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TURTAPOD LV.1-100 HP:42-5,000 Taste: Delicious AP:2

Steal/Drop : Life Ring, Wizard Stone, [Healing Mail*], Turtapod Card

Card : Turtapod Card, Trauma Card

Rare Item : Healing Mail, Life Ring

Attack : (Defend), (Spin)

Draw : Cure*, Esuna, Dispel, {Life}

Descri. : Blue and yellow creature, but it looks like a small

chair along with sharp spikes at its edges.

Where : Esthar- City (Lunar Cry)

Witch Memorial Hall (Lunar Cry)

Great Plains of Esthar (Lunar Cry)

Lunatic Pandora

NOTE : Quite a weak enemy. Note that when it closes up, its

defensive stats will drop. Counter this with Meltdown.

Info : Atatcks with magic and sharp claws. It may change into

defensive mode in order to protect itself from danager.



VYSAGE (head) LV.1-100 HP:210-21,000 Taste: n/a AP:6

Steal/Drop : Wizard Stone, Vysage Card, <Lightweights>, Magic Stone,

M-Stone Piece.

Card : n/a

Rare Item : Wizard Stone, Lightweights

Attack : Sigh, Esuna, Stare, Reflect, Haste, Protect

Draw : Esuna, Haste, [Bio]

Descri. : Black with gray stripes head of a monster which stuck out

from the ground

Where : Esthar-Great Salt Lake

Winhill- Winhill Bluffs, Humphrey Archipelago.

Timber- Shenard Hills

NOTE : Pretty a formidible foe.. It's Stare can causes a series

of status attacks such as Darkness, Confuse, Silence.

It's Sigh can cause damage to all foe. It is weak against

Holy. Junction 100x Holy to Elem-Atk-J. Sigh causes

status ailments. Stare causes Petrify. Curse can only

be done with Lefty and Righty and it causes Doom.

Info : A monster shaped like a face. It uses support magic and

special attacks when attacking with Righty and Lefty.


VYSAGE (hand) LV.1-100 HP:138-13,800 Taste: n/a AP:6

Steal/Drop : Lightweights, Regen Ring, Wizard Stone, Rune Armlet,

Magic Stone, Vysage Card

Card : Vysage Card

Rare Item : Regen Ring, Life Ring [Lefty], Rune Armlet [Righty]

Attack : Righty - (Slap), (Grab along with Righty), (Squeeze)

Lefty - Silence, Drain, Draw, Stop, Meteor, Quake, Demi,


Draw : Lefty - Bio, Demi, Quake, Regen

Righty - Shell Protect

Descri. : Black along with gray stripes in color, heck it is just

a pair of hands.

Where : Esthar-Great Salt Lake

Winhill- Winhill Bluffs, Humphrey Archipelago, Shenard


NOTE : Weak against Holy. Both of them are very powerful.. Lefty

can does all sorts of magicial attacks [that's alot..]

However, it is not quite strong in defense. Physical

attacks works quite well. Righty is a monster that relies

more on physical attacks and is usually be covered up

with spells such as Protect and Reflect. Junction 100x

Blind to ST-Atk-J works well. Anyway, Doomtrain will be

the most apporiate summon. [it causes Vit 0 and does

9999 HP damage at Level 100!]

Info : Lefty- A large left hand protruding from the earth.

Sometimes cures party members with status abnormalities.

Righty- A large right hand protruding from the earth.

Can't uses magic, Uses strength to attack with force.


T-REXAUR LV.1-100 HP:760-76,000 Taste: ???? AP:10

Steal/Drop : Dino Bone, Star Fragment, Wizard Stone, T-Rexaur Card

Card : T-Rexaur Card, Shumi Tribe

Rare Item : Star Fragment, Dino Bone.

Attack : (Great Bite), (Bite), (Tail Whip), Quake

Draw : Fire*, Thunder*, {Quake}

Descri. : Look like the king of dinosaurs, T-Rex, but it is

actually an Allosaurous.

Where : Balamb- Accauld Plains (forest)

Island Closest to Hell

B-Garden Training Center

NOTE : The most powerful foe in Balamb areas. It attacks can

does whooping damage of 4000+ at high levels. It's Tail

Whip does damage to all characters. The best way to

defeat it and gain most EXP, is by junction Blind/Sleep

to ST-Atk-J. Junction 100x Blizzarga to get 9999 HP

damage on the foe.

