Capítulo 3 - The Valiant


--Battle 21: Goland Coal City--

Deploy lots of fast character (or use the Geomancer

ability Any Terrain). Actually, it doesn't really matter

who you deploy because Olan possess the ludicrously

powerful Galaxy Stop spell, which will freeze at least

half the enemy forces every time he casts it. The

Mediator and Chemist *do* have guns, but it doesn't

matter in the least. You'd have to try really hard to

lose this battle, and even then I'm not sure you could

manage to. Just try not to get any of your items stolen,

and pick up as many crystallized/chestified enemies as

you can.

--Battle 22: Back gate of Lesalia Castle--

Your other characters are behind the gate (if you were

wondering where they were). Don't move them down off

the front of the castle; let the enemies come to you.

The majority of them will come up the right side, so

position your characters there. If you stand on the

railing, you have a height advantage. Because the

ememies are often in clusters, magic (and geomancy)

works well on them. The annoying part of this battle

is Zalmo, who can cast Cure 2 and Raise 2. When you

have the chance, start attacking him. He'll go down

quickly. The enemies in this level have some nice

equipment, so if you have a Thief, you might want to try

some stealing.

--Battle 23: Underground Book Storage Second Floor--

This is your first encounter with Lancers (Dragoons). They

have a two-square range attack, and they can also jump.

If one of them jumps at a character, move that character

away before they land (if you have a chance, that is).

The Haste spell is very useful in evading jumps, and Auto

Potion is great for healing. Take out the enemy Chemist

so he can't heal the enemies, but save the Time Mages for

last. If you have a Red Chocobo, use them; they're

really strong (Choco Meteor!) -- just keep them healthy.

--Battle 24: Underground Book Storage Third Floor--

If you have a Thief, you'll probably want to deploy

him/her -- Izlude has some cool equipment you can steal

(you might want to Speed Break him to make it easier to

steal). Your first order of business in this maze-like

level is to kill the Summoner -- Choco Meteor works well

if you have a Red Chocobo. After the Summoner, go

after the archer that will have come up behind him. At

this time Izlude and his gang will be nearing you from

behind. Watch out; Izlude has an incredibly long jump

range. Haste is useful to avoid it. Ignore the other

guys and attack Izlude. When he's low on HP, he'll

teleport away and you win.

--Battle 25: Underground Book Storage First Floor--

There are two halves to this level -- the half where

you start and the half where the bad guys start. Just

go after Wiegraf; there's not a whole lot of strategy

here. If you can't kill him in two or so rounds,

the other enemies will show and up and you're in


--Battle 26: Grog Hill--

This is a run-of-the-mill battle, and it's an easy one

too. Use your weaker characters to build them up.

The only thing remotely challenging about it is the

chemists; kill them first and you're home free.

--Battle 27: Yardow Fort City--

Deploy somebody with healing abilities or you're toast.

Block the gate to prevent the enemies from hitting Rafa,

and heal her ASAP. The enemies start out clustered

together, so use wide-range attacks (like summon spells

or Agrias's Holy Explosion) on them. If you've got

anybody with an attack that can go through the wall

(like Choco Meteor), try to kill the Summoners. Stay

out of hand-to-hand range when possible; the Ninjas can

hit pretty hard. It's tougher than it looks, but

still not particularly difficult.

--Battle 28: Yuguo Woods--

Use cure spells (particularly Chakra) to do damage to

the undead (note: the Revenant is NOT undead, but

everybody else -- including the humans -- is). The two

Black Mages are your toughest opponents. Summon spells

also work well, as the enemies are usually packed together.

You have to win this quickly, because the undead guys

will revive when their counter runs out.

--Battle 29: At the gate of Riovanes Castle--

Deploy your faster characters in the second squad (Red

Chocobos are very useful here). Send them up the stairs

to join Ramza's group at the drawbridge. Try not to

take out Malak right away, as Rafa will teleport away

when you do. Go after the knights instead. When the

knights get low enough that they start running away,

rush the castletop and use range attacks on the archers.

Keep your close-range fighters in the rear to fight

off the knights. If you keep killing off one of the

knights, the other ones will keep bringing him back with

Phoenix Down, thus wasting their turns. The Monk's Revive

ability is useful in bringing back your dead guys. Once the

archers are dead, go after the remaining knights.

--Battle 30: Inside of Riovanes Castle--

Despite all the hype surrounding him, Wiegraf

really isn't that difficult at all, if you know how

to beat him. For his first form, you have just Ramza.

Run from Wiegraf and keep using the Yell ability to

boost your speed. If you can, sucker Wiegraf into

going into the water and you'll be safe for a turn.

If need be (when Auto-Potion doesn't activate), use

X-Potions on yourself to heal. Eventually (after you

keep Yelling), you will get fast enough that you will

get two turns in a row frequently. Use these extra

turns to get further away from Wiegraf (out of

Lightning Stab range), and keep Yelling. You will

reach a point where you will not have to use all

your moves to get out of Wiegraf's range. Now you

can wait those extra moves and get even more turns,

allowing you to Yell more. Keep going until you are

maxed out at 50 speed. Then use Accumulate a few times

to build up your attack power. Now start blasting at

Wiegraf with your gun (and still moving when necessary).

About four shots should do the trick. Wiegraf will

disappear, only to return shortly later as Velius. Yup,

it's not over yet. Your other characters will now show

up, but Wiegraf summons three Archaic Demons. You still

have all your speed and power increases, so just stand

still and shoot away. You should be able to kill him

before he gets to move (he has about 1000 HP). If not,

have your other guys start attacking him (if they can get

close enough) or jumping at him (if they can't). You may

still be able to beat him. The Lich summon spell also

does a lot of damage to Velius, if you can get it off.

--Battle 31: Roof of Riovanes Castle--

If you've got a Ninja, simply go kill Elmdor and you

win. Otherwise, it is entirely possible (and actually

highly likely) that Rafa will be killed before you ever get

to move, causing you to lose. It took me six tries before

I actually got a turn (and then it took me another eight tries

after that to beat this stupid level). When you do finally get

to move, HEAL RAFA. If you're using a Priest as your healer,

cast a Cure spell on an empty square within Rafa's move range.

Rafa will move to the square to receive the spell and thus

you can make her move away from the assassins. Then use a

decoy to draw the enemies away from her. This level is almost

all luck. Concentrate one of Elmdor's assassins -- once one

of them goes down, you win. You either win it in one round or

die in one round (usually it's the latter).