't need any EXP

because you can earn that later in the game. Just lose this battle as winning

the battle does not make a flux in the storyline. If you do want to win the

battle, make sure you use DOOM CLAW or summon the TITAN twice, otherwise you

stand a very little chance of winning.

After the battle, regardless if you won or not, you will be abducted and

taken to X-Death's castle. >_<



Items: Party's Items

Party: Galuf

Party's level: Variable


The party is now held in X-Death's castle, coincidentally Galuf and his

kingdom raid an attack on the castle of X-Death at the same time, but X-Death

tells Galuf to ciest and decist as he shows Galuf the three party members.

Galuf is now stuck in a situation where only he can save the party, he takes

flight of the Dragon and head towards the top of X-Death's castle. When you

reach inside here, immediately reach for the first treasure chest that you

see, you will have acquired all the armor and weapons and accessories and

items from the party as well as the crystal shards.

Take this time to change your job to a Monk, Lancer, or Summoner. When you

reach a save room, there is a room above that contains a recovery pool. When

your done make your way around to the preceding floors and you will

eventaully encounter Gilgamesh, this is where Gilgamesh will spot Galuf and

the two will engage in battle.


BOSS BATTLE: Gilgamesh HP: 1233


This battle shouldn't be too tough, have Galuf constantly attack with the

JUMP or FIGHT command with the Lancer or Monk. Or you can keep casting Titan

until he goes away, overall not that much of a hard fight and if your a Ninja

you can use any SHURIKENs you may have left if you wish.

After the battle Gilgamesh will make some sort of an excuse to leave, and he

does leaving Galuf to rescue the party. When the party is freed they notice

that to escape X-Death's castle they must cross the Big Bridge. So head

outside the castle and head west.



Items: None

Party: Galuf, Faris, Bartz, Reina

Party's level: 19


When you escape from the castle you will encounter a long bridge and not

surprisingly you will encounter quite a few enemies on the way, which are

basically all random, but you will see your opponents ahead of time but that

doesn't mean you can avoid them(ala Earthbound). Before you enter the bridge

take this time to set up the classes you are most comfortable with. When you

reach the second outpost on the bridge Gilgamesh hilariously walks through

the ohter side of the door surprising the party, and as expected a fight will



BOSS BATTLE: Gilgamesh HP: 3333


In this battle, Gilgamesh will cast some defensive spells when you have

damaged him enough on himself. Have the fighters attack in the front and

continue to cast TITAN even though he has set up a defensive barrier you can

still do a good amount of damage on him. Keep your HP up around 300 and you

should be fine and continue to heal yourself and repeat whatever pattern

works for you.

After the battle continue to make your way across the bridge, when you do

make your way to the other side of the bridge X-Death will have already

generated an entire barrier that will surround the entire castle, the effects

of that barrier is very powerful and sends the party flying away towards

another continent(also note that even though you did not take any world map

of any kind in this world, you still have a map of the second world, wierd

isn't it?).



Items: None

Party: Faris, Bartz, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 20


When you reach this continent you will have a fairly long way to walk across

to the east, when you see a town, enter it and take this time to update your

weapons and armors and accessories with the lastest gear the town of Lugor

has to offer. Also stock up on any materials and items that you may need

along the way. When you check the prices for the new magics, they look pretty

steep for 3000 Gil each, however take your time and battle monsters for them,

they are well worth it and you will gain levels as well as the pink monsters

outside Lugor give good expierience and gil. When your all set and done, head

south and then go eastward and you will find a forest between two sets of

mountains, inside is the moogle forest, as you try to talk to the moogle, he

falls below and the party follows him into an underground waterway.



Items: Pheonix Down, 4400GP

Party: Galuf, Reina, Faris, Bartz

Party's level: 20


When your in here, make your way around and make sure to pick up the

following items along the way: 400 gilx4 and PHEONIX DOWN. When you reach the

end of the cave you will see the moogle that fell through and is confronted

by a monster, however the party got here just in time to defeat the overgrown



BOSS BATTLE: Tyrasaurus HP: 5000


Use your PHEONIX DOWN on him and that's it, battle over you've won. Pretty

easy eh? If you don't have any to spare make sure you use Fire magic as it

will deal more damage than Cure magic, and I'm not sure if casting Life on

him will do.

