World 3 & O confronto final




Items: None

Party: Cara, Faris, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 33


The party had come a long way since Bartz encounter Reina and Galuf, and its

time the party take a rest and enjoy everything. The world is as peaceful as

can be, so head your way up to Tycoon castle. Inside the castle the

chancellor welcomes the party's return, but how did the party return home? *I

don't know, so don't ask me.* Celebration brings itself upon the party as

Reina and Faris gets ready, but Bartz is shocked to find Faris so attractive

and it can be noted that Faris is Reina's long lost sister whose real name is

Salsa(hahaha, reminds me of a certain Seinfeld episode). Krile and Bartz

talk, and after giving Bartz a scare of Krile's strength, the two decide to

leave and let Reina and Faris celebrate. Its now time to find your long lost

buddy Boko!



Items: None

Party: Cara, Bartz

Party's level: 33


Reach for the cave to the west, and when you reach their Boko now has kids.

Krile also shares the special ability to communicate with animals as she

tells Bartz what Boko is saying, sorta like a translator. Afterwards, the

party then leaves. However head north of Tycoon castle and continue to walk

along the river and into the next set of plains. However, all of the sudden

the party falls down into an underground cavern, and inside Bartz blames Boko

for this, but before Bartz can lay a hand on Boko Krile stops him. However

the party then is attacked by an underground dweller named Antlion(who you

should be very familiar with from Final Fantasy 4.


BOSS BATTLE: Antolyon HP: 8100


This battle shouldn't be too hard, a long but easy way to defeat this boss is

by constantly using JUMP. It shouldn't take that long actually, or you can

use Monks and the TITAN summon magic, either way it really doesn't matter.

After the battle, a rope comes hanging down to save the party. However they

still haven't figured who is helping them. After some teasing Faris finally

lets the rope down and pulls the party up, however Krile has a splinter on

her hand, must be from the rope. Now afterwards, head southwest to Gill's

Shrine after Faris has joined your party.



Items: None

Party: Faris, Cara, Bartz

Party's level: 33-34


In here you will meet Gill again, the old sage. In here you will see Gill

over his shell, the party flips him over, and Gill starts to talk about how

the party had came back home. It appears that the two worlds of Bartz's and

Galuf's were merged together. However the conversation soon ends when X-Death

reveals himself as Krile's mysterious splinter. He tells the party of the X-

Zone, in which a 1000 year old void that is reminiscent of evil.

However the party does not know how to begin to stop him just yet, so head

for the giant book of wisdom, or the Ancient Library where Gill will take the

party. Gill tells the party that many powerful monsters were locked away with

the N-Zone and that the party isn't nearly as strong enough to take those

monsters down. However, there are the Legendary 12 Weapons of Kuzar where

past ancestors have fought against those monsters. To obtain those Legendary

Weapons, the party must establish 4 tablets.

Each tablet will allow the party to take 3 Legendary Weapons, and there are

four locations where the tablets are rumored to be, and they are scattered

around the world. The SEALED BOOK will allow the party access to these

locations, but only then can the party acquire the four tablets. And their

first destination is the Pyramid, so head outside and to the west. But before

you go, head to the roof of the library and learn the MAGIC SONG, which will

up the character's magic power during battle.



Items: Diamon Shield, MagiShuriken, 9900GP, 8000GP, Double Lance, Partisan,

Blizzard, Ice Shield, Ether(2), Elixir(2), Gale Bow, Kotetsu

Party: Bartz, Cara, Faris

Party's level: 34


NOTE: De-equip your Bloodswd, you will not need it at this point because

the monsters here will have the opposite effect since the majority of

them are undead.

Inside here, the party will notice that the once motionful sand currents

remain idle and solid as the Earth crystal was shattered in the first world.

Head inside and the SEALED BOOK will do its work, however the party is then

attacked by two Gargoyles.


BOSS BATTLE: Gargoyles(2) HP: 5000


This battle shouldn't be too hard, however if you do not evenly distribute

your attacks among both Gargoyles, they will continue to revive each other.

Use TITAN on the Gargoyles and HASTE2 on the party. $Toss works well in this

battle, as does spreading your magic.

After the battle, the Gargoyles will return to their places. Once inside when

you encounter a random battle, you will notice that the battles are fairly

tough, but if your levels are where they are suppose to be at, then you

should do okay. The REQUIEM song should do well, and also there are A LOT of

treasure chests in this place and each are filled with very useful items and

supplies and also GP. Along the way make sure to pick up: DARK MATTERx7,



RING, EARTH HAMMER, COTTAGE, 9000 GP, 8000 GP, 10000 GP, and 12000 GP. Having

the Geomancer's ability of FINDHOLE and ANTITRAP are very useful in this

place, and they shall remain show throughout the rest of the game. There are

a lot of places where the spikes pop up and such, using FLOAT will avoid

those hassles but the ANTITRAP will make sure that you do not need FLOAT.

