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FORBIDDEN LV.1-100 HP:221-22,100 Taste: It's rotten AP:4

Steal/Drop : Dead Spirit, Betrayal Sword, Curse Spike, Forbidden Card

Card : Forbidden Card, Red Giant Card

Rare Item : Cursed Spike, Zombie Powder

Attack : (Thrust), Double Sword, Death, Confuse, Blind, Stop,


Draw : Zombie, Blind, Stop, {Death}

Descri. : A skeleton holding with a two rusty swords

Where : Centra - Centra Ruins

Galbadia -Tomb of the Unknown King

Esthar- Grandidi Forests

Esthar- Nortes and Sollet Mountains

Trabia- Winter Island (near mountains)

NOTE : Undead Monster. The best way to defeat it is by using

a Phoenix Down, Revive command or Recover. Quite a strong

foe at high levels. Don't use Drain junctioned to

ST-Atk-J. Very weak against Holy. Weak against Fire.

Poison has no effect.

Info : Not afraid of death. Its death blow kills enemies with 1



ARMADODO LV.1-100 HP:187-18,700 Taste: ???? AP:3

Steal/Drop : [Fury Fragment*], <Turtle Shell>, M-Stone Piece,

Armadodo Card, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone

Rare Item : Fury Fragment

Card : Armadodo Card, Catoblepas Card

Attack : Earthquake, (Swipe Claw), (Roll Attack), Protect, Shell

Draw : Protect, Shell, {Quake}

Descri. : a green shell with red skin, Knocks on his back if hits


Where : Galbadia- Tomb of the Unknown King

Centra- Centra Ruins

NOTE : Not quite a strong foe.

Info : The legs are small compared to its body and it falls

easily when attacked with force.


TRI-FACE LV.1-100 HP:216-21,600 Taste: ???? AP:8

Steal/Drop : Poison Powder, Star Fragment, Curse Spike, Tri-face Card

Rare Item : Star Fragment, Cursed Spike

Card : Tri-Face Card, Ultima Weapon Card

Attack : (Bite), (Triple Bite), Poison Gas

Draw : {Slow -> Stop}, {Silence -> Pain}, {Blind -> Flare}, Bio

Descri. : A big dog with one small head with a two big mouth at

the side. Looks quite alike like GF Cerberus.

Where : Deep Sea Deposit (Ultima Weapon's Quest)

Island Closest to Heaven

Esthar- Grandidi Forest

G-Garden -Hall (The Garden Crash)

B-Garden MD System (NORG's Anger)

NOTE : This monster can be quite mean if you battle it at Level

100. It's status causing breath [which causes Sleep/

Silence/ Pain/ Berserk/ Poison] is very damaging. Plus

its attack power becomes that strong that your characters

can't withstand the damage. The best way to defeat it is

to junction Blind to your character's ST-Atk-J and

Blizzaraga to Elem-Def-J.

Info : A mosnters with three heads, the 2 heads on the right are

not real but they bite and spit Poison as they were.


FASTITOCALON LV.1-100 HP:400-3,000+ Taste: Delicious AP: 1

Steal/Drop : Fish Fin, Wizard Stone, Fastitocalon Card, Fastitocalon-F

Card, Tonberry King Card, Water Crystal

Rare Item : Water Crystal

Card : Fastitocalon Card, Tonberry King Card

Attack : Water, (Whip), Confuse, Sand Storm

Draw : Water, Blizzard*, Scan, {Confuse}

Descri. : It is a huge fish (shark..) with big mouth and orange


Where : Galbadia- Dingo Desert (where you find D-District Prison)

Centra - Vorn Mountains.

NOTE : Weak against Fire, Nullifies Water. Junction Fire* to

Elem-Atk-J. Always appears in groups of three. Defense

is extremely high when underground. Can force it appear

by inflicit sufficient damage. Summon GF Ifrit and you

will have no woes.. The only difference that this

monster also uses Sand Storm and higher attacking power.

The monster mostly nabs you a Water Crystal.

Info : A fish that swins in the ground only fin can be seen. One

theory says that it may be a shark....


SNOW LION LV.1-100 HP:121-121,000 Taste: ???? AP:10

Steal/Drop : North Wind, Healing Mail, Biggs & Wedge card, Snow Lion


Rare Item : Silver Mail, North Wind

Card : Snow Lion Card, Biggs and Wedge Card

Attack : Ice Breath, (Tail Whip), Blizzard*, Berserk

Draw : Blizzard*, Berserk

Descri. : Like a giant Penguin only it has a big mouth and eyes

Where : Trabia - Bika Snowfields, Winter Island

NOTE : Indeed one of the strongest foes. Junctioned Sleep/Death/

Blind to your character's ST-Atk-J to kill it. To have

9999 HP damage at a strength of 255, junction 100x Firaga

to your character's Elem-Atk-J. It's Ice Breath causes

damage to all characters and also carries an Ice element.

Absorbs Ice and weak against Fire.

Info : Lives in the northern snowfields. Takes time to defeat

because of its high HP. Uses Ice Breath.