After the battle follow the moogle outside and CAREFULLY watch where he

walks, make sure you follow him and enter the exact square that he enters and

you will find his real home. In short walk in the forest only and avoid the

desert area and watch carefully where the moogle enters the forest, go to the

EXACT square and you should be inside the official chocobo village.



Items: Elf's Cloak, Cottage, Pheonix Down, 10000GP, 1GP, Dancing Dirk, Ether

Party: Galuf, Bartz, Faris, Reina

Party's level: 21


When you enter the moogle village the other moogles will run away in fear.

However the moogle you rescued will let you inside his hut to the far right

and inside you can pick up 10,000 GP, 1 GP, PHEONIX DOWN, COTTAGE, DANCING

DIRK, and ETHER. Also don't forget to visit the middle hut and take the

Moogle Costume, and to the west hut talk to the moogle who will then allow

you to take the ELF's CLOAK. Afterwards Krile will then come to your location

and take you to Val Castle.



Items: Hero Drink, RegalCutlass/Great Sword, Angel Robe, Lamia's Harp, Exit


Party: Bartz, Faris, Reina, Galuf

Party's level: 21


Upon reaching the Castle of Val, the troops greet Galuf as if he was some

sort of king, well he is! The guards also tell Galuf that he had forgotten

his TELEPO spell, that spell is hidden in the bottom left of the throne room,

and you can see the treasure chest without the SECRET ability. In the castle

make sure to grab some very valuable items, including the HERO DRINK, TELEPO


found at the top right part of the castle along the moat, to enter the moat

you can take the bottom left opening in the castle courtyard.

Update your weapons now and when you are done, head to the roof of the castle

where Krile in crying over the injured/wounded Dragon. Krile tells the party

of a Dragon plant that will heal the wounds/injuries of the Dragon at

mountain in the north above Val Castle and past Kelb Village. So the party

then decides to head off towards the next location which is the mountain up

north mainly called the Valley of the Dragons.



Items: Kornago's Gourd, Requiem(Song)

Party: Bartz, Galuf, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 21


Upon reaching prior to the Valley of Dragons, you will stumble upon the town

of Kelb. In this town, the town buildings are locked and no one is around,

however enter the largest house up north. When you enter, the villagers then

set off to attack, but Kelga stops them as he notices Galuf. However as

egoistic as Kelga is, he tries to challenge Bartz to a fight, but along the

way Galuf gives him a few pointers as to how to beat him. Bartz successfully

knocks out Kelga viciously into the next room. Later an injured Kelga was not

able to take such a blow like he used to since he is so old. When the party

speaks to Kelga, a flashback occurs and the story about how the four warriors

of dawn came about. The four warriors were the current Galuf, Kelga, Zeza,

and Dorgan who is Bartz's father.

It was 30 years ago that X-Death was run amuck, but the four warriors had

stopped him, but that was at Bartz's world, in which the four warriors had no

choice but to bury X-Death's power deep within his planet, Dorgan however

chose to stay behind to protect that world, while the other three warriors of

Dawn had left for Galuf's world(which is the world you're on now). Then as

Kelga notices that Bartz is indeed Dorgan's father, he lets you through the

gates at the north part of Kelb. However prior to leaving the town's shops

are open and people are now out and the town is bustling with activity.

In the inn you can take a seat near the beds where a wolf will come to your

party's request and he will refill all your loss HP and loss MP for free plus

an additional 8 TONICs that will help you along the way. However this can

only be done three times, well only three times if you don't have a Gameshark

3.2 that is (^_^). At the top right part of the town, talk to the wolves

there and they will teach you an EXTREMELY useful REQUIEM song. Now head

towards Valley of Dragons.