Watch for patterns in here, there is a floor where the floor switch

places, watch carefully and make the timing. Also the SECRET ability is

useful as it will lead way for the other batch of treasures scattered along

the pyramid. Also don't leave a switch open to long, when you defeat the

little snakes, more will pop out in a short while. And also, you might

encounter a minotaur looking opponent, who is pretty easy to beat, but you

can run away from it if you like. There is a small story change if you fight

him or not, it doesn't matter because its pretty insignificant. Once you

reach the top of the pyramid, pick up the Lithograph(tablet) and you will

read something on it about Bahamut, and later you will see Bahamut fly

through the waters and will tell you that he is waiting at North Mountain.

Afterwards, head outside of the place and make your way to the Kuzar Castle.



Items: None

Party: Cara, Faris, Bartz

Party's leve: 36


Once you reach here, the party stumbles upon Reina, who is acting quite

strangely and attacks the party with awesome force. However they notice that

a monster is in control of Reina and then the monster attacks the party.


BOSS BATTLE: Mellusion HP: 20000


This is one of the toughest battles you will have encountered, its very

similar to the Archeoavis battle. She will constantly switch forms, or

barriers, and her weakness will constantly shift. Also at some point your

physical attacks may prove useful or pitiful, but the BLOODSWD will get the

job done quickly, that is if you have it with the SSHOT ability. I'm not sure

if DOOM CLAW might work in this battle though, I have yet to be successful

with it, but then again I only tried once. AERO works well as it will damage

her no matter what form she changes into. Try TITAN as well and BIO and DRAIN

works too. But if you don't have the SSHOT and BLOODSWD, this battle will be

very tough.

After the battle, Reina regains consciousness, but barely. She then joins

your party, but you must revive her and heal her because she will remain in

the wounded status until you do so. After the battle head to the castle of

Kuzar, and make sure you pick up your airship where you had seen it from the

top of the pyramid. The Kuzar Castle is located north of Tule and west of

Tycoon, you should see a small bridge connected to it.

Inside pick any of the htree weapons that you want, and albeit you will pick

the EXCALIBUR, its been known that Final Fantasy fans alike and non-alike

pick up this powerful sword. However, make sure you FLEE ability or the DUSTB

ability because you may run into a SHLDDRGN or X-DeathSoul, both are very

powerful enemies and that is the only way you can run away from them.

Afterwards, head to the Solitary Shrine, you shouldn't miss it as it is a

small castle between two very long bridges.



Items: 12000GP, Circlet, Elixir, Ether(2), Dark Matter, Beast Killer,

Razor Ring, 9000 GP, Beast Killer, Crystal Helmet

Party: Faris, Cara, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 36


When you reach here, the book will do its work and you will get attacked by

two Gargoyles again. Finish them off exactly like before and continue on

inside. After defeating them, continue on and when you reach the room with

switches, any combination of switches will lead you to an item. Once you have

the left switch down and the right switch up, you will reach your next

destination. In this room there is a door to the right and a RAZOR RING, and

the various items in the Solitary Shrine include: 12000 GP, 9000 GP, BEAST



Use the Geomancer's FINDHOLE and ANTITRAP abilities to avoid pitfalls on the

floor. This place isn't as confusing as the Pyramid, but the enemies here are

tougher, when you reach the room with the Tablet(Lithograph) there are two

treasure chests to the side, make sure you pick them up. However, like you

saw earlier, once you try to take the tablet, one of the N-Zone's fiends sent

by X-Death will battle you.


BOSS BATTLE: Stoker HP: 20000


This battle is tough, avoid using any multi attack spells like most summons.

Don't spread your magic, use your most powerful magic on one target you think

is the real one. The BLOODSWD with the SSHOT helps a lot here. Make sure you

keep your HP up because if you hit one of the false images of Stoker, he will

counter with a Blaze attack which will do a good amount of damage followed by

a slow drain of HP afterwards. This battle isn't easy though, but you can

always check his HP on either images.

After the battle, the way to the Fork Tower is now open, however after

recieving your first tablet, head back to the Castle of Kuzar and pick up

your three other Legendary Weapons. Afterwards, head towards the Fork Tower

on the southeast part of the world map where Cresent Town is.



Items: Potion, Defender, Wonder Rod, Ether, Holy(White), Flare(Black)

Party: Cara, Faris, Bartz, Reina

Party's level: 38


When you reach this place, there are two sides. Before you just go off

randomly have each character head to either tower, you must first remember

that the Tower on the Right is the Tower of Power(which makes since

considering that most people are stronger with the right hand, even when left

handed) and the left is the Tower of Magic(which makes sense since the book

of magic is carried on the right hand while the left hand does the

incantations, usually). Split your party into two groups and have your magic

users go to the left and physical attack users go to the right.

