Capítulo 1 - The Meager


--Battle 1: Magic City Gariland--

The key in this battle is advance slowly and not to let

your characters get spread out. Stay on the left side

(away from the bulk of the houses) and make good use of

your Chemists. Attack from the enemy from behind whenever

possible. Don't worry about Delita; the Guest AI is

incredibly incompetent and he'll get killed in almost

every battle.

--Battle 2: Mandalia Plains--

Send a Chemist up to Algus right away and heal him

(after he gets hit, that is). He'll probably run away,

so your characters are free to concentrate on the

enemies. Attack from above if you can.

--Battle 3: Sweegy Woods--

I really don't remember much about this battle. It

wasn't very difficult, anyway.

--Battle 4: Dorter Slums--

Send three characters directly forward from your

starting position (down the street), and send Ramza and

the other character up the building nearby (where Delita

and Algus go). Have Ramza move up to the top of the

building and hit the Archer there, then, on his next

turn, throw a stone at him and you should be able to

kill it. The other characters should concentrate on

the Wizards, then the Archer. If a character's counter

gets low (0 or 1), use a Phoenix Down on them to keep

them from dying permanently -- they'll probably get

killed again, but it resets the counter.

--Battle 5: Sand Rat Cellar--

This is a tough battle. When deploying your characters,

deploy somebody with the Item command (either a chemist

or another character with that command) in the second

group. Have that character go with Delita to heal him,

otherwise he'll get killed quickly. Send the rest of

your characters towards the other door. Algus will

run into a suicide mission into the building, but keep

healing him anyway -- if you gave him magic as I

recommended in the walkthrough he'll be very helpful.

Don't crowd the doorway or you'll get in trouble -- let

the enemies come outside to you.

--Battle 6: Thieves' Fort--

If you beat Sand Rat Cellar, you shouldn't have any

trouble here. Just kill off the magic-users first, then

concentrate on Miluda. If you have the Sword Break or

Armor Break Knight abilities, use them on her. I

recommend standing up on cliffs on the left side of the

fort; you have a height advantage there. Because

this level isn't very challenging, you may want to let the

enemies die completely so they turn into a chest or crystal

for some freebies.

--Battle 7: Lenalia Plateau--

On the first turn, attack the closest Knight as fast as

possible; you should be able to knock her out on the first

round if you've got a Monk. Play the first few rounds

defensively to prevent any early casualties -- use the high

ground to your advantage. Send one or two characters after

the Wizards, and possibly the Time Mage as well. If you have

an Archer, send him/her up onto the tall ridge and shoot

down on the enemies. After knocking out the Wizards,

concentrate on Miluda.

--Battle 8: Windmill Shed--

Again, the key is to go after Wiegraf. Send Ramza along

the bottom of the cliff to take out the Chocobo (Boco)

and any other enemies down there (if there are any;

I don't remember). Then fight Wiegraf; archers and monks

work well on him. Stay healed!

--Battle 9: Fort Zeakden--

First of all, whoever you deploy on the seocond squad

is virtually useless as they start far away from the

action. Luckily, you can almost beat the whole fight

just using Ramza. Just go after Algus and completely

ignore the other guys. Ramza and Monk should be able

to finish him -- use the Monk's Repeated Fist ability.