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GEEZARD LV.1-100 HP: 120-2,000 Taste: Awful AP: 1

Steal/Drop: Screw, Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece, Wizard Stone, Geezard


Rare Item : Healing Water, Screw

Card : Geezard Card

Attack : Bad Breath, (Bite), (Swipe)

Draw : Cure, [Cura], Thunder, [Thundara]

Descri. : Red-grey color ugly face stay mostly in grassy land in

western continent [Galbadia.] Usually appears in pairs or


Where : Dollet - Hasberry Plains

Galbadia - Great Plains of Galbadia, Montersou Plateau,

Shenard Hills

Timber - Vaulny Canyon, Nanchuket Island, Mandy Beach

Missile Base

D-District Prison

B-Garden (NORG's Anger)

NOTE : If you need one for this, you ought to be shot ^_^; Ideal

for storing Cura in middle stages. It's Bad Breath does

damage against all allies plus inflicit the Sleep Status.

You can easily killed it with ST-Atk-J junctioned Death.

Info : Lives in humid places. It sneaks and lurks on humans that

passes by. Uses status attack when fully grown.


FUNGAUR LV.1-100 HP: 200-2,200 Taste: Delicious AP:1

Steal/Drop: Sleep Powder, Magic Stone, Silence Powder, Fungaur Card,

M-Stone, Wizard Stone.

Rare Item: Wizard Stone, Sleep Powder

Card : Fungaur Card, Biggs & Wedge Card

Attack : Confuse, Sleep, Fire*, Rip Laser

Draw : Sleep, Scan, Silence, [Confuse]

Descri. : Large orange mushroom with 2 large eye it shrunk itself if

defeated. Usually appears in large numbers, especially in


Where : Dollet- Hasberry Plains [forests]

Galbadia- Great Plains of Galbadia

Timber - Vaulny Canyon, Nanchuket Island, Mandy Beach

Esthar- Grandidi Forest

Laguna Dream Seqeunce #1

NOTE : If you need one for this, you ought to be shot ^_^; It is

weak against physical attacks. The Rip Laser does a small

amount damage compared to its magic.

Info : A giant walking mushroom. Uses status change attacks with

damage attacks.


BITE BUG LV.1-100 HP:200-2600 Taste: Okay AP:1

Steal/Drop: Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, M-Stone Pieces, Bite Bug Card

Rare Item : Wizard Stone

Card : Bite Bug Card, Elvoret Card

Attack : Poison Needle, Fire, Fira, (Bite), (Embeded Fire attack),


Draw : Fira*, Scan

Descri. : Big blue insect like a bee or a fly

Where : Balamb- Accauld Plains

Trabia- Winter Island (you will find the Shumi Tribe)

Trabia- Bika Snowfields

Great Plain of Esthar (before Lunar Cry Incident)

Trabia Canyon

Laguna's Dream Sequence #3 at Winhill.

Balamb Garden (NORG's Anger)

Esthar- Morded Plains

NOTE : The bitebug is weak against Ice/Wind elements. Junction

Blizzard*/Aero/Tornado to inflicit more damage. Fly

Monster. Indeal monster for storing Scan. It's Poison

Needle causes Poison, so take note. The Fart attack does

minimal damage along with Berserk status to one character.

Info : A bug monster that files, stay calm and attack. It's not a

very strong enemy.


RED BAT LV.1-100 HP:150-2,000+ Taste: Taste Okay AP:1

Steal/Drop: Vampire Fang, Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece, Wizard Stone,

Red Bat Card.

Rare Item : Vampire Fang, Wizard Stone

Card : Red Bat Card, X-ATM092 Card

Attack : Vampire, (Bite), Ultra Sound

Draw : Thunder*, Scan, [Drain]

Descri. : A red & black bat (vampires..)

Where : Balamb -Fire Cavern

Centra- Centra Ruins,

Deling City- Sewers,

Galbadia -Tomb of the Unknown King

NOTE : Weak against Wind, so junction Aero/Tornado to inflicit

more damage, an ideal monster for storing up Drain [you

can also use Drain on it.] The Ultra Sound does damage to

all and Vampire drains ally's HP. Fly Monster.

Info : A type of bat with huge mouth lurks in dark places, dives

quietly from the air to its target.


BLOBRA LV.1-100 HP:350-3,840 Taste: Delicious AP:3

Steal/Drop : Rune Armlet, Wizard Stone, Magic Stone, Blobra Card

Rare Item : Rune Armlet, Wizard Stone

Card : Blobra Card, Granaldo Card

Attack : Sticky Tap, Cure*, Slow, Shell, (Lengthen punch)

Draw : Shell, [Blind], [Protect], [Confuse]

Descri. : A blue blob with a big mouth and eyes

Where : Tomb of the Unknown King [weak against Earth]

Centra Ruins [weak against Holy]

B-Garden- MD System [weak against Fire]

NOTE : Indeed this is a very special monster. It's weakness

lies on which type of area you find it. For example at

the Tomb of Unknown King, it is -very- weak against

Earth. It works differently for those you find at Centra

Ruins. It is weak against Holy.

Info : A half-liquid creature resistant to physical attack.

Elemental weakness different with each one that it



GAYLA LV.1-100 HP:150-13,000 Taste: Delicious AP: 2

Steal/Drop: Mystery Liquid, Wizard Stone, Magic Stone, Gayla Card

Rare Item : Mystery Liquid, Wizard Stone

Card : Gayla Card, Gerogero Card

Attacks : Hypnotize, Sleep, Gastric Fluid, (Tail Whip), (head bang)

Draw : Sleep, Thunder*, {Meltdown}

Descri. : Black & white stingray floating like a kite [more like a

sting ray to me.]

