Chocobo World


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This section is formerly written by The Saint <[email protected]>,

which has been edited by me to suit the FAQ's format. If you have any

enquire regarding the Pocketstation section of the game, please contact

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What's a Pocketstation?


The Sony SCPH-4000 Pocketstation is a special memory card for the Sony

Playstation. Like the standard card, it holds 15 blocks of regular data.

In addition to that, it has a small screen (32x32 pixels) and can run

programs that are designed to work with the game. For people who are

interested, it uses an ARM7TDMI Thumb processor chip developed by Atmel

Corp. (San Jose, CA) which manufactures many chips for mobile products

and other Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), including the ARM7 and the

StrongARM RISC processors. The processor is a 32-bit RISC chip with

contains the CPU, flash memory, RAM, LCD controller, D/A converter (for

controlling a speaker) and IrDA communication system. It has 2k of SRAM

(for executing programs) and 128k of Flash RAM (holds the memory card

data; programs also use it store their data as well).

It is powered by a standard Cr2032 watch battery. The biggest drain on

the battery life is, of course, the LCD screen. Chocobo World can run

for at least 5-6 months without needing a battery replacement under

normal conditions, but leaving some screens displayed (i.e. screen is

all black with the 'Event!' message) can drain the battery 10 times as


Sony released the Pocketstation in Japan in Dec 98, but cancelled a

scheduled US release due to manufacturing difficulties. For now, the

only way to get on in the US is to order it from a console import shop

like National Console Support ( That is where I

ordered mine. They charge about $50. Since the release was cancelled,

most US games have removed support for it if there was any in the

original Japanese title. So far, only 'Final Fantasy 8', 'Street Fighter

Alpha Zero' and 'Ridge Racer' english titles support this device.

Moreover, Street Fighter must be unlocked with a GameShark to support

this feature. Don't expect to be using the Pocketstation for much

besides FF8.

You can choose one of two spiffy colors; White or Crystal (clear).


Transfering Data to the Chocobo World


Once you get a 'Chicobo' in the main Final Fantasy 8 game (directly

after you catch a Chocobo by yourself for the first time in any Chocobo

Forest), you can play Choco World. The earliest you can really do this

is near the beginning of Disc 2 after you have can cross over the ocean.

Once you have the Chicobo, go to the 'Save' screen of the menu, and

select 'Chocobo World'. The first time you do this, the game will tell

you that you need to initialize the pocketstation. If you select "Yes",

Chocobo World will be transferred to the Pocketstation. Since you cannot

have more than one 'Chocobo World' game on the pocketstation at a time,

this will erase any previous games. The new game of Chocobo World will

be assigned a new weapon (usually 2211), given it's own ID (usually the

last three digits of the Pocketstation's unique ID) and also given a

random hidden ID number. This is the number transmitted as the 'header'

during a vs. battle.

From there on, you can play the game. FF8 will direct you to also save

your game before you exit the save screen. This is important because of

the hidden ID number; FF8 will not let you import data from a

Pocketstation that does not match this number!

Your Chocobo can begin its adventure in the pocketstation, collect items

for you, and gain levels and power. To import all this data back into

your FF8 game, go to the save screen again, select Chocobo world. Next

select the option "Home" to bring all the collected items and the state

of the Chocobo back to the FF8 game. Select "World" to send him back to

the Pocketstation. When the chocobo is in the pocketstation, he cannot

be summoned with Gysahl Greens and the MiniMog ability won't work in the

FF8 game. When he is in the FF8 game, you cannot play Chocobo World on

the Pocketstation.


Getting Started at the Chocobo World


There is something of a plot to the game, but it's not all that deep

(Hey! What did you expect out of 32x32 pixels?). In the first part of

the game, you are supposedly trying to find your friend Mog (a moogle,

like the ones in FF7). Later on you have to rescue this female Chocobo

that you've only ever seen twice before. After you do that, the game is

pretty much over, although you can wander around forever and collect

items to send back to FF8.

Boko (the name of your Chocobo if you didn't change it, I named him

Spike), wanders around in the desert most of the time (well, he seems

to sleep most of the time in my games, grr...). You can see his

handsome self walking around. The direction he is facing (and the

direction the dots are going on the ground) tell you which way he is

headed. If you press Enter at this screen, you can see a map. The

square is the map you are walking on. The flashing dot is you, the solid

dots are 'Events'. The big arrow on the right is the direction you are

headed, and under the map is the level you are on and the current time.

