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GRAT LV.1-100 HP:300-5,600 Taste: Taste Awful AP:2

Steal/Drop: Silence Powder, Magic Stone, Sleep Powder, Grat Card

Rare Item : Wizard Stone

Card : Grat Card, Shumi Tribe Card

Attack : (Tentacle beat), Vampire, Gastric Juice, Sleep, Silence,

Sleeping Gas.

Draw : Sleep, Silence, [Berserk], [Confuse]

Descri. : Looks like a man-eater with a long tentacles

Where : Balamb Garden Training Center

Balamb Garden (NORG's Anger).

NOTE : Pretty weak.. but considered along with its other attacks.

It can does a series of damage. An ideal monster for

storing up status spells. It's gastric juice causes

Poison against 1 ally. It's Sleeping gas causes Sleep

Status on all characters.

Info : It's body is mosty a digestive bag. Digset enemy by

catching with its vine. Use a gas attack that causes



BUEL LV.1-100 HP:50-1,840 Taste: Tastes Okay AP:1

Steal/Drop: Magic Stone, Buel Card, M-Stone Piece, Wizard Stone

Rare Item : Death Spirit, Wizard Stone

Card : Buel Card, Krysta Card

Attack : Thunder*, Reflect, Blizzard*, Fire*, Death, (Spin attack)

Draw : Thunder*, Blizzard*, Fire*, {Death}

Descri. : Like a kite with a face which rotates vertically.

Where : Balamb- Fire Cavern

Galbadia- Tomb of Unknown King,

Centra- Centra Ruins

Deep Sea Research Center. (during Bahamut's Quest)

NOTE : It is extremely weak against physical damage. Make sure

you have Death junctioned to ST-Def-J. Weak vs. Wind/Holy.

Sometimes even Ultima does not works well..

Info : Any magic attacks are almost inaffective. However very,

very weak against physical attacks.


MESMERIZE LV.1-100 HP:645-6,450 Taste: Refreshing AP:2

Steal/Drop : Mesmerize Blade, Life Ring, Wizard Stone, Mesmerize Card,

Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece.

Rare Item : Healing Mail, Regen Ring, Mesmerize Blade, Life Ring

Card : Mesmerize Card, Propagator Card

Attack : Blade Shot, (Head Dash, after Blade has broken off),

Blade Slice, Hind Kick

Draw : Cure*, Esuna, [Life], {Dispel}

Descri. : Looks like a Deer only its horn are Crescent

Where : Trabia - Eldbeau Penisula, Sorbald Snowfield, Winter

Island, Bika Snowfield, Trabia Crater, Hawkwind Plains,

Great Plains of Esthar (before Lunar Cry Incident)

Trabia Canyon (during Laguna Dream Sequence #4)

NOTE : It's blade shot packs a punch.. so beware. However an

ideal monster for storing up spells such as Cure*.

This monster is great when your characters are under

status elemental woes.

Info : Has a large blade for a horn. This blade has a healing

effect when used as an item or make magic.


GLACIAL EYE LV 1-100 HP:320-3,200 Taste: Tastes Okay AP:1

Steal/Drop : Vampire Fang, Arctic Wind, Glacial Eye Card, Wizard

Stone, M-Stone Piece, Magic Stone.

Rare Item : North Wind, Vampire Fang

Card : Glacial Eye Card, Jumbo Cactaur Card

Attack : (Slap), Blizzard*, Reflect, Petrify Stare, Vampire

Draw : Blizzard*, Cure*, Scan

Descri. : Look a floating gel with a face, resembles one of Unknown

in FF7 in the Crashed Gelinka.

Where : Balamb- Accauld Plains, near mountains

Esthar- Minde Island, Morded Plains

Trabia- Winter Island (plains and snowy grasslands),

Bika Snowfield

NOTE : A pretty good monster for stocking up spells. It has

Blizzard and Cure which makes it an effective monster.

Ice has no effect on it. Fly Monster. Weak against

Fire. Petrify Stare causes Petrify status to one ally.

Info : A floating Monster that uses Ice Magic. When running low

on HP, uses Vampire to suck HP from opponents.


BELHELMEL LV.1-100 HP:300-5,760 Taste: No taste AP:2

Steal/Drop : Saw Blade, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, Laser Cannon

(rare), Belhelmel Card, M-Stone Piece.

Rare Item : Laser Cannon, Saw Blade

Card : Belhelmel Card, Tri-Point Card

Attack : Berserk, Counter Slice, Thunder*, (Slice), Laser Eye,

Counter Laser Eye

Draw : Thunder*, [Berserk] -> {Confuse}

Descri. : A flying mask with a sharp edge. It is a mask being

embedded a blade.

Where : Timber- Shenard Hills

Galbadia- Montersou Plateau

D-District Prison

Missile Base

NOTE : This monster has two fighting styles. One is when it is

furious (swing greatly...) and smile (normal). It will

become when you attack it too often or stock 9x of it

spells (result it using Counter). It will smile if you

fail to draw magic. Weak against Holy, Strong against


Info : Has a rotating blade around its face. It's battle

tactics change when it face changes.


THRUSTAEVIS LV.1-100 HP: 300-6,300 Taste: Delicious AP:3

Steal/Drop : Shear Feather, Windmill, Thrustaevis Card

Rare Item : Windmill, Shear Feather

Card : Thrustaevis Card, Garguntua Card

Attack : Aero, (Tail Whip), (Dive), (Repeated Bite), Tornado

Draw : Blizzard*, [Scan -> Aero], {Tornado}, Float

Descri. : Like a vulture on it deep-blue in color with 2 pair of

wings. Most of time appears in pairs or one.