Your party on the left will start out first, and this place isn't confusing,

just very simple and you should easily make your way to the top of this

tower. If you, by any reason, somehow becomes lost, then you are no smarter

than a person tripping over a cordless phone. Notice that the items you pick

up are the WONDER ROD and an ETHER, these are magic items. Once the aprty

reaches the top the party on the right tower will reach the top, and pick up

the POTION AND DEFENDER sword along the way. The party on the right will face

a boss of power.


BOSS BATTLE: Minitaurus HP: 19,850


Remember his brother? You fought this guy's brother in the pyramid, but he

makes no remark of that. In this battle, your magic is deemed useless. You

will have to rely on items to heal yourself. This guy can attack hard, up to

650 HP of damage a hit from the front row. Monks are usually the best for

this battle, but Lancer's work nice as well because you can keep Lancers in

the backrow and attack with the JUMP ability. DO NOT USE HOLY WEAPONS LIKE

EXCALIBUR. You will heal him, and use the BLOODSWD with the SSHOT ability for

the most effective way to defeating this guy.

After the battle, the party on the left must do its part.


BOSS BATTLE: Omniscient HP: 16,999


This battle is pretty tough. However, DO NOT USE PHYSICAL attacks against

this guy. Doing so will make the Omnisicent restart the battle over again

with RETURN. Use your strongest magic and set up CARBUNCLE in this battle, as

you will reflect basically all of his magic. However you will need to summon

him again after his magic is reflected three times. Keep your HP up at

maximum at all times, the FLARE spell can take you down pretty quickly if

your unprepared. Also you can BERSERK Omniscient, this will make him

constantly attack and not use magic, and also you avoid its last FLARE spell.

However this is extremely risky as his physical attacks do a great deal of

damage, and even having the GOLEM set up won't be much of a help. So stick

with the magic criteria.

After the battle, the two parties grab each spell at the same time, and thus

you recieve the ultimate White magic HOLY and the ultimate Black magic FLARE.

Aren't you anxious to use them? However, afterwards the tower sinks, and the

party then finds that the former underground ruins which hoisted the airships

are now open to the party. Take your airship down below and after Cid and Mid

makes modifications you can now have your airship combined with your

submarine and into an airmarine! Now head for the Great Sea Trench, which is

your next destination, its located on the bottom left part of the world map




Items: KaiserKnuckle, Pheonix Down, WaterSkill, Ether, Fire Ring

Party: Bartz, Faris, Cara, Reina

Party's level: 39


When you reach here, you will have to face tow more Gargoyles after the

SELAED BOOK does its work. Use the Geomancer's ANTITRAP ability to avoid

damage on the Lava Floors or use the magic FLOAT on your party. Your Holy

weapons will be very useful here as the monsters here are undead. In here



Upon reaching the middle of the Great Sea Trench, you will encounter the

underground Dwarf home, Lali-Ho! There are no enemies here and there are also

shops for you, and also there is a long canal underneath, walk to the end of

it and then check your world map, REMEMBER THIS LOCATION ABOVE WATER! This is

the EXACT location of the Mirage Town. Afterwards, when your done head on and

eventually you will face three pigs, all of which are sent by X-Death.


BOSS BATTLE: Nergade, Triton, Phobos HP: 13,333(each)


This battle will be pretty tough, however avoid using your BLOODSWD as it

will have the opposite effect. Attack all three with TITAN and use your

WATERSKILL if your a Ninja. Jump often and use the SSHOT ability with an axe

or sword that is Holy or neutral. Spread your attacks out evenly, otherwise

they will revive a loss member. Use FLARE and HOLY in this battle as well.

After the battle pick up the tablet and you will have recieved the most

feared spell in all of Final Fantasy games, METEO, which is the ultimate Time

magic. After your through, head back to your airship, heal any wounds that

needs to be healed and refill your HP and MP by going to the Castle of Kuzar

and talking to the scholar near the entrance, and pick up your next three

Legendary Weapons.



Items: MagiShuriken, Aegis Shield, Enchanter, Turtle Shell, Giant Drink,

Ether, Air Lancet, Wall Ring, Pheonix Down, Artemis Bow, 12000GP,

Double Ax, Rune Edge, Protect Ring

Party: Bartz, Reina, Cara, Faris

Party's level: 42


To get to the Easterly Falls, take your submarine and head to the north-west

part of the world map underwater and head for that blinking dot, at the top.

