Outros inimigos



OILBOYLE LV.1-100 HP:200-20,000 Taste: ????? AP:10

Steal/Drop : Fuel, Wizard Stone

Card : n/a

Rare Item : Fuel

Attack : Oil, (Grab and Suck), Light Beam, Water

Draw : Esuna, Blind, Cure*, Confuse

Descri. : White creature with red torso, looks like a mutation or

advance version of Blobra

Where : Balamb Garden MD Level [NORG's Anger]

Ultimecia Castle

NOTE : Weak against Fire. Water has no effect. It's Light Beam

packs a punch compared to Oil. Both affects only one


Info : This creature lives underground. Its slimy body is full

of oil. Attacks by splitting oil.


PROPAGATOR LV.1-100 HP:125-12,500 Taste: n/a AP: 5

Steal : 8x Wizard Stone

Drop : Aura Stone, Ultima Stone, Flare Stone, Shell Stone,

Protect Stone, Death Stone, Holy Stone

Rare Item : n/a

Card : n/a

Attack : BiteBite, Silence, Blind, Bio, Thunder*

Draw : Thunder*, Cure*, Esuna, Life

Descri. : 6-10 meter ailen monster

Where : Inside Ragnarok (The Space Incident)

NOTE : Yeah, no fear.. refer to strategy found in walkthrough

Info : A monster living in space ship Ragnarok. Very violent in

nature. Attacks anything moves within the ship.


PuPu LV.1-100 HP:10-810 Taste: n/a AP:0

Drop : Accelerator

Rare Item : Accelerator

Card : PuPu Card

Attack : (none), Elixir Please!, More Elixir Please!, Thank you

Draw : Cure*, Fire*, Blizzard*, Thunder*

Descri. : Cute alien, can't explain more.. (refer to UFO Sighting

Incident for more info.)

Where : Balamb - Accauld Plains where Balamb Garden formerly

located (must did all the UFO Sighting before this)

NOTE : I would recommend you not to kill it as that's the only

way to get PuPu Card [which in turns get the Hungry

Cookpot.]. Anyway Accelerator can be gotten through

another method. Make sure you have aleast 5 Elixirs and

a character with Item command.

Info : An ailen from other planet. Someone destroyed its UFO and

the alien is in need of help.


UFO? LV.1-100 HP:121-12,100 Taste: n/a AP:0

Drop : Aegis Amulet

Rare Item : Aegis Amulet

Card : n/a

Attack : (none)

Draw : Demi

Descri. : small blue and white Unindentified Flying Object with a

yellow antenna

Where : Grandidi Mountain north of Chocobo Holy Region (refer to

UFO Sighting Incident in Part II for more info)

NOTE : Not a strong foe (even an enemy), Just attack!

Info : Unidentified flying object from outher space.


RALDO LV.1-100 HP:24-2,800 Taste:???? AP:2

Steal/Drop: Magic Stone, Wizard Stone

Rare Item : ???

Card : n/a

Attack : (claw Swipe)

Draw : Fire*, Thunder*, [Protect], Shell

Descri. : A small version of Armadodo only with high defensive

stats, It is like a solid rock!

Where : Balamb Training Center

Ultimecia Castle

NOTE : Due to its high defensive stats, it will be more

advisible to use Magic on it than normal attacks.

Info : May look slow due to its stone-like body, but it is

actually quite fast, appear in numbers.


ESTHAR SOLDIER LV.1-100 HP:120-6,000 Taste: n/a AP:1

Steal : Potion, Tent, Hi-Potion

Drop : Magic Stone, Potion, Tent, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down

Card : n/a

Rare Item : n/a

Attacks : Shotgun, (knife strike)

Draw : Cure*, Thunder*, Blizzard*, Fire*

Descri. : Type 1- Navy blue in color, Its head looks a grasshopper

Where : Centra- Excavation Site (Laguna Dream Sequence #2)

Lunatic Pandora Research Center (Laguna Dream Sequence


Esthar Odine's Labortary (Laguna Dream Sequence #5)

NOTE : It just like the G-Soldier in Laguna's Dream Sequence.

Junction 100x Bio to your characters' Elem-Atk-J or

ST-Atk-J to deal with it. Weak against Poison

Info : Esthar Soldier who uses both gun and sword. Shotgun attack

can cause major damage. Not a strong enemy.


ESTHAR SOLDIER LV.1-100 HP: 150-6,500 Taste: n/a AP:1

Steal : Potion, Tent, Hi-Potion

Drop : Magic Stone, Potion, Tent, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down

Card : n/a

Rare Item : n/a

Attacks : Shotgun, (knife strike), Boomerang Sword, Soul Crash

Draw : Thunder*, Blizzard*, Fire*

Descri. : Type 2- Dark Navy blue in color, Its head looks a

grasshopper (cyborg version)

Where : Centra- Excavation Site (Laguna Dream Sequence #2)

Lunatic Pandora Research Center (Laguna Dream Sequence


Esthar Odine's Labortary (Laguna Dream Sequence #5)

NOTE : Weak against Thunder, Poison has no effect. The Soul

Crush is the move that it uses on Ward and Kiros at

Laguna's adventure at the evacuation site. Its Boomerang

Sword affects all allies. Junction 100x Thundaga to

inflicit more damage on it (of course, use Elem-Atk-J)

Info : A cyborg in the form of an Esthar Soldier but far

stronger. It only uses physical attacks.


