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IRON GIANT LV.1-100 HP:780-78,000 Taste: no taste! AP:8

Steal/Drop : <Star Fragment>, Moon Stone, Running Fire, Wizard Stone,

Iron Giant Card

Card : Iron Giant Card, Fujin and Raijin Card

Rare Item : Star Fragment

Attack : Mighty Guard, Grand Slash, (Slash)

Draw : Haste, {Quake}, Shell, Protect

Descri. : Dark Blue armored with short knees warrior holding a

giant blade. Also makes it appearance in FF7.

Where : Deep Sea Deposit (Ultima Weapon Quest)

Esthar City Area (after Lunar Cry)

Lunatic Pandora

NOTE : It is weak against Thunder. Poison does no effect on it.

It is a mechnical beast with strong armor. Junction

Thundaga to Elem-Atk-J and Sleep/Blind to Elem-Atk-J.

May need to use Dispel to remove Mighty Guard.

Info : Hard to damage due to its steel armor. Doesn't use magic

but its sword causes significant damage.


BEHEMOTH LV.1-100 HP:670-67,000 Taste: ???? AP:12

Steal/Drop : Barrier, Giant's Ring, Behemoth Card, Moon Stone,

Energy Crystal

Card : Behemoth Card, BGH521F2 Card

Rare Item : Energy Crystal, Giant's Ring, Barrier

Attack : Assualt Horn, Meteor, Holy, Flare, Tornado, Firaga,

(Horn Rush), Mighty Guard

Draw : Regen, Tornado, Flare

Descri. : A gaint Purple bull with a pair of tiny wings at its back

and armed a pair of large black horns. Returns from FFT.

Where : Deep Sea Deposit (during Ultima Quest),

Esthar City (Lunar Cry)

Great Plains of Esthar (Lunar Cry)

Lunatic Pandora

NOTE : Perhaps one of most powerful enemies in the game. This

guy always uses Meteor as its counter. The Assault Horn

packs a punch. Junction 100x Death and you can say good

bye to it. Simple huh?

Info : Use powerful magic such as Meteor. A strong enemy that's

hard to defeat.


CHIMERA LV.1-100 HP:600-60,000 Taste: Refreshing AP:10

Steal/Drop : Red Fang, Inferno Fang, Energy Crystal, Chimera Card

Rare Item : Energy Crystal

Card : Chimera Card, Red Giant Card

Attack : According to the its features (the heads and its tail)

Lion Head- (Bite Attack)

Eagle Head- Tornado

Toad Head- Aqua Breath, Water

Goat Head- Dispel, Confuse, Stop,

Serpent Tail- Bio

Draw : Water, Bio, Esuna, Thunder*

Descri. : A 4-headed yellow dragon armed with the 4 different heads

and a giant serpent tail.

Where : Island Closest to Heaven

Esthar-Kashkabald Desert

NOTE : Just take note of the Lion Head and Toad Head.

Junctioned 100x Blind to ST-Atk-J to prevent the Lion

Head from creating harvoc. Junction 100x Water to absorbs

its Aqua Breath (which does damage to all allies)

Absorbs Thunder and Water. Poison has no effect.

Info : A monsters with 4 heads that uses magic and physical

attacks, status changes, and their original skill, Aqua



ELASTOID LV.1-100 HP:220-16,000 Taste: n/a AP:3

Steal/Drop : Laser Cannon, Screw, Elastoid Card, Steel Pipe

Card : Elastoid Card, Ultima Weapon Card

Rare Item : n/a

Attack : Meltdown, Shell, Protect, (Buckle drop), (Spin Attack),

Beam Laser

Draw : Dispel, Shell, Protect, {Meltdown}

Descri. : Gold in color, 4 long poles, looks like a giant

windchime. A hob is being embedded its middle.

Where : Centra-Excavation Site (Laguna Dream Sequence #1)

Esthar- Lunatic Pandora Research Center (Laguna Dream

Sequence #5)

Lunatic Pandora (during Lunatic Pandora's Arrival at


NOTE : Weak against Thunder, Poison has no effect. Same method

for against mechnical beasts, junction 100x Thunder* to


Info : Anti-personal weapon made in Esthar. Floats with anti-

gravity engine. Attacks with its 4 pilable metallic legs.