You will have to enter a cave, through that cave make your way around outside

and enter the falls by walking towards it, you may want to save your game

before entering the falls. Inside the SEALED BOOK will do its work and you

will have to face two more Gargoyles for the last time before entering. After

you defeat them, head inside and make sure you keep the Geomancer's ANITTRAP

and FINDHOLE ability at hand, it makes the place less fustrating and also

keep the DASH ability, while you don't need the DASH ability, it helps when

you are trying to get the PROTECT RING on Floor B2F when you have to hit a

switch to stop the water from flowing.

Also when you reach the latter floors of this place, make sure you have the

DUSTB or FLEE ability because if you encounter a Dinglberry, you might as

well start over. Its also known as a Tonberry and its super tough with near

40000 HP, it might look innocent, by try fighting it and see what happens.

The FINDHOLE ability will prove useful in this place, you will see holes on

the floor, and while you may think its a bad thing, however you may have

noticed that your going down in this place, so drop through each hole that

you see until you reach a room with three treasure chests, hit the skull

switches before picking up the treasure chests if you don't have the ANTITRAP

ability because you will suffer a lot of HP loss.

In this Easterly Falls, pick up the following items: ETHER, TURTLE SHELL,



reach a room with a tablet, go pick it up, but however one of X-Death's N-

Zone monsters will stop you. However before you even fight, a giant creature

from behind the waterfall attacks and kills the N-Zone monster with just one

attack! Oh boy, I hope your prepared for this next battle as your HP really

needs to be up to successfully defeat a familiar foe and ally.


BOSS BATTLE: Leviathan HP: 40000


This battle will be extremely tough, its Tidal Wave attack causes massive

damage to the party. Use your strongest magic including METEO, FLARE, HOLY,

and BOLT3 as it has a weakness towards lightning. Keep your HP up constantly

as its Tidal Wave attack will incur massive damage. The BloodSwd and SSHOT

comes in real handy in this battle when combined together, but the SSHOT

alone works fine. Also you can use CORAL RINGS but that would take about an

half an hour to earn money for all four of your party members.

NOTE: You do not have to fight Bahamut, you can leave and come back later,

however depending on your confidence you can fight him if you want.



Items: None

Party: Cara, Faris, Bartz, Reina

Party's level: 44


After you acquire the last tablet from the Easterly Falls and have gotten all

12 of the Legendary Weapons, its time to head tot he N-Zone, so make sure you

stock up on plenty of supplies and have plenty of GP if you want to use the

powerful $Toss. Enter in the N-Zone where the Castle of Tycoon was lifted.

However there are still plenty of things to do before you leave.

NOTE: These are only side areas and are not needed for the completion of the

game, but the following quests will allow you items that are neccessary

to at least stand a good chance at surviving through the N-Zone.



Items: Mimic(Crystal)

Party: Bartz, Faris, Reina, Cara

Party's level: 44


Remember where Walz Tower was sunk? Of course you do, but the 3rd world is

rearranged in a completely different fashion than the first that you couldn't

possibly know. In the desert where North Mountain is, head down below south

of that desert into the waters and submerge, under the water you will see the

Water Shrine that was sunk earlier. Make sure you have the DASH ability with

you. Inside the tower head all the way to the bottom of the tower, but be

warned as your amount of time underwater is limited to how long the party can

hold their breath, and that time is 7 minutes. When you reach the bottom,

pick up the Crystal Shard, but before you do, you are attacked by an N-Zone



BOSS BATTLE: Gogo HP: Infinite


In this battle, you must carefully read what Gogo has to say. He tells you of

a way to defeat him, and that is to do nothing, yes do nothing at all and you

will win the battle. However if you attack him with anything he will counter

with several powerful magic like METEO or FLARE, which is not good for the

party's health. After the battle, he will end the battle and gives his

respects towards the party. Be noted that Gogo is probably the most honorable

monster the N-Zone has to offer.

The MIME crystal is now yours, its a very valuable one too heck its quite

possibly the most powerful one yet.



Items: Odin(Summon)

Party: Bartz, Faris, Cara, Reina

Party's level: 44


Remember the Caslte of Val? There was this door underneath in the basement

that you couldn't get to. Well remember Jachol Cave? There was this wall at

the end of the cave, so head to Jachol Cave just outside to the east of the

castle. The setting should be very familiar to you, make your way to the

second room and then climb up a wall. You will be on the other side of the

locked door, but you can open that door and go back and save your game. Once

you do, head straight up and talk to the shining green orb and Odin will ask

if you want to battle him, choose yes if you are prepared.


BOSS BATTLE: Odin HP: 17000


This battle will be pretty tough due to the fact that you must quickly

decimate him in a minute's time. L2 Old will work in this battle as you will

decrease his overall status, making the hits more likable to your advantage.