ELITE SOLDIER LV.1-100 HP:50-3,000+ Taste: n/a AP:2

Steal/Drop: Cottage, Tent, Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion

Card : n/a

Attack : (Charge), (Double Shot), Thunder*, Potion

Rare Item : n/a

Draw : Fire*, Blizzard*, Thunder*, {Scan -> Dispel}

Descri. : A red soldier of Galbadia with a metallic padding on its


Where : Dollet Mission, Balamb Arrival at Fisherman's Horizon,

Esthar during arrival of Lunatic Pandora, Lunatic Pandora.

Galbadia Missile Base, Timber Town

NOTE : A stronger G-Soldier. Has quite strong attacks against

low level characters. Quite good enemy for storing magic.

Weak against Poison.

Info : An officer acting together with G-Soldiers, Reflect him

first he uses recover magic on other soldiers.


G-SOLDIER LV.1-100 HP: 50-1,200 Taste: n/a AP:1

Steal/Drop : Potion, Tent, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down

Card : n/a

Attack : (Sword Swipe), Fire.

Rare Item : n/a

Draw : Fire*, Blizzard*, Thunder*, Cure*

Descri. : A blue soldier of Galbadia holding a sword

Where : Dollet Communications Tower

Lunatic Pandora

Esthar- arrival of Lunatic Pandora

FH- Balamb Garden Arrival at Fisherman's Horizon,

Balamb Garden- Garden Crash

Galbadia Missile Base

NOTE : The basic human enemy, extremely weak. Good for stocking

the basic elementals. Weak against Poison. Sleep

junctioned ST-Atk-J works well on this guy.

Info : G-Soldier that use magic with a sword. Strong enough but

nowhere near as strong as any SeeD member.


GUARD LV.1-100 HP: 50-1,200 Taste: n/a AP: 1

Steal/Drop : Remedy, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down

Rare Item : n/a

Card : n/a

Attack : (sword swipe), Sleep

Draw : Sleep, Silence, Blind, Cure*

Descri. : same as G-Soldier

Where : D-District Prison

NOTE : Weak against Poison. Typically make them sleep before

they did so! While they are "sleeping", summon GFs to

finish them off!

Info : A Prison secruity guard. A Galbadia Soldier that trained

in sleep magic to capture escapees.



PARATROOPER LV.1-100 HP:50-3,000+ Taste: n/a AP:1

Steal/Drop : Remedy, Antidote, Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion

Rare Item : n/a

Card : n/a

Attack : (sword swipe), Blind, Demi, Water, Silence, Reflect,


Draw : Sleep, Blind, Water, Silence

Descri. : Similar to G-Soldier, Guard of Galbadia on its green

Where : Balamb Garden - The Garden Crash

NOTE : These guys are quite dangerous as they could cast Demi,

along with dangerous status spells such as Silence. It

will be best if you have equipped the Treatment command.

Junction 100x Silence or 100x Sleep to ST-Atk-J, could

does serious damage against it. Weak against Poison.

Info : Soldier assigned to Galbadia Garden. Specializes in

sneak attacks. Much stronger than regular Galbadia




GIM-52A LV.1-100 HP:105-11,000 Taste: n/a AP:3

Steal/Drop : Missile, Running Fire

Card : n/a

Rare Item : Missile

Attack : Micro Missile, Haste, Gatling Gun, Ray-Bomb, (Charge)

Draw : Haste, Slow, {Dispel}, {Reflect}

Descri. : A blue robot keep moving its hands, looks like Weltall of


Where : D-District Prison,

Esthar- City (Arrival of Lunatic Pandora)

Inside Lunatic Pandora (before Lunar Cry)

NOTE : Weak against Thunder. Cast Slow on it and cast Haste on

your members and attack! Make use of Thunder Elem-Atk-J

Combo. It's Micro Missile does 3/4 damage to one ally.

Gatling Gun does damage to one ally. Ray-Bomb does

damage to all characters.

Info : A Galbadia Machine that attacks with magic and missile.

The more advance models uses high powered beams.


SLAPPER LV 40 HP: 1710 Taste: n/a AP: 3

Steal/Drop : Hi-Potion, Potion, Phoenix Down

Card : n/a

Rare Item : n/a

Attack : (Slap), (teamwork)

Draw : Blizzard, [Blizzara], {Blizzaga}, {Water}

Descri. : A monster dressed like a hockey player

Where : Galbadia Garden (The Garden Crash)

NOTE : Pretty a weak monster.... Use Fire Elem-Atk-J Combo.

Info : A member of Garden's semi-human ice-hockey club,

attacks with speed and teamwork.