Capítulo 2 - The Manipulator & The Subservient


You now return to the present, at Orbonne

Monastery. Your curren mission is to rescue Princess

Ovelia. Rad and Agrias' two Knights will join your

party, and Agrias and Gafgarion will join as Guests.

You still have all your characters from Chapter I

(except Delita).

If you have any abilities to learn, get them,

then go north to Dorter, where another battle awaits

you. Win it (well, obviously) and you'll have access

to all of the map again.

At this point, you should not have any characters

with basic Jobs (Squire or Chemist), and you'll want

to have a Monk, Archer, Wizard, and Priest somewhere

in the party. A Mediator is also useful, but might

take some time to get (you have to get Oracle up to

level 2, and Oracle requires Priest). If you want to

take the time to get it, you can also get the Thief


You now have the ability to take Propositions

at bars. You can earn a lot of gil and some JP from

these jobs, so take them up (never more than one

at a time, though). Always use the maxinum number

of days possible. While the characters are away,

you can have the main group build up job levels with

random battles (or just continue on without them).

All the stores in the three towns have new items,

so pay them a visit to get supplies for your characters.

Don't buy any equipment for Gafgarion (Agrias is okay,

but her equipment is already really good). Stock up

on Hi-Potions (you'll want the Hi-Potion ability by

now) and Phoenix Downs.

Note: you can have random battles at Fovoham

Plains and the Zeklaus Desert that are entirely

different from the set battles there. They also

feature some advanced monsters, so try recruiting

them with a Mediator. Just make sure to keep an eye

on the number of eggs they produce; wipe out the

majority of eggs before they clog your roster.

When you feel confident that you've got some

good characters, go to Araguay Woods, east of Dorter.

BTW, this is now up to where I'm writing while

playing the game and not just from memory. Anyway,

here you have to save Boco (the chocobo) from the

goblins (pick the second choice). You shouldn't

have any trouble. After the battle, Boco will join.

Back on the map, go into your formation screen

and change Gafgarion into a Time Mage (this should

cause him to lose all his equipment). Then continue

on to Zirekile Falls. The graphics here are simply

incredible. Here you'll find Delita and Ovelia being

attacked by some Hokuten Knights. The Knights demand

that Gafgarion join them, and he does. You then

have to fight him and the knights to save Ovelia.

After the battle, Delita will leave you with

Ovelia. Ramza decides to go to Lionel Castle. On

the map, help yourself to Gafgarion's equipment (if you

didn't earlier). If you need items, go back to

Dorter. The next battle is a toughie, so be prepared.

I recommend having an archer, a Black Chocobo (Boco

will lay eggs and they may be black chocobos), and

a priest or wizard. If you use a wizard, make sure

somebody can heal. When you're ready, go to Zaland

Fort City.

You'll meet Mustadio, who is being chased by some

bad guys. You get a choice whether to help him or not.

Choosing the second option means that you have to keep

Mustadio alive to win the battle, while the first

doesn't. So choose the first. No matter what you pick,

Mustadio joins you afterwards as a Guest.

When all the talking is finished, go back into

Zaland to pick up supplies and equipment. There's

not very much in the way of selection, but you can get

a new staff, hat (only give the Triangle Hat to magic

users; the Headgear is better for fighters as it raises

their attack), and armor.

Your next stop is Bariaus Hill. When you first

get here, there's no fight, just some dialogue.

Afterwards, you'll be back on the map, but Bariaus Hill

is still red. This time when you go there, you do

get a fight. Following the fight, a cut scene will

pop up back at Igros Castle with Dycedarg and Gafgarion


You can now finally get to Lionel Castle (don't

worry; there's no fight). You'll chat with Draclau

and learn about the Zodiac Stones. Agrias and Ovelia

will then leave the party. Then you get to go shopping!

There is a lot of really powerful equipment you can get

here, so load up on it (you should have a lot of money

by now). Also, you may want to send some of your characters

out on a proposition if you haven't been doing them --

you can earn a lot of money from some. One way to pass

time and complete the propositions is to walk back and

forth between Dorter Trade City and Orbonne Monastery;

there are no random battles but you increase the days

counter quickly.