Look at the map and steer Boko towards a black Event dot (NOTE: you

cannot do this on the map! Press Enter to leave the map and go to the

walking screen, then use the direction buttons to guide Boko toward a

dot). Boko runs faster if you hold down the button in the direction that

you want to go. Running off one side of the map will put you on the

other side (is each level a sphere or something?)

Hitting a dot will give you an 'Event'. There are a few kinds of Events

that you can hit:


1. Battles (most common) - Boko fights a monster

2. Moomba (about 10%) - A Moomba appears and offers you a weapon

3. Cactaur (about 10%) - A Cactuar appears and gives you an item

4. Special Event - Depends on level and settings

Because this is a boring game, Boko gets bored too. After a while of

wandering around, he will get distracted with something else and will

stop walking. There are several other activities he'll do:

- Listen to a portable radio

- Eat a picnic lunch

- Fishing

- Watching a TV

- Sitting around a campfire with Moomba

(The minimized screen says '???' during any of these)

There is also a percentage chance per each step that he will go to sleep

on his own. It seems to be based on how damaged he is. If he is at 1 HP,

he will probably sleep when he moves onto the next map square. He

regains HP while sleeping or doing any of the other activities listed

above. If he is on Rank 2-6, he regains 4 HP every few seconds, on Rank

1 he regains 5 HP. After a minute or two of sleeping with full HP or

doing one of the other activities, he will wake up and keep going on his

journey. While sleeping, the minimized screen says 'Zzz...". While

fighting or walking on the map, the screen says 'Walking'.




All 'weapons' are just a series of four numbers. When you hit someone

in the battle, one of the numbers is selected randomly and that is how

much damage you do. So, to make an obvious point, the average damage

you will do with any weapon can be figured by adding up all four numbers

and dividing by 4. A 5544 weapon does an average damage of 4.5, and is

thus more powerful than a 9111 (ave. damage 3.0). The best weapon you

can get is based on your Rank.


The Class of Items in Chocobo World


There are four categories of items; called, oddly enough A items, B

items, C items and D items. When you import back into the FF8 game, each

A/B/C/D item becomes one or more real items in the FF8 game. D items

become cheap stuff like condition curing items and the M-Stone Pieces.

C items become slightly better stuff, like Potions, Hi Potions, a few of

the weaker GF ability items (like Turtle Shells, Healing Mail, etc..)

and some of the stronger junk items. B items become the best GF ability

items (including cool stuff, like Three Stars, Rosetta Stones, Moon

Curtains), rare items (Malboro Tentacles, Inferno Fangs), and even

unique items (Girl Next Door, Solomon's Ring, Magical Lamp) and the

various power-up items (Str Up, Mag Up, etc..). Yup, that's right

buckaroos; you can get the solomon ring and all the items you need to

summon Doomtrain in disc 2! A items become the best B items.

Some items I have never gotten outside of the pocketstation are:

- Ribbon: Gives GF the 'Ribbon' ability (immunity to all status changes)

- Mog Amulet: Gives GF the 'MiniMog' ability (heals GF during battle)

- Friendship: Use item for 'MoombaMoomba' attack; lowers enemy to 1Hp!

- Chocobo Tag: Rename the chocobo

Some notable really rare items that you can get:

- Rosetta Stones

- Power Generators, Dark Matter (for Quistis' Blue Magic, 'B'/'A' items)

- Samantha Soul, Energy Crystal, Gaea's Ring, Diamond Armor ('B' items)

- Hero and Hero-Trial (rare 'B' items!)


Thanks to <[email protected]> for sending me a list of how the items

are determined (for the PC version of Chocobo World). This seems to be

accurate for the Pocketstation game too, but some things may be off. He

pointed out that you can also get some items not listed here, like Pulse

Ammo and (Hi-)Potion+. I have also gotten Hero-Trials. I thought I had

gotten a 'Holy War-trial' item, but it was a mistake. I haven't ever

gotten another after thousands of items imported, so I don't think it

is possible.

Each time an item is brought in, a random number 1-64 is generated with

each number being mapped to an item. Often, a range of numbers is

mapped to one item to make an item more common. So if an item has a 2/64

chance, then 2 numbers out of 64 can end up to be that item.

-- "A" Rank --

(1/64 each) - Monk's Code, Moon Curtain, Aegis Amulet

(2/64 each) - Hundred Needles, Steel Curtain, Rocket Engine

(5/64 each) - Friendship, Elem Atk, Elem Guard, Status Atk, Status Guard,

Bomb Spirit, Hungry Cookpot, Three Stars, Ribbon, Dark

Matter, Shaman Stone.

