Neo Bahamut


A ceremony




Cloud and his bike, the Hardy Daytona



Knights of the Round


Nibleheim Flashback: 



The bridge collapses

Something escapes

Sephiroth watches the flames

Jenova ...


The call spell of Odin:



Gungir Spear




Parachuting into Midgar

The call spell of Phoenix

The call spell of Ramuh

Sephiroth fights with the party

The Shinra Space Shuttle escapes

The call spell of Shiva

The supports collapse

The call spell of Titan

Final Fantasy VII's introduction

Aeris walks from a sparking furnace

Zooming out on Midgar

Zooming in on the train station

Cloud and Barret leave the train

Cloud and Barret enter the Makou Reactor

A battle

Cloud enters the Reactor Tower

Barret talks to Cloud on the elevator

Descending the tower

Pipes and steam

Cloud uses the Braver Limit Break

Barret uses the Heavy Shot Limit Break

A battle with the boss of the Makou Reactor

A battle with flying enemies

The call spell of Leviathan


The Life spell

Pandora's Box

Sephiroth approaches Jenova

Sights and sounds of the Gold Saucer

A tragedy

Cid's Hyperjump

Tifa's Five Attack Limit Break

Cloud's Omnislash

The last boss appears

Super Nova

The far less impressive Japanese Super Nova

The final confrontation

Destruction, absolution, and resolution

The ending

Final Fantasy VII (Post-Japanase Release) mov

Date with Yuffie


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