Where : Trabia Winter Island - where you find the Shumi Village

Trabia- Trabia Crater, Thor Peninsula, Bika Snowfields

Esthar City (before Lunar Cry Incident)

Trabia Canyon

NOTE : This monster has one of Quistis' Blue Magic Item called

the Mystery Liquid which allows her to learn "Acid".

Ideal monster for stocking up Meltdown. Fly Monster. The

Hypnotize causes Sleep, so take note. It's Gastric Fluid

does a handy sum of damage against one ally.

Info : Puts enemies to sleep with the ttacks. Splits fluid which

removes enemy's strength.


GESPER LV.1-100 HP:200-4000 Taste: n/a AP: 2

Steal/Drop: Black Hole, Wizard Stone, Magic Stone, Gesper Card

Rare Item : n/a

Card : Gesper Card, Iguion Card

Attack : Degenerator, Telekinesis, Protect, Blind, Curaga, (Punch)

Draw : Shell, Protect, [Float], {Dispel}

Descri. : Blue & Gray like a hunchback mechanical monster [quite an

Esthar old model..]

Where : Centra-Excavation Site (Laguna's Dream Sequence #2)

Lunatic Pandora's Research Center (Laguna's Dream

Sequence #4.)

NOTE : This beast is rather damaging.. if you wait for a long

time. It's Degenerator removes the character from the

battlefield [which seldom misses] and you can't revive

that character. It's telekinesis lifts up your

character.. [circus?]. Weak against Poison.

Info : Esthar's defective weapon. Attacks enemies and allies

alike. Degenerator destroys opponent.


FASTITOCALON-F LV.1-100 HP:300-8,200+ Taste: Okay AP:3

Steal/Drop : Water Crystal, Fish Fin, M-Stone Pieces, Fastitcocalon-F

Card, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone

Rare Item : Water Crystal, Fish Fin

Card : Fastitocalon-F Card, Tonberry King Card

Attack : (Bite), (Whip), Blizzard*, (Hide)

Draw : Blizzard*, Scan, [Water], Sleep

Descri. : Huge orange colored fighting fish with an attitude

Where : mostly in the shoreline in any continent.

NOTE : Weak against Fire, Nullifies Water. Junction Fire* to

Elem-Atk-J. Always appears in groups of three. Defense

is extremely high when underground. Can force it appear

by inflicit sufficient damage. Summon GF Ifrit and you

will have no woes..

Info : A fish that swins in the ground only fin can be seen. One

theory says that it may be a shark....


BLOOD SOUL LV.1-100 HP:650-6,500 Taste: it's rotten AP:1

Steal/Drop : Zombie Powder, Wizard Stone, Healing Water, Blood Soul

Card, Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece

Rare Item : Healing Water, Zombie Powder

Card : Blood Soul Card, Abadon Card

Attack : Berserk, Blind, Silence, Zombie, (Bite), Disease Breath,

Breath of Death, Curaga.

Draw : Zombie, [Float -> Blind], [Silence -> Sleep], [Dispel]

Descri. : small brown shape like a jelly fish only floating

Where : Winhill - Winhill bluffs, Humphrey Archipelago.

Esthar- Grandidi forest

Deep Sea Research Center,

B-Garden MD System (NORG's Anger)

Galbadia Missile Base

D-District Prison.

Galbadia- Montersou Plateau, Shenard Hills,

Lallapahooza Canyon

NOTE : This monster can causes a series of damage [status

related] to your characters. It is very weak against

Holy. Undead monster. Use Revive or Life for an instant

victory. Don't use Drain at it... Weak against Fire.

Info : Floats with gas that fills its body. Looks weak but its

status changing attacks may prove otherwise.


CATERCHIPILLAR LV.1-100 HP:730-7,360 Taste: Delicious AP:2

Steal/Drop: Spider Web, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, M-Stone Piece,

Caterchipillar Card.

Rare Item : Spider Web

Card : Caterchipillar Card, Trauma Card

Attack : (Tail Whip), (bite), Ultra Waves, Sticky Web

Draw : Thunder*, Cure*, [Slow], {Stop}

Descri. : A giant caterpillar

Where : Balamb- Accuald Plain's forests,

Trabia- forests, near mountains.

Esthar- Grandid Forest

Winhill - Laguna's Dream Sequence #3

NOTE : Strong against Earth Attacks, Weak against Fire/Ice.

This monster allows you to nab a blue magic item [

Spider Web]. It's Ultra Waves does damage to all

characters.. It's Sticky Web causes Slow/Stop Status.

Info : Use an attack called Ultra Waves that damages all




COCKATRICE LV.1-100 HP:520-5,200 Taste: Delicious AP: 2

Steal/Drop : Cockatrice Pinion, Coral Fragment, Magic Stone,

Cockatrice Card, Dynamo Stone

Rare Item : Dynamo Stone, Cockatrice Pinion

Card : Cockatrice Card, Oilboyle Card

Attack : (Forward Kick), (Upward Kick), Petrify Stare, Break,

Electric Discharge, Electrocute.

Draw : Thunder*, {Break}

Descri. : An average peacock with an antenna ^_^;

Where : Timber- Vaunly Canyon, Shenard Hill

Esthar- Grandidi Forest,

Esthar- Nortes Mountains, Sollet Mountains.

Galbadia- Lallapahooza Canyon

NOTE : Thunder/Poison does not work on it. It has a petrifying

ability. So be on your guard. Junction Thunder* to your

character's Elem-Def-J. It allows you to get Corel

Fragment [a Blue Magic Item] Weak against Wind.

Info : Petrifies enemies with its tail. Uses thunder by flapping

its wing. Uses Electrocute when fully grown.