Attack him with everything you've got and use SHOAT to constantly stone him,

that should end the battle. Or hit him with everything you've got like


After the battle you will now have the power of Odin and you can summon him

at any time you want.



Items: Chicken Knife/Brave Sword

Party: Cara, Reina, Bartz, Faris

Party's level: 44


Return to Moore Village, at the bottom left part of town there is a merchant

that will ask you which weapon you wish to choose. The Chicken Knife will get

stronger as you run away from battles and gets weaker as you win battles. The

Brave Blade will become stronger as you win battles and get weaker as you run

away from them. I would go for the Brave Blade as 99% of the people who play

this game win A LOT more battles than they run from agreed?



Items: Hydra(Summon)

Party: Faris, Cara, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 44


Return back to the Pirates Base, and inside you will hear Hydra's voice, go

to the left part of the Pirates' Base and Faris will see Hydra, upon their

emotional return Hydra and Faris say their goodbyes but not before Hydra

lends Faris his power. You now have the Hydra summon, which is about three to

four times as powerful as Ramuh.



Items: Theif Knife

Party: Bartz, Cara, Faris, Reina

Party's level: 44


Remember when you were in the Deep Sea Trench? There was this little dot I

told you to memorize at the end of the canal, that dot is Mirage Town.

However if you forgot, its in the forest southwest of Cresent Town. You won't

be able to see it on the screen, you will have to walk around until you find

it in a small forest. Inside there are shops, but however they sell pretty

crappy items.

However each shop has two merchants and the hidden merchant carries the

better items, to the back of the Pub is a hidden door, go behind that door

and make your way through to various items and secrets including the THIEF

KNIFE, a second merchant, and a Black Chocobo for the Desert containing the

Pheonix Tower and North Mountain. Inside a shop, you will have to hit a

switch to remove a portion of the counter and there is another shop where you

will have to enter from the left side.



Items: Magic Lamp

Party: Cara, Bartz, Reina, Faris

Party's level: 44


Well take your yellow Chocobo and head behind the Easterly Falls by the river

up top, you will recieve a MAGIC LAMP which will allow you to summon all

summoned monsters in the game over and over again. However it has a certain

pattern as it will summon the strongest to the weakest in battle. It requires

no MP and gives you a free slot to use as another ability.



Items: Pheonix(Summon), Bahamut(Summon)

Party: Cara, Reina, Faris, Bartz

Party's level: 44


When you acquire the Black Chocobo, take him to the forest on the east side

of the desert and land there. When you arrive at the desert you can go north

or south, however becareful and have the FLEE or DUSTB ability as you will

run into a powerful creature. If you decide to take the south route and to

the Pheonix Tower, then follow this:

When you reach the pheonix Tower, inside there is a wall but no door or

stairway. However check the front of the middle wall and there might be a

stairway that reveals or an enemy that reveals itself. Either way they both

lead to the same place. However unlike the Japanese version, there is no

pattern as you will have to take a guess which hidden door contains no

monster, so always be prepared for battle. And you may see a familiar foe at

time to time but they are suped up versions to match your current status so

you may want to watch and prepare fore that.

Also when you encounter a Magic Pot(the gold pots on the floors of the Tower)

you will be somewhat attacked by a Magic Pot, heck all he wants is an elixir,

so give him one. Be noted that you can run away from this because it might

take more than 1 ELIXIRs to do the job, but you recieve 100 AP for doing so.

Once you reach the top of the tower you meet up with Dragon, however it

doesn't look so good. It will sacrifice itself into a Pheonix, and it will

lend you its power. The PHEONIX summon is powerful, it does a FIRE3 attack

and LIFE2 on a fallen party member.

Head up to North mountain now, its the same as before with the same weak

enemies. You should still avoid the plants unless you have the Geomancer

ANTITRAP ability. When you reach the top its time to fight Bahamut.


BOSS BATTLE: Bahamut HP: 40000


This battle is the EXACT same as in Final Fantasy 4. Cast RFLECT on all party

members and continue to pound BAHAMUT with all you've got. Use METEO, FLARE,

HOLY, and LEVIA to deal damage and use SSHOT. Even when you don't finish it

off before it casts its MEGAFLARE attack, it will reflect back to Bahamut and

deal 9999 damage to Bahamut. Not bad eh? However you cannot do this a second

time so beat him quickly if his own attack did not finish him off.

After the battle you will now have the Bahamut summon, arguably the strongest

summon in the game after Leviathan.



Items: Hero's Song(Song)

Party: Cara, Faris, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 46


After playing ALL the pianos throughout the game from your first piano in

Tule to your last piano hidden in the village of Mirage. Once you have played

all the pianos in the world(if you missed some from world one and two and

they were sucked up in the N-Zone, that's too bad because you can't play them

anymore) visit the man on the southeast part of Crescent Town. Talk to him to

acquire two songs LVL song and MP song, however if you have already learned

MP song from him earlier he will only give you the LVL song.