Where : Great Plains of Galbadia,

Timber- Vaulny Canyon, Nanchuket Island, Mandy Beach

Dollet- Hasberry Plains (mountains)

D-District Prison.

NOTE : This monster turn out to be one of monsters that allows

you to draw a great Strength boosting spell, Tornado.

-Extremely vulunerable- against Sleep/Blind Status

Info : A monster on the Galbadia continent. Usually swoops down

to attack enemy but also bits and causes wind gust

when danager.


ANACONDAUR LV.1-100 HP:250-24,800 Taste: ???? AP:4

Steal/Drop : Venom Fang, Dragon Skin, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone,

Anacondaur Card

Card : Anacondaur Card, Mobile Type 8 Card

Rare Item : Venom Fang, Dragon Skin

Attack : Dark Mist, Squeeze, (Slap)

Draw : Fire*, Cure*, {Bio}

Descri. : A large cobra shape snake

Where : Timber- Vaunly Canyon (forests)

Dollet- Hasberry Plains (forests)

Deep Sea Research Center

Esthar- Grandidi Forest

NOTE : It's Dark Mist does damage plus Poison status against

one ally. It's Squeeze attack does twice the damage of

its normal attack. Weak against Ice. Strong against Fire,

Absorbs Poison. ST Weakness: Sleep/Blind/Death

Info : A large venomous snake that use squeeze attacks. Use

Caution when its HP is low, its splits poisonous fluid.


CREEPS LV.1-100 HP:60-6,200 Taste: ???? AP:2

Steal/Drop : <Coral Fragment>, Dynamo Stone, Creeps Card, Wizard Stone,

Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece, Cursed Spike

Rare Item : Cursed Spike, Dynamo Stone

Card : Creeps Card, Sphinxara Card

Attack : (Swipe), Heart Break, Thunder*

Draw : Thunder*, Life, {Death}

Descri. : A thin shadow creature with red eyes floating.

Where : Deling City Sewers

Esthar- Grandidi Forest

Galbadia Garden [The Garden Crash]

NOTE : Weak against Holy. This black shadow do some harm too..

It's Heart Break could does a handsome attack... Quite

high evasion stats.. Better to have Squall do the

attacking. Absorbs Thunder. Selphie's Flail tends to

miss very frequently.

Info : Has a flat black body like a shadow. Said to be a living

creature. Kills its opponent when it dies.


GRENDEL LV.1-100 HP:300-30,000 Taste: Delicious AP:6

Steal/Drop : Dragon Fin, Dragon Skin, Grendel Card

Card : Grendel Card, Tiamat Card

Rare Item : Fury Fragment, Dragon Fin

Attack : Breath, Tail Blade, (rising bite), (cross swipe)

Draw : Fire*, Blizzard*, Double

Descri. : A blue & brown coloured lizard-like only it has fur

Where : Island Closest to Hell

Winhill- Winhill Bluffs (hilltops)

Galbadia - Lallapahooza Canyon (hilltops)

Deep Sea Deposit (Ultima Weapon's Quest)

NOTE : Weak against ST such as Sleep/Blind/Death. It is weak

against Earth/Wind/Blizzard. Absorbs Thunder. It's Breath

carries a Thunder Elemental. So make use of Thunder*

junctioned to Elem-Def-J combo. Make sure your characters

has high evasion stats as its Tail Blade can does a

massive 4000+ HP damage to a low-Vit character at Level


Info : A smaller type of dragon. Sometimes appears in groups of

two. May be more dangerous than other dragons.


JELLEYE LV.1-100 HP:65-6,500 Taste: Tastes okay AP:3

Steal/Drop : Wizard Stone, Jelleye Card, M-Stone Piece, Healing Water,

Magic Stone

Rare Item : Wizard Stone

Card : Jelleye Card, Fujin and Rajin Card

Attack : Reverse, Bite, Fire*, Blizzard*, Thunder*, Silence, Sleep

Draw : Fire*, [Blizzard*], [Thunder*]

Descri. : Pink, red & blue jelley fish with 3 eyes much like a kite

to Markweb and a flaten hourglass to me.

Where : Centra-Lenown Plains, Poccarahi Island, Centra Crater,

Serengetti Plains, Nectar Peninsula, Vorn Mountains,

Shalmal Peninsula.

Galbadia Garden (The Garden Crash)

Esthar- Minde Island.

NOTE : Very weak against Holy, weak against Wind. It can change

its tactics as it differ from battle to battle. Take note

you can killed it with Death junctioned to ST-Atk-J.

Info : Changes it attacks as the battle progress, its magic also

changes from fire to ice to thunder, etc.


GRAND MANTIS LV.1-100 HP:130-13,000 Taste: Delicious AP:4

Steal/Drop : Sharp Spike, Grand Mantis Card, Wizard Stone, Water

Crystal, Magic Stone, M-Stone Piece

Rare Item : Water Crystal, Sharp Spike

Card : Grand Mantis Card, BGH52IF2 Card

Attack : Super Arm, Melting Bubbles, (Swipe)

Draw : [Water], Esuna, Life

Descri. : Combination of a large spider and a mantis, much like a

giant lobster

Where : Centra- Lenown Plains, Serengetti Plains

Esthar- Kashkablad Desert

Deling City Sewers

NOTE : This monster can be quite tough for its physical attacks.

Junction Blind to ST-Atk-J to prevent this. It's Melting

Bubbles causes Silence status to one ally. Can be killed

using Death ST-Atk-J Combo.

Info : Used to live in water, but now lives above ground.

Skewers enemies with its large claws and causes major