Info : Alive since the beginning of time. Its power and HP are

very high. It is better to run if you encounter one.


BOMB LV.1-100 HP:44-4,400 Taste: Danger! AP:1

Steal/Drop : Bomb Fragment, Magic Stone, Wizard Stone, Bomb Card,

Bomb Spirit, M-Stone Piece

Card : Bomb Card, Krysta Card

Rare Item : Bomb Spirit

Attack : Suicide, (Anger), (Bite)

Draw : Fire, [Fira], {Firaga}, {Meltdown}

Descri. : Big orange balloon (pumpkin?) with a pair of small hands.

Originated from FFT.

Where : Balamb- Fire Cavern

Centra- Centra Ruins

Deep Sea Research Center

Lunatic Pandora

B-Garden (during NORG's Anger)

Esthar- Shalmal Peninsula, Minde Island

NOTE : Very damaging. It can causes a suicide accident that

will instantly kill your ally (if HP is below 4,400,

based on the Bomb's HP). As you attacks or draw magic,

it becomes bigger and it will sooner or later explode!

Weak against Ice (extremely weak), Weak against Wind.

Junction 100x Blizzaga to your characters' Elem-Atk-J.

Info : A monster power by fire. Usually plain but still a

dangerous monster that becomes gigantic or explodes

with attack.


BLITZ LV.1-100 HP:72-7,200 Taste: No taste AP:2

Steal/Drop : Dynamo Stone, Betrayal Sword, Power Generator, Blitz Card

Rare Item : Dynamo Stone

Card : Blitz Card, Propagator Card

Attack : (Charge up itself), (Swipe), Thunder*

Draw : Thunder, [Thundara], {Thundaga}

Descri. : Dress in white the guy who cast Thunder on itself.. Hmm

it looks more a barbarian to a knight to me.

Where : Centra Ruins

Centra- Lenown Plains Forest, Serengetti PLains, Nectar


Esthar- Grandidi Forest, Kashkabald Desert, Shalmal


NOTE : Don't ever use Thunder as it does not only absorbs the

damage but its Speed and Strength stats also increases.

Absorbs Thunder.

Info : Becomes electrified when attack with thunder. Attacks

while its electrified causes thunder damage.


WENDIGO LV.1-100 HP:160-16,000 Taste: Delicious AP:2

Steal/Drop : Steel Orb, Steel Pipe, Strength Love, Wendigo Card

Card : Wendigo Card, Jumbo Cactaur Card

Rare Item : Strength Love

Attack : Shoot, Grab, Dribble, (Punch), Powerbomb

Draw : Berserk, [Protect]

Descri. : Yellow spot and green color headless gorilla, like the

one in Congo movie except it is headless ^_^;

Where : Timber- Vaulny Canyon

Great Plains of Galbadia

D-District Prison

Galbadia Missile Base

Dollet- Hasberry Plains [forests]

NOTE : The killer damage is the move, Shot as it does a bounce

on one character and reject across the entire party.

Better make use of Blind/Sleep to ST-Atk-J combo.

Info : A strong monster but not good at magic. Uses powerful

physical attacks, replying on its strength instead.


TORAMA LV.1-100 HP: 320-32,000 Taste: Delicious AP:4

Steal/Drop : Regen Ring, Moon Stone, Wizard Stone, Torama Card

Card : Torama Card, Tri-Point Card

Rare Item : Moon Stone, Regen Ring

Attack : Esuna, (Blaster), LV5 Death, Meteor, Confuse, Holy,

(Angry), (Charge), Blizzaga

Draw : Death, Demi, Life

Descri. : a giant Leopard with a pair of long whiskers, quite wise

too ^_^;)

Where : Esthar- City Area (after Lunar Cry)

Great Plains of Esthar (after Lunar Cry)

Lunatic Pandora

Deep Sea Research Center

NOTE : Beware of it's LV5 Death as it could cause a instant

gameover when characters are at level 100 and are not

protect against Death. It randonly uses powerful magic

such as Meteor and it's consider a tough cookie.