Items: None

Party: Bartz, Reina, Faris, Cara

Party's level: 46


Take your submarine to the south coast of Karnak and underwater you will find

a cave with a man inside. He will tell you your stats during the game like

monsters killed and how many times you have ran from battle. Its pretty neat

though, but its only optional.



Items: None

Party: Reina, Faris, Cara, Bartz

Party's level: 46


On the coast north of North Mountain, take your submarine and down below you

will find a Muai statue in the ocean. Its neat though. And this was found out

in John Riciardi's FF5 walkthrough.



Items: Guardian(Blue)

Party: Faris, Reina, Bartz, Cara

Party's level: 46


Off the coast of the Walz Tower, on the surface of water sail around until

you encounter Stingray, use the Trainer to CONTROL him and have him use the

GUARDIAN spell on a Blue Mage or a party member with the learning ability of

the Blue Mage. You will now have learned a very powerful spell that is sure

to help you throughout your trip to the N-Zone. This tip was also obtained

from John Riciardi's FF5 walkthrough.



Items: Cottage, Dark Matter, Ether, Elixir(2), BloodSword, Coral Ring, Angel

Ring, Hermes Ring, Ribbon, Enchanter, Dragon Fang, Power Rod, Winged

Shoes, Thor's Hammer, Prism Dress, Man-Eater

Party: Bartz, Cara, Faris, Reina

Party's level: 47


Take your airship to the N-Zone void where you saw Tycoon castle get sucked

up into the N-Zone. When you enter here you can head back by going to your

airship's steering wheel or cast the TELEPO spell. Now continue through the

desert area, cast FLOAT and constantly keep your HP up as there are monsters

that will cast a powerful quake spell. At the end you will find a door,

however the monsters and fiends of the N-Zone are there to greet you and

warn you of the dangers to come if you do not retreat, but your a strong

man/woman so head inside and through the N-Zone ruins.

This place here is pretty simple, however there are very tough enemies here

to deal with, pick up the ETHER, COTTAGE, ELIXIR x2, DARK MATTER, and another

BLOODSWD. The next area is Mirage Town, however everything is frozen in time

as the legend says that when the town is abyssed in the N-Zone, time comes to

a solitary idleness. You can't do anything in here besides use a recovery

pot, so head outside of Mirage Town and into the N-Zone forest. In the forest

there is are several trees and tunnel vision to shroud your vision, however

go to the bottom left part of this forest and use your execute button over

the tree hole, and before you can go through, a monster attackes you.


BOSS BATTLE: WoodSprite HP: 18000


This battle shouldn't be too tough. Use DISPEL on it first and then attack it

with everything you've got. If you don't have DISPEL use METEO and BAHAMUT to

deal damage. Keep your HP and repeat the pattern and this battle should be

over quickly before it even started.

The next area you encounter is the Waterfall area, this place is tough as

well but its not complicated. There is a save point coming up in here so save

your game, so save your game. You will see a robot walking around, however

avoid it because it will tear your party to bits as it is one of the otional

final bosses of the game(ala WEAPONs from FF7). Make your way through and you

will see a mini library, open one of the books and it will attack you.


BOSS BATTLE: Apprehendr HP: 22200


This battle will be fairly tough. However, try stealing from it before you

attack it, while its weak with Fire spells, you should try to steal the item

before you kill him. However I didn't do that and my friend from school had

told me this. Use FIRE3 and HOLY to deal damage to this undead creature and

it will be gone in a snap. Also if you had used FIRE3 through the battle, you

will recieve ASH as your item but if you beat him using anything but FIRE you

will recieve an item, but I don't know which item because I beat him before I

could do anything.

After the battle the open book will reaarange the entire next area. In this

next area make sure you use the Thief's SECRET ability so that you can see

the hidden passages. Once you do, make your way to the castle and go

underground, but before you do go to the sides of each castle and pick up

WINGED SHOES and THOR'S HAMMER. Go downstairs through the top staircase and

you will see a bunch of jail cells with enemies. The guy on the bottom left

will ask if you are the ones protecting the crystal shards, say yes and a

battle will ensue.


BOSS BATTLE: Azulmagia HP: 19997


This battle shouldn't be too hard, attack him with everything you've got and

pound him to bits constantly with JUMP and the Monk's attacks. Keep your HP

up at all times and the SSHOT ability works rather nice here.

After the battle the save point will open up, so save your game and heal your

wounds. Afterwards head to the end of the jail cell to the right and in the

cell talk to the squid like monster, afterwards a fight will initiate.


