Menu Abilities


In the main menu, you will find a sub-header called "Ability". At the

beginning of the game, it is greyed-out. But it will become avaliable

once you have at least mastered one menu ability.

Menu Ability are important as they could turn useless stuffs in

valuable/ hard-to-find stuffs. But they can be really tedious and time-

consuming. Menu Abilities can only be used while you are not in combat.

Remember the all menu abilities can't be learned else where. Hence

don't ever eliminate them.

There are many types of meny abilities and here is a unclassified

group.. I don't know where to put them. Therefore I would called it a

"Miscellaneous Menu Abilities"





Card-Mod-RF GFs: Quezacotl

AP needed: 80 Does: refine cards into items.

Prequisite: Card, all menu Item: n/a



Card-Mod-RF is really a good skill as it convert cards into usable

items. A lot of people dislike the idea of converting rare cards into

items, but can't be helped for those without a Pocketstation. The

Pocketstation really aids to nab some of rare items such as Ribbon and

Mog's Amulet which can't be obtained for those who don't owned a

Pocketstation. Worst of all, even items such as Energy Crystal takes

such a long time to get. As for the list, refer to card list section


Junk Shop GFs: Doomtrain

AP needed: n/a Does: called a Junk shop at any spot.

Prequisite: n/a Item: n/a


Call Junk Shop allows you to call a Junk Shop no matter where you are.

A Junk Shop is actually a shop where you are allowed to remodel your



Haggle GFs: Tonberry

AP needed: 150 Does: gives you a discount of 25%

Prequisite: n/a Item: n/a


With this ability, you can get a discount of 25% of the items. Hmm..

you can buy items in huge quantity with that. [automatically take effect

once learnt]


Familiar GFs: Tonberry

AP needed: 150 Does: allows you to buy rare items.

Prequisite: n/a Item: n/a


Wow.. quite a good ability when you need to get as many rare items such

as Hypno Crown, Force Armlet, Power Wrist, Orichalcon, Str-J Scroll,

Weapon Mon 1st Issue, etc. [automatically take effect once learnt.]


Sell High GFs: Tonberry

AP needed: 200 Does: selling price without discount

Prequisite: Familiar, Haggle Item: n/a


This ability will allows you to sell items at the usual price (half of

the usual price of the item). [automatically take effect once learnt]


Call Shop GFs: Tonberry

AP needed: 200 Does: call item shop no matter where you


Prequisite: Sell High Item: n/a


This ability enables you to call any item shop (just choose from the

menu) that you have visited.



Magic Refinement ffviii_016


I have just added/corrected a few miscellaneous bits of important

information regarding some of the refinements.


T Mag-RF [Thunder Magic Refinement] GFs: Quezacotl AP: 30

What it does: refine items into thunder and wind magic

Prequisite: n/a


1x M-Stone Piece = 5x Thunder

1x Magic Stone = 5x Thundara

1x Wizard Stone = 5x Thundaga

1x Corel Fragement = 20x Thundara

1x Dynamo Stone = 20x Thundaga

1x Shear Feather = 20x Aero

1x Windmill = 20x Tornado


I Mag-RF [Ice Magic Refinement] GFs: Shiva AP: 30

What it does: refine items into ice and water magic.