Items: Wind Sword, Bonemail, Cottage, 7000GP, 5000GP, Pheonix Down

Party: Bartz, Reina, Faris, Galuf

Party's level: 21


Along the way to the Valley of Dragons(which is not far from where you are)

you might encounter a Kornago which is an odd colored giant frog, capture it

and save it for later after the Valley of Dragons, but this is COMPLETELY

optional. When you arrive at the Valley of Dragons, there are a lot of tough

enemies here, but they earn you good expierience points and are worth

fighting. Don't forget to pick up various items in here and they are: 5000


Also when you see a room with a skeleton switch at the bottom and a closed

off door at the top, there is a secret passage where you can drop off.

Starting from the front of the door position take one step down and two steps

to the right and you will fall to the room below. Upon reaching the upper

heights of the Valley of Dragons you will begin to notice a mysterious Golem

that is starting to attack your party again. However when you encounter a

Skelsaur and DrgnZombie it will attack the Golem, however having a Bard in

your party allows for a quick and easy victory.

Use the REQUEIM song to deal heavy damage towards the two dragons and heal

the GOLEM if you think its in danger. I think the Golem has about 7000 HP,

but it can fall quickly to the other dragon's attacks. It doesn't matter if

the Golem dies, you can keep repeating this process over and over again until

you have finally acquired the Golem, which is essential for giving yourself

an easy victory at an upcoming battle. Before you reach the Dragon Grass,

make sure you have a Summoner in your party, and the other classes can be

whatever you desire. When done touch the Dragon Grass, but however the grass

attacks back.


BOSS BATTLE: Dragon Grass and Dragon Bulb HP: 12,000(DG)/500(DB)


This battle is rediculously easy if you have the Golem summon. Once the

battle starts have the summoner cast Golem, and your party will basically

recieve no damage at the duration of the battle. The physical attacks set off

by both enemies are too weak to pose any problems knocking away your Golem

defense, even if they do for some odd reason (like you being sorry at the

game) then you can cast it again. Have your summoner continously cast TITAN

to deal massive damage towards the boss and have the rest of your party

members attack normally. Repeat this pattern until the boss is gone.

After the battle Reina realizes that the Dragons were dying because the fact

that the Dragon Grass were attacking the Dragons. Now return back to Val




Items: None

Party: Galuf, Bartz, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 24


When you reach the castle, the guards won't let the party in because they

think that they are one of X-Death's goons pretending to be them. So the

party finds another way around, and they do. When you reach inside the castle

talk to Krile and she will feed the Dragon the Dragon Grass, but however it

won't eat it because its been attackin the Dragons. But Reina unsurprisingly

eats the Dragon Grass showing the Dragon that it is safe, just as she had

risked poisoning herself back at world 1. The Dragon then eats the plant and

starts to feel better as Krile gives Reina the antidote. Afterwards Krile

tells you of a sage named Gill, who is requesting the party's visit as soon

as possible. So head there now.



Items: None

Party: Bartz, Faris, Reina, Galuf

Party's level: 24


You will need to use the Dragon to reach Gill's Shrine, make sure you go

north and then take that small opening in the mountains because the Dragon

cannot fly over mountains. The Shrine should be northeast of the castle of

Val. Upon reaching the Gil Shrine, you will notice that the island will begin

to shake as an earthquake erupts. It becomes so intense that the island

collapses and sinks underwater and the party has no choice but to head to

Surgate Castle, which is to the left.



Items: Float(Time), 5000GP

Party: Galuf, Bartz, Faris, Reina

Party's level: 24


Upon reaching the castle there is a switch that you will need to hit to enter

through the main gate, however inside you recieve news that Zeza is planning

to raid upon X-Death's castle using basically his entire naval fleet, that's

probably the reason that explains why there are so little guards in the

castle. However you are free to look around and take whatever you need, and

you will definitely find a useful FLOAT spell. To get the Float Spell, there

is a lady that will ask you to return the books in their rightful order, and

its not hard either because the bookshelves are listed alphabetically.