On to the swamp. Fight your way through here, but

don't go to Goug. Instead, return to Zaland -- the shop

has some new equipment (Platina Daggers, Green Berets [don't

give them to magic-users] and Wizard Outfits). Then move

onto Goug. Upon arriving in the city, there will be a brief

scene and then you're back on the map. The store doesn't

have much of anything, but if you've got a Mediator or

Chemist, be sure to buy them a Romanda Gun. There's also a

lot of accessories -- you might want to pick up a Wizard

Mantle or two for your magic users. Make sure you're stocked

up on Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs; you'll need them.

Try to leave the city and you'll be immediately thrust

into a battle. Deploy your Mediator (if you have one),

somebody with a bow, and somebody with black magic.

Rudvich, the leader of the Bart Company, will appear with

Mustadio and Besrodio (Musty's father) captive. Mustadio

reveals the location of the Zodiac Stone. Ramza forks it over

and you find out that Draclau was in on the plot. It's

fight time.

After the battle (a tough one, I might add), you

check on Besrodio. Mustadio reveals that the Zodiac Stone

that Rudvich got was really a fake. Mustadio will now

join as you a normal party member -- now you can control

him! The only downside to this is that he can be

permanently killed. Musty's equipment is all gone, so be

sure to re-equip. Also, if you learned any skills while

he was a Guest, they're gone for some reason.

Take the ship (well, just walk across the ocean)

over to Warjilis Trade City. Upon getting off the ship,

you'll bump into Delita again. After that scene's ended,

you can explore the town. To make some easy money, go

to the bar and accept the proposition (to find the

Highwind!), then go back to Goug and get the job there

as well (there will be a cutscene when you leave Warjilis

the first time). Just go back and forth between the

two cities until both jobs are complete. If you weren't

able to afford everything back in Goug, pick it up now.

Now go up to Bariaus Valley, where you'll find

anohter fight. You'll deploy two squads here to save

Agrias from the Hokuten; this is a really easy fight,

so you might want to deploy some weaker characters to

give them a boost. Agrias will rejoin, this time as a

normal (non-guest) character. By the way, somewhere around

here I picked up a Giant Axe (sorry, not sure where);

it's a VERY strong weapon, give somebody the "Equip Axe

ability and have them use it.

Your next stop is Golgorand Execution Site. Male

sure you're ready; this is a tough battle. The

execution turns out to be a trap, and you have to fight

Gafgarion. Good luck, you'll need it.

Eventually (probably after a couple of tries), you'll

win. There will be a long scene back at Lionel Castle

in which you find out more about Ovelia's past and

Draclau's plans. Then you're back on the map. Return

to Warjilis, where you'll find some new armor available.

Equip your characters and restock your items. Then make

*sure* that Ramza has the Chakra ability and Punch Art

equipped (either because he is a monk or as a secondary

action ability). Equip the Arrow Guard ability on any

characters that have it. When you've done all that, it's

time for the final battles of the chapter. Note: if you want,

you can walk all the way PAST Lionel Castle to the destinations

behind it -- just don't click on Lionel Castle itself until

you're ready to fight. When you do, you'll have no choice but

to attack the gate...

Ramza will go to open the gate, but Gafgarion shows up

yet again and surrounds the castle. If you thought

the Execution Site was bad, here's more fun. Actually,

the gate isn't quite as bad if you play your cards right

(see the battle strategies). The save game screen will

pop up at the conclusion of the battle -- there's another

battle right after this one. It's your call as to whether

you should save. I'd recommend saving in a separate slot

in case you need to go back to get more JP. Your formation

screen then shows up, allowing you to learn new abilities

or do anything you need to. When you leave the formation

screen, you'll go to the next battle and start deploying

your characters. This time you're up against Draclau, who

uses his Zodiac Stone to turn (with some incredible special

effects) into Queklain. Beat him and he'll blow up (more

nifty effects) and drop another Zodiac Stone. You'll see

a scene with Delita and Prince Goltana in which the Lion

War begins, then Chapter 2 ends.