Side Quests e segredos


1. Memories of an old past

In this area land your ship near the Town of Lix, its Butz's hometown and it

explains a lot of detail about Butz's past so just incase you are interested

stop by here! Also note that you can only do this side area if you are on

the first world.

Here in this town everybody recognizes Butz. Talk to the man in the item

shop and he will make the prices really cheap for you as eveything is

50% off, so buy away! Now head to Butz's house which is loacted on the

left side of town. Here play the melody box at the top and Butz will go

through a flashback. The scene takes place when he was younger, Dorgan

and Stella are talking over each other and Dorgan decides to stay with

the family. As Stella leaves Dorgan wants to tell Butz one more thing and

he tells a secret to Butz to keep from his mother. Then suddenly Stella

collapses and Dorgan rushes over. The scene ends, but talk to the man

living in the house and he will teach you the CHARM SONG in memory of

Butz's go to the inn and take a free rest on the house. In the

middle of the night Butz is near is mother's grave looking depressed as

Faris comes over to see what is wrong with Butz. His mother had died when

he was very young and Butz had left on a journey with his father and three

years ago his father became ill and passed away. The tomb reads "DORGAN

AND HIS BELOVED WIFE STELLA REST HERE" Butz's father had asked him to bury

him with his mother, Butz realizes that his father was a strong man. Faris

asks if a father is a nice thing to have because she never had a father.

Then the two hurry back off to the inn. Also if you talk to one of the

people in town you will know why Butz became so afraid of heights. When

Butz was playing around with a friend he hid off on top of a building and

he nearly fell as he hung onto the ledge of the house and for quite a

long time.

2. Aquiring Ramuh and the Town of Istory

NOTE: This must be done in the first World, and you cannot acquire him

in any other world.

Here in this town you will find a sheep in the top left corner of the

barn, talk to it from behind and it will kick you. Then you will have

the chance to talk to the man and he asks if you are the protectors

of the crystal and if you answer yes he will teach you the LOVE SONG.

Now go to the flower bed at the top left corner of town and check the

bottom left flower and a frog will pop out and it will leave something

behind which is the TOAD spell and can automatically be found on your

Black Magic listing. Also in this town when you talk to the people

they will tell you of a monster that looks like an old man that hits

you with Thunder. So exit the town and make your way east to the

Istory Forest and wander around in the forest and you should eventually

find a man named Ramuh.


BOSS BATTLE: Ramuh HP: 4000


This battle is pretty tough, but its also pretty easy depending on when

you fight him. You can fight him when your first aquire your airship

or when you are on the Third World. Have the party constantly attack

and having a few Dragoons is nice as well. Avoid using water attacks

because you will heal him and also Thunder attacks as well. Hit him

with spells like METEO or BAHAMUT and one blast should finish him off.

Also note that the later you fight him, the more of a chance you have

of defeating him, so early on you may want to avoid him.

Congratulations! Ramuh sees your strength and will lend you his power

and you can summon him whenever you want!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I've recieved an email concerning Ramuh. Apparently you can

acquire him in the Cleft of Dimension before Twin Tania.

Its a random encounter, and after you defeat Ramuh you

can go on and keep Ramuh's summon.

3. The power of ice lies in Worus!

NOTE: You must do this in the first world otherwise you will never be

able to acquire Shiva.

Once you have aquired Ifrit and are around level 13 or above you can pay

Shiva a visit in Worus Castle. You can do this in the Third World as well

but by that time you will be way too strong, but you are still strong

enough now to take her on. Enter inside and go to the back of the castle

of Worus and into the Waterfall and make your way around to fight Shiva.

You will see a green orb shine in the middle, talk to it and a fight

will start.


BOSS BATTLE: Shiva & Commander HP: 1500(Shiva) Commander(200?)


Just use Ifrit and Fire2 all the way through while attack regularly and

the fight will end rather quick in your favor. Once you win the battle

you will recieve an ICE ROD and a LONG SWORD.

Now you will have the Esper of Shiva and you are welcomed to summon her

in battle as many times as you wish as long as you have the appropriate

amount of MP obviously.