The first letter of each book title should tell you exactly where to place

the books, when you are done talk to the lady again and she will head back to

her room and reveal the hidden doorway(in which she can ONLY open). Through

here you can pick up 5000 GP and the FLOAT spell. After you are done, head

towards Zeza's Fleet, which is at the southeast end of X-Death's castle.



Items: None

Party: Galuf, Faris, Reina, Galuf

Party's level: 24


You will automatically tell where Zeza's Fleet is located because its one

heck of a fleet not to be missed! Land your Dragon on the giant ship, and

Zeza and Galuf are then greeted. Zeza has set up a plan to have his main

force attack the Castle while he uses a submarine crew to attack the castle

from underground where the seal does not protect the castle. He then tells

the party to go take a rest, the party does and all of the sudden at the

middle of the night monsters attack the fleet!

Head up to the top of the ship and there are monsters walking around and Zeza

is facing his own battle. You can fight the monsters for expierience points

if you want, but if you want to end this quick, head towards the tier of the

boat at the south end and talk to Gilgamesh after defeating the monster and a

fight with your party and Gilgamesh will ensue for the third time.


BOSS BATTLE: Gilgamesh & Endikou HP: 3200(Gilgamesh), 4000(Endikou)


This battle is fairly tough, not really anything to be worried about. Have

all attackers attack Gilgamesh with everything you've got. Later after

dealing about 3000 HP of damage to Gilgamesh Endikou will come in and join

the fight healing himself and Gilgamesh, so even though you will have to

fight Gilgamesh all over again, the fight should still be headed over in your

favor. Attack Endikou with Doom Claw, it might or might not work. Your TITAN

spell won't work on Endikou since he is flying but if you do have the Aero

Blue magic spell, use that against him as it will deal critical damage. After

Endikou is destroyed, Gilgamesh will looked worried and then run away. The

best way to win this battle is by having the BLOODSWD and SSHOT ability from

the Archer, each attack will always connect and you will restore HP of your

own as you attack, but judging you, you probably were too lazy to gain any

ability points for the SSHOT ability anyways (^_^). NOTE: Each time you fight

Gilgamesh you can steal one piece of Genji armor from him, its the strongest

in the game and you get a different piece of armor from him each time you

encounter him.

After the battle, the crew then begins to head down below to the underwaters

via the submarine. As the party reaches the tunnel, Zeza devises up a plan.

Galuf and his party head upwards towards the top of the tower to destroy the

antenna while Zeza heads down below to destroy the remote. Make your way up

the tower, pick up the items: BLOODSWD, 18000 GP, 9000 GP, and HAIR ORNAMENT.

However be prepared to face a semi tough Red Dragon when picking up weapons

and armor in the treasure chests. Continue to make your way to the top of the

tower and Zeza will continously talk to you through the whisper grass, this

in which will notify Zeza's and Galuf's current status. As the party reaches

above the tower, they are attacked.


BOSS BATTLE: Atomos HP: 19997


This battle will be pretty tough, but like I said, having the SSHOT ability

with the BLOODSWD allows for an easy victory in this battle, in fact too

easy. However since knowing you(the player) do not have the SSHOT ability,

there is always an alternative. Use the TITAN summon often and use GOLEM,

while most of Atomos' attacks are magic based, it still delas physical attack

from time to time. Try to keep your party alive, because if your party member

becomes wounded, reviving them can become quite tedious as Atomos will use

his COMET spell on that "just revived" character. However you will have a

3/10 shot of reviving that character without that character be wounded right

back again. Atomos will occasionally miss with the COMET spell if you are

wearing a certain type of armor, GOLD armor can help give you a higher ratio.

Keep using your best attacks, JUMP from the Lancer is usually a nice way to

attack and avoid injury. Doom Claw has a 5% chance of connecting in this

battle, and you might have to use it several times, so unless you are feeling

lucky, try to avoid using it and use sure fire attacks.

Afterwords the party is saved by the Dragon, however Galuf had to be taken by

force. The tower then explodes, but Zeza is still trapped under the tower as

it explodes. Galuf can only hope that Zeza is alright, but Galuf knows Zeza

too well as this was the way Zeza wanted to end his life. Galuf then decides

to wait for his friend, give Galuf a moment and he will later pull himself

together. However the sumarine is now yours and you will have to use it to

find Gill's Shrine.