GIM47N LV.1-100 HP:300-3,400 Taste: n/a AP:3

Steal/Drop : Steel Pipe, Steel Orb, Screw, GIM47N Card, Fast Ammo

Card : GIM47N Card, Oilboyle Card

Rare Item : n/a

Attack : Rip Laser, (spin punch), Chain Gun

Draw : Cure*, Esuna, [Life]

Descri. : A yellow big robot with a boxing gloves, like to move its


Where : D-District Prison,

FH- (Balamb arrival at Fisherman's Horizon)

NOTE : I think fighting this mechnical beast is no worries. It

is very simple for its low attacking power. Rip Laser

does damage to one ally and Chain Gun does damage to

all allies. Junction Thunder* to Elem-Atk-J to inflicit

more damage. Weak against Thunder, Poison has no effect.

Info : An older type of Galbadia support weapon. Has laser

cannon but mostly punches using steel orbs on both hands.


MALBORO LV.1-100 HP:1,435-143,500 Taste: Increased morale AP:12

Steal/Drop : Malboro Tentacles, Cursed Spike, Tonberry King Card,

Force Armlet, Malboro Card

Card : Malboro Card, Tonberry King Card

Rare Item : Malboro Tentacles, Force Armlet, Hypno Crown

Attack : Bad Breath, Earthquake, Dissolving Acid, Eerie Sound Wave

Draw : Bio, Demi, Quake

Descri. : A large green plant with a big mouth and you will hear

him laugh before the fight (curly tentacles..)

Where : Island Closest to Heaven

Island Closest to Hell

Esthar- Grandidi Forest

NOTE : As one of the strongest monsters, this is indeed a tough

one. Junction Sleep/Berserk/Pain/Confuse to nullify its

Bad Breath (or you have to wait for the counter to stop)

Draw and cast Demi [it's 9999 HP damage...]. It's Eerie

Sound Wave does damage to all allies. It's Dissolving

Acid damge to one ally. Absorbs Poison. Weak against


Info : Uses Bad Breath, which causes all status abnormalities.

Be ready with status defenses before fighting it.



RUBY DRAGON LV.1-100 HP:891-89,100 Taste: All systems go! AP:14

Steal/Drop : Fury Fragment, Inferno Fang, Red Fang, Energy Crystal,

Ruby Dragon Card

Card : Ruby Dragon Card

Rare Item : Fury Fragment, Energy Crystal

Attack : Breath, Fire*, Meteor, Reflect, (claw swipe)

Draw : Fire*, {Aero -> Reflect}, {Meteor}, {Flare}

Descri. : A giant red dragon with a large black eye brow, thus

forming like a V-shaped horn

Where : Island Closest to Hell

Centra- Lenown Plains (forests), Serengetti Plains

(forests), Lolestern Plains (forests)

Trabia Canyon (Laguan's Dream Sequence #4)

Esthar- Grandidi Forest, Nortes Mountains

NOTE : Considered as the strongest non-BOSS monster. It's Breath

packs a punch against all allies and it is non-elemental.

It's Claw Swipe does a whooping 2000+ HP damage to one

ally. Make use of Vit-J and get it above 100. [Characters

with 100 and below will be instantly killed.] Of course

HP must be 8000+ and above. Make use of Meltdown, Demi

as you can cause more damage to it. Have Firaga to

Elem-Def-J, so that it has become an alternate source

of regaining HP. Drain ST-Atk-J works fine and it will be

better if you get Revive and Recover. Weak against Holy/

Blizzaga. Absorbs Wind/Fire. Doomtrain will be the best

GF for the fight. It's weak against the following combos:

Meltdown/Doom/Sleep --> Summon Doomtrain to do harvoc!

Info : Strong and smart dragon. If enemies are using Reflect.

It casts Reflect on itself to mirror the attack.


ELNOYLE LV.100 HP: 82,000 Taste: Can't AP:18

Steal/Drop : <Moon Stone>, Energy Crystal (drop only), Elnoyle Card

Card : Elynole Card, Catoblepas Card

Rare Item : Energy Crystal

Attack : Storm Breath, Meteor, Dispel, Holy, Pain, Death,

(Claw Swipe), Tail Needle

Draw : {Double -> Death}, Pain, Holy

Descri. : Similar to Elvoret at Dollet tower in disc 1 except it

is dull gray in color.

Where : Esthar City- look for Esthar Soldier who answer

"Heehehahahehe" [north from the place where you find

Odine's laboratory] (Lunar Cry)

NOTE : One of most toughest cookies in the game. You can't

perform level down or devour it. Simply a strong enemy.

You can easily defeat it when your characters are at

Level 100, junction 100x Blind to your characters'

ST-Atk-J. Can't Level down the monster. Storm Breath does

damage to all allies. Make use of Tornado junction to

Elem-Atk-J. Weak against Wind

Info : A powerful monster. Uses magic but also uses Tail Needle

which causes heavy damage.