4. Slydra come back!

Take a look at your map, do you see a flashing chocobo? Go there and to

the east is the pirate cave from way early in the game. Enter the pirate

cave, and inside Faris will hear Syldra's voice, she thinks Faris is alive

but the other party members just don't see it. Cara can also see Slydra

and it appears that Syldra's soul wants to help Faris, afterwards Slydra

lends Faris his power as the party recieves the Esper summon Syldra, one

of the most powerful summons in the game that ranks up with Leviathan and

Bahamut I might add.

5. The king of dragons await your challenge

NOTE: You will need a black chocobo to land in the forest on the east

side of the the large desert, the large desert is on the northeast

part of the world map.

Well this part of the game is completely optional, on the third world

you can have the chance to fight off against the King of Dragons, Bahamut

but be fore warned though, he is extremely tough and lies with Leviathan

as one of the toughest bosses/espers in the game. On the third world go

to North Mountain like he told you after your quest in the Desert Palace

and he will be waiting for you on top. Don't worry, in North Mountain the

monsters are the same so you should be able to literally BREEZE by through

until you meet up with Bahamut. You will however have to walk across a

long desert, but once you aquire him its well worth it.


BOSS BATTLE: Bahamut HP: 40,000


NOTE: For a quick win, use Reflect on your party and the Mega Flare will

bounce right backa t him delaing 9,999 DMG, just like it did in FF4.

However you cna only Reflect it once, and if you don't have the

Reflect spell, follow the steps below.

As you can expect this guy is no joke. He will use his MegaFlare attack

whick causes I don't know say just a few thousand points of damage, not

much really. Having four Time Wizards can make this battle a little more

even out considering the fact that you have already acquired METEO. That

way you can just keep casting METEO until he is gone. Or have four

Dragoons and keep jumping him constantly. Basically use every strong

spell that you have like METEO, LEVIATHAN, something. I do remember

killing him with one hit of my EXCALIBUR, but it was with the use of

the Game Genie Code creator, sorry!

After the battle Bahamut will join you and you will be on par or above

LEVIATHAN as the strongest summon in the game so use it well!


6. Katoblepas awaits your challenge

I think you can ONLY acquire this summon in the second world, otherwise

your lost. When your first acquire your submarine on the second world dive

underwater and head for the blinking white dot at the top left corner of

your map. Go through the cave and outside wander around the forest area

and you should encounter Katoblepas.


BOSS BATTLE: Katoblepas HP: 5000


This boss is pretty difficult, bot not overwhelmingly difficult. Watch

for him to use his Devil Eye attack, it will stone your party members so

make sure you have a SOFT available if he does. Use all of your powerful

spells and wipe him out. Having four Dragoons in this battle is a sure

victory since there's less of a chance that one of your party member's

will be affected by the Devil's Eye attack.

After the battle he will be yours to summon anytime you want during battle!


7. A journed to the skies and a brave sacrifice

Far south of North Mountain is the Pheonix Tower. You will need to use

your black chocobo from the Mirage Town to get in here, and becareful

when walking on the desert, a powerful enemy might encounter the party

so watch out. Inside the Pheonix Tower you will see a block in the middle

and yet there are no doors. Remember what the guy in Mirage Town said?

He said they hid the stairways in here, so check the wall in the middle,

but becareful about which sides you check, otherwise you will encounter

an enemy. I've composed a map of the place just for you! The beginning of

the tower is at the bottom.

NOTE: I Seem to be missing a floor, it be nice if someone can tell me about

this since I'm too lazy to fix it myself!

NOTE2: On the PSX version all of these doors are random, so even if you

follow this path, you can still encounter the bosses in this tower.


1= No monster, normal stairway.

2= Monster, normal stairway.

3= Visible stairway.

MP= These are magic pots, talk to them and you will engage in

somewhat of a fight. Actually its not even a fight, but a chance

for you to gain a TON of ability points. Giving the Magic Pot

and elixir means gaining 100 ability points after the battle! But

be warned, you might have to give up as many as 1-10 ELIXIRs

for this!

FD= Means Fenixdown, left after the Magic Pot escaped.

5000 GP= Thtat's exactly what it means, 5000 GP!

NOTE: You will have to fight souped up versions of previous bosses in

this game. Here are the bosses that you will have to fight and

they come at a random basis and each time you go back down to the

bottom floor you will have to select the stairway again.