Items: None

Party: Galuf, Reina, Bartz, Faris

Party's level: 27


Look on your map and in the middle of the map lies a small blinking dot in

the middle of the waters with no underwaters crests and islands near it. Head

there and once you reach inside, there is a set of five treasure chests and

in it. Put the rock in the top left treasure chest and it will open a door,

head to that open door and ignore the rest of the treasure chests and doors

as you will not need to worry about them in the future. You will then meet up

with Gill, when you do he will tell the party a lot of background information

about X-Death's past.

Later he tells the party that X-Death has interest in Moore Forest and what

is lying in the Eldest Tree. Gill gives the party the ELDER'S BRANCH so that

the party may enter Moore Forest. So your next destination is to Moore

Forest, look on your map and on it there is a blinking dot at the top left

part of the map, head there and when you surface above water you should see a

town to your left as your submarine remains in the small lake. The town to

the left is Moore.



Items: Hunting Knife, Flame Sabre, Aegis Shield/Flame Shield, Ether, 2500GP,

Ash, Mace, Giant Drink, Cottage, 9500GP, 4900GP, Pheonix Down

Party: Reina, Galuf, Bartz, Faris

Party's level: 27


Sorry about that, it sounded catchy and I got lost on that chapter title.

Anyways, the town is just optional but it contains A LOT of GREAT things to

advance your party. The magic is at a higher level as is the armor, so unless

you are confident to dealing with the enemies in Moore Forest, I suggest you

start earning some GP to buy the lastest magic and armor, as well as weapons,

but keep the BLOODSWD.

It will take awhile to earn the money for everything, but it doesn't take

long to earn money for some of the things, I suggest buying the 3rd level

elemental magics(FIRE3, ICE3, BOLT3), HASTE2, CURE3, and SHELL in the magic

department and whatever armor and weapons you wish to buy are up to you. when

your done head towards the Moore Forest. In the Moore Forest, the ELDER'S

BRANCE will let the party through. Once inside watch for small holes in

trees, use your execute button over it and it will make a new way towards

deeper into the forest.

Pick up the following items in the forest: 2500 GP, ETHER, MACE, FLAME SABER,


reach a save point, save your game, upon that when you make your way to the

final area you will see a treasure chest, inside it contains an AEGIS SHIELD,

however if you pick it up, then you cannot acquire the FLAME SHIELD. It

depends what your desire is to acquiring a certain shield. It doesn't matter

which one you pick, after a while a moogle will save the party by creating a

hole underneath to its underground moogle headquarters(?).

You will have to wait down here for a while as the flames are burning out.

Use the recovery spring to heal your wounds and then when you reach above,

everything is put down to a crisp. Save your game at the save point and head

inside towards the ELDEST TREE at the north of the moogle hole. Also you can

pick up your FLAME SHIELD IF you did not pick up the AGEIS SHIELD earlier.

Head up towards the ELDEST TREE and it will pave way for the party, however

as you enter inside make sure you are prepared. If you have a Summoner in

your party, make sure you are wearing the Earth Gown, heck you can make all

your party members Summoners and have them wearing an Earth Gown, and if you

have X-Magic(which I doubt) that would be a VERY helpful ability. When your

done preparing, head towards the inside of the tree and a boss battle will



BOSS BATTLE: Tree Crystals(4)(?) HP: 7777(each)


This battle will be super tough. Don't be surprised if you happen to lose a

few times. If you do have the Bloodswd and SSHOT, this battle will literally

be a breeze. However make sure you have four summoners along with each

summoner having either a L4/L5 black or white magic as their other ability.