Prequisite: n/a

1x M-Stone Piece = 5x Blizzard

1x Magic Stone = 5x Blizzara

1x Wizard Stone = 5x Blizzaga

1x Arctic Wind = 20x Blizzara

1x North Wind = 20x Blizzaga

1x Fish Fin = 20x Water

1x Water Crystal = 50x Water


F Mag-RF [Fire Magic Refinement] GFs: Ifrit AP: 30

What it does: refine items into fire and flare magic

Prequisite: n/a

1x M-Stone Piece = 5x Fire

1x Magic Stone = 5x Fira

1x Wizard Stone = 5x Firaga

1x Bomb Fragment = 20x Fira

1x Red Fang = 20x Firaga

1x Bomb Spirit = 100x Firaga

1x Phoenix Pinion = 100x Firaga

1x Phoenix Spirit = 100x Firaga

1x Flare Stone = 1x Flare

1x Inferno Fang = 20x Flare


L Mag-RF [Life Magic Refinement] GFs: Siren AP: 30

What it does: refine items into recovery and life magic

Prequisite: n/a

1x M-Stone Piece = 5x Cure

1x Magic Stone = 5x Cura

1x Wizard Stone = 5x Curaga

1x Healing Water = 20x Cura

1x Whisper = 50x Curaga

1x Healing Mail = 20x Curaga

1x Healing Ring = 100x Curaga

1x Tent = 10x Curaga

1x Cottage = 20x Curaga

1x Mesmerize Blade = 20x Regen

1x Life Ring = 20x Life

1x Regen Ring = 20x Full-Life

1x Phoenix Spirit = 100x Full-Life

1x Moon Stone = 20x Holy

1x Holy Stone = 1x Holy

1x Holy Water = 2x Zombie

1x Zombie Powder = 20x Zombie

1x Saw Blade = 10x Death

1x Dead Spirit = 20x Death

1x Chef's Knife = 30x Death

1x Death Stone = 1x Death


Time Mag-RF [Time Magic Refinement] GFs: Diablos AP: 30

What it does: refine items into time support and earth magic

Prequisite: n/a

1x M-Stone Piece = 5x Slow

1x Magic Stone = 5x Haste

1x Wizard Stone = 5x Stop

1x Lightweight = 20x Haste

1x Spider Web = 20x Slow

1x Aegis Amulet = 100x Haste

1x Accelerator = 100x Haste

1x Dino Bone = 20x Quake

1x Steel Orb = 15x Demi

1x Black Hole = 30x Demi

1x Dragon Fin = 20x Double

1x Rocket Engine = 30x Triple

1x Samantha Soul = 60x Triple

1x Three Stars = 100x Triple


ST Mag-RF (Status Magic Refinement) GFs: Diablos AP: 30

What it does: refines items into status-changing magic.

Prequisite: n/a

1x M-Stone Piece = 5x Silence

1x Magic Stone = 5x Berserk

1x Wizard Stone = 5x Bio

1x Eye Drops = 1x Blind

1x Ochu Tentacle = 30x Blind

1x Betrayal Sword = 20x Confuse

1x Sleep Powder = 20x Sleep

1x Cockatrice Pinion = 20x Break

1x Soft = 3x Break

1x Steel Pipe = 20x Berserk

1x Silence Powder = 20x Silence

1x Echo Screen = 2x Silence

1x Venom Fang = 20x Bio

1x Antidote = 1x Bio

1x Malboro Tentacle = 40x Bio

1x Curse Spike = 10x Pain

1x Mystery Fluid = 10x Meltdown


Supt Mag-RF (Support Magic Refinement) GFs: Leviathan AP: 30

What it does: refines items into support magic.

1x M-Stone Piece = 5x Esuna

1x Magic Stone = 5x Dispel

1x Wizard Stone = 20x Dispel

1x Dragon Fang = 20x Esuna

1x Remedy = 5x Esuna

1x Med Kit = 100x Esuna

1x Saw Blade = 20x Dispel

1x Protect Stone = 1x Protect

1x Turtle Shell = 30x Protect

1x Giant Ring = 60x Protect

1x Steel Curtain = 100x Protect

1x Shell Stone = 1x Shell

1x Rune Armlet = 40x Shell

1x Barrier = 40x Shell

1x Moon Curtain = 100x Shell

1x Dragon Skin = 20x Reflect

1x Glow Curtain = 100x Reflect

1x Vampire Fang = 20x Drain

1x Aura Stone = 1x Aura

1x Fury Fragment = 5x Aura



Forbid Mag-RF [Forbidden Magic Refinement] GFs: Bahmaut AP: 30

What it does: refine items into powerful magic

Prequisite: n/a

1x Meteor Stone = 1x Meteor

1x Star Fragment = 5x Meteor

1x Ultima Stone = 1x Ultima

5x Pulse Ammo = 1x Ultima

1x Energy Crystal = 3x Ultima

1x Dark Matter = 100x Ultima


Mid Mag-RF (Medium Class Magic Refinement) GF: Quezacotl AP: 60

What it does: refine primary class magic to secondary class magic

Prequisite: T Mag-RF

5x Blizzard = 1x Blizzara

5x Fire = 1x Fira

5x Thunder = 1x Thundara

5x Cure = 1x Cura


High Mag-RF (High Class Magic Refinement) GF: Alexander AP: 120

What it does: refine secondary class magic to high class magic

Prequisite: n/a

5x Blizzara = 1x Blizzaga

5x Fira = 1x Firaga

5x Thundara = 1x Thundaga

5x Cura = 1x Curaga

10x Aero = 1x Tornado

10x Double = 1x Triple



Item Refinement ffviii_017


GFs Item are rarely dropped from monsters, even with Rare Item equipped.