-- "B" Rank --

(3/64 each) - Friendship, HP Up, Str UP, Mag Up, Spd Up

(2/64 each) - Aegis Amulet, Vit Up, Spr Up, Luck Up

(1/64 each) - Hero, Ultima Stone, Gysahl Greens, Tent, Cottage,

G-Hi-Potion, G-Returner, Str-J Scroll, Mag-J Scroll,

Spd-J Scroll, Elem Atk, Elem Guard, Status Atk, Status

Guard, Rosetta Stone, Magic Scroll, Draw Scroll, Gambler

Spirit, Phoenix Sprit, Hungry Cookpot, Mog's Amulet, Star

Fragment, Samantha Soul, Silver Mail, Diamond Armor,

Giant's Ring, Power Wrist, Orihalcon, Force Armlet, Hypno

Crown, Jet Engine, Rocket Engine, Steel Curtain,

Accelerator, Hundred Needles, Ribbon, "Girl Next Door",

Pet Nametag, Magical Lamp, LuvLuv G.

-- "C" Rank --

(2/64 each) - Rename Card, Chocobo's Tag

(1/64 each) - Potion, Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Mega-Potion, Phoenix Down,

Mega Phoenix, Elixir, Megalixir, Remedy, Remedy+, Shell

Stone, Protect Stone, Death Stone, Holy Stone, Meteor

Stone, Regen Ring, Turtle Shell, Doc's Code, Ochu Tentacle,

Cockatrice Pinion, Zombie Powder, Lightweight, Sharp Spike,

Screw, Mesmerize Blade, Fury Fragment, Betrayal Sword,

Sleep Powder, Life Ring, Dragon Fang, Spider Web, Coral

Fragment, Curse Spike, Black Hole, Water Crystal, Missile,

Mystery Fluid, Running Fire, Inferno Fang, Malboro

Tentacle, Whisper, Laser Cannon, Barrier, Red Fang, Arctic

Wind, North Wind, Dynamo Stone, Shear Feather, Venom Fang,

Steel Orb, Moon Stone, Dino Bone, Windmill, Dragon Skin,

Dragon Fin, Poison Powder, Dead Spirit, Chef's Knife,

Cactus Thorn, Pet Nametag.

-- "D" Rank --

(13/64 ea.) - Magic Stone

(12/64 ea.) - M-Stone Piece, Wizard Stone

(4/64 each) - Normal Ammo, Dark Ammo, Demolition Ammo, AP Ammo

(1/64 each) - Antidote, Soft, Eye Drops, Echo Screen, Holy Water, Screw,

Mesmerize Blade, Coral Fragment, Arctic Wind, Dragon Skin,

Poison Powder.


Battles in Chocobo World


Battles in Chocobo World are fairly simple. Your Chocobo appears on the

right side of the screen, the monster on the left. The monster you get

in the battle is related to the map you are on. They don't really have

names, but they look like some monsters in the FF8:

Level 1-100: Creep (Monster A) , HP is Map Level/5 +6

Level 10-100: Vampire Bat (Monster B) , HP is Map Level/5 +8

Level 30-100: Blobra (Monster C) , HP is Map Level/5 +10

Level 70-100: Wendigo (Monster D) , HP is Map Level/5 +16

The monster's HP appears on the left, yours is on the right. In the

middle of the bottom portion of the screen are two numbers counting down

to 0. When one of the numbers hits '0', the person on that side (either

you or the monster) makes an Attack and both counters reset and begin

counting down again. The speed at which the your counter counts down is

constant, but you can make it count faster by pressing the left/right

buttons alternately. The easiest way I've found to do this is to use two

hands, one thumb to each button. The speed at which the monster counts

varies by monster type (A is slowest, D is fastest). When either side is

reduced to 0 HP, the battle ends.

If you're not on level 100, you will go to a tic-tac-toe grid a little

rock will whiz around and land on one of the empty squares. If you get

three dots to line up in a row, you go to the next level. You should be

able to advance a level in not less than 3 battles won, and not more

than 6 battles won. Left alone, Boko advances one level about every 20

minutes or so.

When Boko gets reduced to 0 HP, he goes to sleep. While he sleeps, he

will slowly recovers HP. After a while of wandering around, he will go

to sleep anyway (regardless of current HP). He eventually wakes up

after some time (long after he has reached full HP). You can wake him up

by pressing the 'Enter' button while he is sleeping. This doesn't work

if he has 0 HP.