Once the battle starts, continously summon TITAN, this will deal about 1300-

1700 HP of damage with the Earth Gown on. While the last crystal at the

bottom will absorb this attack, it doesn't hurt to use it as you will deal

damage to the other three crystals. The $Toss ability works EXTREMELY well in

this battle and with 3-6 tosses, you can call it a day, but you will have to

sacrifice a lot of money to do so. When you knock off the other three you

should use FIRE3 to knock out the bottom one that is left standing, however

USE FLOAT and GOLEM at the beginning of the battle. This will help the party

keep up its HP and avoid the quake attacks from the bottom crystal.

After the battle, X-Death comes in and congratulates the party on destroying

the seals that prevented X-Death from harnassing the tree's power. X-Death

then captures the party in his magic, and Krile suffers the same fate as she

enters. However Galuf fights the magic and breaks free, a battle then ensues

with X-Death and Galuf.




In this battle, X-Death will hit Galuf with a strong spell that will easily

knock away Galuf's HP, however even at 0 HP, Galuf's determination motivates

him to continue the fight. Keep attack X-Death until you have done enough

damage to him. X-Death can't believe his eyes that Galuf is still standing

and runs away from battle in fustration and possibly fear.

After the battle, Galuf is too wounded as he has been killed many times over

by X-Death's magic. The party can't do a thing to save him and he leaves his

life defending Krile. The party leaves the tree and Krile picks up a headband

of some sort from the ELDEST TREE, it allows Krile to exhibit all the jobs,

statuses, stats, and abilities that Galuf once had. Afterwards she decides to

join the party and to take down X-Death, by force or by fate.



Items: Diamond Shield, Ether(2), Elixir(2), 8000GP, 9900GP, MagiShuriken,

Partisan, Double Lance, Blizzard, Kotetsu, Gale Bow, Ice Shield

Party: Cara, Faris, Bartz, Reina

Party's level: 30



NOTE: This tip is provided by CokaColaCat:

"For all of those folks who thought they missed getting the "Judge-

Staff" (from BlakWarlocks) in Exdeath's Castle at the end of World 2,

they need worry no more! On World 3, go to the Town of Lugor (Rugor),

and wander around outside. There, by the truckload, you will find

little creatures called "T-Wrecks". The Judge-Staff can be stolen from

this rather weak creature.

Now, they usually give you Antidotes, but with a few tries, they give

up the Judge-Staff."

Before you enter here you can pick up some items and supplies to replenish

what you feel is neccessary. When you enter X-Death's castle make your way to

the center room. The party will find no other type of entrance whatsoever,

however as the party leaves Krile notices that what the party is seeing, is

just merely an illusion. The illusion is now an illusion and the true colors

of Exdeath's castle reveals itself. Cast FLOAT prior to entering the next

room as you will encounter several rooms where you will have to walk over

lava to reach certain treasure chests. Use the Geomancer's FINDHOLE ability

to see if there are certain traps and holes.

In the castle pick up the following items: DIAMONDSHIELD, ETHER, ICE SHIELD,


BLIZZARD, and KOUTETSU. Also when you reach a room with skulls on the floor,

each skull can either be a regular walking platform or a trap door leading

you to the floor below or leading you to a certain area. The top skull

contains your encounter towards Carbuncle, which if won will allow you to use

his summon power. If you do decide to fight Carbuncle, then try to follow

these tips.


BOSS BATTLE: Carbuncle HP: 15000


This battle is pretty tough. Use summon magic in this battle if you don't

have the RFLECT magic available to you. Summon TITAN constantly and use the

Bloodswd with the SSHOT ability to deal critical damage and also to win the

battle easily. Keep your HP up and NEVER use black magic on Carbuncle, only

use summon magic against him or cast RFLECT on your party members and have

the spell reflect off of him/her.

When your done, head to the opposite skull, the skull at the bottom and that

will allow the switch to bridge a path towards the next destination. When you

reach this room, make sure you save your game. The next room contains a

treasure chest in the middle, inside it contains an nothing. Then continue to

walk to the next room, but a known fiend will stop you into battle.