The best method to get them is either through the Pocketstation [if you

owned one..] and the refinement process [non-Pocketstation owners will

have to suffer like me.]


Recov Med-RF (Recovery Medicine Refinement) GF: Carbuncle AP: 30

What it does: change items into recovery items

Prequisite: n/a

1x Healing Mail = 6x Hi-Potion

1x Healing Water = 2x Hi-Potion

4x Tent = 1x Mega Potion

2x Cottage = 1x Mega Potion

1x Healing Ring = 20x Mega Potion

1x Mesmerize Blade = 20x Mega Potion

1x Life Ring = 2x Phoenix Down

1x Regen Ring = 8x Phoenix Down

1x Phoenix Spirit = 100x Phoenix Down


ST Med-RF (Status Medicine Refinement) GF: Siren AP: 30

What it does: refine item into status restoring items

Prequisite: n/a

1x Poison Powder = 3x Antidotes

1x Venom Fang = 10x Antidotes

1x Cockatrice Pinion = 3x Soft

1x Ochu Tentacle = 3x Eye Drops

1x Silence Powder = 3x Echo Screen

1x Zombie Powder = 3x Holy Water

5x Betrayal Sword = 1x Remedy

5x Sleep Powder = 1x Remedy

1x Dragon Fang = 1x Remedy

1x Malboro Tentacle = 2x Remedy

1x Med Kit = 20x Remedy


Ammo-RF (Ammo Refinement) GF: Ifrit AP: 30

What it does: refine items into ammo.

Prequisite: F Mag-RF

1x Screw = 8x Normal Ammo

1x Normal Ammo = 1x Fast Ammo

1x Shotgun Ammo = 2x Fast Ammo

1x Bomb Fragment = 20x Fire Ammo

1x Red Fang = 40x Fire Ammo

1x Fuel = 10x Fire Ammo

1x Poison Powder = 10x Dark Ammo

1x Venom Fang = 20x Dark Ammo

1x Missile = 20x Demolition Ammo

1x Running Fire = 40x Demolition Ammo

1x Cactus Thorn = 40x Demolition Ammo

1x Sharp Spike = 10x AP Ammo

1x Chef's Knife = 20x AP Ammo

1x Laser Cannon = 5x Pulse Ammo

1x Energy Crystal = 10x Pulse Ammo

1x Power Generator = 20x Pulse Ammo


Tool-RF (Tool Refinement) GF: Siren AP: 30

What it does: change item into tools.

Prequisite: n/a

1x Healing Water = 2x Tent

1x Regen Ring = 5x Tent

1x Whisper = 1x Cottage

1x Healing Ring = 30x Cottage

1x Diamond Armor = 50x Cottage

1x Rune Armlet = 10x Shell Stone

1x Force Armlet = 30x Shell Stone

1x Turtle Shell = 10x Protect Stone

1x Orihalcon = 30x Protect Stone

1x Steel Pipe = 1x Aura Stone

1x Fury Fragment = 2x Aura Stone

1x Strength Love = 2x Aura Stone

1x Circlet = 2x Aura Stone

1x Power Wrist = 10x Aura Stone

1x Hypno Crown = 10x Aura Stone

1x Dead Spirit = 2x Death Stone

1x Inferno Fang = 2x Flare Stone

1x Moon Stone = 2x Holy Stone

1x Star Fragment = 2x Meteor Stone

1x Energy Crystal = 2x Ultima

3x Mega Phoenix = 1x Phoenix Pinion

1x Magic Scroll = 10x Wizard Stone

1x GF Scroll = 10x Wizard Stone

1x Draw Scroll = 10x Wizard Stone

1x Rosetta Stone = 1x Shaman Stone

1x Item Scroll = 10x Wizard Stone

1x Gambler Spirit = 10x Wizard Stone

1x Hungry Cookpot = 1x Shaman Stone

1x Mog Amulet = 1x Shaman Stone

1x Dark Matter = 1x Shaman Stone

1x Shaman Stone = 1x LuvLuv G

100x Curse Spike = 1x Dark Matter*

* This option is NOT shown under the GF information screen. But you must

get GF Siren to level 100 and you can do the following refinement.

Well, maybe it is a hidden ability.



Forbid Med-RF (Forbidden Medicine Refinement) GF: Doomtrain AP: 200

What it does: change items into hard-to-get items.