LiquiFlame: 9000 HP

SolCannon: 10000 HP

Kuzar: 10000 HP

Bandelkuar: 8000 HP

At the top of the tower lies Hiryuu, its not Cara's hiryuu but Lenna's.

The hiryuu wants to help Lenna as it jumps off the tower. The hiryuu knew

it didn't have much left and used the last of its power to come to the

top of the tower to help Lenna. The scene flashes back to Lenna's past,

and its near the death of her mother. The doctors have done all they can

to help Lenna's mother but only the tongue of the Hiryuu can cure the

disease and that means you can only cure the disease by cutting off the

tongue of a hiryuu. Lenna takes a knife and takes matters into her own

hands, along the scenario you will be given a yes and no question. It

doesn't matter which one you pick because if you pick Yes King Tycoon

will come rushing in and quickly knock Lenna away, if you pick No Lenna

will realize how much her mother loved that hiryuu. The scene shifts back

to the party on the Pheonix Tower and the hiryuu has sacrificed itself and

entrusted Lenna with its power and spirit. So from now on you have the

very powerful and immensely useful Pheonix summon, use it on a swoon

party member in battle to find out why.


8. An unbond spirit lies in Bal

Remember the the castle of Bal? Well go down to the castle's basement

and you will also notice that there was a save point in the basement as

well. But you cannot access the room from Bal Castle. From outside of Bal

castle head to the cave to left, it should look familiar. Check back at

World One section if you forgot the place, and inside is a SHURIKEN, TENT,

and a BLITZ WHIP that is if you did not pick them up earlier, otherwise

they would be empty obviously. Now crawl up the north wall and you should

be inside the Bal Basement room, unlock the door first and save your game

and heal your wounds if neccessary and then make your way back in and to

the center of the room and talk to Odin. He will give you one minute to

defeat him, otherwise he will slain your party, if you are not ready choose

NO and make your preparations before hand, otherwise select YES and the

battle will begin.


BOSS BATTLE: Odin HP: 17000


Is that, yes its Odin from Final Fantasy IV and he basically looks the

same with little artwork redone, but yep its him the King of Baron but

only this time since its Final Fantasy V and he has no knowledge of Cecil,

Rosa, Kain, or any other members of Final Fantasy IV or other events from

FFIV. Just thought you wanted to know.

This battle will be very difficult since due to the fact that you must

do a ot of damage in under a minute and yes, the time does move in REAL

TIME and its like a real life clock. Hit him with everything you've got

but AVOID USING HOLY WEAPONS AND MAGIC! It will heal him obviously, but

you must really fast and use only powerful magic like LEVIATHAN, METEO,

HOLY, or FLARE. X-Fight comes in handy in this battle and equipping

two spears(besides the HOLY spear) and JUMP works nicely as well. Throw

any unnessary weapons if you want as well, but rely on magic and strong

attacks to win you through.

After the battle you will have gained the Esper Odin and are free to use

him anytime during battle considering that you have the MP for it. Also



9. Sing the song of the hero!

This is only useful if you are a bard as you can acquire the Hero Song

but the way to do this is that you must play every piano in every single

town you visit. So remember all of those times I told you to play that

piano? So after playing all of the pianos in each town talk to the man

in Cresent Town, the same man that taught you the Life Song and this

time he will teach you the Hero Song, which is quite a powerful song to



10. The man who knows all

This can only be done in the third world and when you have your Airship/

seaship/submarine with you. In the town of Karnak use to lie an old

steamship, land your ship there and use your submarine and go under

the ocean. Just to the southeast from the shore of Karnak is a small cave

and when you enter it you will meet an old man who will tell you the stats

of your game. Being how many times you ran from battle, how many monsters

you may have killed, how many times you have saved your game and so on.

It's completely optional as you can expect as this is the first and ONLY

Final Fantasy game to be so detailed about your adventure and no I am not

talking about the lousy old man in Final Fantasy VII.


