Butz is a lone traveler who rides with his best friend Boco. Boco is actually a chocobo and he takes him off where ever he goes, but later as Meteorites start to fall he encounters lone survivors from Meteorite crashes. First he doesn't know what to expect, then later as things unravel he becomes one of the five key characters in the game to stop the evil that has been plagued upon the Earth. Now with his best friend Boco he searches off with his party members in a fight against not only the world, not even two worlds but the entire universe rests in his hands. Also note that he is not the main character in the game, although he might appear to be at first, as the storyline starts to unravel he becomes a part of the storyline instead of being the storyline. So please try not to get that mistake.



Cara is the daughter of Galuf, she and her best dragon pal Hiryuu set off in search of her lost father. She has a high sense of priority with magic and has adept fighting skills. She does not take part in the game until the part on the second world, while she is still young, her dragon friend Hiryuu is more than willing to help the party out in anyway possible.






Faris is the leader of a pirate gang, he leads off against the threat that bounds off against the fate of the universe. He meets the party in a rather unusual way, capturing them at first but later learns what the party is trying to accomplish. The party always has their suspicions about HER and even Galuf and Butz had seen hearts when they have taken a clear look at who Faris really is! Play the game and you will know why!






Galuf, a mysterious old man with a fighting spirit of a thousand men and beyond. He first meets up with Butz when he goes to check on him during the meteorite incident, but suffering from a servere case of amnesia he really can not remember much but his name. Later on the game reveals that he was one of the Warriors of Dawn, but I'll stop right there. As if being a man of that stature wasn't enough, he makes the ultimate sacrifice to keep his friends out of danger. But something about Galuf says he is not from this world, but actually he originated from the same world Butz is in. So is the party going to let Galuf go away like that?




Lenna, the princess daughter of the high family of the country side of Tycoon. Butz first encounters Lenna during the Meteorite incident, and later joins up with other friends to take down the mysterious evil that has plagued the Earth. She might even have a mysterious connection with the pirate leader Faris, but her priority is to search for her lost father who never returned from his trip to the Wind Shrine prior to the meteorite incident. With the help of Lenna, the party is sure indeed to find the menace behind the destruction and finally put an end to all of this misery.