20x Mega Potion = 1x Elixir

1x Elem Atk = 4x Elixir

1x Elem Guard = 4x Elixir

1x Status Atk = 4x Elixir

1x Status Guard = 4x Elixir

1x Doc's Code = 1x Megalixir

1x Med Kit = 2x Megalixir

1x Gaea's Ring = 1x HP Up

10x Hyper Wrist = 1x Str Up

1x Monk's Code = 1x Str Up

5x Adamantine = 1x Vit Up

10x Royal Crown = 1x Mag Up

10x Magic Armlet = 1x Spr Up

2x Aegis Amulet = 1x Spd Up

50x Jet Engine = 1x Spd Up

5x Rocket Engine = 1x Spd Up

1x Hundred Needles = 1x Spd Up

1x Luck-J Scroll = 1x Luck Up


GFRecov Med-RF (GF Recovery Medicine Refinement) GF: Leviathan AP: 30

What it does: refine items into GF recovery items.

Prequisite: n/a

1x Healing Water = 2x G Hi-Potion

1x Mesmerize Blade = 2x G Hi-Potion

1x Whisper = 4x G Hi-Potion

1x Healing Ring = 20x G Mega Potion

1x Pet House = 2x G-Returner

1x Life Ring = 2x G-Returner

1x Regen Ring = 6x G-Returner

1x Phoenix Spirit = 40x G-Returner

1x Healing Mail = 1x Pet House

1x Silver Mail = 2x Pet House

1x Gold Armor = 4x Pet House

1x Diamond Armor = 16x Pet House


Med LV Up (Medicine Level Up) GF: Alexander AP: 120

What it does: refine items into higher-level items

Prequisite: Med Data

3x Potion = 1x Potion+

3x Potion+ = 1x Hi-Potion

3x Hi-Potion = 1x Hi-Potion+

3x Hi-Potion+ = 1x Mega Potion

3x Mega Potion = 1x X Potion

50x Phoenix Down = 1x Mega Phoenix

10x Remedy = 1x Remedy+*

10x Remedy+ = 1x Elixir

10x Hero-trial = 1x Hero

10x Hero = 1x Holy War-trial

10x Holy War-trial = 1x Holy War

10x Elixir = 1x Megalixir

* This ability is critical to get GF Doomtrain. Refer to GF Bestiary for

more information.


GFAbl Med-RF (GF Ability Medicine Refinement) GF: Eden AP: 30

What it does: refine items into GF Ability items.

Prequisite: n/a

1x Dark Matter = 1x Luck-J Scroll

2x HP Up = 1x HP-J Scroll

2x Str Up = 1x Str-J Scroll

2x Vit Up = 1x Vit-J Scroll

2x Mag Up = 1x Mag-J Scroll

2x Spr Up = 1x Spr-J Scroll

2x Spd Up = 1x Spd-J Scroll

2x Luck Up = 1x Luck-J Scroll

2x Moon Curtain = 1x Monk's Code

5x Silver Mail = 1x Gold Armor

5x Gold Armor = 1x Diamond Armor

5x Holy War = 1x Knight's Code

10x HP-J Scroll = 1x Giant Ring

10x Str-J Scroll = 1x Power Wrist

10x Vit-J Scroll = 1x Orihalcon

10x Mag-J Scroll = 1x Hypno Crown

10x Spr-J Scroll = 1x Force Armlet

10x Spd-J Scroll = 1x Accelerator

10x Accelerator = 1x Rocket Engine

10x Elixir = 1x Doc's Code

10x Giant Ring = 1x Gaea's Ring

10x Power Wrist = 1x Hyper Wrist

10x Orihalcon = 1x Adamantine

10x Force Armlet = 1x Magic Armlet

10x Hypno Crown = 1x Royal Crown

20x Magic Armlet = 1x Moon Curtain

20x Adamantine = 1x Steel Curtain

20x Royal Crown = 1x Status Attack

20x Phoenix Pinion = 1x Phoenix Spirit

50x Barrier = 1x Aegis Amulet

50x Energy Crystal = 1x Samantha Soul

100x Lightweight = 1x Accelerator

100x Dragon Fang = 1x Med Kit

100x Malboro Tentacle = 1x Moon Curtain

100x Whisper = 1x Healing Ring

100x Bomb Fragment = 1x Bomb Spirit

100x Dragon Skin = 1x Glow Curtain

100x Cactus Thorn = 1x Hundred Needles

1x Shaman Stone = 1x Rosetta Stone