BOSS BATTLE: Catasroph HP: 29700


This battle shouldn't be too hard, cast FLOAT on your entire party and summon

CARBUNCLE. Then attack him all out with no mercy, he will use Gravity 100 but

it will be reflected. However if he does catch you with it, cast FLOAT again

and then summon CARBUNCLE again. He will do this because he can't hurt you

with its only attack, which is a quake attack. This battle should be pretty


After the battle a woman kisses Bartz and thanks you and runs off. Also look

for the green mages, there are 6 of them and just go near them to initiate a



BOSS BATTLE: Alte Roit & Jura Avis HP: 6000(AR)/15000(JA)


This battle should be too tough, knock out its first form and them summon

Odin to finish it off. Not too hard and also note that you may have to summon

Odin more than once, but the ratio of Odin's instant death attack is very


Do the same method for the rest of the green mages and then save your game

and pick up the PRISM DRESS AND RED SHOES. Also pick up the MAN EATER by

going past the top half of the tower to the left and there will be a

staircase that will lead you to the MAN EATER. Also before you go any further

make sure you are wearing a RIBBON, and its best to give White Mages or those

with a L5 White ability the Ribbon. Then enter the next room, in here you

will see a throne room but no one is here, so head to the door at the top

left, but it pushes you back, try again and this time the lady that you had

saved earlier is really Halycanos.


BOSS BATTLE: Halycanos HP: 33333


This battle should be pretty easy. This boss will start off the battle by

trying to turn your party into frogs. However the RIBBON makes that effect

idle, but for those who are frogs use a MAIDEN'S KISS or ESNA to turn them

back into normal. Then attack this boss with poison, its weak against it, or

attack it with everything you;ve got. Also summon GOLEM as it has a powerful

physical attack that it likes to charge up for. Use SHELL and SAFE in this

battle and you might want to summon CARBUNCLE to reflect some of his magic.

After the battle continue on through, however in the room after the battle

with Halycanos, walk around to fight IRON GIANTs. They are pretty tough, but

they give away the most expierience points in the game, up to 10000 for a

single character and 2500 for your entire party. They are tough but you can

use ODIN to wipe them out for a quick gain in expierience. Then continue

through and heal yourself and when you are at the top of the tower you will

encounter Twin Tania, who isn't about to let you cakewalk through to the next



BOSS BATTLE: Twin Tania HP: 50000


This battle is pretty tough. However have one person equip an EXCALIBUR and

HOLY LANCE in both hands combined with the SSHOT ability. This will deal

about 25000 HP of damage per round. Also you can use X-Magic with LEVIATHAN

to deal nasty damage, this alone can deal up to 10000 HP of damage if your MP

power is high enough. Summon Golem, and watch for Twin Tania's GigaFlare

attack, it takes awhile to power up for it, probably about 3 or 4 rounds, but

when it does, it deals about 4000 HP of damage to the entire party. However

at this point try to finish him off quickly or use ODIN as it is vulnerable

to ODIN's instant death attack.

After the battle it is time to enter the Final Floors of the N-Zone, so be

prepared and heal your wounds and enter in.



Items: MagiShuriken(3), Dragon Seal, Ragnarok, Elixir

Party: Cara, Faris, Reina, Bartz

Party's level: 48


When you enter the Final Floors of the N-Zone, make sure you pick up

the MAGISHURIKEN along the way and at the next stop you will meet a familiar



BOSS BATTLE: Gilgamesh HP: N/A


This battle isn't even a battle. Just keep your HP is and eventually

Gilgamesh will recognize you and stop his attacks. He seems scared of the

N-Zone and mistaken the party for monsters, he then escapes and flees.

After that, continue on and pick up an ELIXIR and another MAGISHURIKEN in the

next room. In the next room however, avoid picking up the treasure chest

where a set of stairs lead, inside that treasure chest is Shinryu who is just

as tough as Omega, so avoid it and continue on and at the top is another

MAGISHURIKEN. Continue on and watch for the save point at the top left part

of the floor, however you will have to defeat Necrophobe to acquire it.


BOSS BATTLE: Necrophobe/Barrier HP: 44044(NP)/4312(Barrier)


This battle is pretty tough, once the battle starts you must take out his

four barriers, this enables you to attack Necrophobe. Use BAHAMUT or

LEVIATHAN to take out the Barriers, METEO also works great as does $Toss.

Syldra works well also. Make sure you set up both SAFE/SHELL and GOLEM to

protect again his attacks. Once the barriers are gone hit him with full force

with everything youve got and also keep your HP up. Eventaully Gilgamesh will

show up and tel the party that he doesnt't want to be seen as a coward, so he

attacks Necrophobe with his self distruct attack. Don't forget to steal Genji

Equipment from Gilgamesh before he goes.

