Capítulo 2 - The Manipulator & The Subservient


--Battle 10: Dorter Trade City--

If you've got good Jobs, this battle should be no

problem. Just move up the path and take out the enemies

as you go. Agrias has a nasty habit of casting Blind

indiscriminatly on your own people (yet more proof that

the guests are completely incompetent), so pay attention

to which she enemy she is using magic on and move away.

Even if you do get blinded, this battle is a pushover.

--Battle 11: Araguay Woods--

Your mission here is to save Boco (Wiegraf's Chocobo).

The Goblins aren't very strong (especially with Agrias's

and Gafgarion's help), so I recommend just rushing them.

Stay out of the ditches. Boco will usually retreat

into a corner and will be chased by the lone Black

Goblin. He (Boco) can take care of himself, so don't

bother going after the Black Goblin. As the enemies

are undead, you can use healing spells or items on them

to damage them. Better yet, use a Phoenix Down -- it's

an instant death attack!

--Battle 12: Zirekile Falls--

First, take out Gafgarion. If you turned him into a

crummy class before the battle (heh heh), you should be

able to take care of him in one hit. Send a healer

character up to Ovelia to heal her in case she gets

low; have your other characters kill the two knights.

One of the knights from the far side will probably try

to cross over, so put your archer (assuming you have

one; you really ought to) on the corner of the cliff

and shoot down at the guy. Agrias may finish him off;

if not, send a character or two down after him. Delita

will probably take care of the two knights on the far

side of the falls all on his own.

--Battle 13: Zaland Fort City--

This is a toughie. The enemy has some really powerful

mages. Use magic, bows, and the Black Chocobo (if you

have one) to take them out immediately. Don't forget,

if you chose the second option you have to keep Mustadio

alive, so send a Priest or Chemist (or someone with those

abilities to the side of the wall to throw items / spells

up to him). Don't attempt to enter the city through the

gate -- you can climb on the walls via the ramp if need

be (or fly in on the Black Chocobo), but try to take out

some of the enemies inside first. One cool trick is to

land a Black Chocobo next to Mustadio -- he automatically

has the Monster Skill ability, so you can use Choco Meteor

on the enemies. Ramza's of little use here, but have him

use Yell on your other characters. If you get the chance,

try to pick up some of the crystals / chests left by the


--Battle 14: Bariaus Hilll--

This battle is harder than it looks. On the first turn,

Mustadio should go after one of the Summmoners. Send

a fast and/or magic-using character (only one) around

the opposite side of the hill after the other. If

you survive the first few rounds you should win -- just

stay healed. Keep Mustadio alive, as his gun is really


--Battle 15: Zigolis Swamp--

This is a fairly normal battle with a few quirks. First,

if you end your turn in the swamp, you get poisoned.

This isn't that bad, but if you a choice, stand on land.

Second, almost all the enemies (everyone except the

Molbol) are undead -- that means you can use heal spells

and items to damage them. It's quite effective. Other

than that, there's nothing here you haven't seen before.

--Battle 16: Slums in Goug--

This level is the one of the toughest battles so far.

Mustadio will be almost invariably killed at the start of

the battle -- he has no equipment and starts right next

to the enemies. Don't worry about him. Move your guys

up onto the roof. Use ranged attacks to take out the

Summoners. Kill any unit that moves onto your roof;

thieves first, archers second. Don't chase enemies over

to the other roof (use ranged attacks, but don't move

guys over there). Your highest priority is to keep your

guys healed, not to hit the enemy. Useful abilities here

are Chakra, Counter, and Fire (or Ice or Bolt) 3.

--Battle 17: Bariaus Valley--

Kill the wizards first (using range attacks if you have

them), then the archers. This fight is really easy;

just make sure Agrias stays alive. Because it's so

easy, let the enemies' counters run out and pick up

the loot they leave behind (paralyze Agrias or something

to keep her from finishing them off).

--Battle 18: Golgorand Execution Site--

Big Tip #1: The goal here is not to defeat just Gafgarion,

but ALL the enemies... I learned this the hard way (pay

attention to the goal at the start!) Deploy strong

fighters in the second squad and your other characters

in the first squad. Agrias is very useful here, as are

Monks and Geomancers (use Hell Ivy; it stops the enemy

and it almost always works). Move up on top of the

gate and kill the Time Mages first, then stay up on the

gate and attack the enemies as they come up to you. The

trick is to limit the number of guys you are fighting at

once: use spells to freeze enemy guys and remain clustered

together. Concentrate your attacks on a few enemies at a

time, especially those annoying archers. Save Gafgarion

for last as he just keeps healing himself, unless you have a

really powerful attack spell (like Fire 4 or Holy or

something). However, if you have Weapon Break, use it on

Gafgarion to stop him from using his sword techinques. You'll

be taking a lot of hits, so a good way to heal yourself is

to not have your healer move -- this lets him/her get

more turns. Fighters are the most useful type of character

here, but Mustadio is good if he has Arm Aim (Leg Aim isn't

bad either); just keep him healed up. If you just can't

win, try getting some better abilities like Raise 2,

Equip Armor, Auto Potion, Chakra (which you really need by

now), etc. It took me six tries to beat this level, so

don't feel bad if you're having trouble.

--Battle 19: At the gate of Lionel Castle--

Move down Ramza down towards Gafgarion and have him

use Chakras on every turn to heal the damage Gaf is doing

to you. Don't attack Gafgarion or open the gate; just

sit there and use Chakra. Meanwhile, your other four

characters have to take on the gang outside the gate.

Black magic and summon spells (if you have them) are useful

because of their wide range. So are Mustadio's Arm

Aim (use on the enemy summoner), Agrias's Stasis Sword,

and every Time Mage spell. The trick here is in choosing

your characters and abilites well, if you have them, it's

not that difficult. Once the melee outside the gate has

ended, move Ramza up to the switch on the left side of the

gate and he will open the door. Then have your whole gang

rush through and attack Gafgarion. Try to break his weapon,

or even better, steal it. He shouldn't be too much trouble

-- the hard part is the fight outside the gate.

--Battle 20: Inside of Lionel Castle--

Spread your characters out in your initial deployment --

Queklain will begin the battle by casting Nightmare, which

will give you various nasty status changes. Use the Esuna

spell (if you have it available) to remedy them. If

you don't, just wait for them to clear up (or hit your

sleeping characters to wake them up. I wouldn't

recommend deploying magic-users in this battle; they're

not much help. Don't bother healing your characters

(Queklain can kill them in one hit anyway), but revive

anybody who dies. Use hit-and-run tactics whenever

possible. There's not really much strategy to this battle,

just brute force and some luck. Queklain has about 350 HP.