11. Hero or Zero?

Remember the town of Mua? Its the town that was isolated from the outside

world due to its mountain ranges and the only way you can get through was

that you needed a submarine and you had to use a map to help you. While in

World three you can just simply land your airship near the town. Anyways

there was this small house isolated inside the town and was locked when

you had first approached it. Then before your trip to the Cleft of

Dimension the door is now unlocked for you. Inspect the house and a man

will offer you two choices, Chicken Sword or the Brave Sword. So this

dates back to every battle you had in the game, and if you had ran from

battle about 70 times prior to meeting up with this man you can pick up

the Chicken Knife as its attack power will be pretty high.

But be warned that sometimes when you select "Fight" with the Chicken Knife

equipped you will run away from battle. The Brave Sword's power is

determined by how many battles you may have previously won and how many

monsters you may have slayed. Heck try slaying about 15,000 monsters and

winning 2200 battles and watch the attack power on the Brave Sword! As you

can expect the attack power on both of these weapons are basically endless,

but once you pick up either the Chicken Knife or Brave Sword you will no

longer be able to increase the attack power on the weapon, so try to fight

as many battles or run away from as many battles as you can prior to

selecting the weapon so that you may get the full effect of the weapon and

decide when is the best time to select the weapon. Also I forgot to mention

earlier that your run percentage is much higher if you have the Chicken

Knife equipped but you still can not run from bosses obviously.


12. Big Guard

As you might of expected, Genji equipment is both rare and very durable

and offers the party a high sense of armro protection. But what if you

couldn't aquire the Genji armor and Exdeath was still pounding you like you

were Team Rocket, what then? Well why not try aquiring a very powerful

Blue Magic spell called Mighty Guard? For those of you who have played

Final Fantasy VII, you might have acquired an Enemy Skill magic called

BIG GUARD from the Beach Plugs near Costa Del Sol. Well the Mighty Guard

works the exact same way except this one came first! Acquiring Mighty

Guard is basically the same as acquiring BIG GUARD. Remember the tower

of Worus? It was sunk below in World one, but forget about that and land

your airship/seaship/submarine near the ocean of Worus. Randomly move your

seaship about around the water and you should eventually encounter an

enemy named StingRay. Use your Trainer(he/she must be at a Level 2 Trainer

status) and use Control and have him use the Mighty Guard on your

party and voila! The strongest magic defense in the game at your disposal!


13. Gogo the Mimic

Well now that you may think that you have every single ability in the game

you might as well sit back and relax right? Well yeah you can relax, but

remember WAY EARLY in the game when the Shrine of Worus sunk? You were

caught in the middle of it sinking and there was that last piece of crystal

you could not retrieve. It sunk along with the Shrine before you had any

chance to get the last piece of the crystal remember? I know you most

likely have forgotten about that, but don't worry I stumbled upon this

thing when it hit me just before I went off to face Bahamut in World Three.

So during World Three, take your submarine and take a look at your map

look for the flashing plus sign at the top right corner and it go to it

and you should see the Water Shrine that sunk way back earlier in world

one. This time the party can only hold their breath for seven minute so

make your decisions quick and run from battle if you have to as well

because time runs in REALTIME. You should find it at the ocean floor, and

when you enter it you will be given a limited amount of time because its

obviously that you can not breath under water forever. I also suggest you

have the EXIT spell available, which I KNOW you will, this way incase

you might be a little short on time you can use the spell to get out

obviously. The tower is the exact same way that you remembered it and

you must start from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower.

When you make your way to the bottom the party notices the last piece

of the Water Crystal, but before the party and jollfully pick it up and

walk away with it, you will encounter one of the fiends from the Cleft

of Dimension.




This boss is both the hardest boss in the game and also the easiest boss

in the game. It all depends on how you fight him, heck I'm not even sure

if I should use the word "fight" here. If you were paying attention to

what he was saying, then do exactly what he says. If you attack him while

he does not attack you, he will counter with some powerful spells like

METEO, FLARE, or HOLY. If he attacks you, attack back, if he doesn't

attack you then don't attack him. Don't bother hitting him with your

strongest spells because as far as I can tell he has an infinite amount

of HP, unless you use either a Game Genie Code Creator or the use of your

Gameshark Pro, its much easier to do EXACTLY what he does. In fact I won

the battle without even making a single command! That's how easy this

battle is! But also note that it can take a couple of minutes before you

can win.