Reports and Preferences


Lastly, if you go to the map screen, you can view your status and change

settings by pressing left/right. In order of pressing 'Right' from the

map screen:

- Status screen: Displays current weapon, power level, map level, HP and


- Item screen: Displays how many of each item you have

- Chocobo World Vs. Screen: Lets you challenge another Pocketstation

- Event Wait screen: Lets you set Event Wait on or off

- Mog screen (after level 25): Lets you set Mog to sleep or standby

- Move screen: Lets you set the movement rate

Since Chocobo World is amazing boring after a while, you can make it

just play itself automatically. Set 'Event Wait' OFF by pressing the

Down button on that screen. Boko will wander, sleep, fight, collect

items and do random stuff without waiting to tell you.

Normally, Boko just heads on forever in a straight line if you leave the

game running. Fix this by setting Movement rate on the move screen to a

higher number. Boko will 'scan' for a number of pixels around him and

turn toward an event dot within his sight range. The Movement rate tells

him how many pixels to 'look'. So, setting it to '6', he will turn

towards an event dot that is less than 6 squares away. Event dots

disappear after he moves onto them and reappear somewhere else on the

map. Sometimes, there will be no dots within 6 squares of Boko's line

of travel and he will just keep going in the same direction forever.

Check him occasionally if you leave him in Event Wait Off for long

periods of time.


Chocobo World Game Special Events


Various special events will pause the game even if you have Event Wait

Off and wait for you to come watch them. This will totally drain the

battery in a few weeks (at most!) so don't leave the game displaying the

'Event!' screen forever. The Level specified here is usually just the

earliest level the event occurs, you may meet Koko any time after level

20 for example. Only the Level 50 and Level 100 events are fixed to that


Level 20: Meet Koko (this occurs even if event wait is off)

Koko bumps into Boko (or the other way around if event wait is off. Love

at first sight, which makes sense since these two seem to be the only

overgrown chickens in the game.

Level 25: Find Mog, initial settings (event wait can be off)

Koko and Mog jump up and down a few times. You can set Mog to either

Standby or Sleep. If he's on standby, and you are killed in battle, he

will jump in and make one final attack for you. If that attack reduces

the enemy to HP 0, you will survive the battle with 1 HP. If not, then

you lose Mog and have to find him again.

Level 50, event wait on: Rescue Koko (1st powerup)

or Level 50, event wait off: Fall into a pit

It is IMPORTANT to have Event Wait on before you hit your first event

dot on level 50! If you have it off, Boko falls into a pit, misses the

first powerup (meaning you may only get two!) and dies. Some people have

reported not being able to get *ANY* powerups if they miss the first

one, so if you miss yours, it is much better to use 'Do over' to reset

your CW back to an old level. DO NOT USE THE 'HOME' command if you

missed it, because it will update the 'Do over' command.

Level 75: Hurry up!

The Cactuar guy and the Moomba tell you to hurry up and watch the


Level 100: Koko abducted!

A demon monster grabs Koko and disappears. What a demon wants with a big

chicken is beyond me. Still, you get to go rescue her.

Set MV to 1 to fight demon king

He has 99 HP, but is pretty slow & easy to beat.

Visit event dots with 'event wait' on (and possibly mog on standby as

well) to get the 2nd and 3rd powerup (random, but won't appear without

Event wait on). Maybe it's just me, but both times I got the 3rd

powerup I had MV set to 3. I got both powerups within 20 straight

battles after fighting the demon king (without losing any battles).

Each Powerup improves Boko in FF8. When you summon Boko with the Gysahl

Greens (available as an item in Chocobo World, or buyable from the

ChocoBoy), he will appear, make an attack and leave. Depending on the

number of powerups the attack strength varies:


Powerup Effects


0 power-ups: ChocoFire (weak fire attack, about as strong as 'Fira')

1 power-up : ChocoFlare (strong fire attack, 5000-9000 damage!)

2 power-ups: ChocoMeteor (9999 damage!)

3 power-ups: ChocoBuckle (INCOMING! Usually 10,000-20,000 damage)

NOTE: That's not a typo, ChocoBuckle can do more than 10,000 damage in

a SINGLE ATTACK. It is one of only a few attacks that can do

that; the others are the Giant Cactuar's level 100 attack (does

exactly 10,000 damage), Eden (also can do 65,000 damage), Quistis'

Shockwave Pulsar (sometimes does 10,000-20,000 damage). To see the

max HP damage, summon ChocoBuckle vs a weak enemy like the


Mostly it does 10,000-20,000 damage though. To see Eden do 65,000

damage, summon her vs. a weak enemy after casting 'Meltdown' on

it. Eden must be at level 100 and have all four SumMag +XX%s and

250 boost.


These are some of the information that you need to know about Chocobo

World. If you need to more information about the Pocketstation or the

Chocobo World, you can contact The Saint <[email protected]> or you

can read his FAQs at GameFAQs.