Capítulo 1 - The Meager


The game begins at Orbonne Monastery. A band of enemy

knights shows up, and you have to fight. This battle

is pretty much automatic. Gafgarion and Agrias will

take care of most of the enemies. Just throw stones

at the enemies for a couple turns. Afterwards, Delita

will capture Princess Ovelia and flee. Ramza then has

an (extended) flashback about Delita.

%%%CHAPTER I: THE MEAGER%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

All of Chapter I is a flashback to Ramza's days as

a Hokuten Knight-in-training. You (Ramza) and Delita

will be at the academy in Gariland, where you receive

the assignment to defeat some thieves in the town.

You are automatically joined by four squires and two

chemists, then the first battle begins. See "Battle

Strategies" for tips on the battles.

After you win the battle, you will go to the map

screen. If you lost any characters in the fight, go

to the Soldier Office and recruit some new ones to

replace them (or just reset the game). This is the

only time you should use the Soldier Office -- if

you lose anybody later in the game, you're better

off resetting.

Buy some Potions and a few (1-2) Phoenix Downs

and head west to Mandalia Plains. As soon as you

leave the city, you'll have a flashback (yes, a

flashback in a flashback) to the death of Ramza's

father Balbanes. After that sequence has ended,

you'll move on to the Mandalia Plains. Here,

you'll meet Algus. Choose to save him, then beat

up the enemies while protecting Algus.

Back on the map, go on up to Igros Castle. You'll

have a brief chat with Dycedarg, then you'll be

sent to go to find Marquis Elmdor. Buy new equipment

(if there is any; I can't remember) and stock up on

Potions. You may want to gain some levels on the

Mandalia Plains before proceeding (BTW, you don't

have to deploy Ramza during random battles, if you

didn't know).

Head down to the Sweegy Woods at complete the

battle there. Before proceeding, make sure all your

troops have the Throw Stone and Dash abilities.

When you get the JP, pick up Accumulate, Move+1,

and Counter Tackle. Ramza can also use the Yell

ability, which you'll want to get as well. Chemists

should have Potion and Phoenix Down. All the

condition-curing items are useless (except Remedy);

don't bother learning them. Also, having Algus learn

a basic Black Magic spell would be useful. AVOID job

changes at this time.

As soon as you enter Dorter Slums, you'll enter

a pretty tough battle. If you don't win, that's okay

-- try again, or build up your levels first. Upon

your victory, you'll be able to visit the town. Buy

new equipment and stock up on items. You'll want

at least 10 Potions and 4 Phoenix Downs. Again,

you may want to build levels before proceeding to the

next battle. When you're ready, go on up to the

Zeklaus Desert, where you'll have a battle at Rat

Cellar. After you win, you'll rescue the Marquis.

Return to Igros Castle. Dycedarg will send you

south to the Thieves' Fort. Thieves' Fort is

easier than Sand Rat Cellar, so you shouldn't have

any trouble. Following the battle, there will be

a cutscene at Igros in which Teta (Delita's sister)

is kidnapped.

Strip Algus of all his equipment, as he'll be

leaving your party shortly. Go back up to Igros.

A series of scenes will follow in which Ramza and

Delita decide to rescue Teta, and Algus leaves.

At this point, you'll probably want to start

changing Jobs, if you haven't already. If any of

your characters can become Monks, do so; they're

very strong fighters. Ramza I would recommend as

a Knight. It would also help to have a Black

Mage and Archer. However, you will still want to

have a healer, so give one of your characters the

Item ability and the Chemists' Throw Item support

ability (so your items have a longer range).

Make sure to buy equipment for the new jobs!

Return to Gariland. While you're here, buy

plenty of Potions (12 or so) and Phoenix Down

(6 should be sufficient). Go north to the

Lenalia Plateau. You'll have another battle

against Miluda (Wiegraf's sister). After the

battle, check your item supply. If it's sufficient,

just go on ahead to the Fovoham Plains. If it's

not, go back to Gariland, but you might have a

random battle on the return trip.

At Fovoham Plains, you'll square off against

Wiegraff and his Chocobo Boco (from FF5). This

battle isn't too difficult if you have good Jobs.

Again, if your item supply is okay, you can

continue directly on to Fort Zeakden, the final

battle of the chapter, where you'll have to fight

Algus. You will need non-basic Jobs (particularly

a Monk and Archer) for this battle. If you need

JP, go to Sweegy Woods or the Mandalia Plains and

fight random battles.

At Fort Zeakden, you'll find Teta being

held captive by a Golagros, a Death Corps knight.

Algus and Dycedarg arrive with some troops, and

Algus shoots Teta and Golagros. You then fight

Algus. After you kill him, the fort will blow up,

and the chapter ends.