If you ask me, he really doesn't seem like a fiend from the Cleft of

Dimension because he's honorable and he keeps his word. Oh well, but

now you have the MIMIC ability at your disposal and thats exactly

what it does, its also the MOST POWERFUL command in the game believe it

or not.


14. A mysterious town lies an even greater mystery

Remember the location the Dwarf showed you when you were at the bottom of

the ocean floor? Its a small forest southwest of the town of Cresent. Its

a town, but its not exactly a town that you can see. Its in a small block

of forest and you will have to walk around it until it you finally reached

the town, which shouldn't take long and it will sound like the party is

about to engage in a battle. Here this town is called the Town of Mirage.

Meaning that not everything is as it seems to be, the magic shop once you

enter inside sells all level 1 magic, but that's not the real entrance.

Outside to the left side of the magic shop is a hidden door which leads

to a man that sells real magic and all spells are 10000 GP each. Inside

the armor shop it sells the lastest weapons, but check the crate inside

and the counter behind the armor dealer will open up and lead to an old

sage that will tell you about the rings and a merchant at the bottom will

sell you special rings at a very hefty price. The weapons shop sells the

lastest weapons, but there appears to be another merchant in the back, so

how do you get to him? For now just go to the pub, talk to the people

inside if you want, but outside behind the pub is a hidden entrance to

behind the counter of the pub and check the crates behind the counter to

recieve a THIEF daggar.

In the next room to the left there is a man who will give you a gift, but

its not free and he tells you to take the chocobo around the world and you

can have it. Continue onto until you are in a room with a door in the

middle, when the party tries to open the door they can't seem to get in

because it shuts everytime. To the left side of this room is a hidden

passage which contains a paino, play it and continue onto the far right of

the room, that is if you need to new weapons or something, then after that

head outside and onto the chocobo field and talk to the black chocobo and

you will be able to fly it now.

But since you have an airship what do you need a black chocobo for? Well

remember that giant desert with North Mountain at the tip of it and

Pheonix Tower at the bottom of it? Your airship can't land there, but

since there is a small forest at the east of the large desert a black

chocobo can land there. So now that you have the black chocobo you

can go ahead and complete two other side quests with it. Once you ride the

Black Chocobo around the world going clockwise, talk to the guy again to

recieve a Mirage Vest.


15. Obtaining the fourth Ribbon

Remember the girl in between the armor and weapon shop at the town of

Rugor? She was looking for a RIBBON, so after you have acquired a RIBBON

she notices that you are the ones fighting against Exdeath so she gives

you the thrid RIBBON. The town of Rugor is located north-northwest

of the entrance to the Void on the third world. And I have yet to find

the fourth RIBBON if there is one. The Fourth Ribbon was located when

you had escaped Karnak castle, check on of the treasure chests.


16. Omega and Shinryuu

Okay remember Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon from Final Fantasy VII? They

were incredibly tough and you needed to have some serious levels and

Mastered MAteria to AT LEAST stand a minor chance against them. But that

was only the second game that had featured ULTRA TOUGH bosses. They can

only be found in the Cleft of Dimension, and during your trip to the

Final Showdown with Exdeath you might have spotted a walking robot

on the Waterfall part of the Cleft of Dimension. Luckily there was a save

point right before you encountered him, so save your game and simply walk

up to the robot to start the fight. But before you do I have a few

recommendations as you can expect:

Party's level: 90 or above(you heard me!)

4 FLAMERINGs(equipped)



1 WIZARD ROD(equipped on Mastered Caller)



NOTE: Have the Mastered Caller with the X-Magic ability of the Red Wizard

and have him/her equip the WIZARD ROD, which will increase your

magic power. And have everyone else be a MIMIC.




Have one Knight attack with the X-Fight ability and a Giant's Axe and a

Rune Axe in one hand and have him X-Fight, you will do some powerful

damage with the X-Fight alone. Then have a Dragoon equipped with the

Murasame blade and have him or her Jump Omega and it will cause about

3,000-5,000 HP of damage on him! If you have your Flame Ring you can

absorb its Atomic Ray attack. If you have a Caller, cast constant Bahamut

summons, and have a Mimic, mime that as well. Keep your HP up at max if


NOTE: For tactics against the Shinryu, look above to the American



17. Ganhando EXP, AP, dinheiro e aumentando atributos.