After the battle save your game and heal your wounds, and if you have any

extra COTTAGEs left you may want to fight enenies around here and save your

game. Also you may encounter Movers, which are little specks of opponents

that gives away 199 AP points and lots of GP, however the chances of you

fighting them are 1-12. When your through, continue on and head up to your

final battle with X-Death, who has merged himself with the N-Zone Tree, but

as the party falls short of his power, 5 very familiar faces come and help

out the party in a big way. Afterwards, walk up to X-Death and the fight will



BOSS BATTLE: X-Death HP: 49001


This battle will be tough, wearing a RIBBON helps out a lot during this

battle. When X-Death does his White Ball attack, it will stone a party member

and then kill him, but at least when you are wearing the RIBBON you won't

have to waste another turn trying to revive that character. Hit ths boss with

everything you've got, like METEO and BAHAMUT and summon GOLEM and cast

HASTE2, SHELL, and SAFE on the entire party. Keep your HP at maximum and

continue to pound him, use HOLY in this battle combined with the SAGE STAFF

as well. Also having the HAIRORNAMENT for this battle can really help,

because you will be using a lot of MP.

After the battle its time to face your last opponent.


BOSS BATTLE: Neo X-Death HP: 220000


There are four targets, however if you are successful, summoning ODIN can

possibly kill one of the targets, but you must summon him from the MAGIC

LAMP. Jump the back targets and use X-Magic and MIME that if you can. Use

$Toss in this battle, you won't need the GP and it does massive damage to all

targets. You may want to conisder throwing some weapons, and the SSHOT

ability helps out a lot here. Cast HASTE2, SAFE, SHELL, and GOLEM, this will

help you out a lot and also cast REGEN as well, this might save you when you

can't cast your Cure magic in enough time. Keep the SHELL spell on effect at

all times, this cuts the damage done by the Almageist attack(which is a real

flashy attack, looks like the Flare Star and Goner from Final Fantasy 6).

Also you will be using a lot of MPs for this battle, so make sure to stock up

on ETHERs and ELIXIRs.

After the battle, enjoy the ending! Also note that I once had my characters

die in battle at times with one other character still standing but I still

got to view all endings, I don't know if its just me though but try to keep

all your characters alive after you defeat Neo-X-Death.

NOTE: These two bosses are completely optional and should only be fought

when your levels are above 70.



Items: Dumb Caption

Party: Cara, Faris, Bartz, Reina

Party's level: 88


You will find Omega on the waterfall part of the N-Zone, he is a robot

walking around. Step up to him to initiate a fight.




This battle will be extremely tough as you can expect, quite possibly the

toughest battle in the entire game. First off you will need to buy four FIRE

RINGS to absorb some of its attacks. Also you will need at least three MIMES

and have your main character who is NOT a MIME master the Archer SSHOT

ability. Now equip everyone with two non elemental axes like the DOUBLE AX,

in battle you will have to use QUICK and then repeat the SSHOT twice, have

everyone MIME that and each hit should do about 650-700HP of damage. Multiply

that times 16(because since you use the QUICK spell, you use the SSHOT twice

and since you have two weapons in your hand you will do 8 hits with each

SSHOT. However you may have to heal the party occasionally so use a CURE3

spell combined with X-MAGIC or/and QUICK to heal your party members, be quick

about it though. Also you can JUMP Omega with the MASAMUNE, it deals about

4000 HP of damage, but that would take too long.

After the battle you will recieve the OMEGA BATTLE and a message saying you

have beat the technologies of the past and such, not very rewarding, but you

did kick some major ass right?



Items: Dragon Seal, Ranarok

Party: Bartz, Reina, Cara, Faris

Party's level: 80


You will find Shinryuu on the fourth floor of the last floors of the N-Zone.

He is hidden inside a treasure chest, open it and a fight will ensue.


SUPER TOUGH BATTLE: Shinryu HP: 59,051


This battle will be tough as you can expect. I will use John Riciardi's

method from his walkthrough since that seems the be the best alternative.

First steal 8 DRAGON LANCES from the CRYSTALDRAGON on the same floor and then

equip two on all your party members. Make each a Bare and then make sure you

have four CORAL RINGs to absorb the 7000 HP Tidal Wave. Then keep jumping

him, you should deal massive damage towards him. Heck even after the first

round you should kill him off in the second round.

Another way to defeat him is quite tedious, master MIME for 3 characters and

for your main character master the Red Mage and have X-MAGIC and have Summon

and Time in your ability(use a Bare). Then in battle summon BAHAMUT with X-

MAGIC first, and then use QUICK and summon BAHAMUT again, repeat this and

keep your HP up using the QUICK and X-MAGIC spell or ELIXIRs if possible. Its

a tougher way to defeat him, but at least you have two options to do so.


World 1 World 2
World 3 & O confronto final