Info : Use multiple magic attacks while sitting. Even more

powerful when it uses its blaster attack.


IMP LV.1-100 HP:110-11,000 Taste: Tastes Okay.. AP:5

Steal/Drop : Poison Powder, Dead Spirit, Cursed Spike, Wizard Stone,

Imp Card

Rare Item : Cursed Spike

Card : Imp Card, Garguntua Card

Attack : Berserk, Blind, Holy, Meteor, Firaga, Blizzaga,

Thundaga, (Fly), Break

Draw : Blind, Silence, Confuse, Break

Descri. : Red-violet small demon with a red long nose with wings

and a devil-like tail

Where : Esthar City area (after Lunar Cry)

Great Plains of Esthar

Deep Sea Deposit (during Ultima Weapon Quest),

Lunatic Pandora

NOTE : Better make sure of Elemental defense as it could cast

spells like Firaga and Blizzaga. Holy junctioned to

Elem-Def-J is essential.

Info : A devlish looking monster with wings. Uses powerful

magic despite its small size.


BLUE DRAGON LV.1-100 HP:410-41,000 Taste: Refreshing AP:6

Steal/Drop : Dragon Fang, Dragon Skin, Blue Dragon Card, Fury Fragment

Card : Blue Dragon Card, Mobile Type 8 Card

Rare Item : Dragon Skin, Dragon Fang, Fury Fragment

Attack : (Grab Punch), (Punch), Breath, (Tail Whip), Reflect

Draw : Drain, Break, Death, Bio

Descri. : early version of Bahamut and Tiamat, and it looks a bit


Where : Island Closest to Hell

Trabia- Winter Island (near the mountains)

Trabia- Hawkwind Plains (forests)

NOTE : One great strange part about this foe that is you can't

drain HP from it. It's damage are a bit strong. Best

work with Blind/Sleep/Death ST-Atk-J Combo. Weak against

Cold. Absorbs Poison.

Info : A dragon that walks on 2 legs, Attacks with breath that

causes statuses changes and drops a rare item called

Fury Fragment.


ADAMANTOISE LV.1-100 HP:425-42,500 Taste: ???? AP:4

Steal/Drop : Turtle Shell, Whisper, Orichalcon, Adamantine,

Adamantoise Card

Rare Item : Adamantine (defeat both), Orichalcon, Whisper

Card : Adamantoise Card, Sphinxara Card

Attack : Shell, Protect, (Bite), White Wind, Sand Storm

Draw : Blizzard*, Shell, Protect, {Reflect}

Descri. : A normal black turtle (of course with a hard shell!)

usually come in pairs.

Where : Long Horn Island (shores)

NOTE : Pretty amazed from the difference in the difficulty from

the Japanese version and US version. It's normal attacks

are strong and its Sand Storm does damage to all allies.

Its White Wind restores HP for both Adamantoise.

Junction Blind to ST-Atk-J and summon Pandemona to

finish it off. Weak against Wind. Earth has no effect.

Info : It's high defense make it difficult to defeat. Owns rare

items that makes it worth the effort.


HEXADRAGON LV. 1-100 HP:400-40,000 Taste: ???? AP:8

Steal/Drop : Red Fang, Inferno Fang, Hexadragon Card, Star Fragment

Rare Item : Star Fragment, Red Fang

Card : Hexdragon Card, Tiamat Card

Attack : (Kick), Fire*, Breath, Melt-Eye

Draw : Fire*, [Dispel], [Shell], [Protect]

Descri. : Black covering along with a blue color torso. Has a

large tail (Z-shaped), 3 pairs of legs and multiple red


Where : Island Closest to Hell

Esthar- Talle Mountains (after Lunar Cry)

Esthar- Great Plains of Esthar (before Lunar Cry)

NOTE : Quite a stronge enemy. Absorbs Fire damage. Weak

against Ice. Junctioned Blizzaga to Elem-Atk-J and Firaga

to Elem-Def-J. It's attcks are strong, so make sure you

have used Blind ST-Atk-J combo as well. It's Melt-Eye

causes Fire element damage to all characters. It's Breath

causes non-element damage to one ally.

Info : A type of mutated dragon burn with 6 eyes. Uses fire

magic and special breath attack.