OCHU LV.1-100 HP:40-40,000 Taste: Barf-Bwahh... AP:7

Steal/Drop : Ochu Tentacle, Magic Stone, Giant's Ring, Force Armlet,

Ochu Card

Rare Item : Giant's Ring, Force Armlet, Ochu Tentacle

Card : Ochu Card, Elvoret Card

Attack : Ochu Dance, Drink Magic, (Tentacles), Earthquake, Blind

Draw : Silence, Blind, Confuse, {Pain}

Descri. : A giant man-eater plant like Malboro and a bigger version

of Grat

Where : Timber- Vaulny Canyon (forests)

Island Closest to Heaven

Esthar- Grandidi Forest

Trabia - Hawkind Plains (forests)

NOTE : Probably the weakest foe found in Island closest to

Heaven. It's Ochu Dance causes damage and also the Slow/

Curse status. Its Earthquake attack causes Earth element

damage to all foes.

Info : Likes to live in the forests. Attacks with its tentacles

and also uses status attacks.


SAM08G LV.1-100 HP:400-6,000+ Taste: n/a AP:4

Steal/Drop : Running Fire, Screw, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, SAM08G

Card, M-Stone Piece

Rare Item : n/a

Card : SAM08G Card, X-ATM092 Card

Attack : Store, Rocket Launcher, Shoulder Charge, Gatling Gun

Draw : Shell, Protect, [Life], {Reflect}

Descri. : A dinosaur shape monster with a rocket pod on its

shoulder (160mm cannons..)

Where : Galbadia- D-District Prison

Galbadia Missile Base

Lunatic Pandora (before Lunar Cry)

FH- (Balamb Garden's Arrival),

Esthar- City (during Arrival of Lunatic Pandora)

NOTE : Not quite strong. Weak against Poison.

Info : A living weapon made by Galbadia. Carries 155mm cannon

on both shoulders and a 60mm vulcan cannon in its both.


DEATH CLAW LV.1-100 HP:222-22,200 Taste: ???? AP:3

Steal/Drop : Shear Feather, Windmill, Curse Spike, Death Claw Card

Rare Item : Cursed Spike, Windmill

Card : Death Claw Card, Granaldo Card

Attack : (Death Claw), Gas, (Swipe)

Draw : Aero, Dispel, {Reflect}

Descri. : Large Polar bear with four sharp arm claw. It has a

couple of damaging attacks.

Where : Centra- Lenown Plains (forests)

Esthar- Grandidi forest

Galbadia Garden [The Garden Crash]

NOTE : Another average monster. This monster is pretty weak as

its attacks could only inflicit minor damage. It's gas

weapon could causes Sleep status to all allies, so take


Info : A monster with 4 claws. Attacks with shear power but also

uses gas attacks.


CACTAUR LV.1-100 HP:112-1,600+ Taste: Refreshing AP:20

Steal/Drop : Cactaur Thorn, Jet Engine, Cactaur Card

Card : Cactaur Card, Gerogero Card

Rare Item : Jet Engine

Attack : (Kick), 1,000 Needles, (Escape)

Draw : Haste

Descri. : small green Cactus man with super hyperactive speed and

evasion. Pretty hard to hit it..

Where : Esthar-Kashkabald Desert

Cactaur's Island

NOTE : This thing can only be hurt if your character's Hit Rate

is over 100. The best attacking weapons are gunblade (any

type..) and the Strange Vision (Selphie's Ultimate

Weapon). It's 1000 Needles will cause 1000 HP damage and

it's karate kick could causes random damage, pretty


Info : A speedy cactus of the desert. Damage always amount to

1000 units with it's special skill 1000 Needles.


TONBERRY LV.1-100 HP:350-35,000 Taste: Refreshing AP:1

Steal/Drop : Chef's Knife, Tonberry Card

Rare Item : Chef's Knife

Card : Tonberry Card, Iguion Card

Attack : Everyone's Grudge, (walk forward), Chef's Knife, Death

Draw : Death

Descri. : Similar to Tonberry of FF7, but it look like turtle with

no shell and holding a lantern along with a knife.

Where : Centra Ruins

NOTE : No weakness against elements and status. This is the

thing could does tedious damage. You need to have 100x

Death to protect your character's from its attacks. Its

Everyone's Grudge could does a massive damage to one

character based on the damage. Note that the Chef's

Knife hits randomly. The Tonberry will normally use up

some of its turns for walking. Degenerator and Rapture

does not work on it. Summon GF Diablos to finish it off.

Gatling Gun packs a punch. Doomtrain is worth summoning

for it reduces its' Vit to 0.

Info : Mysterious looking living in dungeons walks slowly

towards the enemu and kills that enemy with Chef's Knife.


ABYSS WORM LV.1-100 HP:260-26,000 Taste: Delicious AP:6

Steal/Drop : Windmill, Shear Feather, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone,

Abyss Worm Card

Card : Abyss Worm Card, Abadon Card

Rare Item : Windmill

Attack : Sand Shake, (head rise), (Head Whip), Tornado, Gastric


Draw : Aero, {Tornado}, {Quake}

Descri. : A giant orange worm look like it stock its head

Where : Esthar-Kashkabald Desert

Galbadia- Dingo Desert

NOTE : Not quite a strong. Sand Shake causes damage to all


Info : A head protruding the earth only a part of the body is

exposed. Use Earthquake when attack by enemies.