BOSS BATTLE: Gilgamesh HP: 10,000


This battle is pretty easy, nothing to worry about. Attack normally and keep

your HP up. Also when Gilgamesh transforms, he will use the EXCALIPUR sword

again the party. However it does a pitance amount of damage as even a

character low on HP can survive several blows and still survive. Gilgamesh

wonders what is up with the sword, but that ends shortly as X-Death sends

Gilgamesh to the N-Zone.

NOTE: If you did not bother to check with the treasure chest, you WILL NOT

engage in battle with Gilgamesh. This alters the storyline just a

small bit though, but that small change happens at the N-Zone.

After the battle continue to make your way upstairs and to X-Death's room,

the party will stop X-Death before he attempts his evil magic.


BOSS BATTLE: X-Death HP: 32,768


This battle will be EXTREMELY tough. Start the battle off with defensive

magic. Use GOLEM, SHELL, SAFE, and FLOAT to begin the battle. HASTE or HASTE2

is optional. RFLECT is opional because if you reflect, you can't heal

yourself with White magic unless you cast reflect on X-Death and have it

bounce off of him. However it will deflect even some instant death spells.

Use all your strongest magic in this battle and try to keep your HP at

maximum. The JUMP ability is nice, but to make things REALLY EASY is by using

the BLOODSWD and SSHOT ability combined so the battle can sail by like a

breeze, and also when you use this BLOODSWD, usually that character holding

the bloodswd is the last one standing at the end of the battle.

NOTE: You may notice that X-Death's HP is a bit odd considering that the

numbers in the digits are not divisible or multiples of 5 or 10.

This isn't official but I think I can provide some reasoning with

the odd HP.

3 - Represents the amount of times you fight X-Death(Neo X-Death is

a separate boss).

2 - Represents the number of worlds there are in the game(the third

world is a combination of the first two worlds).

7 - Represents the number of years this game has been made idle

legally to the United States and Europe. By this I mean the

number of years it was not present in the US after its 1992

Japanese release, and it was released in the US in 1999.

6 - The number of times you encounter Gilgamesh in battle in the game,

The first time was with Galuf saving his friends, the second time

was on the Big Bridge, the third time was on Zeza's ship, the

fourth time was in X-Death's castle, the 5th time is on the first

of the final floors of the N-Zone, and the 6th time was the

battle with Necrophobe on the last floor of the N-Zone prior to

the battle with X-Death.

8 - The number of Gargoyles you fight in the 3rd world.

NOTE: "This is Seth's deductive reasoning to ExDeath's HP:

"I was reading through your FF5 FAQ (thanks for putting so much effort

into it) and saw your idea of why X-Death has 37268 hit points. I just

thought you'd want to know the 37268 is 2^15 which is the largest

signed number (-/+) that you can manipulate on a 16-bit system easily.

You probably won't want to update your FAQ for such a minor item, but

thought you should know."

That's a VERY interesting notion!

Once again, this is what I've noticed with X-Death's HP. But the 3rd one(#7)

is questionable. Only Squaresoft knows the true reason behind X-Death's HP.

NOTE: The events below are SIDE AREAS for World 2 and can ONLY be completed

in World 2.



Items: Shoat(Summon)

Party: Cara, Bartz, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 33


Take your submarine and look for a cave opening underwater, there should be 4

maroon colored coral reefs in front of the cave. Make your way around that

cave and you will be outside, walk along the forest area and eventually you

will find Shoat.




This battle is pretty easy. Doom Claw will work, and you can wipe him out

after that. BAsically attack him as normal and pound him to bits and bring a

lot of SOFTs to cure a party member of the Devil's Eye.

After the battle you will have gained the Shoat summon.



Items: GP, GP, GP, GP, GP, GP, and more GP

Party: Cara, Bartz, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 33


NOTE: I came up with this title first! ABC stole it from be and used it on

their show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and I HONESTLY came up with

this title before them. I know, it's insignifcant but don't ever

accuse me of being unoriginal! *smiles showing teeth*

There is a cave to the left of the Big Bridge. Enter there and you will find

an absurd amount of GP. Also the enemies are pretty tough here, but if you

saved this area for last, this place is just like any other area that you

have been through.


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